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I watched silently as John picked up the pieces from the shattered glass. I had tried to help him but he told me he had it. Apparently he didn't trust me with anymore glass.

Or my choice of weapons.

But that was the last thing on my mind. I was still lost to the fact of why he was here. Well at home atleast. I figured he'd be at the club partying it up. According to Lily thats what he did after every trip home.

"What are you doing back?"

John glanced up from the ground with a raised brow," What do you mean? I told you I was on my way back."

The card in my back pocket made me shift uncomfortably. I didn't count Lily for a liar, obviously she knew who she was talking about. Her words just matched up too well with my suspicions. It was just to hard to find any faults. At this point I was too determined to figure this all out.

I stumbled for an anwser," You just-well-this is a bit ealier than you normally get back."

John lifted himself from his crouch and moved to toss the discarded shards into the trashcan. I went to move off the counter to follow but before I could push myself off he had rounded back around and blocked my exit. I shifted in my seat as his hands grip the sides of the counter, his fingers tapping dangerously close to my thigh.

I watched quietly as his eyes looked over me, struggling not to shift my gaze as his palms moved up the side if my leg. My body involuntarily shivered as I felt his lips brush against my ear," It would have been just easier to say you missed me."

He honestly thought this was some cute act. I couldn't believe he figured I was this naive not to pick up on the signs, just the realization crushed the shivers to melt away from the heat rising in my veins. I rolled my eyes with a snort as I opened my mouth to retort," If I wanted to-"

He cut me off with a light kiss to the lips. It wasnt like the normal kisses I had become accustomed to. The hungry, desperate ones resulting from the separation.

Despite how much I wanted to still fight, my lips eventually began to respond. I could still feel the card burning for attention. And I knew I should have brought it up but the way he was kissing me kept pushing it to the back of my mind.

John pulled his lips from mine and touched his forehead against mine, his eyes bright and playful.

I almost melted from the boyish smile on his lips," Well I missed you. Like I always do when I'm away from my wife."

I remembered that look in his eyes. It used to just be a painful memory of what used to be, but to see it so genuine and slip so easily on his lips.

Every resentment and hate that had built up over the course of the day seemed to melt away into nothingness. I should have put up more of a fight, questioned him a little more on the news I'd learned earlier that day.

Yet instead I let him lead me upstairs. I should have dealt with it then and there but I had a feeling that another opportunity would arise.

But I didnt like how that feeling felt.

I woke up the next morning, cradled to John's warm chest as it heaved up and down with his quiet snoring. I didn't bother to move, simply enjoying the moment while it last.

I had come to call this the 'honeymoon' stage. It always occurred whenever he arrived from a business trip. We would spend our night frolicking in the sheets, and our mornings taken in bed.

It was a stark difference from our usual days. When local business called him our joined nights were only dated on the times he didn't have work occupying his night schedule. Or the mornings I would wake alone, sheets cold.

I shifted uncomfortably at the thought. I knew those days were right around the corner, but I wanted to enjoy these more.

Moving my head into the crook of John's neck, I took in a deep breathe as I absorbed his trademark scent.

It was a rugged, spicy smell, nothing obtained from a bottle. It seemed to just always be around him.

A chuckle cause my eyes to reopen before they had a chance to close fully.

"You're up early."

I shrugged half heartily, not willing to move for a more proper conversation.

"Not for long," I mumbled sleepily into his chest. I protested with a soft groan as he moved under me and turned his head to the side, effectively ruining my previous resting place.

"Hm, it's already nine?"

Seeing how sleep didn't seem like a likely prediction, I pulled myself into a seating position, resting my hips against his. John's head rolled back to the front as his arms reached out to grip my waist.

I felt the pads of his thumbs ran circular motions across my skin. I raised my arms above my head in a stretch," Not so early for me. "

"That's because you like to sleep until noon."

My shoulders lifted in another brief shrug, it's not like I have much to look forward to in the morning, I thought silently.

I formed different words for his sake," I just like my sleep." I yawned as to emphasize my point.

John nodded mutely and continued to massage my skin.

As the silence continued I could feel my eyelids drooping. I wasn't lying when I said I love my sleep, and if nothing else was going to be said I might aswell get back to it.

John seemed to pick up on my intentions because his fingers stopped and his grip tightened," Lets go get breakfast. "

As good as breakfast did sound, I was willing to sacrifice it for lunch later in place of more sleep.

"I don't feel like cooking."

John's hands left my sides and slid back to cup my bottom. I had no choice but to move with him as he lifted me off his body.

"I meant go out for breakfast," he offered again with a small smirk.

I gave a tired groan knowing I couldn't win this one. John moved quickly at the sound of my submission getting the both of us to the showers. I was a little surprised to find out he had no tricks up his sleeve instead busing himself getting clean. I guess he really wanted that breakfast.

In less than half an hour, a personal record of my own, we were both out of the house and making the transition for our urban neighborhood to the big city. The late morning traffic was slowly decreasing as the last of the workers clocked into to their jobs, leaving several places to park. One particular spot being in front of John's favorite sports bar dinner.

It was a cosy establishment that we spent a lot of our time at when we first moved here.

"Well if it isn't the Rahways. Fancy seeing the two of you here."

John moved aside allowing a man encased in an apron to pick me up in a tight hug. It was Hughes, the owner of the place, and self proclaimed older brother.

And possible murder.

I fought for my breath as I squirmed in his ever so tight hold. John who fortunately noticed my discomfort helped pry his arms away.

Hughes chucked heartily and have John a friendly pat on the back before ushering us to our usual seat. He hardly let us put in order in before he was half way to the kitchen, reciting our normal request by heart.

"It looks like we haven't been away too long."

