Heeee-eey! It's me. I know, hold your applause. Well, recently I bought the new Speed Racer movie for 5 bucks. It...was...AWESOME! I started watching the original series and found it both awesome and hilarious. I had this idea for maybe...twenty minutes before typing it up. I hope you like it. This is my first Speed Racer fic. BTW, i'm gonna be ignoring age differences at the moment. So if you find ages weird, just ignore it.

Warnings: slight language and some violence later on. Nothing to

Pairings:Speed/Trixie(obviously) Maybe some Sammy/someone and Sparky/someone later.

DISCLAIMER!: If i owned Speed Racer, I would eliminate NASCAR and put in T-180 racing. But i do own Sammy and Sparky.

(Story start)

Go Speed Racer (go)
Go Speed Racer (go)
Go Speed Racer, go
Mach go, go, go
Go Speed Racer (go)
Go Speed Racer (go)
Go Speed Racer, go
(Mach go, go, go)

A pillow flew across the small room, smacking a young girl in the face. Sammy Racer sat up in bed and glared across the room at her brother. "What the heck Sparky?" The other teen mumbled from under his covers. "Shut off that god forsaken alarm!" Sammy rolled her eyes and reached over to the radio on her nightstand that was currently playing a song by Ali Dee. Sparky let out a grunt and rolled over to face the wall. Sammy sighed and pushed her covers off.

Walking over to the small vanity mirror and dresser, she reached for a brush and began to de-knot her long black hair. Her blue eyes never leaving her reflection. Everyone had always told her that she had her father's looks. Some even said she acted like him. That was fine with Sammy. She adored her father and spent as much time with him as possible.

When she felt that her hair was perfectly smooth, she tied it back with an elastic band. Her brother Sparky dragged himself out of his bed and grabbed his own brush from the dresser and lazily ran it through his boyish-cut brown hair. His brown eyes, still dull with sleep. Sparky, on the other hand, had their mother's looks. He always helped her around the house and hung out with their grandparents more than Sammy did.

Sammy wrinkled her nose playfully at her brother. "Ugh. You look like Death."Sparky just looked at his sister. "Oh haha, you're killing me." He turned to his drawer and spulled out clothes for the day. A white "Racer Motors" shirt and plain did the same, grabbing her blue "Racer Motors" shirt and her black 'racing pants' as she called them. A sudden bang against the sibbling's door almost made her drop her clothes.

Sparky walked over and opened it to reveal a chimp wearing overals. "Chim-Chim? What are you doing?" The chimp ran into the room and hid himself under Sammy's covers. Soon after, a slightly distressed looking Speed ran into the room. "Have you two seen Chim-Chim?" The two teens looked at each other, then back to their father. "No." Speed nodded and ran back out of the room.

Sammy walked over to the hidden primate on her bed while Sparky shut the door. "Okay Chim, what did you do this time?" A small black hand popped out from the blanket holding a key and red keychain with the symbolic "M" on it. Sammy groaned and took them from him. "You know these are the Mach 5 keys." Chim-Chim stuck his head out and gave her a smile. The two teens rolled their eyes and shooed the chimp out.

Sammy grabbed her clothes and walked into the bathroom while Sparky changed in the room. After she was changed, Sammy brushed her teeth and headed for the kitchen. Most of the Racer clan was already seated around the table, including family friend, Sparky. Sammy loved to tease him and her brother about the fact that they shared the same name, but was usually scolded by Trixie. The only ones missing seemed to be Speed and Chim-Chim. The former soon joined everyone in the kitchen, sitting down in his usual place.

Sammy tossed the Mach 5 keys across the table to her father. Speed picked them up and looked at her. "Where did you get these?" Sammy shrugged and took the glass of milk her mom offered her. "Found 'em." Chim-Chim then entered the kitchen and clambered up next to Spritle. The now 19 year old Spritle gave his friend a look. "Where have you been Chim?" Speed gave the chimp a look and sighed. "It's to early for this." Pops laughed as he sat down his newspaper. "It brings back memories of when you and Spritle were younger."

Trixie and Mom Racer sat plates of pankcakes infront of the household. "How you guys are hungry. Me and Trixie made a little more than we thought." Sparky gulped and looked at Trixie. "How much is 'more', mom?" Trixie looked back at the pankcakes. "Well, let's just say we're going to need more flour." The two teens groaned. The older Sparky jumped up. "Why don't I go out and get more flour? I was going to stop in town today anyway." The younger also jumped up. "Can I go too? Please mom?" Trixie looked at both of the boys and nodded. "Alright, but be sure you're home for lunch." The two males grabbed their jackets and hoped into the older's car, speeding toward town.

