"We'll have to go soon" Hermione sighed. Everyone had been in the living room for the past hour or so but Hermione knew that everyone was really just postponing the inevitable; they where going to have to leave.

"Do you really" Molly said sadly

"Unless we want to really confuse time, then yes" Hermione said "You know this means we'll have to erase your memories"

"Do you have too" Harry asked; he wanted to know that he would make it out of this alive.

"We do" Harry replied

"Personally I'm glad that the memory or waking up to Rose and Scorpius will be erased from my mind" Ron sighed in relief

"Just wait a few years" James grinned

"It'll definitely happen again" Roxy added "Although maybe not because of a prank"

Scorpius and Rose both went red as the rest of the room apart from the two Rons and Hermiones burst into laughter.

"Don't worry, Uncle Ron" James grinned "I'll make sure you see"

"Might even get a picture" Lily added

Rose groaned "Shut up before I hex you all"

"We're only having a laugh, no need to overreact" Roxy smirked; Rose knew that if she hexed Roxanne she would just submit herself to endless torture in the form of WWW products and she wasn't willing to risk that.

"Well then, the fixed time machine can only send one person back at once" Harry said hoping to stop yet another fight between his nieces. "So who wants to go first"

"Me" Victoire said immediately

"I take offence at that" Sirius said "Do you not like us?"

"She does, she just likes Teddy more" Hugo grinned

"Honestly, James" Rose sighed "You've even got him teasing Vicki now"

After Vicki had said goodbye to everyone and taken a small bag containing the dresses for the wedding (Hermione had preformed an undetectable extension charm) she tapped the box with her wand and with a crack she was gone.

"I'll go next" Rose volunteered "And Scorpius you're coming after me so that your not stuck with these eejits"

"Yes, Scorpius, you better do as she says or else" Lily smirked "You wouldn't want to upset your girlfriend"


"Rose why don't you just go" Hermione sighed

With a final glare at Lily, James and Roxy, Rose turned around, said goodbye and tapped the box and with another crack she disappeared.

"Scorpius, you're next" Harry smiled; unlike Ron, he had nothing against his son's best friend.

"Well, err, bye" Scorpius said awkwardly as he tapped the box with his wand and disappeared with another crack.

"I think I'll go next" Ron said

"Don't you trust them, Uncle Ron" Al smirked

"No. I don't" Ron said

"Rose is going to be even madder at you now" Al pointed out to James as Ron received a hug from his mother and disappeared "You've got her dad watching her every move"

"Well that'll give her a taste of my life" James said

"James, you can go next" Harry said

"Well so long fellow pranksters and Marauders" James said to Fred, George, Tonks, Sirius and Remus "And I'll see the rest of you in twenty five years" he winked at his family and tapped the box and disappeared

"Thank Merlin we're rid of him" Lily smiled

"Maybe we could just stay here and not ever see him again" Al suggested

"Now, now, you'd miss him after a while" Ginny said

"A very long while" Al muttered

"Hugo, you go next and then I'll go" Harry said "I'll leave you two to erase the memories" he added to Hermione and Ginny.

"Bye" Hugo said and disappeared with a tap on the box

Harry turned to his past self "Just remember one thing – it'll all be worth it in the end" indicating his family.

Harry nodded although he thought; pity he wouldn't remember it if he was having his memory erased.

Harry got a hug from Molly, Sirius and Remus. Then said goodbye to the rest of the Weasleys finding it very hard when he got to Fred and finally got a hug from Tonks who told him to send her love to Teddy.

"I'm going to miss you all"

"Harry wise up, we'll be there in twenty five years" George said

"And I'm pretty sure we'll never be far" Fred added indicating himself, Remus, Sirius and Tonks.

Harry smiled at them all then with a tap of a wand was gone.

"I'm next" Lily said

"Of course" Al rolled his eyes "Can't be away from Dad for too long"

"Just because I'm his favourite" Lily stuck her tongue out

"You know your dad doesn't have favourites" Ginny said

"Of course we know that" Lily said rolling her eyes "We just know if he did it would be me" she grinned at Harry "Just remember that now"

"I'll try" he smiled "It was really great to meet you"

Lily beamed and with a crack she was gone.

"Roxy you go next" Al said

"Bye Dad" Roxanne gave her dad a hug "Remember that it will all work out okay in the end"

"Bye Roxy and thanks for the tips on the joke shop" Fred winked

"I'll miss you all" Roxy smiled and with that she disappeared

"I'm going to miss her" George said; he had grown quite fond of her

"It's not really goodbye" Al reminded him

"I know" George smiled

"Al, you go next then I'll follow" Ginny said

Al was gone in a crack.

Ginny gave her old self a hug and whispered in her ear "Don't give up, sometimes things are worth waiting on"

Ginny smiled back; from what she had seen in the past few days she knew her future self was telling the truth.

Ginny moved on to Fred giving him a huge hug "I miss you every day"

"Like I said I'm not ever going to be far" Fred smiled "And I hear Fred the second is just as bad as me"

Ginny laughed "If you get him, Roxy, James, Louis and Lils together, well honestly it never ends well"

"It doesn't help that George insists on giving them all mountains of merchandise from the shop to last them a week!" Hermione added smiling

Ginny gave every member of the room another hug and said to Harry "If Hermione wasn't going to erase your memory I would be warning you to not act like a noble git but seeing as she is going to you I figured I'd just tell you that everything's worth it in the end"

She nodded to Hermione, waved goodbye to her family, Tonks, Sirius, Remus, Hermione and a very confused Harry and tapped the box disappearing.

"What did she mean, don't act like a noble git" Harry asked

"You broke up with her at the end of sixth year to protect her from Voldemort; it didn't really make a difference as the Weasleys are Blood Traitors" Hermione shrugged

"Well I guess this is goodbye then" Hermione said

"It is" her older self replied

Hermione said her goodbyes and taking a deep breath said the memory charm, She edited the memories leaving behind the one thought in everyone's mind "It's all worth it in the end, don't give up"

Taking a deep breath she picked up the box, took a last look at her family – because really everyone in the room was her family – tapped the box and with a crack both her and the box returned to 2020.

A.N. I would just like to thank everyone who has read this story or reviewed it, it means a lot. I'm thinking of doing another story when James transports himself, Teddy, Lily, Albus and Rose to the summer of 1978 (The summer after the Marauders graduate from Hogwarts). I will do it if there's enough feedback and once I've got a bit further in my other series.