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Was debating either not writing this story or pushing it off till later, but I couldn't think of what to do with Chances so I started it anyway. I'll go into more details in the post-notes but this is going to be another multi-crossover. IF ffnet allows more than two stories in its crossovers I'll put it there. If not, sorry I know some reviewers love to peg me for it, I'll be putting it in the Eva bucket as its over fifty percent Eva and less of the others. Don't hate me for FFnets system…k?


The Friend of my Enemy

Chapter – 1

Setting a plate of left over breakfast outside the apartment door Shinji locked it and straightened his satchel. It was going to be his first day back at school after his whole little running away debacle, and the subsequent gaining of two friends. Heading down the steps of the apartment building, the lad stepped out into to find the sky adorned with dark grey clouds that all but promised rain. No matter, he didn't mind a little rain.

"Mya!" a medium sized black cat cried out merrily as Shinji rounded the corner towards the school.

Keeping a healthy distance from the creature, Shinji waved happily at it. "I left your food by the door, hope it's to your liking Kuro," he said warmly as the cat followed him rather than eat its food. It was so odd, but no matter where Shinji lived there was always a black cat around him. He got used to having the cute buggers around, despite his allergic reaction to felines. The few scant years at his mother's parent's home in the far secluded woods had one, his uncle's house in the country but still closer to civilization had one, and now Tokyo-3 had one.

"Guess you're not hungry," he mused as he kept a steady pace ahead of it. It was a cute little thing, but he did worry about if it was a stray or its owners. Wandering past the shop keepers as they opened for the day, Shinji actually felt a little better about himself. Misato had actually wanted him to stay with her, Touji and Kensuke seemed like alright people after the rocky start. Maybe things were going to be better for him. Pulling out the old amulet he wore around his neck, one of the few things he could remember about his few years with his now deceased grandparents, he poked at it.

With a small skip to his step, Shinji tensed up as his little friend brushed against him resulting in sniffles and a cough. "No-no Kuro, not today alright?" he brandished his finger admonishingly at the cat who just batted back at him. Why Ritsuko named the cat such an obvious name was beyond Shinji, but it fit he guessed. Holding the degenerating talisman before his eyes, "I guess the LCL really did a number on it. Going to hate throwing it out, but its nearly broken."

It was going to be sad to lose the last lingering thread to what had been a happy childhood. From what little he could recall, his mother's parents had been kind and loving…then they died. His uncle, on his father's side, had simply been a place to live, chores to do, and a feeling of resentment. But nothing lasts forever, and maybe with his new friends things might change for the better.


Covering his eyes with his hand, Shinji gazed up at the clouds now trickling with moisture. "You better run back to the apartment or back to your home, Kuro. It's going to rain," Shinji always pretended the cat understood him. The creature, boy or girl he didn't know, always seemed to understand him. Pointing at the approaching school grounds, "See almost there, and you know you're not aloud on premises."

With one last brush up against his legs the little black cat dashed off back towards the apartment, and Shinji suspected, a late breakfast.

Watching the bouncing tail dip around a corner, Shinji felt the rain begin in earnest. Not a heard or heavy rain, more of a spring rain if nature still had seasons. He held back a smile as he watched the other students cover their heads with satchels or coats and run for the door. He walked at the same speed, he was used to the rain, it was soothing and he'd dry off anyway. "Just hope Kuro is ok on the way back," he opened his mouth skyward and caught a few drops on his tongue.

He truly did feel a little more accepted in this city, not quite ready to tip the light fantastic, but a sense of stability. Shaking off his dripping shirt as he entered the school lobby, he switched his shoes and waved at Touji who was giving Kensuke a noogie. Being a pilot was hard work, fighting the angels a true nightmare, but at least he didn't feel so alone anymore.

"Morning guys," Shinji tried not to let his apprehension get the better of him, but it was hard. They hadn't really spoken to him since the whole 'punch me' issue at the train station, so their reaction to his first day back was unexpected. Shinji hated unexpected. His grandparents' death was unexpected, his quasi-arrest for finding a bike was unexpected, and his summons by his father was too. "D-didn't worry you to much d-did I?' he stuttered as the slack jawed jock released his pray and advanced.

Slow and lurching, Touji advanced akin to a zombie towards the young Ikari. "You're…you're really going to stay!" He exploded in a jolly smile and wrapped an arm around Shinji's neck. Replicating Kensuke's punishment, "I had a feeling after seeing that babe pick you up that you'd be staying, but this seals the deal. You owe me lunch Ken." After a few love taps, Touji released his timid new playmate.

Adjusting his glasses, Kensuke grabbed Shinji's shoulder and leaned in close. He whispered, "Glad to see you. Touji was all nervous you'd not show up. But seeing you here and the rumor Minamoto-san's returned is going to have him in a whirl." Giggling Kensuke giving Shinji's shoulder one last shrug and released it. Heading down the hall he spoke louder, "You've never seen her yet have you?"

Strange now hearing people wanted him around made him feel like he was ten-feet tall made him feel. Trying to suppress the embarrassment of having the other morning students seeing him abused, Shinji just fixed his collar. "Seen who? I-I don't know many of the student's names yet. Is he in our class?" Shinji opened the door to the classroom and followed in closely behind his two buddies.

"She, no he…well not hopefully," Touji said cryptically as he wandered over to his desk and fell into it. "And the 'she' I am talking about is Minamoto Chizuru," Touji's smile went wide and stupid as he reclined in his chair and gazed up at the ceiling. Holding his hands out a good half-foot from his body, "Girl has cans out to here, a face like an angel, and…well you'll know her if you see her."