Sammy glared at the spot where her brother once sat. "Oh, I'll get him for that." Speed chuckled at his daughter. "That's alright. Since they're gone, why don't you come with me to the track?" Sammy's head jerked up with a glittering smile on her face. "Really?" Speed smiled at her enthusiasm. "Sure. But your mother has to argree as well." Sammy turned to her mother and clasped her hands under her chin. "Please mom? Please please please?" Trixie bit her lip. While the young girl did have an amazing talent for racing and cars, Trixie wasn't completely comfortable with the thought of her fifteen, soon to be sixteen, year old behind the wheel of the Mach 5.

After a few minutes of consideration, she left out a soft sigh and gave in. "Alright. But be careful!" Sammy pumped her fist into the air. "YES!" She shoveled the rest of her breakfast down and dashed into her room. Pops and Mom laughed. "She's just like you Speed. Soon she'll be old enough to compete in the junior circut."

It was true. Five years before, the WRL started a Junior Racing League to get younger people into racing. The age limit was sixteen to eightteen. Trixie sighed under her breath. She was dreading the day Sammy turned sixteen. It was only a few weeks away. "Be sure you watch her Speed. I don't want her getting hurt." Speed stood up from the table and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry Trix. I'll be with her." Trixie gave a small laugh. "That's what i'm worried about." Speed raised his eyebrow at his wife. "What's that supposed to mean?" Trixie waved her hand and smiled. "Nothing. You two better hurry before someone beats you to a good pit spot." Speed looked at the clock on the wall with wide eyes. "You're right! Come on Sammy!" The young teen burst into the room and followed her father out the door. Trixie, Pops, and Spritle watched from the window as they hopped into the Mach 5 and pulled out of the garage.

Sammy bounced in her seat as they drove to Thunderhead. She loved racing. Everything about it. The cars, the people, the tracks,but most of all, the speed. Going fast made her feel like anything was possible. It killed her that she was so close to her birthday. She could almost hear the crowd sreaming her name as she raced past the finish line."Sammy?" Speed's voice pulled her from her daydream and back into reality. "What? Huh?" Speed smiled slightly. "We"re here." The tall stands and bits of track loomed over the two Racers, blocking out part of the sun. Sammy was in awe. Even though she'd been her many times before, the sight of the track still took her breath away.

Speed pulled the Mach 5 into a pit spot near the checkered part of the track. Sammy climbed out and opened the trunk, pulling out a few tool boxes and things that Pops or Sparky had put in it. Speed raised the jacks and hopped out. "Okay Sammy. What do you ALWAYS check first?"

"The suspension."


"Because, without suspension, the car would fall apart."

Speed smiled. "That's my girl. Now, hand me that wrench. These bolts here need to be tightened." The two worked for about half an hour fine tuning anything that seemed out of place. Finally, Speed lowered the jacks and climbed in the car. He handed Sammy a stopwatch and strapped on his helmet. "Who set the fastest track record here?" Sammy thought for a second before answering. "That would be Uncle Rex." Speed nodded. "And do you think I'll beat that?" Sammy smirked. "You can do anything!" Speed laughed. "Thanks for your confidence. Now let's see if you're right." He pulled back the shifter and gunned the gas, speeding away down the track. Sammy hit the stopwatch. "Go dad!"

The two spent half the morning doing time trials and track the stopped to eat lunch from the stand, that for some reason always seemed to be open in the track. After they finished, Sammy looked at her dad. "Hey dad, can I drive?" Speed put on a mock look of thought. "I don't know Sammy. Your mom wouldn't be to happy with it." The young Racer clasped her hands and gave him a look of utter misery. "Please dad? She doesn't have to know." Speed remembered himself saying something similar to that to Rex. The older Racer smiled. "Like I could say no to that face. Put the helmet with the radio on." Sammy dashed to the car and pulled the other helmet out of the trunk. She strapped it on and slid into the Mach 5. Speed put on the other headset and tested it. "Can you hear me?" Sammy nodded. "Loud an' clear."

"Alright. Just remember to be careful when you get to the jump. And for the love of racing, PLEASE don't roll yourself." Sammy laughed and gripped the shitfer. As she sped down the track, the familiar feeling of the Mach 5 enveloped her. Turning the wheel sharply, the car flew sideways around the turn. Gliding smoothly along the asphalt. "Nice! You're doing great!" Sammy barely registered her father's words. The sensation of racing captured her and hightened her senses, making her seem twice as alert and her reaction time, twice as fast.

As she was making her way along a turn toward the jump, Speed's voice penetrated her bubble of exileration. "Becareful Sammy! There's another car on the track. It's gaining on you fast, so watch out." Sammy looked in the rearview mirror, and sure enough, a black and gold T-180 was coming up on her fast. She looked to the track ahead and decided that if she didn't speed up, the other car might knock her around. Pushing the pedal down a bit further, Sammy nearly shivered as the Mach 5 gained speed around the turn. "It's no good Sammy! When you speed up, so does the other car. " It was true. Before she knew it, the car was speeding along side her.

(Story stop)

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