"I've never even heard of what your asking for, Platinum Summon Discs. Are you sure you're not just trying to waste my time?" The aged shop keep stared questioningly at the blond man in front of him. He was a young age with bright blond spiky hair standing on edge, apart from two longer bangs framing the sides of his face and six more covering his forehead. His long black cloak was making him suspicious the most, obscuring his hands from view. Underneath the black coat was a white shirt unbuttoned all the way down until it tucked into his black pants, revealing another grey shirt with a cross underneath. On his feet were a pair of black steel-toed shoes and a black messenger bag was hanging loosely from his shoulder. His bright blue eyes were set in a disappointed manner. Staring at the merchandise at the counter.

"Darn, are you absolutely sure you have no idea where any of them can be found?" He asked again, staring back at the old merchant.

The old merchant now wished he had taken back his words, the boy seemed genuinely disappointed about not being able to find one of these discs. "I am sorry, my boy. But I honestly don't have a clue what you are talking about."

"I see." The boy replied disheartened. "Listen, can you let me know if you here anything?" He rummaged around in his pocket before pulling out a small blue orb. Handing it over to the man. "It's a Communication Lacrima, it doesn't do much, just cup it in between both your hands and squeeze it tightly, when you open your hands it should work."

The old merchant smiled, taking the small crystal from the boy's hand. "Of course my boy. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you. But can I take your name, in case I do hear anything?"

"It's alright. And my name is Naruto Namikaze." The boy flashed a wide grin showing both sets of teeth. "I'm sorry I took up so much of your time. I guess I should look around the rest of your store now." He laughed, as did the merchant, before he moved into the weapon stands, perusing the many items on offer.

He looked through every organisation of weapon, spears, partisans, longswords, shortswords, scimitars, knives, daggers. He heard the sound of the bell over the door ringing, indicating another customer, he chose to ignore it, carrying on looking through the weapons.

"These are interesting." The blond boy stopped, picking up to big swords, very thick in size but short in length only being about two and a half feet long with a curved point at the end. "Wiin might enjoy these."

He looked at the price, 250'000J, each. Naruto whistled quietly at the price, luckily he came prepared, he had bartered before in order to get the discs, so every time he went into a magic chop, he had grown accustomed to carrying 2'000'000J in his bag. Taking the two weapons he carried them over to the counter and merchant, who was now currently trying to be seduced by a girl around his own age with blond hair a different shade than his own, a lump of it tied into a ponytail of the top right side of her head. She was wearing a white shirt with a blue cross design and a blue skirt in similar colour and had thigh high black boots. Around her waist was an brown belt, Naruto just managing to see the tips of keys tied onto the belt and a black whip with a heart shaped point on a holster.

Naruto stood behind her patiently as she tried to use her sex appeal to have the prices lowered. The merchant himself stood defiant.

"Can I just pay for these?" Naruto snuck to the left of her, the old man nodded weakly, catching a break from the flirting blond teen. Taking the blades to the back in order to find the sheaths.

"You know it's rude to cut in." The blond girl looked to him with an annoyed pout, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Sorry, but it seemed like I might have been here all day if I didn't." Naruto replied with a nervous chuckle, scratching the back of his head, the girl had big brown eyes that bore into him.

"Well it was still rude." The girl huffed, turning away from him.

Naruto was never one to like it when people disliked him, especially girls, glancing over to where she was, he looked around the merchandise under the glass barrier. "So what are you after?" He asked, trying to make conversation whilst the merchant had disappeared, probably taking his sweet time collecting the sheaths in order to get away from the girl.

The girl pointed towards the silver key on a blue cushion. "So you're after Nikora, the Canis Minor. Interesting. There's quite a few of them."

The girl's head whipped around surprised. "You know about Celestial Spirits?" She asked in genuine surprise.

"Yeah I do. Well enough to know that 20'000J is a bit of a steep price for Nikora." Naruto laughed, rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a good 10'000J, handing it over to her. "Here." He grabbed her hand and placed it in her hand, closing her hand around the money himself.

