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~ Unfinished Tidbit ~

Nïx had gone to a party with some of the witches without bothering to inform any of her Valkyrie sisters of what she was doing. Unfortunately for her, she'd failed to foresee that this particular party would end up being crashed by a rather large group of demons from one of the demonarchies that was not allied with the light side.

Fate decided to visit further misfortune upon her when she slipped into a trance mere moments before the demon invasion began.

When conscious thought returned to her, Nïx found herself caught up in the arms of an unidentified male, amidst the ruins of what had until recently been a rather nice house...

The way she was pressed against her mystery male's chest, she could hear his heart beating erratically. She wondered if he was still panicked after the... well, whatever had just happened here.

It was at this point in time that she actually looked to see what kind of creature was holding her.

"Lothaire," she gasped in surprise.

She recognized him although they had never met face-to-face before. But... he was a vampire. And she'd heard his heart beating just now, she was sure of it.

"Have you found your Bride, then?" she asked him, frowning.

"Obviously," he answered dryly.

When he failed to elaborate, it took her a minute to realize...

"Oh, it's me."

She noticed that Lothaire did not seem particularly excited at the prospect.

"Uh... so..." Nïx began awkwardly. "It looks like my ride is gone. Mind taking me home?"

Lothaire, who looked as though he would like nothing more than to be rid of her, nodded once and traced.

-not really the end but not to be continued either-

A/N: SORRY, but after reading Dreams of a Dark Warrior, I can't really write the rest of this fic. (I started writing it after I read Kiss of a Demon King, when we still don't know much about Lothaire.) But I didn't want to just throw this chapter away because I still like it.

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