Taking his own seat, Shinji noticed Rei's empty chair and groaned. Ayanami Rei was one of the biggest confusions in his life. He piloted the first time for her sake, and yet he spoke hardly a word to her. Well he wasn't going to get the chance today either it seemed, not like he had the courage to do so. Setting his bag down, he couldn't help but notice the girl to his right, "Morning Asahina-san." The girl was nice to him, no overly nice to the point he thought she liked him, but a genuine approachable quality he found most girls didn't have. At least not in his mind.

"Don't let those idiots talk to much, Ikari-kun, that girl is nothing but trouble," Asahina replied in her crisp tone. Her short black hair and thin wire framed glasses painted the portrait of a rather plain yet attractive young teen. "Suzuhara especially, still can't believe all the stupid things he did to get Hokari elected," she gripped as she turned back to her studies.

Shrugging Kensuke spoke in tones low enough for the runner up for class representative not to hear. "She's just upset that she didn't get Hikari's job. If you ask me being Class Rep would be more a pain than anything. Just hope 'he' doesn't still hold a grudge," Kensuke gazed over at an empty seat and shuddered.

The more he heard of 'he' and 'she' Shinji was happy to be oblivious to the majority of humanities coming and goings. He just sat and listened to Touji and Kensuke prattle on about television shows and video games. He read more than watched TV and had no game systems so he hardly understood them, but it felt nice to be included. At moments like this, Shinji could almost imagine himself living a normal life…though Misato did make normal a little harder to get. Add Nerv and the closest teenage female he knew being almost a mute who he didn't know if she hated him or simply didn't care, it was give and take.

Life, and bloodline, however was not going to allow the young lads normalcy as it were to continue. No a very attractive normal-destroying girl opened the door with a very loud, "Found you!" Drawing the attention of the whole class, most were boys gushing over how attractive or 'in love' with her they were. The walking attention area practically skipped over to Shinji's desk. "I didn't think I'd find you," she sniffed lightly and held out a creased envelope. "This is for you," the girl held out the paper.

Captivated by what was in deed the most ravishing teenager he'd seen in his life, Shinji dumbly took the note and looked down at it. Reading the cutely written message that simply said

Meet me in the music room after school

Shinji couldn't take his eyes away from the ruby red kiss stain on the paper. "Um, miss?" he asked looking back up but like the morning mist she was gone. "Uh, who was that?" Shinji pointed at the still open door he expected the girl to have left through.

"That you lucky son of a bitch, was Chizuru," Touji was almost crying as he gripped his desk for dear life.

Adjusting her glasses, Asahina was quick to follow Touji's exclamation, "Stay away from her, Ikari-kun, that girl is dangerous."

Shinji just re-read the note and stuffed it into his satchel. It wasn't something he expected, he didn't even know if he wanted it. But…it wasn't a call out for a fight so…was it a love letter? The girl, her long black hair went down to her mid back her bosom was damn near Misato's in size and her face truly was lovingly crafted by the gods, had just tossed the first stone into the pond that was his life. The question was…why?


Fixing her beret, Misato seriously questioned why the Geo-Front had such strong winds inside the complex. Being forced to wear pants every day was a little much, but a necessity with the damn unexpected gusts all around. Waving as the door to the medical bay opened, "Hey Maya, Ritsuko in?" she asked the mousy girl walking out.

"Finishing up with Ayanami's physical, shouldn't take to much longer," Maya flinched her thumb back at the door. Coming to a hesitant stop, Maya opened her mouth only to close it, but finally curiosity got the better of her, "So Ikari-kun decided to stay after all huh?"

A flush of odd familiar warmth struck Misato's stomach. "Yeah he did. I'll tell you more bout it later, but lunch comes first and that woman owes me one," she chuckled as she passed the girl and headed into the lab. Maya was a nice girl, but way to keen to gossip and hold things up. Best to make short answers to and move on or get bogged down in idle chatter…was she ever that annoying when she was Maya's age? Finding exactly what she expected, an exasperated Ritsuko hammering down notes as a dead-like Ayanami Rei lay on an examination table, Misato took the open seat at Ritsuko's left.

Groaning, Ritsuko bit at the tip of her pen, "I should have known you weren't going to let me off for this." Her teeth gnashed at the plastic bit adding to the plethora of teeth marks already present. Grabbing Rei's right arm with her free hand, Ritsuko probed along the contours of flesh, "Does it hurt when I do this?"

Silently Ritsuko pointed at the back of Ritsuko's head and mouthed, "Say yes!" But alas, the silent albino proved not to be in a joking mood and shook her head no. Damn Rei could always ruin her jokes and teases, but it was expected. Girl needed to relax and stop being so damn tense. "Why would I let you off on our bet? I told you Shinji-kun wasn't going to leave and he didn't," despite her failed joke Misato voice was damn happy.

"Ikari-kun returned?" Rei's head lifted off her chin ever so slightly, almost not looking bored out of her mind. "I was not informed," she didn't actually sound like she cared.

Jaunting down the news about Rei's arms, Ritsuko mumbled a little something to herself. "Well Misato thought it would do people good to see the news rather than hear it. If you had been at school today rather than here, you'd have seen him," Ritsuko let go of Rei's arm and moved to the girl's face mask. "Any problems seeing or headaches?" she probed the girl's head with her free hand looking for scars.

Thinking of trying the joke again, Misato dropped it knowing Rei wasn't going to suddenly change her attitude. Expecting that was akin to hearing the girl acted as a table dancer on the sly for extra funds, lord knows Misato considered it. Shinji's financial support quickly ended all thoughts of dubious methods to keep her beer flow steady. "Yup, Shinji's staying and you should have seen the look on his face when I grabbed him at the station. And how does that make you feel little miss Ayanami?" Misato could at least TRY to tease Rei, not that it ever worked.

