The seventh year Slytherins' dorm was empty and quiet. Scorpius found it strange, he was used to the other boys coming and going. Genevieve pushed Scorpius down on to his bed, pulling the curtains shut around them, before her mouth was on his, her body pressed firmly against his.

Scorpius found himself pressing his body up into the brunette's, his hands traveling down her back, finding the zipper on her dress and pulling it down. Genevieve grinned against Scorpius' mouth as she pulled away, hands pulling off his shirt before diving in and kissing down his chest. Something moved in the back of Scorpius' mind, a strange sense of déjà vu. He pushed it away as Genevieve pulled away again, pulling off her dress. Scorpius' eyes fell to her bare breasts as she grinned seductively at the teenaged boy.

"Stop," the word fell from Scorpius' mouth.

"What?" Genevieve looked at the blond, flabbergasted.

A sense of wrong, so strong, hit Scorpius, "this is a mistake, we can't- I can't do this," he said pulling away, putting his shirt back on. Genevieve watched, wide eyed, and completely naked, as Scorpius Malfoy walked out on her.

Gavin Woods sat in his flat reading a book as his cat curled up next to him. He looked up in surprise to see his ex- girlfriend stumbling out of his fire place.

"Rose?" he exclaimed, getting up to help her catch her balance. "What are you doing here?" he asked the clearly distraught girl. She burst into tears.

"Come on, sit down," he said helping her into a chair before sitting next to her, waiting for her to calm down enough, to tell him what was wrong. He hadn't seen her since Halloween night and he had missed her terribly. He wondered if breaking up with her wasn't a big mistake.

February 28

Four months. Rose put her hand on her belly, feeling the slight curve of it. It had been four months since that night. That beautiful and terrible night.

Their kisses were sloppy. He had her pressed up against the wall of the boys' dorm, only feet from the bed. She smiled as she felt his lips on her neck, hands sliding up the back of her shirt. She pressed back against him, he pulled away looking at her. She grinned back at him before shoving him, gently, onto the bed before climbing on top of him. This was really going to happen. She had wanted this with him for a long time now. At least that was what her drunken mind was telling her. She swooped down and kissed him again, as he worked on getting her shirt off of her.

She sighed, forcing back the tears. Where had it all gone wrong? She had thought he wanted her. She had been wrong of course. It had been the alcohol influencing the both of them. He had just been drunk and horny. She was a willing female. She swallowed hard as her hand caressed her stomach. That was why he could never know.

Genevieve Zabini paced around her dorm room. Who did Scorpius Malfoy think he was? Turning her down? Her! She was the hottest, sexiest girl in Hogwarts! No one turned her down. The girl stopped mid pace. This was Rose Weasley's fault. That pregnant cow. The 18 year old girl crossed her arms across her chest. From what she had heard Weasley was refusing to tell anyone who the father of her baby was. Perhaps she should do some investigating. Genevieve smirked.

March 6

In the past few weeks, Genevieve had steered clear of Scorpius. Something that relieved him to no end. He had too much on his mind to deal with the persistent girl. The rest of the school now knew that Rose Weasley was pregnant. Rose to her credit, held her head high and went about her business ignoring the whisper and giggles following her around. There was a lot of speculation about who the father of her baby was. Something that Rose had refused to answer. The majority of the school seemed to think it was Gavin Woods, Rose's ex- boyfriend. The thought of it made Scorpius feel sick to his stomach. Rose and Gavin had dated all of last year, seemingly the perfect couple. It had surprised everyone when Rose came back to school, single. So when Rose had revealed it had been a friendly break up, done because they had both thought it better to end it than to try a long distance relationship, people assumed they'd get back together once Rose had graduated.

Scorpius felt his fists clench at the thought. Gavin had never been anything but friendly toward him. He hadn't seemed bothered by Rose's close friendship with Scorpius at all. Albus had jokingly suggested that perhaps Gavin thought Scorpius to be gay. He hadn't been laughing for long.

Every time Scorpius had tried to broach the subject with Rose, which was rare, because he felt sick every time, she had brushed Scorpius off. As a result the two friends had hardly discussed the baby at all, acting instead as if everything was normal.

March 15

Albus entered the room, Lily sitting in her usual spot.

"What do you have for me?" the girl asked her brother. Al rolled his eyes. His sister could be so melodramatic sometimes. He pulled out an envelope and tossed it onto the desk in front of her. The red head picked up the envelope and slit it open peering inside.

"Acceptable. For now," she grinned, "Now I found out Rose was pregnant for you, how can I help you this time?"

"I want to know who the father of Rose's baby is," he demanded. The fact that Rose was refusing to tell anyone who the father was, hadn't escaped Al. Unlike what some of the more vicious students believed, Al knew it wasn't because Rose didn't know. He knew it was because she had a reason for keeping the truth hidden away. If he could find out who the father was, he could determine why his cousin didn't want to reveal the identity of her lover.

"I suppose I can find out for you," the girl mused.

"I think you already know," Al informed his sister. She raised her hands in mock surrender.

"What makes you think that?" Lily said, tilting her head and smiling innocently at her brother.

"Who is the father of Rose's baby?" Al hissed leaning in closer. Lily rolled her eyes.

"I can't tell you. Yet." She admitted.

"But you do know," Al said, stepping back. Lily looked at her brother for a moment before nodding.

"I do," she confirmed.

"How?" Al asked his sister, "how do you know?"

March 21

The girl moaned from underneath him, raising her mouth eagerly for another kiss, her hands running down his bare back. His heart was racing as he moved; he couldn't get enough of her. She was soft, and warm…

Scorpius woke up, sweating, the euphoria of the dream leaving him as reality crept back in. Lately he had been having very vivid dreams about him and Rose; which of course just made it more difficult to look her in the eye. They never changed either. It was the same exact dream every time. He rolled over, onto his stomach and stretched out before sitting up. Another day of being around Rose and her slowly growing belly, knowing she was having child that wasn't his. He was beginning to think that graduation couldn't come soon enough. Then he'd be able to leave the country and never look back.

March 28

Scorpius sat next to Rose in the Great Hall as they ate lunch together. The two friends were silent; Scorpius trying not to look at Rose's ever expanding stomach. Suddenly there was a gasp from the boy's right. Scorpius turned to Rose, eyes wide.

"What's wrong," he asked as she moved her hand to her stomach. Rose lifted her face smiling.

"The baby is kicking," she said softly as she moved her hand to hover over Scorpius'. "Here feel," she moved his hand to her stomach. Scorpius wanted to remove his hand, but found himself frozen. And then he gasped. He felt it, the faintest of movements beneath his hand. He looked up at Rose who was smiling at him. He felt himself smiling back. Then Rose's smile faltered. Scorpius turned around to see Genevieve walking by. He looked back at Rose who had resumed eating in silence, leaving Scorpius' hand feeling oddly cold still on her stomach. Scorpius removed his hand, feeling bewildered.