January 17

Scorpius Malfoy screamed. Not a manly scream either, this scream was a high pitched five year old girl, type of scream, seventeen year old Albus Potter was pleased to note. Scorpius sent him a glare as he stood dripping extremely cold water onto the stone floor of the Slytherin dorm room that they shared. Fortunately, Al Potter was bent over laughing too hard to see the glare sent his way.

"What was that for?" Scorpius forced out between his teeth. Al straightened up best he could, wiping tears out of his eyes.

"I was bored. I wanted to wake you up," Al explained with an air of innocence. Before Scorpius could respond, Al took an exaggerated double take before falling back against his bed post, putting his hand to his chest. Scorpius' eyes widened as he looked around, certain there was a spider, or an evil wizard lurking about.

"Oh!" Al exclaimed, staring at Scorpius with wide eyes.

"What?" Scorpius asked confused. If this was some ploy so Scorpius wouldn't kill Al, he was so dead.

"You're so sexy!" Al exclaimed. Scorpius looked at the boy with narrowed eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"You are sexy. No wonder the girls are after you, with what you look like with no shirt on," Al started fluttering his eyelashes at his now extremely annoyed roommate. Suddenly Scorpius grinned.

"Well, well, Al, if I knew you felt that way about me," Scorpius moved closer to Al, a lot closer. Al stopped fluttering his eyelashes and moved backwards very quickly now with a look of alarm, falling onto the feet of another roommate who was still in his bed.

"Get off me," the roommate, known as Ivan, mumbled from under his pillow before continuing his loud snores. Al pushed himself up with a grimace on his face. By this time Scorpius had thrown on his school robes and grinning at Al, quickly left the room, leaving his friend behind. Hey he was just lucky Scorpius let him live.

"Hey Scorpius," a sixth year brunette waved at Scorpius flirtatiously as he crossed the Slytherin common room. He shot her a smile and continued out the door. He had no idea who the girl was, but she was pretty.

Making it to the Great Hall he walked in and looked around the room just casually looking to see who was there, he told himself. Okay, he was looking for Rose, but he was allowed to lie to himself right?

"Hey Scorpius," Hallie Jenkins, a perky blonde from Gryffindor walked by smiling at Scorpius. A few other boys nearby followed the girl with their eyes.

"Hey Hallie," Scorpius smiled back, before resuming his search for Rose at the Gryffindor table. Not seeing her, he made his way over to the Slytherin table. He spotted an empty spot near the end of the table and walked by a group of third year girls who immediately started giggling. Scorpius smirked to himself as he sat down and piled some food onto his plate.

A few minutes later a disgruntled Al Potter sat down next to the blond boy.

"Good morning Albus," Scorpius said cheerily.

"It was when I heard your girly scream," Albus said digging into his pancakes grinning. Scorpius shot the dark haired boy a dirty look.

"Hello Scorpius, Al," a familiar voice drifted into Scorpius' ears. He felt the smile form on his face.

"Hey Rose," Scorpius turned in his seat to smile at the red haired girl standing next to him. Al frowned at his cousin.

"Are you okay Rose? You look very pale," Al asked concerned. Scorpius took a closer look at the girl. She did seem a bit paler than usual underneath all her freckles. Scorpius refrained from his urge to start counting Rose's freckles, he somehow got the feeling Rose wouldn't let him count the freckles concealed by her clothing. Scorpius forced his mind out of that line of thought back to the conversation Al and Rose were having.

"I'm fine Al, leave me alone," Rose was protesting.

"Leave her alone Al," Scorpius spoke up just as Al opened his mouth. Al closed it and crossed his arms. Rose sat down next to Scorpius giving him a faint smile. Scorpius noticed the dark circles under her eyes but refrained from saying anything as Rose opened a book and began to read.

"Hello Scorpius," a female voice murmured into his ear. Genevieve Zabini pushed her way between Scorpius and Rose so that she was half way in Scorpius' lap. Make that all the way as she gently settled herself with her arms wrapped around Scorpius' neck, her chest pressed up against his. After a second of panic, Scorpius calmed himself and smirked at Genevieve putting his arms around her.

