As I strolled back to my apartment with Tierney, I realized I actually had fun with her. We went to the mall's food court and grabbed every shake off of a menu, and mixed the it all together, and went to Wal-Mart, grabbed about 18 sizes 38D for a bra, and threw them in people's carts when they weren't looking.

Then, we went to the water park and played in the little kid areas, and when the lifeguard was going to chew us out, we took a random little kid and began to act like they were our little sibling.

At the end of our journey, we actually confessed we weren't as bad as each other seemed. Right when we got into the elevator, I noticed that Tierney's once green streaks were dripped down her blonde hair, covering some blue, and making it look a half-and-half.

"Tierney, Omigod, your hair!" She pulled out her mirror, and began to inspect, looking like she was going to die. At six at night, the night before our first show of New York modeling, Tierney Davis, the awe-struck obvious supermodel, was having a crisis.

"Omigod! Holy crap!" She squealed. "This is not happening the day before the show! Omigod, we have to fix this, like, immediately!" She fumbled for her phone, and, I'm guessing she had her mom on speed dial, started talking fast into the phone.

We got out of the elevator, and her call ended. "What now?" I asked.

"Well, obviously, ignore Paytin, get my hair supplies, run to the spa, and get my hair fixed quickly before eight so it can dry and fix in at the right time," I went the direction for the vending machines, and when I walked in, I saw Paytin.

"Hi," she mumbled, looking away. I became weak and replied.

"Look, Paytin, I'm sorry. It's just, you took Tierney first, and this is like no time for irruptions, because we went to the water park and swam, now Tierney's newly streaked hair is dripping green and it's a half of bleach blonde, then lime green and waves of blue." I rushed, I forgot about the vending machine and ran to the elevator, finding Tierney super close to me.

I turned, but instead, I saw the hottie with dreamy eyes, then Paytin from the corner and Tierney down the hall.

"Hi,heyhow'!" I stammered to him.

"Uh, yeah," is all he said, and Tierney, me, and a gasping, surprised Paytin at my side were in the elevator.

"I'm sorry," Paytin said to Tierney, and Tierney just did a wimpy, sympathetic nod, and felt her hair.

Tierney looked at me, and then suddenly mad at me, asked sharply, "Do you know that guy who you were just talking to?"

"Um, not really," I said, uncomfortable underneath her deadly glare.

"Oh, well, stay away from him, anyways. His name is Drake, and he's my boyfriend." She spat, and quickly changed the topic. "Anyways, why the hell are you with us, Paytin? Don't you realize sorry is never enough? You humiliated me at the spa! Saying that I wear a wire retainer to bed, I had braces for five years in elementary school and saying aloud my bra size at the mud bath? Who would do that, seriously?"

"Look, I'm sorry! I always have done that with my friends! You did it to me last year when I beat you in a face expression and outfit connection contest, and you spilt it on camera! I forgave you because you said SORRY! Don't ever tell me sorry isn't enough, and I don't care how rich you are!" My eyes widen at the news. I barely remembered that happening, but coming from these two with so emotion, it's not that difficult to believe.

"Because you said that in a place where Asian people were; and Asian's gossip about rich Americans like me a hell of a lot more than we do any other race! Who do you think you are, Miss Princess of Eternity? Newsflash, Paytin, I won because my mom bribed a judge, and that only got me about five points higher than you and fifteen more points higher when it was only three people left. Don't you ever think just because I won, I'm rich, and I apparently am better than you on so many levels that I cannot read people's minds? My God, you freak out on the smallest things, and when you tell something like that so personal….there's no words for it! So what, I'm not any higher than 18B, I'm small! I'm 5'6 and weigh only about 100 pounds! I've….you know what, Paytin, you went too far this time."

And we walked out of the elevator in three, and walked into the spa, about to repair the queen's stupid mistake of getting highlights at eight in the morning then going swimming at one in the afternoon, all mad at eachother.

But you know what I realized out of the one and a half days here? It's an emotion roller coaster. We hate each other, we love each other, and we're two vs. one, then opposite, and then we all hate each other, then we're at one vs. one vs. one.

There's no stop to the glaring, and no doubt are we ever going to get along. I can't believe how many times I've wanted to kill somebody. The more Paytin and I fight the closer Tierney and her get or the more Tierney and I get closer. I didn't reveal any personal stuff to Tierney, and I'm not going to start until I trust her.

