Before I knew it and far too early in the morning the alarm went we were getting ready to go down to breakfast, I went to the bathroom to get dressed not wanting to change in front of anyone and then we were off. Weasley and Potter were walking together chatting whilst I walked behind them, just fast enough to keep up.

When we got to the hall, I sat at the end where no one else was and started sorting out my tea and sat there in silence and alone, praying the day would run smoothly and that I would remember that I was in fact a pupil called Charles Prince and not Severus Snape.

I was just about to leave when Potter, Weasley and Granger realized I was alone and decided to slide to my part of the table. "Hey! Why didn't you sit with us?" Potter says, I look back down to my empty cup, refill then reply "You seemed preoccupied and I didn't want to disturb you." There, maybe they'll leave me alone now, I sip the tea and I relish the taste; Earl Grey with a drop of milk, divine. "You're kidding right? You can tag along with us, sit with us, chat with us all you want you know." Potter again, he's acting far too friendly for first thing in the morning, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep. I take another sip whilst nodding a little, next it's Weasley to speak "Ya, you're the new kid, you need people to talk to otherwise…you know…you'll end up being a social reject like…errr…we don't really have any actually…you'd be the first!" I look at him and glare, the first social reject? Brilliant, first time I came here I was the first reject and now I'm going to be the second reject. I carry on drinking my tea and scowling into the cup, thinking it over; maybe if I stay with them for a bit I'll have someone to talk to and then gradually move onto less…annoying people.

"You know, having just tea isn't good for breakfast, did you know it's the most important meal of the day? It…" start Granger

"Yes, I know Miss Granger, it starts my systems up so I can run for the rest of the day or until lunch at any rate."

"Well, Yes. Anyway, you really should have something else to eat; you're quite…slim, need to fatten you up slightly don't we? Anyway, Ron, Harry, can you make sure that Charles Prince here has some breakfast I don't want him passing out during Potions." And with that she left.

I look back down to my tea again and then back up when I hear sniggering, "Boy! No one ever stops Hermi from her rants! Good on ya!" I smile at the read headed boy and then feel something pushing against my arm; Potter is pushing a plate of pancakes to me. I glare, he smiles, I glare even more and he smiles even more. I take the plate of him and slowly start to eat the pancakes. "So…we have Potions first thing today, triple lesson with the slimys, Snape doesn't teach anymore, apparently we have Dumbledore will they get a new teacher so it shouldn't be so bad." Potter continues to babble on facts and useless information about the lessons we have today and the teachers, I pretend to listen whilst eating pancakes and drinking tea.

It's 9am and we're waiting outside the potions lab for Dumbeldore to arrive, I wonder what the old man will teach us. "So, are you good at Potions?" Potters says, I shrug my shoulders "I suppose I'm alright at it, you?" He snorts slightly

"Nah, I'm not good at all, but if I want to be an Auror I have to do Potions do I'm kinda stuck doing it." I grimace inside, Potter in Potions at NEWT level? The idea is laudable yet impossible.

He finally arrives wearing a santa red robe and a smile on his face. "Now ladies and gentleman, sorry I'm late please go in and sit down and we'll begin." Everyone starts to walk in and I'm not quite sure what to and then I feel a tugging at my robe and I end up being dragged in and sat at a desk at the back with Potter as my partner, great, I'm going to fail this subject just because I have an awful partner.

"Now everyone, today you're going to be making Amortentia, does anyone know what that is?" Everyone keeps their heads down except for Granger who seems to be trying to reach for something in the ceiling; Dumbeldore ignores her, "How about you Mr. Prince, did you learn about this at your last school?" I continue looking at my desk, until I'm nudged and I realize I've been asked something, "Pardon Professor?" It's my first lesson and I've already forgotten my name! "I said Mr. Prince; do you know what Amortentia is?" I sit and think, I can't spout the correct answer can I? Why not? I look up and he's smiling at me and his damn eyes are twinkling

"It's a love potion Sir, the most powerful one in the world. It's Recognizable by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen and by the fact that its steam rises in characteristic spirals. The potion smells differently to different people according to what attracts them. However a love potion does not really causes the person who drinks it to fall in love with someone, as it is impossible to manufacture or imitate love. A love potion simply causes the drinker to develop a powerful infatuation or obsession with the target."

