Jekyll To Emma

My Beloved Angel,

You must have lost your wings to be with me

For I know I'm nothing but a devil

You are a lady of true caliber

Smart clever and Kind

I'm afraid I can't change

I am a man with ideas to far ahead of the world

Too ambitious they say

Too cruel they say

But will you drop from the heavens and stay with me?


My Angel

Stay with me

If you were with me I- No we

Could change the world

Two opposing forces in harmony

So Please

Take me as I am

Emma To Jekyll

Well My Sweet Devil

I will gladly discard my wings

Even if it were just an hour in your company

You show me the world in a whole new light

Make even heaven's delights seem dull and lifeless

I know people will challenge us


You know who I am

You see me and not my connections

Even if the whole world declares you a monster

I will stay by your side

And make our dreams come true

Just promise to not leave me alone

And Take me As I Am

Lucy To Hyde

You are venom

Dark bitter and horrid

But you carry yourself with that grim dark and destructive grace

Animalistic and terrifying

But so wild and natural

Fill me with your poison

I don't enjoy it but something in me craves it

The way you laugh so sinister and lively

The cold touch of your hands

It's horrifying and beautiful

A sin without a name

A Dangerous Game

Hyde To Lucy

Oh my dear,

You say my game is dangerous

I'd have to agree, more so for you than for me

A little princess like you is nothing more than a toy

For me to bend and twist

To hold and tear

But never to love

You are a toy

One I'll discard when you refuse to comply

But for now we'll dance this dance

And play this game

Until the day you die

My fragile and beautiful Toy

I wrote these Yesterday listening to Dangerous Game and a little bit of take me as i am and they kind of just came out ^^

I wrote Lucy's poem first then Hyde's followed by Jekyll and Emma's poems.

Really Emma needs more love people shame on you For ignoring her :(

Getting back to th epoem's,

I really like how they turned out,

Jekyll and Hyde the Musical Belongs to someone other than me

...Sadly,cause if i had my way it'd be on Broadway again