A house in Minnesota, nice and cozy. But right now, it's being ransacked by its owners as they scramble to get to a meeting at school.

"Jo, have you seen my black tie?" Kendall Knight calls out to his wife, while rushing around in the bathroom.

"I think it's in your closet. But why do you need it? We're meeting the principal, we're not going to a party." His wife replies from their kid's room.

"I know, but I've never met her before. We should make a good impression."

"Kendall, this meeting is about our son getting into a fight. I think the moment to make a good impression has past already." Kendall sighs, realizing his wife is right. He decides to put on more comfortable clothes. He checks his watch, when his eyes widen.

"Oh no. Jo?" he shouts out and rushes to the kid's bedroom as well. She looks up from helping her son tie his shoes.


"It's already ten past. We have to go now or we're going to be late."

"Kendall, calm down. Why are you rushing like this? We'll be on time." She assures him and softly kisses him on the lips.

"Eww." Kendall and Jo laugh at their son's reply. Kendall walks over to him and ruffles his hair.

"Let's go, sport. I can't wait to find out what that fight was all about." Five-year-old Kacey Knight looks down at his feet as a reply. Kendall shakes his head and gently nudges his son to walk as the family heads downstairs.

They go straight for the front door, only stopping to let Katie, Kendall's sister and their babysitter, know that they're out as she watches their three-year-old son, Max.

The drive to school is silent, except for the radio playing softly. When they arrive, Kacey runs out to the playground, diving into the sandbox.

"Kacey!" Kendall yells out for his son, but Jo puts a hand on his arm.

"Just let him go, we'll call him in when the meeting starts."

"He got into a fight, Jo."

"So he can't play anymore? Do you really want him to sit in there waiting with us for half an hour?"

"Half an hour? But we.." He checks his watch and sighs. "We're half an hour early. Great. But I still think he should be punished."

"I agree, but we don't even know what happened. He told us it wasn't his fault. And for all we know, maybe it isn't. Let's just go inside, maybe we can meet the other parents and ask them what happened." Kendall sighs again, but then nods and the two head inside the school.

"Wow, we're really early, there's no one here yet." Kendall mentions after the receptionist points them to the waiting area before the principal's office. They sit down in the chairs. "Wow, it's weird to be back here." Kendall smiles as he thinks of all the times he was in the same spot.

"Yeah, you've probably spent a lot of time here."

"Not that many times." Jo raises her eyebrows. "Okay, a lot of times. But it usually wasn't my fault." She smirks at him. "Yeah, okay, it was. I came up with most of our plans. But if it hadn't been for Carlos and James, we would have gotten away with them. We had some pretty good plans." He smiles a mischievous grin as he thinks of one said plan.

"Do I even want to know?" Jo asks with a smirk.

"Nope." Kendall states, not even looking at her and still supporting the grin.

"Come back here, Dylan. Your hair does not look presentable!" A familiar male voice suddenly sounds down the hallway.

"No, my hair is fine! I want to go outside and play.." A young boy replies.

"You can't go out now. Those pants are brand new!" A gasp is heard.

Kendall and Jo watch with confused eyes

"I don't care, I want to go outside and play in the sand box."

"Dylan, get back here. Dylan!" A young brown haired boy stomps past the Knights and heads outside. When he is out of sight, they give each other a look and then look down. The boy's father heads for an empty seat across from the Knights, only half glancing at them as he sighs.

"Kids, huh?" Kendall tells him with a grin.

"Yeah, that's for sure." The father replies as he looks up, also supporting a slight grin. Suddenly his eyes widen. "Oh my god.. Kendall?"

"Hey James." Kendall says with a smile. Then James heads over and the two stand up and hug.

"Wow, it's been a long time." James says as they let go.

"Yeah, 8 years to be exact." Kendall replies back.

"That long?" James says with a grimace. Kendall nods. "Wow."

James also hugs Jo and then goes to sit down with them.

"What are even doing here? I thought you lived in LA?" Kendall asks him.

"I did, but we moved here about six month ago. LA was getting a little busy and I was longing for some peace and quiet, so we moved back here."

"So it's just you and Dylan?" Jo adds.

"Yeah. Uhm, his mother left us after he was born." James says with a hint of pain evident in his voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry, man." Kendall tells him.

