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Chapter Fourteen: Doing Well

Summer finally arrived. Kendall spent most of June focusing on getting better for himself, spending a lot of time with Logan, and sometimes hanging out with Tommy. Logan always joked that Tommy was Kendall's second boyfriend. Kendall started seeing his psychiatrist twice a week for that month, and they decided to increase the dosage of his medication. He was also starting to get closer to Carlos and James. They were cool dude, and really good friends. And he called Logan every time he wanted to cut. Logan would always come over after one of those calls. He would sometimes comfort Kendall, make him laugh, or make love to him. All in all, Kendall was doing well.

Now it was July third. He was in Logan's room and they were discussing Mercedes' Fourth of July party.

"But everyone goes swimming," Kendall said.


"I'll look like an idiot swimming with my shirt on."

"Then don't wear a shirt."

"What about my scars? They're gross, Logan. No one wants to see that."

"It doesn't matter. You're beautiful. No one will care."

Kendall rolled his eyes. "You're the only one who thinks that, Sweetheart."

Logan kissed his neck. "Plenty of people find you attractive."

"And then they'll see my body, and change their mind."

Logan kissed the other side of Kendall's neck. "Nope. That's not gonna happen. You're gorgeous." He kissed Kendall's Adam's apple. "And everyone knows it."

"Are you trying to seduce me right now?" Kendall asked.

"Yes. You want me to stop?" He kissed Kendall's right ear, slipping his tongue in it for a brief second.

"No. Keep going."

Logan smirked and slid a hand up Kendall's shirt. He was starting to like the feel of Kendall's scars. Maybe because he was only feeling scars and not scabbed up cuts. Logan initiated a kiss, sneaking his tongue into Kendall's mouth. Kendall gladly kissed back. Logan moved his hand down and began to rub Kendall through his pants, making Kendall moan. Logan broke the kiss and got on his knees on the bed. He slowly removed his shirt, and noted that Kendall licked his lips.

"Come here," Kendall commanded.

Logan did as he said and straddled him. Kendall ran his lips and tongue all over Logan's torso. He could feel Logan's heart speed up, and heard his breath quicken. Logan pawed at Kendall's shirt, so Kendall removed it.

"I love you so much, you know," Logan said.

Kendall kissed him once. "I know. And I love you just as much. Maybe more."

"No way. I love you more."

Kendall giggled. "We should stop before this gets out of hand. The 'I love you more' thing. Not the seducing. I want the seducing to continue."

"Good. I was gonna keep going anyway." Logan started to undo his pants. He pushed them down slowly, took them off, and threw them on the floor. He pushed Kendall into a laying position. He moved back a little and took off Kendall's jeans. He then united his lips with Kendall's and started to grind against him.

Kendall groaned. "I want you, Logan."

Logan grabbed some lube and prepared Kendall. Soon, he was inside Kendall. He went slow, whispering sweet things to Kendall. He kissed Kendall everywhere he could reach. Before coming, he told Kendall he loved him.

They laid in bed after, holding each other.

"If people make fun of my scars at the party," Kendall said, "I'm blaming you."

"And I'll kick their asses."

"Which is why I love you."


The next day, Kendall entered Mercedes' house with Logan, Carlos, and James.

Logan ran a hand up and down Kendall's back in a comforting fashion. "Don' worry about it." Logan figured other people seeing him with his shirt off would be a good thing for Kendall. Yeah, people would stare, but he'd learn to ignore it. Logan just believed it would help Kendall feel more comfortable with his body.

Logan looked around. There were some people in the living room and kitchen drinking. But most of the crowd was in the backyard, swimming in the large pool. A pool that featured a water slide and waterfall-the waterfall leading to the hot tub.

"I hear she has a kick ass firework show planned," Carlos said.

"You think it'll top last year's?" James asked.

"Last year's beat the year before's."

Logan glanced at Kendall. He appeared nervous, so Logan grabbed his hand.

