Yushi sighed to himself as he walked home one day after practice. Another day full of chaos and insanity. Oh, things were interesting. Chotaro nearly got himself killed by Hiyoshi, Gakuto got a bloody nose from Jirou, and Ryo kicked Taki. Same old, same old.

It had started raining, and Yushi got out his umbrella. When he made it home, however, he found a tiny kitten outside his house, scratching at the door. It was a Shorthair with light brown fur, which reminded him of Atobe. Yushi picked the cat up.

"Hey, little fella," He said to it. "Lost? Don't worry. I'll take care of you."

He then went inside with his new pet.

Yushi's parents let him keep the kitty, and he named it Keilan since it reminds him so much of Atobe. He fed the cat, washed it, and took it to his bedroom after dinner.

The music filled the room as Keilan snuggled up to Yushi while he was reading. He chuckled a bit.

"You know, Keilan, you really remind me of my crush, Keigo." Yushi commented.

He then told the cat about him and the tennis club. Yushi felt comfortable to talk to Keilan. Besides, he never got the guts to tell it.

"…too bad he wasn't at school today. I wonder why. He's usually never absent. Anyway, good night, Keilan." Yushi told him.

The bluenette gave the cat a tiny kiss on the forehead.

The next thing that Yushi knew, Keilan turned into Atobe.

Yushi blushed. The cat, had turned into his buchou and crush. Just then, he took a good look at the other one in the bed, and blushed even more.

"Uh…" Yushi managed to say.

Keigo snapped. "Well, don't just stare! Get Ore-Sama some clothes!"

The next day at practice, Atobe explained the whole story.

"So, let me get this straight. Yesterday, Ryoma tricked you into drinking Sadaharu's latest juice, and the next thing that happened was that you were turned into a cat, correct?"

"Yes. Ore-Sama can't believe he was tricked by that brat. He will defiantly get his revenge on that… runt of Tezuka's."

Yushi suddenly realized something and started to blush. If Keilan is Keigo, that means he just told his crush.

"Uh, Keigo…" He started to ask.

Atobe smiled. "Let's just say, Yushi, that Ore-Sama has feelings for you too…"

Atobe and Yushi then kissed.

Meanwhile, Ryoma was watching the entire scene with Momo. He smirked as his senpai gave him some money, a new racket, two tickets to a new movie, and three Pontas.

"Told you I could get Monkey King and Fake-Fuji together…"