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Chapter 2

The raven girl blinked. Walls. First thing sees after... What had happened? She shut her eyes thinking back, but a throbbing in her shoulder was distracting her. Bolting up she grasped the wound as a snarl was etched on her face. Damn, moving too fast hurt. But atleast she could see more. The room was pretty basic, four walls, a window against one beside the bed. The door was in the wall to her right. sweeping the loose strand of hair back with on hand she glanced at the bandage was bloodstained, but it was better off than her shirt. It was half covered in her blood. A flutter behind her made her sigh. Her wings were still there. So she probally wasn't dead. Casting the blankets aside she stood. Albeit weakly. Blood began to course more strongly through her veins making her wince. Gazing from the window she stretched her wings to their maximum. At that they were a half a foot longer than her armspan and had become a part of her over the years. Looking out she noticed she was in some chamber in a palace. That and she was too high up to glide down. Though her wings were large, and strong they could not carry her human body. Hearing footsteps she rolled her shoulders and swung her wings about working them, checking them for damage. Her eyes only glancing toward the door as she yanked a stray feather from the plumage. There was the falcon-man, the strange blonde, a man with short black hair and a large nose, and the royalty. He was tall, for a regular human man, with black hair and beard. His age showed in his face, though.

The wings pulled back and closed as she turned leaning against a small table. A eye brow raised and hands folded, she eyed the group. Her voice harsher than ever she spoke. "Who was it that saved me?" Her coal eyes narrowed.

The falcon nodded. "I did, and I thank you for your help with the fighting." He hoped this would ease some of the anger that showed in her face.

It didn't. Pressing two finger against the bridge of her nose she glared at him with the full force of the coal eyes. Igaram, unveared took a step back. "You should have left me as I was, Falcon." The word falcon was scorned on her voice. "A death in battle would be better than living with this curse." The wings did expand to thier fullest extent and arch back. It was pretty intimadating.

The group was unnerved, they would openly admit it. The large wings were not the cause though. It was in the bitterness of the girl. With a glare, the blonde openned his mouth, but the royal beat him to it. "May I have your name?" She knew this voice it had spoke in the inn.

She grin mocklingly. "You can, since you actually have the manners." The blonde choked on a outrage. "I am known as Crow, Karasu, Raven. Though I doubt that will help you any."

"Y-you, dare to speak to Corba-sama like that, theif?" The blond could not contain his outrage any long or it would give him a heart failure. The eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Theif? Dare?" Karasu echoed, her harsh voice a velvety hiss, no longer as harsh. "I am neither fool, nor theif. Not either am I good, or evil." The wings were now rippling, her eyes were growing beady and a her lips where growning black. "I am a Raven, a Karasu. You are a mere human, and your kind are the reason that I am like this." She knew she was transforming, but she could not controll it as well as she could under the drugs that clouded her mind. Slowly she ease her breathing into a rythme and felt the change subside.

The three men frowned as the blonde glared at the girl. She was young, barely a teen if they guess correctly. What could have happened that she would hate everything so completely and venomously. The one with cropped black hair spoke. "What do you mean 'our' kind? Are you too not human?"

A harsh sigh erupted from the lips. "Maybe... Though not in the mind of many. Nor would I consider the falcon a human, nor would you be, Jackal."

The eyes of both Zoan types narrowed. "How did you know?" The falcon asked. The girl gave him a look that said, 'do you know anything?'

"One, I can hear. Two, I was at the fight. Three, you pratically transformed beside me!" She pinched the bridge of her nose harder as her wings began to twitch in the air. "I know the power come with this fruit. Though I do not know how I have gotten it." She raised a hand, when the insulting blonde went to speak. "I don't care. I want to know what you want with me."

The falcon and the jackal traded looks. Cobra-sama coughed, and Igaram was the one who spoke. "The night you stole, theif. There was a assaination attempt on Vivi-sama." His eyes narrowed. "She said the intruder was flying on black wings."

The grey eyes narrowed at the man. "You think..."

"No we do not." Interrupted the King of Arabasta. "Vivi, confirmed the person to be a man, and I doubt you can fly on those wings."

A nod, and a sigh came from the youth. "Your right. My bones are too heavey for my wings." She sounded almost regretful. Her hand was lowered before her face and clenched into a claw. "They made us this way... with no way to undo the damage..." She muttered to herself. She opened the clawed hand as it blackened. Her frown deepened as claws sprouted from the tips and the skin became leathery. She glared at the hand and grimmaced. Her other hand was changing too. The claws digging into the blackening skin. Grinding her teeth she dug the claws into the frame as the change racked her form. Wrenching her head up she glare fiercely. Igaram hand taken a step back and was gripping his bowtie, the others were taking a step back. A mocking grin crossed her face. "Fear much? See, am I not a monster? Unable to control it, unable to use it. No human form, or even half form. I am truely an angel from Hell." The girl slumped against the window. "Now leave me if, you've a mind."

Steps approached her from behind and a hand was laid on her shoulder. "I have a proposition for you, Miss Karasu." The young woman contiuned to start out across the desert. The king of Arabasta figeted slightly. Before her eyes glanced at him, in the briefest of glances. Carefully the man continued. "We will help you handle this 'curse'," He hated calling it that, but he had a feeling calling it anything else would not help here. "in exchange for your aid."

The wings twitched. But her face remained stony. Her eyes flickered at him, they remained black. "Oh, and tell that oaf if wants to call me a theif I will release my controll and he will find it vey painful." The two guardians glared at the Igaram. The raven contiuned, her raspy voice a testamony of her form. Suddenly the raven turned. "Now I want answers," The emo demanded. "Where the hell am I?"

The two Guardians traded odd looks once again. "Your in Arabasta." The young lady quirked a eyebrow. "Grand Line...?" Coal eyes narrowed, and she looked out over the sky.

"No idea~" She trilled harshly. Igaram jumped, at the rusty singsong tone. The woman smirked. "What? Never knew a raven could be musical." The amusement was quickly concealed behind her scrowling mask as she turn her back. "Now. Leave, and I will consider what you have told me." A haunted look entered her eyes, as the four men (Well, three Igaram was being led spluttering from the room.) edged out of the room. Shutting the door the Jackal thought he heard Karasu mutter what sounded like, "Where are you, my angel?".

But he was not mistaken. As the girl sat in the window, black eyes on the horizon, she cackled in the mimic of the birds she was modeled after. "What happened?" Cursed the raven-girl. "What in hellfire and damnation happened for that man to escape me?" The eyes glinted. "By blood and sword I'll see him dead! By, my angel, I swear to kill Circus Maximus!" The stone under the black claws, that had twisted from her hands in her rage, groaned in protest. The black wings spread in feirce rage. Karasu looked at the beastial hands and smacked her wings painfully into the wall. It was not good for her to focus on the rage that set her into the feathered form she dispised. Blood seeped among the feathers as the leathery skin vanished and the feather's fell to the ground. With a sigh the teen looked down and watched the sun. She was truely lost in this place, truely trapped as well. The wings flickered as she looked down. A fool she would be if she tired, but still she considered. As was her nature she considered every escape. Evey opening.

The eyes became distracted though as the thoughts of the recent past came back to her. The blood red memories that were only fragments. She cursed her mind and the drugs that made her memory cloudy. The raven grumbled as she walked over to the bed and plopped down on it, running her feathers through the very wings she hated; her eyes clouded deep in thought.

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