"Yeah, it hasn't been easy, but he turned out pretty good." James says with a smile. "Now if I can just teach him to take care of his hair better."

Kendall and Jo laugh, but stop when they see James is serious.

"No running, CJ!" Another voice suddenly yells down the hall. A small brown haired boy wearing a sweater vest runs past them, giggling as his parents hurry after him.

James and Kendall quickly sit up, eyebrows raised.

"Was that…" Kendall says as they look at who is coming around the hallway.

"He'll be fine. If he gets hurt, you can patch him up again."

"It's not funny, Camille. What if he does get hurt? What if he slips and hits his head on those tiles? What if.."

"Camille?" James mouths to Kendall. Kendall just shrugs.

"Logan! He'll be fine." Camille assures her husband, Logan as they round the corner.

Kendall and James' eyes widen, and then smile widely.

"Yeah, well you haven't seen the kind of injuries kids come in with after falling." Logan says as he suddenly rounds the corner with Camille, not noticing his friends.

"I remember Carlos always being fine after he fell." Kendall offers.

"True, but he was wearing a helmet." Logan replies, still looking at Camille. "Wait, what?" He says with wide eyes as he looks in front of him. "Kendall? James? Oh my god.."

He smiles as he pulls both his old friends into a hug, while their wives do the same.

"Wow, it's been so long… Too long.. What have you guys been up to?" Logan asks after they all sit down.

"I moved here like six months ago with my five-year-old son, Dylan. I am actually setting up my own modeling agency right here in Minnesota." James says. The others smile.

"Wow, that sounds great. But is there a market for that here?" Jo asks him.

"Not yet, but I'm building it. I just want to give kids here the same chances we did growing up."

"Wow, James. That's really nice." Camille adds.

"Kendall, what about you?" Logan asks him.

"I am actually the new hockey coach of the Minnesota college ice hockey-team." He says with some pride.

"You know, I heard about you being in the NHL before this. Good going, man." James and Kendall pound fists as if they never split ways.

"Now, I'm sure I can already guess what you've been doing." Kendall says as he and James grin at Logan.

Logan looks up in pride. "Yeah, yeah, I'm now Dr. Logan Mitchell."

"I knew it! Congratulations, Logan." Kendall tells him, while James just smiles at him.

"You know, I can't believe out of all people I run into you guys here. After that day we split up I didn't think I'd ever see you guys again." Logan tells them. The others drop their smiles now and look at their feet.

"I know. That last fight was so bad…" James says as they all think back.

"Look, that was eight years ago. I mean, we all said some things, I don't even remember why we fought in the first place." Kendall tells them.

"You know what, you're right. That was a long time ago and honestly, I never stopped thinking about you guys. I really missed you." Logan tells them.

"Aw, we missed you, too, Logie." James and Kendall snicker after James' uses Logan's old nickname. Logan just rolls his eyes.

Jo and Camille smile as their 'boys' play around again.

"I still think it's unbelievable how we all met up here all of a sudden." James suddenly reminds them. " I mean, what are the odds, right?"

"Yeah." Kendall nods with a smile. "Oh, what do you think the chances'll be that Carlos.." he starts, but then stops. "nah, never mind. He probably won't."

"yeah, last I heard he moved to Florida." James adds.

"Really? I heard he left for New York." Camille says.

"Well, wherever he went, we probably won't see him again." James says with a soft smile. All friends are quiet for a moment as they think of the final member of their forgotten band.

"Yeah, so why are you guys here?" Logan asks as he decides to change the subject.

"Well, we got called in, because our son, Kacey got into some fight." Kendall replies.

"Really? So did Dylan." James adds.

"Huh, that is a very big coincidence. I mean, our son CJ also got into a fight. He sais he was just playing in the sandbox with some other boys when this big, mean, bully came up to them and attacked them." Logan says.

"You know, that's what Kacey said too. I thought he was exaggerating. But maybe he was telling the truth then."

"wait.. so not only are we all here, but we're here because our sons go to the same school, were playing together and then got into a fight? Together?"

"Stay where I can see you Shay!" A female voice calls out behind her. All heads whip towards a pregnant black haired woman with olive skin. She holds her bag close as she sighs. She smiles nervously when she notices the other grown-ups.

"Hi, are you all here about the fight?" She carefully asks. The others nod. "I'm Delilah." She says as she shakes everyone's hand and they introduce themselves.

