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"mommy when are we going to see the thorns?" my six year old self asked.

"in a second Jamie. we're putting the stuff in the car, you can hop in for now."she said putting a present in the car.

"okay."i said and jumped in my car seat. when they were done we headed to the thorns for Damian's 7th birthday. my mother has been friends with Katheryn for years but for some reason I've never met them, but she still had lots of "girl" time with Kathryn.

i didn't realize that we were there in till my dad started unbuckling me from my seat. he pulled me out and set me on the ground to go get the presents from the car. i walked over to my mom who was already at the door. i grabbed her hand when the door opened to reveal a blond women, the way she was dressed reminded me of Daphne from scooby doo.

"grace!"the women screeched making me cringe from how loud it was."it so great to see you. oh, i see you brought the little one."she looked down me."whats your name?"

"Jamie Christ."i said with a brightest smile i could create.

"its great to finally meet you, I'm Katherine."she said and wobbled a bit, she looked down and i saw a boy with raven black hair and brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. his eyes didn't really go with his dark appearance, but yet went so well, it brightened everything around him.(i got the idea for this from flipped.)

"oh, Damien look who's here."she said looking to us."people for your birthday, why don't you show Jamie your toys till the rest of the guests get here."he looked at me and glared a bit and offered his hand for me to take, i took it and he smiled at me before running up stairs dragging me along. his room was very dark, big, and had a spot with toys scattered.

"do you play with blocks?"he asked turning over to me."i heard girls play with barbies."

"eww, barbies are gross. i love playing with blocks."i said making a disgusted face when i said barbies.

"okay."he grabbed my hand again and led me over. we started see how high the blocks would go without falling so we kept piling and piling and finely it fell.

"i'm bored. hey you wanna know a secret?"i whisper cupping a hand over my mouth and his ear.


"I'm not a child of god, I'm his grandchild."

"how? i heard that we were all his children."

"my dad is Jesus."i said."ever wonder why he had the same name as god's first son."


"okay."i said.

"do you wanna know a secret?"he asked this time.

"what?" all off a sudden a pair of arms were around my neck and a pair of lips on mine. after that day we became best friends.

-7 years later-

i was pushed against a treeland a pair of lips smashed on mine, two hands sank down to my waist pulling me closer while mine went around his neck and swinging a leg around his waist. the lips started to move down ever so slowly in till they reached my neck.

"Damien."i moan tilting my head, he kept biting and sucking in till he left a mark and moved back to my mouth lifting his hand between my back and my shirt. his hands were cold making me gasp a little only giving him an advantage to his expectation.

"Damien! Jamie!"we heard mark yell making us break part.

"coming!"Damien yelled grabbing my hand dragging me over there."good bye aunt marion." Damien said when we past by.

"who told you?"she asked.


"politeness isn't one of your strong points Damien, we all now" she said gesturing to me and her "that you didn't come here on your own."

"no one told me, but i was going to."

"were you realy?"

"good bye aunt marion."he said running off.

"you old bat, he was trying to be nice." i said.

"right."she said sarcasticely and started going on about mark."i don't know why your not with mark, he so much more polite and you can have more proper children. and don't call me an old bat."

"i don't care what you say, old bat, i realy don't care if my children are not proper. i'm 14 so why do i have to plan now."

"it's better to plan early."

"good bye marion."i said passing by mark who was coming in. i slpped into the car next to Damien and mark soon came and sat next to me.

"she's to much, that aunt marion."Damien spoke up when we started driving.

"she's awful."i said.

"ya, why did they invite her?"mark said.

"why else? so she can wag her finger and criticize us, generally ruin our weekend."

"at least we don't have to eat dinner with her."

"thank god."i said.

"and that smell? what is that?"

'it lavender you fool, the old ladies douse themselves with it. why else?"

"she has a realy bad smell?"i asked.

"now, guys, just because the ladies getting it on." Murry the driver said.

"i bet the room fills with dust."i said.

"now come on, murry's right, le's hear it for marion."

"hoary."we say sarcastically.

"hey murry, give us a cigeret?" Damien asked.

"now guys you know the answer."

"but how are we to know unless we ask?"

"don't worry guys i got some."i said taking some out of my pocket.

"now i see one of the reasons why you love this girl."mark said putting one in his pocket."she can sneek many things."

"ya."Damien said doing the same.

"hey boys have you met you batoon leader?"

"you mean neff?"

"neff for neffermind. come on, once you've met one you've met them all."Damien said."attention! eyes front. stomach in, chest out."

"you know something?" mark asked inetween our laughter."you crazy."

"yes but only because i've practiced."he said while we calmed down the rest of the ride.