Naruto stood at the bar in Fairy Tail looking across at the frivolity in the guild, very little had changed now that he had become a S-Class Member, in fact, he had appeared to receive even more attention than he did before.

And he didn't know how to respond to it, a part of him welcomed the extra attention, it felt good that people noticed and respected him. However, on the other side he was always one to keep his head down, he travelled for so long no one knew him long enough to gain such admiration, truthfully... it kind of scared him.

"Hey, Naruto!" His eyes darted to the left, Alzack, Jet and Droy were all approaching him at the same time, all of them with large smiles on their faces, the blonde returned the smile, but not as large or as acknowledging. "Are you still mad about the pie throwing contest in Fantasia? You agreed to it!"

"Yeah but I didn't think you would take thirty six turns... each..." He looked over to them with a dark, grumpy expression, recalling how each of them had approached the stand with a burlap sack full of Jewels to spend.

Yet he couldn't maintain the look, his face slowly released a smile before building into laughter with the other three guys, even in a guild filled with laughter, it was theirs which they could only hear.

"Hey," Jet spoke as his laughter begin to cease, staring out into the guild. "There's Levy, and she's with Bisca and Lucy."

The four guys looked over to the table, sure enough, blue, green and blonde hair all sat round a smaller table, talking amongst themselves. "They have grown rather close after participating in the parade together." Droy noted aloud.

"Alzack, have you made any progress on telling Bisca how you feel?" Naruto asked nonchalantly to Alzack's horrified embarrassment. Naruto shrugged his shoulders impassively at his reaction. "It's not like everyone doesn't know, just like how everyone knows Jet and Droy both like Levy."

Alzack stammered on the spot, a red flush enveloping his face. "N-no, I haven't…"

Naruto only chuckled at the humour of the situation. "You're able to battle monsters and bandits, even other mages fearlessly, but you can't tell a girl how you feel?"

"That's easy for you to say, Naruto, you've already got a girlfriend!" Jet and Droy both barked back in unison towards the blonde.

"What?" Naruto looked at them both with a deep, confused expression. "I don't have a girlfriend, who told you that?"

"Levy." Jet replied honestly. "When we first met she told us that you were Lucy's boyfriend."

"And the rumour going around the Guild is that you and Lucy are dating." Alzack then added after Jet's statement.

"T-That isn't true!" Naruto loudly stammered out himself, blushing madly. "Me and Lucy aren't boyfriend and girlfriend!" He denied the claimed with fierce embarrassment, yet when he cooled down he showed a side of sadness. "Truth be told, I'm just like Alzack, I haven't mustered up the courage to ask…"

"Oh! So the newest S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail is scared of something after all!" Droy laughed out loudly in a mocking tone towards the blonde. Alzack and Jet both broke into laughter as well soon afterwards.

Naruto's eyes squinted with annoyance as he looked towards the three of them. "I'm not scared!" He responded, before an evil glint appeared in his eye. "To prove it, I'll make you a deal. I'll ask Lucy out if you three also ask you're respected crushes out as well."

Their laughter died down, and only Alzack appeared fearful of the proposed deal. "Deal!" Jet and Droy chimed together, causing Naruto to grin madly.

"Excellent, you best get ready to ask then." He grinned as he immediately began to leave the group, heading in the direction to where Lucy and the other two girls were sat to Jet, Droy and Alzack's horror.

"The Parade was so good! Did you see how much money we raised?" Lucy asked with a content sigh, reminiscing on the past few days with Levy and Bisca.

"I think we have Naruto to thank for that." Levy said with a hint of guilt in her voice. "I feel bad for him after seeing how many times all the guys took turns throwing pies at him."

"Naruto's a good guy, he didn't really seem bothered by it, plus he did agree to do it." Bisca retorted, remembering her turns throwing a pie at Naruto, she had created a new bullet just for that occasion: Lock-On Pie Shot.

"You looked like you were having fun with Alzack, Bisca." Levy grinned cheekily at the green haired girl to her embarrassment. "So are you two finally boyfriend and girlfriend yet?"

"N-No! We're just friends!" Bisca shot back with a red flush on her cheeks, before her eyes saddened. "At least, that's what he wants. I'm almost ready to give up on him asking me soon."

"Well why don't you ask him?" Levy responded with a curious expression.

"We've been friends for so long, we came from the west to Fairy Tail together. If he doesn't feel the same, I'll ruin our friendship…" Bisca replied saddened and heartbroken, before her eyes darted to Levy. "What about you? You've got Jet and Droy all over you, how you picked one of them yet?"

"No, to be honest I don't really see anyone in that way yet…" Levy replied quietly, yet Lucy and Bisca both watched as her eyes followed a certain long black haired mage as he walked past to argue with Natsu about something.

Levy sighed heavily. "It's so easy for you Lu-chan, seeing as you've already got the perfect boyfriend. Did you see how Naruto jumped to your aid against Zabrock and Gajeel."

"What!?" Lucy's eyes widened as she shouted in shock. "Naruto and I aren't boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Really?" Bisca asked somewhat surprised. "I always thought you two were?"

"No, we're not." Lucy reaffirmed them, before looking over to where Naruto stood with Jet, Droy and Alzack, all seemingly huddled in a conversation meant for only themselves. "Sure he's strong, brave, funny, cute and good looking, but…"

"A conversation about love?" A new voice spoke, Juvia stood next to them, before sitting down next to Lucy. "May Juvia also partake in this discussion?" It wasn't really a question, as she had already joined in, her eyes darted over to Lucy and shot her a hidden glare. 'Strong, brave, funny, cute and good looking. She must be talking about my Gray-sama! Finally Juvia will know about your feelings towards Gray-sama, my rival in love!'