Then she moves to sit down and sighs again. "Sorry, just a little worn-out."

"How far along are you?" Camille asks her.

"About seven months now. Oh, you'd think after the first three I'd be used to it by now." Jo and Camille give her sympathetic smiles.

"You've got three kids?" Jo asks her.

"Yeah, my husband is around here somewhere with our son, Mason. My oldest, Shay just headed outside to play." They nod. "You have any other kids?" She asks, already somehow knowing about the three boys.

"Yeah, we have a three-year-old son, called Max, back home." Jo replies.

"Well, we have CJ, who is five and Emily, our two-year-old daughter." Camille adds. "How old are your kids?"

"Well, Shay and Mason are both five, they're twins. And Molly, our three year-old daughter, my parents are watching her right now." Delilah says with a smile. Just then a small boy with short black hair and olive skin walks past the grown-ups. He doesn't even look up as he keeps walking, holding a book closely to his face.

The grown-ups watch with curious expressions as the boy keeps walking without dropping the book or running into anything.

"Mason, don't stay in the library too long, okay? Shay is outside, so head out there too in a bit. You need some sun shine." Delilah calls after him. The boy doesn't even respond and keeps walking into the direction of the library.

"Wow." Logan grins. "He sure loves to read."

"Oh, you have no idea. Last week, my husband found three overdue books under his matrass. He had to make sure Mason wasn't in the room so he could take them back." They chuckle slightly at this.

"Okay, so about why we're here. I just want to say I am so sorry in advance for all of this. Shay never meant to hurt anyone, it was really an accident." Delilah suddenly tells them.

"Wait, your kid started the fight?" Kendall asks her, as they all look confused.

"Well, it wasn't really a fight. At least, Shay said it was all an accident."

"An accident? But.." James starts, when Delilah turns to a hallway to her left.

"Would you please stop playing with the blocks?" She yells to someone unseen in the hallway. "Put them down and get over here!"

The other grownups share a look. "If that's the way she talks to her kids, I can imagine why they would start a fight." James whispers to Kendall, who nods in reply.

"Are you listening to me? Put down the blocks and get in here." She shouts again. "I am warning you. If you don't put those down right now…"

"Wow, that principal sure is taking her time, huh?" Kendall suddenly mentions, trying to distract them all from the awkward situation.

"Okay, that is it!" Delilah shouts as she gets up and walks into the hallway. After a few seconds she comes back, holding a bucket of blocks in her hands. "I swear, sometimes it feels like I already have four kids." She sighs.

Suddenly it dawns on the other grownups and they grin.

"Oh stop pouting at me. You're a grown man!" She shouts into the hallway again. She shows a small grin of her own as she shakes her head and chuckles.

Suddenly loud crying is heard when a young girl runs in with black hair in loose pigtails. Her clothes are covered in sand; she even has some on her face.

"Shay, what's wrong?" Delilah asks in a concerned voice.

"Daddy… I want daddy…" She cries.

"He's right in there, sweetie." She says as she points to the hallway. "She's always been a daddy's girl." She explains.

"Wait, that was Shay?" Kendall asks with a confused look.

"Uhuh, our daughter. Why?"

"Our boys said they were attacked by a big, mean, bully." James says and he shakes his head. "I can't believe it. Dylan actually lied to me." James heads to the door, yelling for his son to come in.

"I'm going to see if Shay is alright." Delilah states as she gets up and walks into the hallway. She soon comes back with a concerned face. "It seems she got some sand in her eye. You don't think the nurse it still here, right?"

"Probably not. But I'm a doctor, actually. You want me to take a look?" Logan offers.

"Oh, would you? That would be great. Thank you." Delilah tells him as Logan gets up and follows her. Suddenly a loud crash is heard from the hallway. All grownups look up in surprise. Logan then comes back, looking like he's trying to stifle a laugh.

"Camille, could you grab my doctor's bag from the car?" Camille rushes outside at once.

"What happened?" James asks in concern.

"Oh, you'll never believe me." He replies and goes back into the hallway with a chuckle. A few seconds later he comes back with Delilah as they hold someone between them, holding his head down. Shay quickly follows behind them, faded tears on her face.

"Come on, honey, sit down right here." Delilah tells him as they lower him down in one of the chairs. A loud groan is heard as he sits down.