"Yes! Well done Mr. Prince, 10 points to Gryffindor! Now, the recipe and ingredients are on the board you may begin."

I look to where Potter is and he's gone, I look to where the student ingredient cupboard is and I see him scurrying around collecting everything. So I take charge in setting the cauldron up so it's ready when he gets back.

"I thought you said you were okay at potions, you're a flipping genius! You sounded like an interesting textbook!" I smile a little and I can feel myself going a little red, no one has ever really complimented me about my work.

"Yes, well…we should p-probably start making it then…" I stammer, why do I have to be so shy?

"You know…you don't have to be nervous around me, I'm not going to bite" he smiles down at me, whilst I quickly defrost the Ashwinder egg and chop it up finely and put it in the cauldron whilst, pouring in liquefied billywig parts, 1 part to every 2.5 parts and charming the stirrer to turn clockwise 10seconds to complete a circumference. Once it has been left to heat for exactly 2minutes 36seconds, I add 2 daisy roots, then some flobberworms, stir it 10 times anti-clockwise and then sit to rest whilst it thickens up.

Potter is still standing looking at the potion and then to the board, "You…Skipped a couple parts and then changes a few things...will it still work?" I look at the board, I completely forgot the instructions were up there, I look at Potter and nod a little bit "I'm pretty sure it will work, see? I point at the board, we're currently on stage seven rather than still on stage two where everyone else is because I changed it ever so slightly, the final result should still be the same but it will be about three times quicker and tidier to make."

"Awesome, lets hope this works then!" We're both sitting now waiting for the potion to thicken when Granger passes a note to Potter saying "Why aren't you two working?" , this was quickly replied with a "We can't be arsed to ". Then we sit in an awkward silence listening to everyone's stirring and mutterings when it's not going quite right.

When the potion thickens up I get Potter to add the Fluxweed and then we add everything else in together. We've finally finished whilst everyone else is still on step four so we sit and wait.

"The potion looks perfect! I don't think any potion I've ever been involved in as looked as good as this! Yummmm…can you smell cinnamon and and…I can't quite get what it is, but it's really nice!" I look at him then point to the potion and he goes red, "Yeah, you probably can't smell it then…what do you smell?" I lean closer to the potion and sniff; nothing. I sniff again and I can smell a faint aroma but am unable to work out what it is… "Can't tell what it is." I look back down again and we go back to an awkward silence.

"So boys! Why are you working? Ah you've already finished good work! Hmm...I smell sweets and…oh yes cinnamon very nice. I do like a bit of cinnamon. Anyway, Mr Prince, if you wouldn't mind after school today at perhaps..5pm would you come to my office for tea and talk about your first day?" I carry on looking at the desk trying to find something interesting on it, "Yes, Professor."

"There's a good boy! I'll see you at 5pm!" he squeezed my shoulder gently then went back to looking at other peoples potions.

"Tea with Dumbeldore…Fun." My head snaps up and Potter smiles at me, "Careful you don't eat too much, he has a habit of feeding people too many sweets." I nod whilst smiling a little, "Yes, Unfortunately I've already had too many tea times with him; the constant sweet stuffing does get a little bit much after a while." He looks at me, with a confused expression, "Too only started yesterday…I'm confused." Bugger, I'm Charles Prince not...never mind "Errr…yeah, he's my new guardian you see…so…constant tea…" He looks slightly less confused and now looks amused,

"Your guardian? Awesome! He must be quite fun, that's why you're so clever!"

"Yes, I suppose…I always thought old people are supposed to sleep all the time but he always seems to have energy, he's the one trying to keep me awake." Potter starts laughing and several people turn to look at us including Dumbledore, who then starts walking towards us.