Somehow, I feel like I actually have a chance. If I can balance this, think, and remind myself of what I need to do immediately, I'm pretty beautiful inside and out from another person's opinion, and can defend myself; I have a real chance of making it far in this fashion business.

I smiled to myself, but when we walked into the lobby, it was full freak out mode.

When we walked into the hairstyling room for clients, a small sized blonde was getting hair colors ready for Tierney. Tierney sat down without any mention of what she wanted, and she got started.

"Heidi!" she scolded. "Quit mixing and start coloring!"

Paytin and I stood there in shock, just waiting for the next drama-queen-madness Tierney had in stock next. And, as Heidi went on coloring, she'd need to mix, and Tierney would scold her again, but threaten to take her job away.

After about twenty minutes of coloring and highlighting, Tierney was finally under the heat globe, and a woman with long, honey blonde hair with tons of professional make-up on, a black dress and a white over-lap with a belt and shiny, silver stilettos and long hoop earrings with an expensive phone in her manicured hand, stood there; scowling.

"Tierney! I heard you're hanging out with that-that-that Paytin person and a beginner this year. Is this positively true? Why aren't you hanging out with Chloe or Tiffany or Jamie or Destiny? Their rich and…a little up-kept, and a perfect friendly competition – not some country wired hicks from Tennessee wanting to be famous."

She eyed us with her highlighted black and white eye-shadowed eyes and icy blue stare. Tierney, on the other hand, did not put up with her mother's snobby wishes. Instead, she told the truth from what I know about her. "No, Taeryn, my snobby, spoiled mother, Chloe, for one thing, hates me and I hate her, along with Tiffany, Jamie, and Destiny. I really don't care if Tiffany is my step sister; she's snobby and not modeling material. Look, just bribe the judges and get over it. And, besides, Paytin – yeah, she isn't like me, but wait until you see the way Leah dresses, mom; she looks a lot like me, and sometimes acts like me without knowing; I'm perfectly fine and capable of handling the winning score. Besides, you're going to be there because you made the competition long before I was even born – you're the host of it all."

"True- true – but who's this 'Leah-just-like-me-but-only-different' girl?" Taeryn asked.

"Um, me. I'm Leah." I said, and Taeryn whipped around in sudden amazement, looking at my outfit.

"Oh. You're…better than I thought. Why weren't you in it last year?"

"I broke my leg in a car accident. That's how my brother died…" I trailed, holding back tears. My brother, Braxton, was only seven years old. Now I'm sixteen going on seventeen, but I still remember it today. Me, my mom, my thirteen year-old sister, Braxton, and my four-year-old sister driving on the highway. Some drunk guy is driving crazily down the road.

Click. Click. Click.

The drunk guy hits a semi.

Click. Click. Click.

The semi rolls towards the to the other lane where we are.

Click. Click. Click.

The semi hits the right side – me in the front, Braxton right behind me.

Click. Click. Click.

My sister, Allison, covers my younger sister, Liliona. Braxton was asleep; clueless.

Click. Click. Click.

The semi slams into my car door, molding my legs into it just a little bit. I hear cries, my piercing screams, and in the rearview mirror; blood. It all goes black.

Click. Click. Click.

Ambulance, lots of vehicles, news reporters, television reporters, but all I scream is Braxton, because I knew he was hurt. I see my mom, crying, and my other sisters on the side of my roller-bed. Allison was holding Liliona, and whispering ever so faintly, "Braxton….he's…he's…not going to make it."

I ordered the doctors over to Braxton, and I saw his body; bloody, unmoving, and – I saw him close his eyes for the last time. Then I saw why.

A glass plate was carved into his stomach; he had deep cuts on his head, and his leg was crooked.

I took one last look at my mom before I was sent into the hospital; brotherless.

Now, I look at Tierney and her mom thinking, why the heck do you think it's all about fighting and controlling other people? Don't you realize that I lost a family member that I had so little time with, and yet, all you guys can do is fight?

My thought remained unanswered, but I felt like my heart was in two; so sore, yet so…excited. I knew I could move on, but I want to put an accomplishment sturdy enough to have something to heave it up with. I still don't cry about it, but someday, just someday, I will.

And yet the world somehow keeps turning and the people in it keeps blurring.