The group found a spot to place their things. Carlos and James quickly removed their shirts then went and jumped into the pool.

Kendall let out a calming breath. "Can I do this?" he asked Logan.

"Yes. You can."

"There'll be stares and whispers."

"Ignore them. They just won't be used to seeing so many scars. But don't be ashamed. You're beautiful. No matter what."

Logan took off his shirt and threw it next to his towel. Kendall smiled. He could never get over how gorgeous Logan was. No matter how many times Logan called him beautiful, he knew Logan was the more attractive of the pair. He grabbed Logan and kissed him, wanting everyone at the party to know Logan was his.

Logan giggled. "Thank you?"

Kendall's smile grew. "You're welcome." He took another calming breath and removed his shirt. So far, no one was staring.

"Ready to get in the water?" Logan asked.


They swam for awhile. Kendall noticed a few stares, but not many.

Eventually, Logan and James sat on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water. They were watching their boyfriends swim and goof off.

"Kendall's finally relaxed," James said.

Logan nodded. "He and Carlos get along really well."

"Hey. He gets along with me too."

Logan laughed and splashed James. "I know. I just feel he's bonded more with Carlos. He may be reluctant sometimes with you because you and I used to date."

"That makes sense."

Kendall and Carlos swam over to them. Kendall placed himself between Logan's legs and put his hands on Logan's thighs.

"Hi," Kendall said.

Logan smiled. "Hi. Having fun?"

"Yeah. Only one person asked me about my scars, but she was drunk. And the stares aren't so bad anymore."

"I told you that you didn't have to worry."

"You were right. Can I have a kiss?"

Logan chuckled. "Of course." He leaned down and put his lips to Kendall's. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Carlos and Kendall got out of the pool. James and Logan joined them as they went to dry off.

As they sat, Pete walked up to them. "Hey."

"What do you want," Logan snapped.

"I just... I noticed that Kendall doesn't have any new cuts."


"Kendall," Pete said, :I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're better."

"Thanks?" When Pete walked away, Kendall said, "That was weird."

They heard a bang.

"Oh! The fireworks started!" Carlos exclaimed happily.

It was an excellent show. So many beautiful colors lighting the sky. Everyone clapped and wooted after the grand finale.

After spending some time in the hot tub, they left.

"This night was great," Kendall said.

"I'm glad," Logan told him. "You deserved the fun."

Kendall nodded. "I did, didn't I?"

"Indeed you did, Green Eyes."


"So," Kendall said the next week.

"Yes, Kendall?" Logan asked.

"You know my mom's boyfriend John?"


"Well, he owns this lake house and we're going there for a week."

"Sounds cool."

"You're invited."

"I am?"

Kendall nodded. "I know it's not exactly the romantic weekend with you of my dreams, but it'll do. Will your parents let you?"

"Let me see. MOM?"




"I can go," Logan told Kendall.

Kendall let lout a laugh. "Yeah. I heard."

"When do we leave?"

"Next week."

"It sounds like fun."

Kendall smiled. "It will be. With you there."

The next week, Logan piled into the car with Kendall and his family. Dogs included.

Kendall rested his head on Logan's shoulder for most of the drive. Kendall was looking forward to their week away. His mom, Katie, and John promised to give Kendall alone time with Logan on Friday. Then, on Saturday, John had a surprise for Mrs. Knight. A surprise Kendall and Katie approved of.

"We can go swimming in the lake, right?" Logan asked.

"Yup," John said. "And I have a boat. We can go fishing and swim in the middle of the lake."

"That sounds so cool."

"Are Kendall and Logan sharing a room?" Katie wanted to know.

"Um yeah..." John said. "There's only three bedrooms."

Katie looked at Kendall and Logan. "You two better be quiet. If you catch my drift."

"KATIE!" Mrs. Knight and Kendall yelled. Logan and John just laughed.

They were all silent for awhile.

