I walked down the fresh sidewalk, searching for my best friend. We're going into a business like no other; New York Modeling Co., and the things we'd need to cover – snotty, vicious girls, to perky, rich, and preppy liars.

I kicked a small pebble with my Alvarado pink stilettos, and pulled my iPhone out of my gray Fabulous Chick outer layer. I scanned my contact list, and found Paytin's number. I pressed the SEND and paced back in forth by the building, nervously chewing on my once perfect manicured nails.

When I called for the third time, someone familiar's voice called my name. "Leah!" I turned around, my long ash blonde hair whipping me in the face, and started running.

"Omigod, Paytin?" I squealed. "You're a brunette!"

"Yeah, I just did that about five hours ago in the hotel, and I decided I wanted highlights and layers. What do you think? I have shorter hair!"

"Yeah, you cut off like, seven inches! And it's still long!" I smiled, and hugged her.

"I know! Its super suburb and totally awesome! Oh, and my mom has good luck bags which I really don't know what's inside so…bare with me."

"Well, what do you think of my outfit? Fab or what?" I asked, looking down at my Char hot pink ruffled silk shirt. I felt my hair; blond at the top, and a deep brown underneath, and super long and straight. I put in tons of hairspray, spent about an hour doing beauty, and spent about two hours getting dressed.

"It's super amazing, especially the dark skinny jeans and Char ruffle shirt with a gray long sweater. I'm super jealous…" But the way she looked, she wanted to look better than me. She eyed my hoop earrings and diamond studs in the second hole, and my sparkly diamond necklace. We both got a 30,000 dollar grant for making it to the building, and my outfit is what I spent it on; stupidly but smartly.

"Hey, I'm so super excited that we got to choose our roommates as we wanted!" We started walking down the sidewalk towards the dorm building's lobby.

"Um, yeah, about that…see, I met this other girl last year when I was going through this and…well, we became really close. Her name is Tierney, and…see, I signed her up for being roommates as number one. I'm sorry, Leah…I feel so bad for you since it's your first year doing the whole process."

I felt like I was slapped. She…we…we aren't roommates? I wanted to hit her across the face as jealousy ran over me, and I felt so stupid. Obviously, she's trying to win and leave me to pieces. But would I want to stop being friends with someone so experienced yet?


"Oh." Is all I said, and I picked up my pace.

She started to catch up, on my heels. "Are you mad? Seriously, I did not mean for this to happen, Leah! I swear, I never thought she'd sign me up as first, either! Sorry, really!"

"But that's the problem, Paytin. You didsign her up for your first choice and not me. And you expect me not to be mad? I broke my leg last year in three different spots and all you can say is sorry? I went to every show last year, cheered you on, and was there for you to lean on when you lost and you don't give me any respect at all? Tierney beat you last year and rubbed it in your face and you call her your friend? Last year?" I spat.

"I'm sorry, Leah, I really am. I just didn't know for sure if you were joking or not, I swear and cross my heart. And then Tierney called and…" A bleach blond haired girl with blue streaks in got out of a limo, in sparkly silver stilettos, dark pre-ripped skinny jeans, and a sparkly silver jacket that went to her ribs and a baby blue striped shirt with stars all over it got out, and sashayed with her purse and her dog towards the building.

Paytin's eyes lit up, and she hurried over. "Omigod, Tierney!" I looked at my competitors, and glared. "You're bleach blond!" My mouthed dropped in shock. Paytin used the same words I did when I saw her, only without the Paytin part and the brunette hair color.

Tierney squealed, and grabbed Paytin in a hug. "You're amazing like last week when we got our hair done!"

I stared in shock, and wanted to scream. Tierney was such a suck-up to Paytin it wasn't even funny. I finally caught up with them, and Tierney's eyes glowed.

"And who's this? She looks like another version of me!"

"This is-"

I cut Paytin off. "Leah Myer. I'm a beginner and, well, I'm Paytin's first best friend." I snapped.

Tierney whispered something in Paytin's ear. Then, she smirked at me, reaveling a slight glow of laughter. "Wow, I didn't know you were such a prick. Oh, if you were wondering, this isn't the let's-snap-off-to-someone-new contest; this is a modeling show, if you were lost."

My face burned with anger. I was about to say something when Paytin broke the icy glaring and deathly silence. "Well, let's go check in…"

Fifteen minutes later, I was in dire shock. After I checked in, the woman at the desk said my roommates and the final information.

"You're in room 547 with Tierney Davis and Paytin Marshall." I was happy, but not happy, because of the Tierney and Paytin situation, but happy because I could get dirty in competition.

Us three grouped together, and Tierney and Paytin were squealing. "Omigod, Leah, guess what? Tierney and I got a room on level 5!" Paytin squealed. I smirked in delight, about to ruin their happiness.

"Who'd you get?" Tierney asked, pleased.

"Oh, just some brat named Tierney Davis and, oh, look; Paytin Marshall. Oh, poor best friends!" I snapped.

Tierney's mouth shut and she glared at me. Paytin looked around, almost as if disappointed.

"Oh. Cool," is all Paytin said.

We rolled our bags up to the elevator in silence. I knew that this was only the beginning; but it was already worse than before.