"Dammit, Jim," Bones growls, as Jim starts to open his eyes.

Peering sleepily up at Bones, he asks, "What?" as he blocks out the sun with one hand. It's worth it, even if it interferes with seeing the sex-on-legs that is Bones.

Bones shakes his head, a mixture of disbelief and grumpy on his face. "You silly bastard. You fell asleep on a bus bench like a hobo, that's what. I leave you alone for an hour and I find you curled up like a homeless person in public."

"Oh," Jim says, now noticing the stiffness in his muscles and stretching out his legs. His knees pop and he winces. "I must be getting old," he grumbles.

Bones shakes his head and chuckles before stooping to give Jim a brief kiss. "Hardly. Now, let's go back to the hotel. I fucking hate LA and I want to get out of the sun."

"I like LA," Jim informs him as he stands. Bones peers at him again. "What now?" he asks, exasperation blending with amusement.

"You wore sunscreen like I told you to, right?"

"Of course. Dashing starship captains can't die of something so ignoble as skin cancer."

Bones wraps a hand around Jim's wrist and pull him close enough to drape his arm around his waist. "'Course not." Another kiss. "Dashing starship captains should die of old age as admirals instead."

Jim nods. "I completely agree." He gives Bones a sly smile and a wink. "Hotel, yes?"

Bones gives him one of his rare, broad grins and nods back.

A/n: inspired by a pic from March 30th, 2011's Jim_and_Bones DcaDD.