"What are you doing? I can't accept this." Suddenly her eyes widened in realisation. "Don't you think that I'm that type of girl just because of what's happening here." Her brow narrowed to a furious stare, aiming to boil Naruto's head off his shoulders with her stare.

A bullet of sweat dropped from Naruto's forehead. "I didn't think that at all. I just don't like carrying around loads of money when I don't need it. So when I don't need it I just tend to give it away."

"And how much are you carrying on you now?" The girl replied, clutching the money a bit more tighter now.

"Taking away the 500'000J I just spent on the weapons and the 10'000J I just gave to you, around 1'490'000J." He smiled the widest of smiles. Ignoring the look of shock on her face.

"And you're just planning to give that all away. Why don't you just keep it?" She asked incredulously, staring at his bag which currently held all that money.

"I don't like carrying around large sums of money when I don't need it. You get all paranoid about it, thinking your missing some, so it's more likely to get lost." He continued grinning widely.

"Then why don't you just put it in a bank?"

Naruto's grin faded instantly, eyes widening in confusion. Before he shrugged impassively. "I can always make more money, I try not to be too greedy." He smiled again. The merchant returned with the two sheathed blades, placing the money on the table with an added tip Naruto took the blades, hoisting them over his shoulders by the straps.

"Well it was nice meeting you." Naruto smiled at both the old merchant and the girl. Giving a quick wave before he walked out of the small shop.

'Right so where to now. That was my only lead. Maybe Elife can help me, but she refuses to talk about the location of any of the discs. I guess I have no choice but to keeping listening to rumours.' Naruto thought with a smile on his face. 'One of them's bound to be right eventually.'

"Wait!" Naruto heard someone call, turning around, he found the girl from the magic store running towards him, he stopped so she could catch up to him, gesturing her to catch her breath before she said anything.

"I never got a chance to thank you." The girl spoke with a light pant, pointing at the shiny silver key at her waist.

"So you managed to by it then." Naruto smiled at her, receiving a smile in return from the girl.

"Yeah, he gave me a 1'000J discount, but thanks to you I managed to save 10'000J. That's really gonna help me later on, so thanks a bunch!" The girl smiled widely at him again, a thin red blush appearing on her face. "My name is Lucy Heartfilia by the way."

"Lucy, my name is Naruto Namikaze." Naruto introduced himself with a smile.

"So what guild are you in, Naruto?" Lucy asked him in interested, now walking alongside him.

"Guild?" Naruto replied in confusion, what made her think he was in a guild.

"You know, you have so much money, I figured you must be in a guild when jobs come rolling in for you to save up that much money. I'm looking to join a guild myself, I had my eyes set on one in particular, but it might be better to join one where I know at least one person." She laughed heartily.

Naruto himself gave off a quiet chuckle. "I'm sorry to disappoint Lucy, but I'm not in a guild. I'm a wandering mage, I go from town to town and perform jobs that people don't want to pay the extra added cost of hiring a guild to do it."

"Guilds have added costs when they take jobs?" Lucy sounded surprised, she had never heard of such a thing.

Naruto nodded in return. "Yep, for example, say a job gives a reward of 1'000'000J. The real cost of the job is about 750'000J, you have to pay extra in order to hire a guild, the main sum goes to the mage who performs the job, but the extra cost goes to the guild itself. It's very fair really, as it is the guild's manpower, they pay for the mage if they destroy stuff, but it's usually around 25% of the original sum, and some people don't have that extra cash to pay out."

"Wow, you sure know a lot about stuff, Naruto-san." Lucy looked at him mesmerised. He was smart and kind. "So do you enjoy travelling around all the time?"

"Absolutely!" Naruto grinned widely at her. "You get to experience so much, and the danger around every corner, keeps you on edge all the time, it's really exciting!"

"The danger bit put me off a tad." A blob of sweat dropped from Lucy's face, looking disbelievingly.

"So anyway, if you were after Nikora, you must be a spirit mage, yes?" The blond boy asked her. "What ones have you got so far?"