"I'm expecting the opposite of the heartbroken one he had when I told him he couldn't see you one last time before leaving," Ritsuko shot Misato a wicked glare. All but saying 'Yeah I knew but didn't you!' Ritsuko proved to be just another woman full of secrets. Unsnapping the elastic bands on the plastic mask, "Looks like you don't need this either, you're in the pink and ready to pilot again."

Pulling off the face mask, Rei quickly handed the medical equipment to Ritsuko to throw away. Non-pulsed by Misato's insinuation, "It doesn't matter if Ikari-kun stayed or left. I could have piloted Unit-01 had the need arose." Rolling off the bed, flashing her bare backside to the women due to her hospital gown, Rei was quickly on her feet. "If there is nothing else, may I return home?" she gathered her clothing at the foot of the table.

Checking her watch, Misato's lips curled up ever so slightly, "It's only lunch time and she wants to go home. I bet she could hit school up, but I'm thinking one more free day off is ok." Nudging Ritsuko in the ribs, she hoped to hear Ritsuko joining in the laugh, but her friend was to wrapped up in her documents…her friend was way to focused. "Take off Ayanami, and say 'hi' to Shinji-kun next time you see him, bet that'd make his day," she waved at the confused looking Ayanami who left still in the gown giving a lot of Nerv staff a quick gasp.

"Give me a few minutes to put this data into the computer and we can go get your victory lunch," Ritsuko was already rolling her chair to the computer terminal. Laying the papers next to the keyboard, "But I have to admit after his little 'where is Misato' I had already admitted defeat."

Moving from the chair to the table, Misato laid out flat on it and put her hands behind her head. "Cruel bitch, you could have told me and spared me the panic," she truly did start feeling for the boy. He wasn't what she expected after that first meeting, all timid and mousy unlike other boys. He was a real sweety, just what she always wanted in a little brother. Having him cook and clean was a godsend as well. "Anyway, you'll be happy to know that cat you named seemed almost as happy as I was to see him come back," it was happier it seemed but it was just a cat despite how it acted.

Her head jerked from the computer to Misato's face, fighting to keep her grin small, "Kuro stayed? That cat is the most adorable cat I've seen." Reclining back in her seat, it cracked and clinked but held, Ritsuko did allow herself a small giggle. Forcing that grim and proper mask back on, "But you really should take it to a vet or something. With his allergies it wouldn't be good for him to keep it by him. In fact I could…"

"You are NOT taking that thing in! You have two cats already!" Misato shot up to a seated position to point at her friend. Ritsuko's little cat fixation unnerved Misato a trifle, but over time she learned to turn it into teasing fuel like most things. "And speaking of his allergies, I didn't read anything about them in his file. What gives? Is Section-2 slacking off again?" Misato laid bad down grumbling. She was going to have to do something about the ineptitude of Section-2. They let a teenage boy elude them for over a day! Shinji needed better protection than that…somebody that actually cared might be a good choice. But who or how?

Clicking on her mouse rapidly, Ritsuko powered down her monitor but left the tower running. "You've got a point, his file is woefully blank I've noticed. Aside from the time with his uncle we know nothing of his past. That is a few blank years that only vaguely hint at staying at some relative on his mother's side," Ritsuko queerly sounded bitter. Twirling around in the chair, she evacuated her seat and popped her chewed pen in her pocket, "You ready?"

"Think I should ask him about it?" Misato continued staring at the florescent lights avoiding Ritsuko's question. What if something happened to him that he was hiding, something important? It'd be a black mark on her record for not finding out right? Sitting back up, letting her legs dangle over the edge. "Aside from that cello and that ratty talisman, he's nothing from his old home. Doesn't that strike you as sad?" she whined. Being the clingy type, Misato already accepted she liked the boy. Still had to keep an eye on him, he could be a very good closet pervert, but she liked him as a friend already.

Giving Misato her best 'hurry up or I'm leaving without you' glare, Ritsuko tapped her foot against the ground. "That uncle he stayed with filled out monthly reports on him, Misato. If anything was out of the ordinary we'd know about it. Now are we going to eat or are we going to stay in here and think about your new fixation? You sure I don't need to worry about you putting the moves on him?" Ritsuko peeked at the woman through one nearly veiled eye.

Stomping her foot, Misato's mind felt like it was smashed against a brick wall of accusations. "What the hell! Of course not! He's a cute kid and all but I don't swing like that!" Misato said hotly. Sure she hadn't had a date in a long time, but the Angel's didn't really give social outings a lot of chances. "He's like a kid brother, so what if I'm protective of him!" she said defensively storming past Ritsuko not knowing that result was why Ritsuko asked her half-brained question.

Keeping her pace behind Misato, Ritsuko twisted the knife, "Sure, sure big sis Misato is all worried about her bwaby bwofer," Slurring as best she could, Ritsuko wisely ducked under the punch Misato threw behind herself without looking. "Fine, party pooper, I'll rain it in," Ritsuko just shook her head at the 'give it but not take it attitude'. "And back to the issue, no it doesn't strike me as sad, but rather expected. Ikari-kun's had a strange childhood, moving from one home to another, so he likely doesn't 'put down roots' easily. Guess you did a good thing on him," Ritsuko caught up to Misato and gave her a hearty nod.