"Hey Gen," Scorpius said huskily back, letting his eyes look over Genevieve's shoulders to see if Rose looked upset at him having one of the most gorgeous girls at Hogwarts in his lap. The redhead seemed oblivious still staring at the pages of her book, biting her lip in deep thought. Al on the other hand was laughing silently at Scorpius. Scorpius jumped slightly as Genevieve's manicured hand slid down his stomach into a very dangerous spot. Genevieve smirked at Scorpius pressing harder against him, so he could better feel and see her curves. Scorpius swallowed hard.

"Miss Zabini!" Came the Headmistress' voice disapproving. Genevieve just smiled at Scorpius, leaning her dark haired head forward to whisper in his ear, "See you later," she promised before sliding off his lap and sauntering away. Al gave his laughter sound.

"What was that about?" Al asked snorting, he was laughing so hard. Scorpius sighed.

"She's been doing things like that since the Halloween party when I made the mistake of snogging her." Scorpius admitted. Al snorted before looking thoughtful.

"Perhaps I should make that mistake too," he said grinning at Scorpius.

"Me too, then we could all have an awesome time together," Rose commented mockingly to the boys coming out of her reverie, closing her book. Scorpius looked closer at her. With a swooping feeling in his stomach, he determined that despite the mocking Rose didn't seem at all jealous.

"Just what would you know about having awesome times?" Al demanded of his cousin. Rose smirked at him.

"More than you," and with that parting comment she stood up.

Scorpius was on his feet before his mind could register what was happening and Rose was gripping onto him, her face even paler.

"Are you okay?" Scorpius asked as Al stood up and moved to her side.

"Yea I'm fine," she responded letting go of Scorpius, "just stood up too fast." She smiled at the two concerned boys and left the hall.

Al frowned after her before turning to Scorpius, "Did you see her eat anything?" he asked.

Scorpius frowned, "No, I didn't."

Scorpius was sitting in his potions class, silver eyes looking at his dark green bubbling potion but not really taking it in. His mind was still at breakfast, thinking about Rose and the way she had grabbed onto him. The contents of his stomach swirled as he remembered the whiteness of her face, blue eyes looking even bigger by contrast. The boy shot a quick glance over at the girl in question. She was laughing with one of her friends as they mixed the potion together. Scorpius didn't have to look to know that there were dark circles under her eyes.

"She wasn't at lunch you know," Al said softly to his friend. Scorpius nodded absent-mindedly. Al sighed, of course Scorpius knew that. There wasn't much about Rose that Scorpius didn't know and when he knew there was something he didn't know about Rose, Scorpius did whatever he could to find out. Mostly Al stayed out of his way, but as he let his eyes wander over to his cousin, he knew he'd be making a point to help Scorpius this time. There was something Rose was hiding and Al had a strange feeling it had to do with her health.

Rose sighed as she made her way into the Great Hall for supper. She hadn't been able to keep food down at all today and she was hungry. She crossed her fingers hoping that she would be able to eat something. She sat down at the Gryffindor table and served herself some mashed potatoes. She needed something that wasn't too heavy and was easy to eat. Rose let her eyes roam the table, watching everyone talking and laughing with their friends. She ripped her eyes away and turned them back to her plate. She swallowed heavily. Her life would never be that simple again. She twirled her spoon in her potatoes biting her lip. She couldn't keep this to herself forever. She couldn't keep it to herself for more than a month or two. Who could she tell though? None of her girlfriends would understand. They'd either be disapproving, or giggle at her and ask for details. Her cousins wouldn't be able to keep it a secret and Rose wasn't quite ready to tell her parents yet.

What should she do? Rose raised her eyes again, landing on a familiar figure walking through the doors into the Great Hall. The girl swallowed hard. Scorpius. She would tell Scorpius. He could keep a secret. Her blue eyes tracked him to the Slytherin table where he sat down next to her cousin Albus.