"Well I have three gold keys and now I have three silver keys." Lucy didn't want to give too much away so easily. "What about yourself? You must be a mage if you were in a store like that."

The blond boy continued smiling, something Lucy was beginning to think he wasn't able to stop doing. "I'm kind of like a Celestial Spirit Mage myself." He chuckled lightly.

"Really? Well what keys do you have?" Lucy was now very interested, she hadn't met another spirit mage besides her mom.

"I don't use keys." Naruto smiled again, Lucy looked at him confused, a Celestial Spirit Mage that didn't use keys. "I don't look for the Celestial Spirits of the Keys. My form of of spirit summoning is something else. Shēngxiào Entity Summoning, it doesn't use the constellations as the spirits but uses the Zodiacs of a lost period, someone once described it as a Lost Magic, but its so similar to Celestial Spirit Summoning that I've never thought of it like that myself!" Naruto laughed loudly once again.

'Shēngxiào Entity Summoning. What in the world is that? I've never even heard of such a thing.' Lucy wondered perplexed. It sounded as if he was making it up.

"Will you show me this magic, I'd like to try my own spirits against it." Lucy asked the blond in front of her.

Naruto's brow rose in slight surprise. "Sure, I got time. But it might be best if we get out of town. Things can get kind of messy."

"Here will be good enough." Naruto had lead her to a remote part of the forest, a healthy green filled her vision all around her, a small stream sparkled from the light, trickling down the hillside, yellow and pink flowers grew here and there. All in all, it was beautiful.

Naruto moved to the other side of the small clearance. "Right, Lucy. Whenever you're ready." Naruto smiled again.

Lucy herself smiled. Drawing out one of her gold keys. "O spirit, he me now as I call thee. Open the gate of the Golden Bull, Taurus!" Lucy swiped the golden key through the air, twisting the key, a bright light enveloped the area,

"Lucy! Aren't I glad that we agreed on more summoning days! Now I can see moore of that sexy body each week!" A massive white bull with black spots appeared, where nought but a black speedo and a belt with a buckle in the shape of a bull's head and bandages wrapped around his wrists leading into brown gloves. He also had a golden ring in his nose and a bell on his neck. The massive bull had an equally enormous dual bladed battle axe tied to it's back. The bull spotted Naruto standing from across the field, eyeing him up angrily. "Lucy, who's this mooron?"

"We're going to be fighting him, Taurus, so I need your strength." Lucy gave the bull a wink.

Love hearts appeared in his eyes, mooing incomprehensively loudly. "Of course, Lucy! Anything for that sexy body!" Taurus yelled loudly, before adopting a more serious battle expression, drawing his large axe out, gripping it tightly with his two hands.

Naruto flicked his coat upwards, Lucy now saw that his belt had a small bag tied to it, as well as a gun holster. Naruto reached for the gun, everything about it was golden, shining brightly with the sun. Lucy couldn't tell if it was just painted or actually made of solid gold. "What's that, I thought you used spirits?" She asked inquisitively.

"I do. This is my Contract Gun. It has a similar use to your keys." Naruto explained, he drew a small disc from the black bag strapped to his belt. "Load Platinum Disc." Naruto spoke, he flicked a small switch, the barrel of the gun spilt in half opening up, Naruto swiped the disc into the gun and closed the barrel up again, cocking the gone. "Summon: First Year Zishi: Leiru the Rat!" Naruto called, pointing the gun in her direction, he pulled the trigger, similar to her key, a bright white light appeared from it.

"Naruto, it's been a while since you've called me for something." Lucy almost squealed in disgust. A rat, going up to the height of Naruto's mid thigh appeared. He was in a lack of better words fat, wearing a black suit with the blazer unbuttoned, revealing a white shirt. Around his neck was a red tie with black polka dots. All of his other features were rat like, with a long muzzle topped with a black nose, a long scrawny tail. He appeared with a sly smirk on his face, as if he knew all of her most embarrassing secrets. "So what can I do for you Naruto?" His voice was slightly nasally, but was also slightly deep. The rat turned to see Taurus gripping the massive battle axe tightly.

