I just love the "relationship advice" videos from TheSlap (.com) and when I saw the new one today I came up with the idea to write some of these myself :] If you don't know these videos, hurry and watch them on The Slap . com or YouTube, they're so good! Anyway, I hope you like this :] Oh, and it's mostly dialogue, just saying.

Relationship Advice

"Hey, I'm Beck."


"And we're here to give you some relationship advice."

"Yeah, whatever."

Beck raised one eyebrow at his girlfriend and then turned back to the camera in front of them.

"Well", he said. "You probably know that we've been dating for longer than 2 years and so a lot of people come up to us and ask for some advice for their own relationships. So, if you have a problem or a question or whatever just mail it to Jade's or mine page on The Slap."


"I think people know that by now."

"Well, I just wanted to point it out anyway because usually you're the one who insists on explaining every little detail for those losers who are without any talent whatsoever and are not able to make it to our school."

Beck sighed and rolled his eyes, but he knew that arguing would lead nowhere. "It's really nice of you to think of the people who don't go to our school."

"I know."

"OK, so let's read the first question."

"Fine." Jade leaned forward to the laptop and opened the first e-mail. "Hi Beck and Jade, I have a problem blah blah blah whatever."

"Jade, read it properly!"

She let out an annoyed groan. "'Hi Beck and Jade, I have a problem. There is this really cool boy I like but I don't know how to make him notice me. I think he doesn't even know that I exist. Please, please, please help me' - Oh my God, stop being so whiny!"


She exhaled loudly. "Yeah, I know, 'be nice BLAH.'" She rolled her eyes. "So, whoever wrote this, just go to that boy and ask him out. Tell him he will suffer agonies if he denies."


"If you don't like my advice then give that person a better one, duh!"

Beck gave his girlfriend a quick glance and she smiled at him provokingly. He sighed. "OK, in opposition to my lovely girlfriend, I think threatening him would not be helpful in any way. You know, I was in that situation once as well, when I really liked a girl who showed absolutely no interest in me. I asked her out a billion times and her answer would always be 'no'."

Jade threw her head back and groaned for another time. "This is not about giving away private details, Beck."

He turned to look at her, a smile on his face. "I'm just trying to help here, babe.", he said and turned back to the camera. "So, I just stayed persistent and asked her again and again, texted her everyday, got her flowers, chocolate and anything I could come up with until she finally said 'yes'. And now I have a wonderful girlfriend." He smiled at her and she only rolled her eyes. "What I'm trying to say is, there is nothing like trying yourself, just ask him out and see. What is the worst that could happen? Even if he says no, there is no reason to give up so easily. Just believe in yourself and if you really want this, you can make it."

"... that was gross, Beck. You're sounding like some wimp from those hokey 'romantic comedy' movies. Ew."

Beck smirked and pulled her closer to him. "Maybe I did, but what I said has worked for me anyway."

"Yeah, fine, are we done now?"

"If you like."


She wanted to get up but Beck retained her and pulled her into a kiss. "I love you.", he said to her softly, when they broke apart.

"The camera's still recording."

"I know."

Tell me what you think and if I should make more of these!