Leave it to that evil bitch to turn her insides from pure hate to joy, but that was part of why Misato liked the freak. "I did didn't I?" Misato liked thinking she had a positive impact on the boy. He did look happier the last few days since the incident, more so than when he first moved in. Sighing lightly, "Guess I won't be charging you an arm and a leg for lunch, how about just a leg?" Now it was Misato's turn to step out of 'head-bap' range.

"Just don't let it get to your head and keep your reports coming. Last thing we need is for you to get all 'big sis' on him and forget part of your duty is to keep a running document on his mental state," Ritsuko carefully avoided the 'spy' word like a word-ninja. Hitting the button for the elevator, Ritsuko tapped her foot again in inpatients, "Hate waiting for these things."

It was her job, but Misato was growing to dislike it. Spying on all aspects of Shinji's life felt intrusive almost felt like she was betraying him. Just be clean and upfront about it, and maybe that would work. "I was thinking, kid like Shinji-kun would do good to have a girlfriend," Misato tried changing the topic from her darker feelings of duplicity. "What do you think? Ask Ayanami to do it or Maya? Think Shinji likes older girls, most boys do but I won't be taking that one for the team," Misato giggled.

Putting her palms against the wall, Ritsuko proceeded to face plant into it. "That is the DUMBEST thing you've said today Misato, and you've said a lot of dumb things today," Ritsuko grunted as she turned back to Misato with a red welt on her forehead. Clearing her throat out of rage, "Kid's like Ikari-kun likely shouldn't have girlfriends! Last thing we need is him getting worried in combat about where or what that girl is doing. And no Ayanami and Ibuki are not options for this either. Maya, I think, has a boyfriend and Ayanami is…well Ayanami is to loyal to Nerv to even think about dating," Ritsuko's voice lost a lot of fire when it came to Rei.

"I wasn't serious about asking those two anyway," Misato tried to ignore the naggings suspicion that she heard something she shouldn't. "Anyway with how Shinji-kun is, I bet the girl would have to make the first move anyway so that does strike those two out," Misato's head bobbed as she stepped into the crowded elevator.

"YOU WERE SERIOUS!" Ritsuko shouted as she joined the throng of now unsettled descendants.


Standing outside the music room, Shinji didn't really know if he wanted to walk in. It was a joke, had to be one, but here he stood with his heart beating faster and faster. Girls didn't like boys like him, they wanted bigger, stronger, or more attractive guys. So why did that vision invite him here? It took twenty minutes of near pleading to get Touji and Kensuke to promise to not follow him, and here he was stalling. But, truthfully, he didn't want his new friends to see him laughed at or mocked by whatever was going to happen.

Well no time like the present to remind himself that not all the world was pleasant and nice. Sliding the door open, the setting sun temporarily blinding him, Shinji found that nearly impossibly beauty sitting at a piano facing the door. "Y-you wanted to see me about something?" he was never good talking to girls…attractive ones even worse. Without needing to be at Nerv today, Shinji wasn't too worried about being late, but how long this little farce was going to play out he hadn't the foggiest. He hoped that cat wasn't waiting for him today like it typically did.

Primly getting off the bench, Chizuru wafted across the room closer to her prey. "You came! I was a little worried you wouldn't come," she stuck her tongue out playfully and rapped her head with her knuckle. Closing the distance between Shinji and herself, she leaned in and took a deep whiff of the boy, "I'm so glad you came. Say, where did you live before here?" She sniffed longer and harder this time and her shoulders shuddered a trifle.

Taking a step back, Shinji was a little unsettled by the girl's forward nature. Women weren't this bold unless they were teasing, Misato taught him that. "I-I moved around a little bit…t-this…you didn't call me here because I'm a pilot did you?" he had to suspect it. The outcry after his first announcing it made him realize that people would use him for the title, and he didn't want that. But oh how he liked her standing so close…not shallow by any means but Shinji couldn't help but be mesmerized.

Shaking her head in confusion, Chizuru dropped bomb number one on the lad, "Pilot? What are you talking about? I've been away on family business up till today." She saw his face lighten up a smidge and pounced. Wrapping her arms around his waist she pulled him in tight, and due to her being taller pressed her impressive bust against his head. "Oh you had to live in the country. You smell of trees, earth, and water," she sniffed again and pushed him back to get a good angle on his face.

Was that it? She was going to mock him for being a 'country hick' or something? "It…it wasn't my choice to live there. M-my grandparents and uncle both lived there and I didn't have a choice. I-is that something you think is funny or something?" a defiant edge encroached his voice. While he didn't have the advantages of a city life, he cherished his time in the country. It was simpler, peaceful, and in his dreams he could piece together bits of his forgotten childhood that confused his waking brain. Grabbing Chizuru by the biceps, he gently pushed her back a ways, "Is that what this is? You brought me here to mock me?"

Bomb two went off nearly the moment after Shinji finished his bout of confidence. "I can't hold it anymore!" Chizuru exclaimed and jumped the confused boy. Crashing to the ground, a stray chair fell over in the classroom, Chizuru blew the boy's mind by kissing him full on the mouth. It wasn't an open mouth kiss, but it was deep, passionate, and unexpected. Breaking her dominance over the boy, "Sorry, I lost control there. Was that your first kiss?"

It was, but that wasn't what had Shinji spellbound and shell-shocked…well not entirely. This girl, this magnificent creature, no longer had long black hair but golden blonde and two large ears flickering on the side of her head. "I-it was…w-why did you do that?" he tried to think that while his eyes were closed she put a wig on to play with him. But…was…holy fuck it was a tail? She had a damn tail and it was moving about on its own!