The rat turned back to Naruto. "You intend to have me fight don't you?" He instantly began complaining. "You know I'm not suited for battle orientation. If you intend to make me fight, I will tell Riegin about this."

"Oh come on!" Naruto whined in return, squatting down to the rat's level. "Just this one time, please."

"No. Now send me back or I will tell Riegin." Leiru retorted in defiance, Lucy was quite astounded, Naruto was such good terms with his spirits that they could even refuse to fight for him, or he was just a really lousy summoner.

"You such a rat, Leiru!" Naruto insulted the smaller spirit. Who only smirked victoriously.

"I know. It's my job to rat on people. Now send me back." The rat ordered Naruto.

"Fine." Naruto sighed in annoyance, swiping his hand through the air, Leiru's entire body began rippling as he slowly faded away again.

Naruto flicked the barrel back open, taking the platinum disc back out. "Sorry about this Lucy." He apologised, placing the disc back in the small pouch and bringing out an entirely new one. "Load Platinum Disc." He spoke again, loading the new disc into the gun. "Summon: Third Year Yinshi: Wiin the Tiger!"

A huge muscular spirit appeared, only a few inches shorter than Taurus. He was a man/tiger hybrid. Completely yellow in colour save for the darker brown patches on his shoulder face and big tail. The tiger had a long yellow mane jutting behind him like spikes, held back by a white headband tucking behind his pointed ears. His eyes were hard, staring intently at Taurus in front of him. The tigers muscular chest was exposed, an open brown jacket was worn for upper body clothing, the sleeves seemingly torn off. On his legs he wore a similar brown pants, the ends torn off and strapped down by dark yellow circular bands. Over that he wore a orange cloth, held onto his body by a large black belt. His feet were large with claws at the end with the same brown coloured material padding the arches of his feet. Half of his feet, his shins and all of his forearms including hands were wrapped in bandages.

"Gold key Taurus. We meet again." The tiger smirked at the larger bull in front of him. Ignoring the existence of his caller for a moment. He flexed his fingers aggressively, the bones clicking loudly.

"Platinum Disc Wiin, I had no idea I would be seeing you again." Taurus replied, all silliness that he had ever shown seemed to disappear as soon as the tiger appeared.

"Wait, you two know each other?" Lucy asked confused, she had never seen this Wiin before.

"He is a previous combatant against myself." Taurus explained. "Long before I met your sexy body. I had a fight against Wiin. Which I won moost impressively."

"Yes, Taurus was contracted to the physically strongest man in the world. When my owner fought against him I couldn't compare. But times have changed, now I feel so much stronger." Wiin grinned widely, flashing all of his sharp teeth.

"Oh wait." Naruto called, shifting the two swords from his shoulder, he passed them to Wiin. "Here, I bought these for you, I thought you might like them."

"Thank you, Naruto." Wiin bowed his head respectively, strapping the two swords so their sheaths crossed over behind him. "But I will not be using them in this fight, otherwise I can not know if I am truly stronger than Taurus."

"Then shall we begin." Taurus shifted his weight, gripping the axe as hard as he could.

Smirking, Wiin lunged forwards, in an instant he was in front of Taurus. 'Fast!' Lucy and Taurus thought together.

Out of his fingers grew longer thick claws. He slashed them furiously across Taurus' chest, Wiin landed with his palm touching the ground, he leg exploded into the recently attack chest of Taurus, blasting him into a nearby rock. The stone crumbling under the huge impact.

'And strong as well!' Lucy stared at Taurus' near unconscious form, with just two attacks Wiin took down the massive bull, and he did it with ease.

"Taurus, you are not as strong as you used to be," Wiin looked disappointed at Taurus. "The strength of the spirit rivals the strength of the owner. Naruto is by far one of the strongest people I have ever known. Make sure your owner trains herself as well. I will fight you when you are of a higher form." Even Wiin's very words were powerful.

