Severus Snape, tall, dark haired, pale with a slightly mangled nose from past fights and beatings and stained teeth from tasting potions from over the years, sat at the staff table holding his customary earl grey praying it would wake him up in time for morning lessons.

First class of the day was Slytherins and Gryffindors, perfect, everything you need to make Monday mornings just that little bit special. Two houses that hate each other confined in a small room with explosive and corrosive plants and chemicals, just perfect.

He continued to hold his tea in hope the heat may wake him up whilst waiting for the rest of the teachers and students appear, breakfast didn't start until 6:30am and it didn't end until 8am; it was currently 6:27am. Just three minutes until Minerva would appear and 33minutes until the headmaster appeared. No matter how many times he tried to tell the headmaster he liked to get in early and leave early the headmaster just didn't understand and insisted he stayed until he got there so he could check that he'd been eating! He's 37 years old for Merlins sake! Can't a man look after himself by then?

6:30am Minerva walks into the room, tartan dress today…her fashion tastes never do change, he can't say anything though he always wears black, or black with a hint of green if it's a special occasion. Black is practical, it keeps you warm and doesn't show any stains if imbecilic students spill stuff on you, it's also cheaper than other clothing.

He looks away from the Scottish woman walking down the hall and back to his tea that has gone cold, and pours a new cup in hope of this one to wake him up and prepare him for the stress of today.

Minerva sits down beside him, of all the seats she could have chosen it had to be next to him. "Morning, Severus" she says happily, the nerve! Being happy in the morning let alone a Monday morning should be a crime! "Morning, Minerva" he drawls back not looking at her but continuing to look into the tea. "Monday mornings are they not just lovely! I just have Ravenclaws this morning, a lovely easy class to teach, you? " He looks at her and groans putting his head on the table and shaking it furiously whilst mumbling something, "Oh…I'm guessing you have my house and your house…if you give them a chance perhaps make them work together as in pairs then…they may work better? I don't know..." She pats him on the back and prepares him some pancakes to make sure he does eat rather than just drinking tea.

When Snape finally sits up straight it's 6:45am, a few early birds with parchments obviously last minute homework are teetering in slowly. Minerva pushes the pancakes towards Severus and watches to make sure he does eat them, really, being the youngest staff member has its perks but being force fed certainly isn't one of them. He eats slowly whilst Minerva pours him another cup of tea.

7am, Dumbledore walks in wearing a neon pink robe with orange patterned thread and a huge smile on his face, more pupils are starting to appear now as well as more staff members, none looking quite as happy as Minerva or Dumbledore.

Dumbledore sits next to Severus patting him on the back "Ah, Severus, you never could keep your hands off pancakes could you, good to see you eating little one". He pours himself some orange juice and eats pancakes himself whilst Severus sits there fuming about being called little, he is not little!

7:15am, the "golden trio" walk in as well as Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. They shove each other a little and then make their way to their set table. Snape sighs to himself…this is going to be a long day.