Sitting up on his chest, contently over a certain vital area, Chizuru put a finger to her lips and winked. "I saw you this morning walking in…you didn't panic or worry when the rain hit you. I like that…I like you," she reached up and caressed his cheek. "Watching you at lunch with those other boys, you're exactly the way I thought you'd be," she reached for the buttons on Shinji's shirt and undid the first two before he grabbed her hands. "Shinji-kun?"

"Minamoto-san w-what is with the…" Shinji tried to ask but Chizuru put her hand over his mouth. What the hell was going on? When did the other boys jump in and point and laugh at him? Her lips…they were warm and wet, he hadn't thought a kiss would be like that. A small rattling to his side, Shinji turned his head as far as Chizuru's hand would allow and he saw that cat in the room almost looking upset.

Leaning dangerously close over Shinji's face, Chizuru gazed deeply into Shinji's eyes unknowingly showing him the dark swirling vortex her eyes had turned into. "Chizuru! Call me Chizuru, Shinji-kun! Or Chi-chan if you really want," she gave his cheek a kiss then yelped as she felt something, well two something's but one she wanted to feel, but Shinji's hands on her tail was something else. "I…uh…," she stuttered in near fear.

He had to give the tail a tug to insure it didn't come off, when it didn't and Chizuru blushed at the offense, Shinji released it. Those eyes, haunting yet beautiful, he had seen eyes close to it before. For some reason he thought of Ayanami and her piercing red orbs. Not quite as dramatic as Chizuru's, Rei had already introduced Shinji to the world of odd ocular cavities. "W-what are you?" he whimpered breathlessly.

Tugging on her ears, Chizuru sweated, "Would you believe cos-play? Thought you were into that thing, aren't all boys wanting a fox-girl?" When Shinji shook her head, those blond with black tipped ears pressed dejectedly against her head. "Guess there is no hiding it, I'm a fox girl, a demon-animal," her tail curled around her waist. "I'm not, not human like you are," that dramatic and powerful voice she had not five minutes ago was replaced with remorse.

"Your eyes," Shinji stared only to see Chizuru wince. Guess it was a point of fear or regret for her, but Shinji couldn't stop himself. "They're so…so beautiful. So much it's almost frightening," he had been afraid for a moment but it passed. That feeling he had when she first gave him the note, his reluctance to accept the possibility that maybe just maybe the note had been genuine, had come back. A beautiful girl was sitting on him, she had kissed him, she confessed to not being human. Had he been anybody else he might had panicked or been stricken silent, but he was to wanting of affection to push it away. But the damn cheesiness of his words did cause his own embarrassment to grow, "S-sorry if that sounded silly."

Quite the contrary, it lanced through the cloud of gloom that had enveloped Chizuru so that the sun shined through again. "You're to forward!" she had the audacity to say as she pressing against him again peppering his neck with kisses. "You really are exactly what I hoped," she sat up and started unbuttoning again. "Are you ready to continue?" she momentarily looked at a hissing cat that had started approaching.

"C-continue what?" Shinji asked dumbly prepping himself up off the ground. Things were happening so fast his brain had hardly a moment to realize his shirt was already slipping off his shoulders. She didn't mean… "You don't mean…we hardly know each other!" he blubbered.

Grabbing at the tattered talisman around Shinji's neck, Chizuru yanked it off. Frowning at the piece of cloth, "You don't mind if I get rid of this do you? Spells like this are common among trinkets but this has some actual power to it." When Shinji didn't speak she let her powers consume the talisman in a gulf of fire. "Much better! And what better way for us to get to know each other than…oh damn it he's coming!" Chizuru dusted her hands free of the ash and turned to the window.

Hardly recognizing the fact that the heirloom he had planned on getting rid of was gone, Shinji followed Chizuru's gaze to the window and saw a boy sitting there not much older looking than himself. "W-who is that?" Shinji asked again trying to get his brain and body back under control. The hissing cat wasn't helping, odd how the cat never showed any aggression before and now was yowling up holy hell! "Kuro what is it?" he asked hoping to calm the cat.

"Chizuru, why didn't you tell me you were going to be late?" the boy asked finishing his entrance into the fourth floor window. Flicking off one of the buttons of his shirt, he tugged at his collar, "Why didn't you tell me you were meeting a boy? And why are you straddling him?" The last comment was directed at the boy being straddled and was anything but friendly.

Helping Shinji up to his feet, Chizuru hugged the boy from behind. "Tayura, what are you doing here interrupting Shinji-kun and my beginning our relationship?" Chizuru's playful tone was replaced with annoyance and harsh words. Shooing the boy towards the window ordered, "Go home and leave us in peace. Oh and take that cat with you."

Stomping his foot, a crack forming in the tile, the boy identified as Tayura pressed his concern, "Not until you tell me who this damn hick is and why he's so important? Is he a new demon that came while we visited mother?" Leaning in close to Shinji, the very irate looking male scowled at the embraced lad.

Shinji…well Shinji was too confused to say a word to this new boy's actions and how he had entered the upper room via the window. The boy had to be either Chizuru's boyfriend or likely an ex after the affection the girl lavished on him. With Chizuru's bust squishing against his back though, Shinji was in a lovely mix of enjoyment and fear.

Spinning Shinji around, Chizuru winked again at her new toy. "Shinji-kun is an innocent human," she then licked Shinji's bear chest. "Well maybe not innocent, he stole my heart which makes him a sinner. Now go away so we can enjoy our life if sin together. Fox and human," she took a tiny bite into Shinji's neck.

Well that show of erotic affection was enough for the already pissed off Tayura to go off the handle. "Bullshit! Love between demon and human is impossible! I'll ripe this boy's throat out!" he yelled. Lunging at Shinji's throat with hands that sprouted very long and unfriendly claws, Tayura was going to make good on his claim had Chizuru not slapped both the boy's hand and face.