"Lucy, I must go back now. I have never felt moore ashamed of myself. Am I unable to protect your sexy body?" The injured Taurus asked himself as he dispersed back to the spirit world.

"Naruto, I take my leave as well." Wiin gave another bow of the head before dispersing in a similar manner to Leiru earlier.

Naruto opened the barrel again, taking the disc back out the barrel before snapping it shut, placing the gun back in it's holster. He approached the disheartened Lucy carefully. "Lucy, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lucy gave something Naruto could notice a mile away, a fake smile. 'Is it true, is Taurus weaker because I am not strong?' Lucy asked herself, Wiin's words hurt Taurus, she could tell, but the words hurt her more. "Let's go back and get some food." She suggested.

Naruto, not wanting to hurt her further, agreed without hesitation, both making there way back to the port town.

The two mages made their way through the streets in silence, both unsure of what to say.

"So, those discs. That is a very interesting form of summoning." Lucy spoke quietly finally breaking the tension and silence.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly, rummaging through the small pouch he drew one disc. Upon closer inspection Lucy now saw that on one side of the disc there was a black and white picture of a tiger, on the other side there was a symbol she could only assume meant Tiger, slightly indented into the metal of the disc. "These are the 12 Platinum discs, the rarest of all Entity Summoning discs. Actually, apparently these twelve are the only discs for Entity Summoning. I've never found another type." Naruto explained, putting the disc back into the small pouch on his waist.

"So how many do you own?" Lucy asked with slight more interest now, but was still very disheartened.

"Only four." Naruto sighed in disappointment. "The really hard to find. And Wiin is the only one I own that is specifically battle oriented and will listen to me completely."

"I see." Lucy was about to continue when they were interrupted by squealing girls rushing passed them, screaming something about the Salamander being in town.

'Salamander?' Lucy thought confused until her mind clicked. "Salamander of Fairy Tail, he's the only one with that name! He's in town, I've never seen his face before. But there's so many stories about him in sorcerer's magazine!" Lucy had now regained her happiness, darting off in the direction all the women were going.

A left behind Naruto sighed before jogging after Lucy, something didn't seem right about all this.

Following Lucy through every twist and turn of the streets he eventually found her among a group of girls clamouring around he could only assume was the Salamander. The girls had all been silenced, staring at a pink haired boy with a blue cat. The boy was suddenly punched out of the crowd by the women, knocking him flying.

Naruto approached the crowd, making his way through, he found a man with blue hair and tattoo on his face, a familiar face. "I know you. You're not the Salamander, you're-"

"Well I have to take my leave now!" He was cut off by the 'Salamander'. Who flew up into the air with purple magic, but not without giving a court wink at Lucy in particular. "I hope you all consider my offer of joining me for a party on my boat at the port!" He laughed as he flew into the sky.

Lucy began retching in disgust. "I can't believe I was fooled by Charms magic!" She continued retching as the crowd dispersed. "As soon as you said he wasn't the Salamander it wore off on me, the other girls must not be mages to notice or something."

"Come on, Lucy." Naruto dragged her by the hand, leading her in the direction of where the pink haired boy went. "I need to find something out!"

Naruto had dragged her along to find a pink haired boy and his blue cat. Inviting them all to a meal, they sat whilst the rosy haired boy devoured all the food placed in front of him.

"So how did you know he wasn't the real Salamander?" Naruto asked the boy as he wolfed down food.

"Because I am looking for a Salamander, well he's not a Salamander. He's a dragon by the name of Igneel. Do you know him?" The Blue Cat, Happy translated the words mumbled by the rosy haired Natsu as he spoke with a mouth full of food.

"Why would a Dragon be in town?" Lucy spoke astounded, this guy was weird.

"Just a rumour I heard." Happy translated again.

"Lucy," She turned when Naruto called her. "That man is dangerous, you should not approach him for any means necessary. His name is Bora. He was expelled from Titan Nose Guild for illegally selling girls as slaves."

Lucy's eyes widened in shock. "Well what do I do? It looked like he focused on me!" Lucy yelled in a well deserved worried tone.