"Guys, meet Delilah's husband." Logan says with another chuckle. Gasps are heard all around.

"Dude…" James says.

"No way…" Kendall adds. "Carlos?" They all stare with their mouths open.

They all get up and move in front of their friend.

"Yep. I was coming into the hallway to help with Shay, when he looked up and fell backwards in surprise. He hit his head pretty hard on a table standing behind him." Logan explains.

"Oh my god.. only Carlos.." Kendall chuckles.

"Wait, you know my husband?" Delilah asks them.

"Yeah, we used to be in a band together, Big Time Rush. We grew up together right here in Minnesota, too. Became best friends." James tells her.

"Big Time Rush really existed? I thought he was just telling stories." She says and the guys laugh.

"Nope, it was real alright." Kendall laughs.

"Yeah and then after a while the fame got to our heads and we sort of grew apart." Logan adds as the laughter dies down. All guys sheepishly look down.

"So, you're married to Carlos?" James quickly asks to change the subject. Delilah nods. "Wow, must be tough." He says with a smirk.

Delilah shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Suddenly a moan comes from Carlos. They all look down at him, while he blinks to clear his vision.

"Oh, my head…" he groans with one hand on his head. Camille has finally returned, handing the doctor's bag to Logan. He quickly takes out the penlight, shining it directly into Carlos' eyes. He squeezes them shut at the sudden brightness and hisses as Delilah puts a cloth on the back of his head, where blood has started to leak from an open wound.

"If only you'd worn your helmet." Kendall tells him.

"My what? Oh, I haven't worn that in years, gave it to my daughter actually." Carlos responds, before suddenly whipping his head up, and then groaning again. "Kendall? You're here too?" Kendall just smiles at him.

"Don't forget about me." James says.

"James?" Carlos looks at his friends, before jumping from his seat and pulling all three in a very tight hug, nearly choking them. "You guys have no idea how much I've missed you."

"We missed you too, Carlitos. But I'd like to breathe…" Kendall manages to squeeze out.

"Oh, sorry." Carlos sheepishly says after he let's go of his friends. Just then Logan pushes him back into the chair as he suddenly starts to pale.

"Just hold still and let me look at your head for a minute." Logan starts to examine Carlos' head, while he hisses every few seconds.

"Daddy?" A soft voice suddenly asks shyly. The grown-ups look up to find Shay standing behind them, looking on the verge of tears, her bottom lip trembling. "Are you okay, daddy?" She asks in a scared voice.

"Oh, come here, sweetie." Carlos opens his arms and the now sobbing girl runs into his arms. Everyone smiles at the loving father pulling his daughter into his lap and carefully soothing her. "I'm fine, see?"

He tells her, smiling the biggest smile he has. Shay looks up and sniffles, wanting to smile too. Suddenly Carlos yelps as Logan pokes his head wound. Carlos shoots him a look when Shay starts to sob again. Logan quickly mouths 'sorry' to him.

"Come on, Shay, I'm alright." He says, making her look at him. "You don't have to cry, I am just fine."


"Really. Now why don't you go and play outside again." Shay quickly shakes her head.

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Well, I was playing in the sandbox with the boys, but when they saw it was me, they were mean… they threw sand at me and then they..they.." She says, tears starting to fall again.

"They what?"

"They took my helmet!" She cries out, digging her head into her father's shoulder, sobbing loudly. Carlos tries to soothe her, softly rubbing a hand on her back.

"It's okay, sweetheart. We can get you a new helmet." He offers.

"No, it's the one you gave me… I'm so sorry.. I should have been more careful…" She wails.

Carlos looks to the others helplessly as his daughter cries in his arms.

"Uhm, excuse me. Are you all here about the fight?" the grown-ups turn around and are met with the principal, Mrs. Brown. She looks at them with a stern face and raised eyebrows.

"That would be us." They reply in unison.

"Follow me." She tells them as she walks off without waiting for an answer.

"Let's get the kids." Kendall offers as Logan and James follow him. The women follow the principal with Carlos, who has Shay now clinging tightly to him.

A while minutes later all grown-ups and mentioned kids have squeezed into the small principal's office. Mrs. Brown sits behind her desk, her glasses on her nose and her stern eyes looking at everyone with a scowl.

"So, this really was all an accident?" Camille asks after the children elaborate on what happened.

