Previously on Need You Now:

"Perseus Jackson." A voice rasped from behind me. I jumped and turned around to see Rachel standing behind me. But something told me that wasn't Rachel, either the glowing green smoke coming from her mouth or that she has this murderous look on her face gave it away.

"Rachel." I began as I took a step towards her.

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"Uncover the betrayed one you shall do. You must travel north to find a hidden clue. Through betrayal and trust you must sacrifice. Through the land that bears only ice. You shall find what you need, for who is lost has done a great deed." After that Rachel swayed back and forth and I caught her before she collapsed.

"W-what the!" Rachel screamed as she bolted up from my arms.

"Uh hi?"

"What are you doing? Why am I in the woods?" Rachel asked looking at me suspiciously.

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