"Stay by my side." Naruto smiled at her confidently. "I won't let him anywhere near you, that's a promise. And I never go back on my promises."

A red mist spread across Lucy's face, her heart beat furiously. 'Stay...by his side.'

"Are you a couple?" Happy spoke for himself.

Both Naruto and Lucy went bright red, sweating badly they shook their heads in unison. "No, just friends is all!" The spluttered out together. They remained in silence as Natsu ate all the food. By the time he had finished, the evening sun was beginning turn the skies an orange colour.

The foursome walked through the town, Natsu sputtering out gratitude for the food all the way. As they approached the harbour, where Naruto was planning to sail from, Bora appeared on his purple carpet.

"Ah, I'm glad I found you. I spotted you in the crowd earlier and was hoping to offer you a last minute invitation to my party." Bora spoke confidently, unawares they know the truth about him.

"Go away please." Lucy spat out, turning her head away in disgust from him.

"I see from your keys that you are a Stellar Spirit Mage. Perhaps then I can offer you a place at my guild, Fairy Tail. All we have to do is return to the party to fill out the introduction details." The fake Salamander smirked again.

Naruto noticed how Natsu tensed up upon the mention of Fairy Tail. "Leave now." He spat out himself. "If you know what's good for you."

The smirk left Bora's face, anger growing on his face. He growled in fury, before his magic aura exploded in fury. "This isn't worth it!" He roared out loud. "You are to much of a prize to lose! Do you know how much you will be worth! I will just kill these two friends of yours and take you by force!" A purple flare grew around his fist, he ran forwards towards Natsu, aiming to take his head off.

Natsu caught the fist easily. "This is weak." Natsu spoke darkly. "Such a weak person using Fairy Tail's name for dastardly purposes. Using my guild's name!" Natsu's eyes widened, he threw Bora at the boat his party was at, Bora crashed through the wood.

"Karyū no Hōkō!" Natsu roared a massive amount of fire from his mouth, blast the boat up in flames, he shook his head wildly in victory over Bora.

Naruto smirked at the scene in front of him. "The real Salamander of Fairy Tail."

"Amazing, but..." Lucy stared at the scene in front of her as well. "ARE YOU TAKING IT A BIT TOO FAR!" She screeched, in his victory roar Natsu had destroyed half the port.

"Someone help, call the Rune Knights!" Screeches were heard as people evacuated the burning boat and houses. Rune Knights began flooding the scene, all target Natsu, Naruto and Lucy.

"We got to go!" Natsu panicked, grabbing Lucy by the hand he darted off away from the Knights, Naruto following behind him.

"Where are we going?" Lucy screeched as she was dragged through the air.

"You want to be a member of Fairy Tail right? Well how would you like to join?" Natsu continued running, yet looked towards her and grinned. "Both of you." He then turned to Naruto.

'Me, join Fairy Tail?' Naruto thought suspiciously. He had never remained in one place for too long, perhaps it was time that he finally found a place to call home.

All four of them smiled as they ran towards Fairy Tail, towards new friends, towards new adventures...

A/N: Yo! Rinne-Kami here. Now I know what you're thinking. I shouldn't be starting a new fic, especially another Fairy Tail X Naruto fic, but this idea has been messing with my head, I can't concentrate on my other fics, so I just had to get it out there. I'm either gonna put this up for adoption, or I'm going to continue this more aggedly, when I can't do any of my other stories or I hit a writer's block on them, I'll update this. It was fun to write really.

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Naruto's summonings are based on the Chinese Zodiacs. A little bit more detail about them, all their names are based off anagrams of my creation off of each zodiac's motto, for example the Rat's motto is 'I rule'. The contract gun, I was playing with the ideas of dice or cards, but I like the use of discs and the Gun.

Leiru - proper pronunciation - Ly-roo

Wiin - proper pronunciation - We-an

Elife - proper pronunciation - Eh-lif-ay

Riegin - proper pronunciation - Ree-jin

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