"Now let me get this straight; the boys were not attacked by a big, mean bully. They were playing when Shay accidentally ran into them, knocking them over into the sand? And then they started to fight?" Kendall asks.

"That is how I understand it. Now, be as it may, they still started to fight. And at my school we do not tolerate any fighting. However, since this is the first time, I am willing to let them off with a warning. But: should it happen again, I will be forced to take extra measures."

"So, we all got here so you could give them a warning?" Carlos asks. Delilah slaps his arm right away. Shay giggles from her father's lap.

"Now, kids, I do hope you have now learned your lesson and will not fight again!" Mrs. Brown warns them.

"Yes, Mrs. Brown." The kids reply in unison.

Everyone starts to leave again. Carlos sets Shay down on the ground. But before they leave, CJ, Dylan and Kacey stop her.

"Uhm, we just wanted to say we're sorry for starting the fight. We know you didn't mean to." CJ tells her.

"And we're sorry for taking your helmet." Kacey says as Dylan hands her the helmet. She smiles widely and puts it on, grinning at her father, who smiles back.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for running into you, my daddy says I need to look where I'm going next time." Shay tells the boys.

"hey, I'm having my birthday party this Friday. Do you want to come?" Dylan asks her.

Her eyes widen and she turns to her parents with pleading eyes. They both nod and she squeals.

"Oh, wait. Can Mason come, too?" She asks Dylan. He looks confused when Mason suddenly walks by, still with his nose in a book. Dylan looks unsure, when suddenly a small beep seems to be coming from Mason's book.

"Mason, what are you doing?" Carlos asks his son as he too heard the beep.

"Shh, I'm reading." He says, not looking up from his book. The grown-ups start to walk when another beep is heard and this time it is followed by a small cheer from Mason. Carlos crosses his arms with a smirk.

"What are you reading anyway?" Carlos asks, before leaning down to glance at the cover. Mason quickly takes it out of his viewpoint. "Romeo and Juliet. Really?" he says, unconvinced.

The other grown-ups smirk at the exchange.

"Yes, I like it." Mason tells him.

"Mason, I know you're smart. But that is not a book for you."

"Well, I like it. Now shh, this is a good part." Mason says, still entranced by the book.

"If you really like it, tell me what it's about." Carlos tells him.

Mason's eyes widen a little, but he tries to hide it. "Oh, come on, dad. Everyone knows what it's about." He says.

"yeah, but it's been so long since I've read it. I'm just curious."

"Oh, well, okay. Romeo and Julie is about uhm, a really rich uhm, prince, Romeo. And a princess, Julie, who got locked into a tower and Romeo goes out to save her. But on the way there, he comes across monsters, who he has to fight off.." Mason rambles on with excitement growing in his voice.

"And then Luigi comes and helps him out?" he asks, interrupting his son.

"..yeah, Luigi comes and helps him and.. wait, what?" Carlos shakes his head with a chuckle. "No, Luigi isn't in this story…"

Carlos takes the book from his son, revealing a Nintendo DS in his lap.

"Hey, that's mine.." Shay says, but she doesn't take it.

"So, you like videogames, huh?" Carlos asks.

"What? No. No, I like reading, I don't play videogames." Mason argues.

"Okay, so I guess no harm then if I take this away." Carlos says as he starts to make a grab for the DS.

"No, wait!" Mason shouts as he holds on to the DS.

"I knew it! You do like video-games." Carlos shouts with a cheer. Delilah drops her head, shaking it.

"And I thought at least one of them was mine." She mutters in mock defeat as the other adults laugh.

"Oh, son, I am so proud of you…" Carlos says as he dramatically fakes wiping a tear from his eye while grabbing Mason into a tight hug. Mason immediately struggles.

"Ugh, get off me.." He argues, making Carlos laugh and ruffle his hair.

Everyone starts to make their way outside, heading for their cars.

"So, wait. Now that we all live here again and our kids play together.. how about we meet up again. We have a lot of catching up to do." Logan offers. The others nod in agreement.

"well, since our kids will be at Dylan's birthday party on Friday, how about we all meet up there. I'm sure James can use some help with so many kids running around." Kendall offers.

"Okay, see you all there!" Carlos agrees.

Everyone waves goodbye as the families get into their cars and drive home, happy to have their families are finally complete again.

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