I shrugged in light agreement. Honestly I had made a few trips by myself in his absence though it was never for a sit down. I tended to opt for takeout when I was on my own.

A heavy silence settled over us. Frankly, I didn't know of a starter strong enough to break through it. I hadn't done much on my end and he never gave much to imagine on his. My encounter with Lily crossed my mind but I didn't want to jump into anything with little to no evidence.

John let out a soft sigh and I could see the blank in his eyes. He rubbed his jaw tiredly," Did something happen while I as gone? I mean we never really got to talk about why I caught you with a bottle."

I had a feeling he would eventually bring that up, but I still hoped it would have been put off a while long.

"What I can't have a drink every now and then. "

John gave me a disbelieving look," Of Jack? We both know you're more of a wine kind of-"

He was briefly interrupted as a waitress placed our drinks in front of us. Hughes must of sent her in his place while he was busy in the kitchen.

I brought my glass to my lips, enjoying the fresh taste of lemonade. It was a nice alternative to the bottled version in stores, it just wasn't the same.

Still feeling John's inquisitive gaze I reluctantly say down my drink.

"Look, it had been awhile since I had a drink and I just needed one to ease my nerves," I confessed with more of the truth than I intended.

John seemed to at least consider my story and took a sip of his own glass.

"So should I start locking up my scotch before I leave?"

I could tell he was intending to make a joke out of it, yet, I just could find the urge to laugh. Instead I gave a small smile," I would be more worried about your Dom PĂ©rignon."

Fortunately before the tension could stretch further Hughes appeared in all his glory, a full course meal balanced on each hand.

"And his greatness prepares another feast for his royal guest."

That managed to actually bring a laugh out of me and I held up my silverware in anticipation. To be honest, anything that came from his hands could put anyone in higher spirits. My mouth watered just at the sight of the meal places before me.

"You're the best!"

Forever the opinion hunger chef, Hughes waited to gauge our reactions. John beat me to it as I couldn't seem to find a break between bites.

"Always out doing yourself, Hughes."

I think Hughes actually had the audacity to blush. I rolled my eyes as I witnessed John giving him the award winning blue-eyed boy smile. I had long own against that trick. Now if I could only learn how to fight those charming hands.

We both remained unbothered as Hughes remained, never being able to outstay his welcome. I could feel his calculating eyes jumping between the both of us and before I could question, it he beat me to it.

"So when am I going to see some kids running behind you? It's been how many years now since you've been around? "

I choked back a curse as I beat my chest to force down the food down the right pipe. We were well aware of Hughes impulsiveness but this took the cake. I struggled to catch John's gaze in hopes of getting assistance.

John suddenly jolted in his seat. Figuring he was finally coming out of his stupor, I expected him to take the reins and sweet talk his way out for us. However, I was taken back when he stood instead.

He wouldn't really leave me to deal with his alone, would he?

Yet, suddenly I was wishing that were the case as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his vibrating phone. My eyes followed his retreating form and leaned back in my seat.


"I didn't over step my boundaries did I?" Hughes questioned worriedly.

I felt an urge of sympathy for Hughes, as he was not used to John's antics and gave him a reassuring smile"No, he's just has another call."

John paused in his call and caught our attention. The both of us waved away his apologetic look and Hughes took his seat with little hesitation. He leaned across the table as if hat boring a secret.

"He's quite the business man isn't he?"

I watched the back of my retreating husband with little to no curiosity. It wasn't like this was anything new.

"Yeah, that's all he ever is now. "

By the time John's call finished I had finished my meal. I could only wait out so long on Hughes company before my stomach began calling for my meal. When I got through half of it, I began to realize that John wouldn't make it back in time to finish his so had it placed in a to-go box.

Naturally when he returned to find his plate missing, I simply gestured to the counter where our waitress had it settled while she calculated our ticket.

John parted his lips an apology on his tongue, but I cut him off with a sigh. The bill was on its way and is honestly didn't care to discuss it in public.

Thankfully, John made the payment quick and with one last hug from Hughes we were on our way home.

"We could have gone to the bluffs, take that trail you like," John offered as he glanced out the widow.

"It's still early, and there's a bit of an overcast to shield the sun," he noted.

But I had lost the mood. I just wanted to go home and get back in bed. So many days had been spent there that it seemed like it was my own spot.

"Can we just head back to the house? I'm tired."

John let out a sigh," Jules..."

Choosing to ignore him, I opted to drown him out by the radio. His growing irritation was obvious but I could care less at this point."

' My whole life I wondered how This wondering heart could turn around It's...,

' I wanna be your favorite song You can turn it up, play me all night ...'

'First City Bank in New Jersey was robbed just recently...'

I wasnt allowed the chance to listen to my early morning news special, when John whisked me away this morning, so I figured I may as well kill the silence and catch up on it. I had heard other reports about the said robbery but this was the most detailed report. Curious now, I reached out to turn up the sound.

'The scale of this heist will nearly cause the market of the company to plummet as millions if not billions were stolen. The robbery was said to-'

'The moon comes up and the sun goes down. We find a little spot on the edge of off, sip a little, pass it ...'

It took me a moment to register John's fingers as molded over mine. He forced them to turn the station once again effectively cutting off the news station.

"What hell? I was listening to that," I retorted and moved to turn it back only to have my hand grasped by Johns.

"I've had enough with banking and business over the week."

My eyes narrowed.

The nerve.

I untangled my fingers from his and kept my hand on my side of the car," So it's okay to brush aside our date for business, but you can't handle a radio broadcast. That's rich, John."

There was an audible intake of air from the driver's seat and I could feel the piercing blue gaze on the side of my head but I kept my head defiantly turned towards my door.

"Jules, Baby-"

"Not now,John"


Because honestly, I didn't know how much longer I could hold out.