"Chizuru-san?" Shinji looked over at his protector with awe and amazement. She moved so fast, impossible for him to follow with his eyes. One moment she was behind him and the next she was in front of him stopping the inclement thrashing and death with sharp pointy things.

Shoving Tayura back, Chizuru's hand gestured to Shinji. "Nobody lays a finger on Shinji-kun except me! And that includes you! Now to prove how much I mean it," Chizuru turned to Shinji and grabbed his arms. "You trust me right, Shinji-kun?" she asked without a moment of hesitation or fear.

Trust her? He hardly knew her, but she had protected him, why shouldn't he trust her Shinji reasoned. "I-I do," he nodded and looked at the now subdued Tayura. Just what was this boy to her, Shinji felt himself almost jealous of the preexisting relationship. But thought was again lost as Chizuru kissed him again and rather than just feel her warmth against his lips he felt warmth spread throughout his entire body. Opening his eyes again, he couldn't kiss with his eyes open, Shinji found Chizuru gone and a pile of clothing on the ground.

"You didn't! Chizuru why did you do that?" Tayura yelled at the perplexed Shinji. Rubbing his temples with his fingers, Tayura moaned and took several steps back.

Kneeling down, more willing to accept he fell asleep in school and all of this was a dream, Shinji reached for the discarded clothing. "What happened to…" Shinji tried asking but stopped when he felt a hard pinch in his cheeks.

Don't touch that!

A voice cried out very much sounding like Chizuru in his head as his fingers crest the fabric of her panties on accident. "Did I hear…oh hell," he clutched at his chest as the heat increased so much he thought he was going to burst into flames. But it wasn't a painful heat, it was soothing and calming…maybe a bit perverse almost like Chizuru's lips. Then Shinji felt his control of his body fleeing his control.

Sprouting a fluffy black tail and fox ears, the possessed body of Shinji Ikari stood defiant before his opponent. Speaking in Chizuru's voice, "Only if a human truly trusts a fox can one possess him so completely." Chizuru in control of Shinji's body caught sight of herself in a mirror on the wall and gushed, "Oh how cute! Shinji-kun you have whiskers!" She tugged on the aforementioned new facial hair as she yelped at tiny cat teeth in the leg, "Ouch you little hairball! What was that for?"

Chizuru-san what is happening? What did you do to me?

Shinji's thoughts called out to the current driver of his body, Chizuru just hummed lightly. "I took over your body to show Tayura the bonds of our love," she said plain as day. Holding her hand out, "Want to see our fox-fire Tayura?" Not giving the boy an option to speak the girl summoned a ball of flame that nearly filled the room. "Still want to fight?" she challenged.

Holding his hands up, Tayura sighed in defeat, "I'd never survive a blow like that. I give Chizuru." Sulking, the bow knelt down and started gathering the girl's clothing. "Now get out of there so we can go home already, its already dark out," his head jerked towards the window.

Shinji felt his body back under his control a moment later, and found himself standing before a very nude and jaw dropping Chizuru. He had never seen a real nude woman before, magazines didn't prepare him for the full glory of it. Every single hair on Chizuru's body was that golden blond. "P-p-put some clothing on!" Shinji yelped and still felt the cat's teeth in his legs.

"Ah but I wanted you to see all of me," Chizuru coyly covered her holiest of holies. Turning to Tayura she found the lad pointing behind the pair. "Still speechless at Shinji-kun and my love?" she said with a hint of vindication. At the boy's still speechlessness she turned to see just what was so damn interesting. "Oh yeah…I forgot to get rid of it didn't it," she rapped herself on the head again without any sign of actually being sorry.

Joining the yet unknown brother and sister in gazing upon certain doom, Shinji saw that large ball of fire still hovering ominously behind them. "Lets get out of here!" he quickly picked up the hissing furball, his allergies be damned and would have ran for the door had Chizuru not grabbed him. "Chizuru-san?" he asked questioningly as she leapt out the window holding him and by proxy the cat like babies.

Licking Shinji's cheek, Chizuru chuckled, "I'll need to teach you how to control that. Sorry for going to so overboard with Tayura, but my brother can be a real pain at times. Has a sister fetish," she scowled at the boy that leapt after them just before the room exploded in a ball of flame and wood. "So should we go back to my place to keep the night of love and passion alive?" she sounded very much like she wanted too.

Sneezing hard, Shinji found Kuro hissing not at him but Chizuru. "S-sowwy, muh allergies aare p-prebby bad," he sniffed back more than a little mucus. His mind wasn't really ready for the next step…if it really existed…right now anyway. Still convinced it was all a dream, Shinji just let things ride. "Muh apartment is wight der," he pointed at his unit as Chizuru leapt from building top to building top.

"GOODY! We're neighbors! But I guess if that fleabag made you sick we'll have to wait," Chizuru pouted cutely as she landed on Shinji's balcony. "Kiss me goodnight honey or I'll never forgive you," she threatened as she set Shinji on his feet.

Setting Kuro down, the cat scampered into the open balcony door, Shinji found himself lost in Chizuru's eyes again. Dream or not he'd be a fool to deny her now, and so under his own volition he kissed her chastely on the cheek…he wasn't that brave yet so this was a small miracle. "Hope this isn't just a dream," he rubbed at his watery eyes.

Scrunching her face up in mock aggravation, "You need to do better next time!" Her tail bounced about like mad for a moment before she jumped off the balcony towards an apartment across the street and disappeared inside.

