When we first met it was nothing but love. It wasn't the riches or prospects we saw on each other because frankly neither of us had much. We were both broken from our previous relationships and to each other we seemed to be just the right person to patch us back together. We grew close fast and even tighter and before we knew it we were meeting each other at the end of the aisle.

The first few weeks were the prime of our lives. We were still very much in love and it blinded us from the true harshness of the outside world we were shelter from growing up. We were still young still fresh out of our parent's households and far to ready to take on the world. And when we finally met it hit us hard. We bounced from job to job just barely scraping up enough money to keep us alive. College was defiantly out of the question. We yelled and we fought even split for a while. It was the hardest times of our lives.

But that all changed when he came home that Saturday morning bringing more money than I had seen throughout my lifetime. He had the biggest smile on his face, like man who finally felt accomplished to take care of his family. That day when I jumped into his arms and kissed him I didn't worry about how he got it or where it came from.

Now, well I'm not so sure anymore.