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Takes place after The Lost Hero.

"Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase thinks that they can have a drama free love life. Of course they looks so adorable together but I for one, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty know that their relationship isn't going to be one of those happily ever after fairytale endings and in this case. Buckle up Percabeth, you're going in for a longggg ride in the Tunnel of Love."

Annabeth's POV:

"Hera said my coming here was an exchange of leaders," Jason began. "A way for the two camps to learn of each other's existence."

"Yeah?" Leo replied. "So?"

"An exchange goes two ways," Jason continued. "When I got here, my memory was wiped. I didn't know who I was or where I belonged. Fortunately, you guys took me in and I found a new home. I know you're not my enemy. The Roman camp, they're not so friendly. You prove your worth quickly, or you don't survive. They may not be so nice to him, and if they learn where he comes from, he's going to be in serious trouble."

"Him?" Leo asked. "Who are you talking about?"

"My boyfriend," I spoke bleakly. "He disappeared around the same time Jason appeared. So If Jason came to Camp Half-Blood-"

"Exactly," Jason agreed. "Percy Jackson is at the other camp, and he probably doesn't even remember who he is."

"Yes, which is why I need to go." I began trying not to choke up.

"I'll try and have the ship built sooner." Jason offered trying to cheer me up.

"Please do." I held back the tears. "I need to be alone right now. Sorry." I turned around and ran towards the dock.

"Man, she's taking this really hard." Leo mumbled. After I got to the dock, I went and sat down on the edge of the dock and started kicking the water.

"Percy Jackson, if you can hear me…I-I miss you." I said looking up at the sky as tears came running down my face.

"Hey," A voice came from behind me; I whipped my head around finding myself staring at Rachel.

"You okay?" She asked kindly as if I was something delicate and could break any second. I sniffed, "Of course, it's just that I really miss Percy."

"I know, and I promise that you'll find him." I used my hand to rub my tears off and looked at Rachel, "You're not just saying that because you're the oracle right?" Rachel was about to say something until Leo came running over to us cutting her off.

"Hey guys! We have some unexpected visitors!" He began bobbing his head up and down excitedly.

"Who?" Rachel asked.

"The Hunters! Thalia's back to see Jason again." Leo replied. Suddenly I felt happier.

"Thalia's back? Where?" I asked scrambling to get up.

"She's at the Big House."

"Thanks!" I cried as I shot towards the Big House. "Thalia?" I exclaimed as I opened the door. A girl with spiky jet black hair, electric blue eyes turned around.

"Annabeth!" Her face broke into a huge smile as she came over and gave me a big hug. I looked over her shoulders and suddenly saw a guy with messy black hair and sea green eyes sitting in the chair talking to Chiron.

"Percy?" I stammered in shock.

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