"What a strange dream this was, wonder where I fell asleep at?" Shinji muttered aloud as he entered the empty apartment. "Misato must be out," he mused as he fixed Kuro a bowl of water and food. Fixing a small litter box using some of Pen-Pen's gravel, Shinji headed to his room where he collapsed on his bed still believing everything that happened was just a fools fantasy.

No way it was real, no way a girl like that kissed him or liked him as she claimed. Demons didn't exist, it was all to silly. As sleep wrapped over him, a girl in a traditional yukata climbed into bed with him, plucked off an offending bit of fox-fur and nestled in for sleep.


Fighting against his body's natural inclination to yawn, Fuyutski swallowed the urge with all his might. It wasn't a good evening to get summoned well past midnight by Gendo for an emergency meeting. What made things worse was that Gendo didn't know why SEELE had requested the meeting. "Did they give you any indication about what this was about? Did they find something in the carcass of the last angel?" he used the little time talking to hide a yawn.

Showing no outward sign of fatigue, Gendo briskly turned to his subordinate. With his hands in his pockets, "These old men tell me even less than you do old-man." An almost upturned mouth hinted at Gendo's enjoyment at reminding the aged Kozo of the new status of things. "They'll have their moment and then we can go on as planned," he adjusted his glasses and turned to the appearing holographic images.

Surrounding the two men, eleven floating monoliths of pure black marred only by a red embossed number and a lone aged man appeared. A digitally distorted voice of possibly European heritage erupted from the SEELE 8 image, "Our sources have come across a potential problem, Ikari. A problem you claimed we wouldn't have to face."

Kozo knew better than to talk during these meetings, so sagely stayed out from the illuminated circle that surrounded Gendo. As always he would listen, plan, and support the man Yui selected as her husband. He didn't like Gendo, but over the years came to appreciate the man for his talents as they were. Right now, Kozo was more than happy to have Gendo in the hot seat and not himself.

The only visible human, Keel, spoke in his ancient and raspy voice, "The last of the Ikari bloodline has been exposed, Gendo. The seal keeping him hidden from the pure bloods has somehow been destroyed." Kiel gently put his hand down on whatever invisible table he sat behind. "What will you do about this?" he bore down on the head of Nerv.

Unfettered by the attempt at intimidation, Gendo simply pushed his sliding glasses back up. "This likelihood has been anticipated and should not be given any extra thought," he coolly wrote off the event that caused their summons.

Alternating between Gendo and Kiel, Kozo didn't know who would blink first but hoped it was SEELE. Hiding Shinji from the pure bloods was a very important task if they were to succeed in the planned scenario. Whatever Yui's parents did had worked marvels at hiding the lad from prying eyes, now if he was truly visible things could get messy fast.

The feminine masked voice of SEELE 02 burst into electronic life. "While Second Impact hurt the pure blood demons they were not destroyed. Even now their brood or minions might be descending upon the last male demon slayer. Ikari, this slayer is necessary if we are to complete the task we have set ourselves upon. Tendril's Leaf's made it a demand before handing us the genetic material needed for us to proceed. How will you account for this gap in security!" the voice died off as sharply as it emanated.

Turning only his head to face the unknown accuser, Gendo smirked without care. "With the product of Tendril's Leaf's generous contribution. The half breeds' genetic sampling provided to us has already born fruit as you know. Our loyal dog will watch and protect if the need arise. Don't fret, the slayer will be present after the last of the guardians are destroyed," Gendo's glasses reflected the dim light perfectly.

With Gendo's bold proclamation the lights of the floating slabs vanished leaving only Kiel behind. "It's a dangerous game you play Ikari. Losing the only known male slayer could destroy the scenario. Second Impact destroyed almost all of the ancient bloodlines, and since then no male heirs have been found that haven't sealed their powers. The spawn of Yui is necessary. The pure bloods are few now, but they still have long reach," Kiel's image vanished after his veiled threat.

Moving closer to Gendo, Kozo didn't like what he heard at all. "Can we really trust her to protect him? Even though she is a simulated half-breed, we've never tested her against a real half-breed let alone a pure blood," Kozo was always one to weigh the pro's and con's. And at the moment the con's were winning out. Shinji was going to be vulnerable to agents that sought to down throw Tendril's Leaf's and SEELE, and by proxy them.

Already heading for the door, Gendo paused only a moment, "She has no option other to be victorious or she'll be replaced by one who will be." His foot falls resumed their drool pace out of the meeting room. "We cannot trust this to anybody else, loyalty to the cause is imperative and who is more loyal than a dog?" he again gave Kozo a sinister grin.

Sucking back the urge to vomit, Kozo was reminded of just how far Gendo had slid after Yui's absorption. The crude street fighter was gone, replaced by this thing that Kozo wondered felt any emotion for anyone beyond that of a child with its toy. "I'll inform her in the morning of the new orders," Kozo saluted the departed man and felt empty inside. Things were going to get very interesting, he only hoped the poor boy who unwittingly inherited the blood of one of the last great demon slaying families survived it.


Waking up earlier than she intended, Pen-Pen had the audacity to waddle in and fall on her, Misato lazily strolled through the quiet apartment. "Odd, would have thought Shinji-kun would be up by now," she mused as she poured some water into her instant coffee pot. As the life giving black fluid churned out, Misato hummed to herself as she pulled out her mug. As a wicked idea manifested in her mind as they were oft to, "He has to have a reason for still being asleep. Bet he did something naughty while I was working late."

With no real reason to believe her fever dream, Misato couldn't contain her enthusiasm and found herself tiptoeing closer to Shinji's room. Did he fall victim of teenage hormones, drink some of her beer, or any other number of things teenagers did when the parental like figure was gone? It would make Misato feel a little happier if he had, it would mean he wasn't so far removed from adolescence as she feared. "Always so timid and prompt. I bet he's afraid I'd kick him out or something if I found out," she found herself stalling outside the door.

But like most of her decisions, Misato decided to not side with her logical side and go with her instincts. Instincts said teasing the lad was healthy for him too, and would help him to accept whatever he did as a good thing, hopefully. Opening the door Misato had a real zinger on her lips. When she saw the site before her all logic blew out of her mind leaving a void of utter disbelief and her jaw hung limply.

On Shinji's bed was not one person but two…and one was very much a female she'd never seen before. Nearly tripping over a sword dutifully wrapped and placed at the foot of Shinji's bed, Misato fumbled and fell against the bed. The jostling resulted in the unknown woman rolling off Shinji and showing that during the night her yukata had become loose. "Wow girl has some big cans, go Shinji," Misato was quick to recover from her shock. She didn't smell the pungent smell of sex so it wasn't a worse case scenario at least.

"But I wouldn't be a good guardian if I let this slid," Misato said to herself as she got back to a standing position. Getting a good look at the sleeping girl, Misato had to let out a low whistle, "He has some good taste…maybe too good." She leaned over the girl, who's long black hair was cutely tied up with two ribbons…and wear those press on cat ears? Hello was that a tail! Misato gingerly reached out and nearly screamed when the 'fake tail' moved of its own volition.

"Doth thou not first announce thyself before attempting to touch a fair maiden such as myself?" the suddenly not so sleeping girl asked in her old tongue. Sitting up, not making a sound or moving Shinji at all, the girl licked the back of her hand and fixed her flickering ears. "Though thy didn't waken the young master," the seemingly cat girl gently rubbed Shinji's shoulder. "M'Lord had an unfortunate encounter last eve that forced thyself to come to his aid far earlier than intended," the girl frowned lightly but then possibly despite herself her lips curled upward.

Finally having her brain snapped back to reality from the happy land of booze and curry, Misato shrieked holy hell. "What the hell is going on here? Who are you and why are you in Shinji-kun's bed? He didn't…didn't pay for this did he? And what is with those ears?" Misato's voice was quite equivalent to drawing several finely sharpened nails down a chalkboard. To make matters even more insane, Shinji was sniffing like made just like when that damn cat got on him!

Hearing what was Misato's typical 'I'm up and want food' call, Shinji shot up and nearly collided with his sleeping partner. "Sorry Misato-san I'll get cooking right away!" he yelped instinctively. Finding not one but two women in his room, one very close, very cut, and very busty Shinji dumbly pointed at the girl and quite accidentally poked a very sensitive point on yon cat girl. "Misato-san what did you do?" he had nobody else to accuse anyway.

Grabbing her open yukata the girl pulled it closed with a blush. "M' Lord is quite bold this morning, though the prior eve did not allow for a better acquaintance," the girl wrapped her arms around Shinji and hugged him close. "I, Noihara Himari, have come from yon country to fulfill the duty of guarding the last of the line Ikari. Though I would have done so had not the pledge been made," Himari then licked the side of Shinji's face.

Misato would have laughed had any of what she was seeing made sense. As it didn't, and it didn't look like it was going to. She did the only sane thing she could think of. She grabbed Shinji out of Himari's grasp and dragged the teary eyed snotty nosed boy and went to get her coffee. She'd deal with this after a good hot caffeine injection, and leaving Shinji alone with the freak wouldn't do for keeping herself stable.

Himari would have none of that, and promptly followed, picking the food Shinji had left for her the previous night off the ground and joined Misato and Shinji at the table. Yes, just another normal morning for the Ikari/Katsuragi residence.



Alright I can hear some grips already from those of you that don't know "Omamori Himari" or "Kanokon" saying the girls came on WAY to fast. And yes they do…BUT that is exactly how they did it in the original source material! Chizuru clearly plans to bed Kouta in the music room and Himari offers herself to Yutou in a very similar manner. So its in their cannon to do that so…yeah it works.

As you can plainly see this is going to be like 'The Gift' in some elements but not in others. Going to be more action in this than in Gift as the shows offer more opportunity to it, but I'm going to keep the number of female rivals down.

Now for my personal critique on the shows I've listed so far as being in this.

Kanokon – It has promise but man I HATED the main male character. He wasn't 'all bad' but from issue 1 to 46 (latest of the scanlastion I read) and the whole anime he's just so…neutered. He freaks out every time Chizuru hints at flashing him…meaning their relationship is doomed cause of totally divergent personalities. It was a very fanservice show that had some really interesting side characters that didn't get enough play. So while it was an ok watch, it wasn't overly OMG THIS IS GREAT. I watched it, I enjoyed it on some level, but it is far from being on my top-10 list.

Omamori Himari – I liked this one a lot more than Kanokon cause it wasn't basing the whole premise on fanservice. Himari starts off pretty hot/heavy but it cools down pretty quick and the story takes some good routes. It has its issues, as all harem shows do, with the rival girls being a little to quick on the 'lets all just jump him' but its par the course for shows like that. Writing Himari's 'old time-y' dialogue will be a bit rough, but she does get over it after some time.

Well hope you enjoy this…wherever FFnet lets me put it. And if I can't put it in the cross-over section due to it being a 'multi-crossover' don't kill me ok? Oh and I don't know fully if these two will be the ONLY elements of cross over, but for now I want to try and keep things a bit on the smaller end of cast. To many makes things to confusing and nobody gets enough time.

Oh well, enough ranting.