"You like Natsu? Or is it Loki?" Levy continued Lucy's sentence cheekily with a small giggle.

"No, it's not that. It's just really complicated." Lucy responded with a sigh. "He's so open to everyone, but at the same time so distant. He and I are very close, but I know nothing about his life, and when I've tried to ask he's changed the subject without me even realising."

"I KNEW IT!" Juvia shouted with an enraged fury. Pointing a dagger of a finger towards the blond girl. "YOU SEEK GRAY-SAMA'S HEART FOR YOUR OWN, WELL YOU'RE LOVE WILL NEVER TRIUMPH IN THE FACE OF JUVIA!"

"Don't comment on things when you haven't heard the first part of the topic." Bisca spoke in an amused fashion at the blue haired water mage.

"Looks like you might get your chance to find out Lu-chan." Levy spoke with a wink and a smile, nodding her head to the direction Naruto was.

Lucy turned, seeing the blonde boy the spoke of coming towards her with a large, triumphant grin plastered across his face. "Hey Lucy." He spoke as he neared her. "It's been a while since we last hung out, do you want to do something tonight?"

Lucy blushed heavily, stammering out what appeared to be an answer, before Levy jumped in between the two of them. "Lu-chan would love too, Naru-kun!" She grinned madly at the blonde mage, who blinked at her response, before a grin appeared on his own face.

"Great! I'll meet you at your apartment later, Lucy!" He grinned at the flustered blond girl before walking away and out of the guild.

Lucy could only send Levy a heated glare, and the blue haired girl could only chuckle mischievously in return.

"You look so cute in that, Lu-chan!" Levy squealed in delight as she looked at her sister-like blonde friend. Lucy wore a pale white, tight white dress, frilly at the seams and rising up , being shorter over her left leg, with a leopard print scarf wrapped around her neck.

"Are you sure I'm not overdressed? I mean, he never said it was a date." Lucy responded with worry, she had been trying on outfits all day since Naruto pretty much asked her out, she wanted simple and elegant, but everything suggested seemed cheap or overdressed. Cowgirl outfit by Bisca, 6 layers to 'mask her love', by that she assumed her figure from Juvia, it seemed only Levy had decent suggestions.

"Of course not." She turned to Erza, who smiled at her. "We must always look our very best, for we are strong, as is our love."

"That made no sense…" Lucy sighed heavily. "What are you doing here anyway? How did you know what we were doing?"

"I wouldn't miss a chance to bond with the other female members of Fairy Tail." Erza clenched her fist passionately. "Through love and fashion, our bonds grow stronger!"

"What is it with you and love recently?..." Lucy sighed heavily again, already she was drained from all their antics.

"Besides," Erza coughed quietly. "I have yet to meet Naruto, the newest S-Class Mage. He's been away on jobs every time I've been at the guild, and vice versa as well. Even when Fantasia commenced, I never had any interaction with him, but I saw what he accomplished. It was impressive to say the least, to have gained even Laxus' attention in such a short time."

"Mystogan's attention as well." Lucy proclaimed to the surprise of the other girls. "Naruto told me that Mystogan is always speaking to Naruto quite leisurely, Naruto says Mystogan acts like he's known him for years. I always thought Mystogan was a recluse."

"Wow! He even gained Mystogan's attention! Naru-kun really is amazing!" Levy said in disbelief, thinking of the smiling blonde mage. "I wonder what that old geezer will think of Naruto."

"Is he really that great a person?" Erza asked inquisitively, for the time she spent with them, they spoke like Naruto was a gift sent from heaven.

"He's a really nice guy, always smiling." Levy smiled happily.

"He's very loyal to his friends and the guild as well. Alzack can't stop talking about him." Bisca added with a faint smile on to the blue haired girl's answer.

"And he's very powerful." Juvia commented afterwards. "Juvia has never met Naruto-san, but I saw what he did to Zabrock-kun, Juvia has only known of Gajeel-kun to be able to best Zabrock-kun. So Naruto-san must be a powerful mage to do so."

Erza smiled, laughing to herself. "You're very lucky then, Lucy." She looked towards the dressed up blonde with a soft smile. "To have someone like him."

"So how did you get on?" He asked Jet, Droy and Alzack as he prepared for the evening in his apartment. He wore a different attire than usual, now he wore an orange Yukata with long sleeves, with black cloth around his midsection and another Orange rope to bind it together, he remained shirtless underneath, on his feet were simple black sandals.

"We were both rejected." Jet and Droy both grinned with humour at their misfortune, they had heard it a thousand times before.

Alzack however seemed to shrink away, looking down in embarrassment at the floor. "I-I couldn't do it…" He eventually stammered out in a downhearted whisper. "Bisca and I, we've been friends for so long. I just can't ruin it."

"I understand." Naruto replied, yet kept a solid look on his face. "But think about this. What if she finds someone else? Imagine how horrible you will feel then. You've got less to lose acting than you do sitting and watching."

Alzack looked up in shock, his face seemingly to repeat the words through his body. "I have to go now." Naruto commented, looking at all of them, a small smile grew on his face. "Things will look up for you if you remember to cherish all those that you love." With that he had vanished in a yellow blur.

Naruto landed directly outside Lucy's apartment, adjusting his clothes before knocking on the door. He could hear rustling and giggling from the other side when the door swung open, revealing a red haired girl he had never met before. "You must be Erza Scarlet." He grinned wide towards her.

"So you're Naruto Namikaze." Erza replied with a smile towards the blonde. "I've heard a lot about you."

"As I you," