Author's Note: All characters and places belong to JK Rowling.

Also I might not be able to update this story too often as I'm focusing on my other one at the moment, sorry.


The Burrow had always been a very hectic place but on this particular August afternoon it was particularity hectic. The reason for this was that the wedding of Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin was being held in the garden at 2 o'clock.

On the second floor of the Burrow, Victoire was being helped into her dress by her mother, Fleur and sister and Maid of Honour, Dominique. Victoire's cousins Molly, Lucy, Roxanne and Lily were all in deep blue dresses with silver bows tied at the back in honour of Victoire's school house; Ravenclaw.

In the garden Victoire's brother, Louis and her cousins, Fred, James and Albus were seating some early arrivals in a great white tent. The Weasley brothers were trying to calm Bill down who seemed to be taking the marriage of his eldest daughter very hard. Teddy was pacing back and forth nervously while his godfather was telling him that there was no way Victoire would abandon him at the alter.

In the kitchen, Molly Weasley was sobbing about how it felt like only yesterday that it had been Fleur and Bill's wedding. Ginny, Audrey and Angelina were sorting out the remaining food and Arthur was calmly drinking some coffee and inspecting a new plug which he'd acquired the night before. Ron, Hermione and their children were nowhere to be seen.

"I'm bored" James complained "I'm never coming to another wedding again"

"James, it hasn't even started yet" Albus replied incredulously

"Well I'm bored already" James repeated "But at least I brought something to amuse myself" he said producing a small red box from his robes.

"You weren't suppose to touch that, Dad said specifically not to go near it"

"Making me all the more curious; let's go show the girls"


"Were is Rose, she's supposed to be here" Victoire cried "She's my bridesmaid"

"Well don't worry, if she doesn't turn up, you have plenty more" Roxanne joked

"This is serious Roxanne" Victoire replied close to tears

"Don't worry darling, I'm sure your Uncle Ron is just running late" Fleur comforted "I'll go down and Floo them now"

"Thank you Mum" Victoire smiled "Lucy, Molly, will you go and get my veil, I think I left it in Aunt Ginny's old room"

Fleur, Lucy and Molly exited the room only seconds before James came in with Albus trailing behind him telling him to give 'the box' back to Harry.

"What's that" Lily asked interested

"I don't know" James said "But seeing as Dad said not to touch, it must be interesting"

At this moment Rose burst into the room followed by Hugo.

"I'm so sorry I'm late Vicky" Rose said catching her breath "It was Dad, he's probably getting an earful downstairs from Mum and Grandma at the moment." Her statement was backed up by the sound of raised voices from the floors below.

"Just get your dress on" Dominique said quickly "I'll go tell Mum, you're here. She was about to Floo over"

Ten minutes later Rose was ready but had found out about 'the box'.

"You better give it back to your dad right now" Rose warned

"No way, I haven't even worked out what it does yet" James protested jumping out of the way as Rose reached for the box.

"James, give it here" Victoire said stepping in. "I'll look after it until after the wedding, it could be dangerous"

"No" James said defiantly "Hugo, catch"

Suddenly everything seemed to speed up. Lily watched as James tossed the box to the unsuspecting Hugo who turned around just in time for the box to hit his face, fall at Albus's feet and crack open. A black smoke came out of the box engulfing everyone in the room and the last thing Lily heard before she went into the dark was "Potter you're dead" screamed by both Rose and Victoire.