"We also have a hot tub," John finally said.

Logan looked at Kendall and they shared a smirk.

Eventually, they arrive at the lake house. The dogs flew out of the car and sniffed around while marking their territory.

That night, Kendall and Logan stayed up while everyone else went to sleep. After waiting two hours, Kendall asked, "Wanna use the hot tub?"

Logan smiled. "Fuck yes."

They went onto the back deck and Kendall turned on the hot tub. "Since we don't have out bathing suits on," he said, "is it safe to assume we'll be naked?"

"Oh yeah." Logan took off his shirt. "But we gotta be quiet. Don't wanna wake anyone." He removed his pants. Then his underwear was gone. He slowly got into the hot tub. "Join me?"

"Hell yeah." Kendall stripped and got in. He took a seat right next to Logan and ran a hand through Logan's hair. He moved forward and kissed Logan. "Wanna add hot tub sex to our list?"

"That was the plan."

Kendall united their lips again and went into Logan's lap. He moved his mouth to Logan's neck, nipping and sucking.

It seemed like barely any time had passed before Kendall was riding Logan. They went slow, not wanting to make too much noise. Their foreheads were resting together, eyes locked in an intense stare.

"So close," Logan mumbled.

Kendall nodded, telling Logan he was too.

Logan bit his lip as he came. Kendall buried his face in the crook of Logan's neck to muffle his moans.

Kendall got off of Logan. "That was amazing."

"It's always amazing, Green Eyes."

"Well, yeah. But still."

Logan kissed Kendall cheek. "We should probably go to bed."

They quickly made their way to their room naked. They crawled into bed without putting on pajamas. Logan placed his head on Kendall's chest and Kendall put his arms around Logan.

Kendall kissed the top of Logan's head. "Good night. I love you."

"Love you too. 'Night."


During the week, they swam in the lake a lot, went fishing, and walked the dogs.

Friday rolled around, and Kendall and Logan were given the evening alone. They started off watching some movies. Kendall chose a comedy and Logan a horror.

Kendall pretended to be scared during the horror movie.

When Kendall his his face in Logan's chest for the fifth time, Logan said, "I know you're faking."

Kendall looked at him and smiled. "So?"

Logan rolled his eyes and kissed Kendall. He went to pull away, but Kendall grabbed the back of his head to continue the kiss. As it got more heated, the front door opened.

"Damn," Kendall whispered.

They separated. "Hi," Logan said to Katie, Mrs. Knight, and John.

"You two have fun?" Mrs. Knight asked.

"Yup," Logan told her. "Kendall pretended to be afraid during a horror movie."

"Smooth move," John said and winked at Kendall.

The next day, John took Mrs. Knight out to dinner.

"It's so exciting," Katie said while they played Uno.

"What?" Logan asked.

Katie looked at Kendall. "You didn't tell him?"

Kendall smiled. "John told us to keep it a secret."

"Tell me!" Logan demanded.

"John is proposing to Mom tonight."

Logan's face lit up. "That's so awesome! You think she'll say yes?"

"She better," Katie said. "She won't find someone as cool as him ever again. Uno!"

The front door opened. Mrs. Knight ran up to her children and hugged them. "I can't believe you two managed to keep quiet about this!"

"Can I see the ring?" Logan asked. She gave him her hand. It was an emerald surrounded by tiny diamonds. "Beautiful. Good job, John."

John grinned. "I sure like to think so."


It was August. Their Senior year was getting closer and closer. Kendall and Logan just finished helping John move in. They were sitting in Kendall's room, relaxing.

"I don't wanna go back to school," Kendall said.

Logan laughed. "But it's out last year of high school."


Logan kissed Kendall's forehead. "The year will fly by."

"As long as I have you."

"You always will."


Bad ending.

Anyway, I know some things were left out. I did that on purpose. Why? You ask. Because I'm planning on doing a sequel. If you'd all like that... So watch out for it.