This is a Webkinz story I will now be working on. It will be focusing on three families of cousins, the Benjamins, the Webellos, and the Rooses. Each chapter will be a mini little adventure involving a couple of characters. I hope you enjoy!

Toto Benjamin: Toto is Pugliantia's husband. He is a Pug; his birthday is September 19th, 2006.

Doogles Benjamin: Doogles is a Black and White Beagle. His birthday is August 3rd, 2005; he is the oldest.

Amanda Webello: Amanda is a Black and White Cat. Her birthday is September 20th, 2006; she has already moved away from home after going to college at a young age for her academic success.

Basset Benjamin: Basset is a Basset Hound. His birthday is October 30th, 2006; he is the class clown.

Snowball Webello: Snowball is a White Terrier. Her birthday is June 8th, 2007; she has a twin brother, Snowbell.

Snowbell Webello: Snowbell is a White Terrier. His birthday is June 8th, 2007; he is the older twin by 2 minutes.

Pugliantia Webello: Pugliantia is a Pug. She is Toto's wife; her birthday is February 11th, 2007.

Spot Benjamin: Spot is a Black and White Beagle as well. His birthday is May 8th, 2009; he is the baby of the family.

Pinky Roose: Pinky is a Pink Pony. Her birthday is April 6th, 2009; she participates in many community service events.