Hey! Ok, so I wrote this at like 3:00 A.M. a couple days ago, so it miiight be a little loopy. To be honest, I was too tired to remember what I wrote in the morning. Let's see how this turned out!


Silence in the Ark was never a good thing.

It usually either meant that Optimus Prime was dead – again, or that the twins were planning something. Since they awoke on Earth, Sideswipe had been utilizing the internet to discover new pranks and finding ways to drag his brother into them. Optimus was seriously considering just getting Ratchet to deactivate their wi-fi capabilities. But today was suspiciously devoid of any pranks. It meant a particularly nasty one was coming soon. All the bots were on alert, wary for any hidden devices that could even HINT at being a prank. It was late afternoon by the time anything happened, but oh did it happen.

"TWINS!" An angry roar cut through the air, scattering all bots close to the source. Two yellow and red streaks were seen racing through the base at high speeds, running down any mech stupid enough to be in their way. A quick look in the medbay provided an answer. Ratchet was duct taped to a berth and painted a sparkly lavender color, and surrounded entirely by pink.

"When I get my servos on those slaggin twins!" grumbled the medic, struggling to escape the multiple layers of sticky tape. "Well don't just stand there you fragging idiots! DO SOMETHING!" he yelled at some of the snickering bystanders, just making them laugh harder. First Aid took pity on him after a while and sliced the tape open with a laser and effectively releasing the fuming Ratchet.

"Don't think I won't make your next checkups painful." Ratchet growled at the bots, before pushing past them to go out and chase the ones that did this to him – I mean, the only part of him still the original color was his chevron! They even painted his favorite wrench in hot pink and sparkles! After quite a bit of ranting and stomping around, he found both of them in the washracks, Sunstreaker waxing his paintjob as usual and Sideswipe keeping him company. Ratchet took out his wrench and was taking his aim when Sideswipe spoke up, "You know, that shade of purple really compliments your-"*WHAM* the wrench made contact before he got to finish his sentence.

"What was that for?" "You SCRATCHED my PAINT!" two cries were heard as the wrench clattered to the ground after bouncing off one helm and hitting another.

"THAT was for the duct tape, and THIS is for the medbay!" the medic yelled as he pulled two syringes full of sedatives out of seemingly nowhere, along with a suspicious looking welder.


Half and hour, some creative cursing and a ladder later the twins were found welded to the ceiling by their afts to the ceiling of an abandoned storage room. Ratchet looked proudly at his work, "There, now let's see how long those welds hold." He exclaimed.

"Wait! You can't just leave us here!" Sunny yelled indignantly.

"Yes, I can, and I will." Ratchet said, "Now, I should probably tell Prowl he has you for as long as he likes to punish you for your numerous pranks." And with that, he stalked out of the room, leaving the two humiliated bots to hang there and await their punishment

AUTHORS NOTE: As I said before, I wrote this in the wee hours of morning and don't really remember writing it. I think what caused was the random thought of a purple Ratchet, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, please review if you liked it!