The Glee Club were in the choir room. Rachel was talking and with satisfaction swinging her arms. Too bad for Will, who was just walking up to talk to her. He was accidentally punched in the face by Rachel causing him to fall on the ground and lose consciousness. Everyone gasped.

"You just knocked Mr Schue unconscious!" Santana shrieked. "Hooray! Maybe we can have peace at last!".

"Oh my god!" Rachel cried as she kneeled down next to her teacher's body and started shaking him. "What have I done! Mr Schuester, wake up! Please!"

"Is he dead?" Puck asked.

Rachel placed her cheek against Will's face to feel his breathing.

"No, he's still breathing! Can someone please call for help or something?" Rachel asked.

"I'm on it," Finn said.

"Mr Schue!" Rachel kept shaking his body but she still didn't get any response.

Finn came back a while later. "The nurse will be coming soon. They just have to finish fixing… the other accident."

"So what are we supposed to do here?" Rachel asked.

"I don't know. Give him CPR or something!" Brittany advised.

"But he's breathing! Shouldn't I leave him alone?" Rachel asked.

"Well I don't know much first aid ok?" Brittany pointed out. "I was just trying to help! Maybe CPR would wake him up!"

"It's worth a shot," Santana said.

"Hey! I'm not going to do it! You do it!" Rachel replied.

"Come on Berry!" Puck said. "He would want you to give him CPR,"

Everyone laughed.

"Hurry up!" Everyone yelled at her.

"Okay. Here I go," Rachel announced.

She opened Will's airway, pinched his nose, and opened his mouth.

"Are you sure this is necessary? I mean he's brea…"


"Okay, Okay!" .

She took a deep breath and gave a breath then quickly turned to look at her friends, who were obviously telling her to continue. She gave another breath and then stopped.

"Oh look! He's breathing!" Rachel squealed. "I should stop now."

"Rachel," Finn smiled.

"Fine! But this is the last one you hear me?"

She took in another deep breath and gave Will another breath. She was about to lift her head to get some more air, when her teacher's hand was put on her shoulder. He was gasping.

"What..." He asked confused.

The nurse then entered the room.

"I thought Mr Schuester was knocked out?" The nurse asked in confusion.

"Oh yeah. He was. But then Rachel started CPR," Quinn replied.

"Are you alright now Mr Schuester?" The nurse asked.

Will looked at Rachel, then the nurse, then back at Rachel.

"Yeah. I'm perfectly alright," Will smiled.

"Okay then. If you want an ice pack though, just pass by the nurse's office ok?" The nurse said before leaving.

"Thanks Rachel," Will thanked.

She smiled.