(Thanks Voldemort's lover for reviewing and to answer you question yes Damien did like her when they were little and he kissed her her just because he liked her already and he just felt like doing that.)

"How long is this?" I asked Ann.

"Well, this is a graduaton so most likely an hour or more." She said as we took our seets in the front row. During the graduation I kept tugging at the hem of my dress since I'm not very comfortable wearing skirts or anything that isn't pants.

"Stop playing with that." Ann said removing my hand.

"But it keeps going up."

"It'll stop going up if you stop playing with it."

"Whatever." I said turning my attention back to the graduation. They soon called for the person with the best spirit and personality of the academy, the person they picked was Damien and i kinda stopped paying attention. I know I should be like a supportive girlfriend and everything but this damned skirt was bugging the hell out of me. I really hate the fact that this was supposed to be a formal thing, so formal I had to wear a damned skirt.

"I'll be right back Jamie." Ann said breaking my concentration from my skirt.

"Where are you going?"

"No where, just stay with Damien."

"but.." I started but she shushed me and left with the man that said she had to leave. I sighed and turned my attention back to the graduation. They gave out a badge for their year to everyone and it was over. Damien and I went over to the limo, he opened the car door for me, I thanked him and we made our way to his graduation party at his house.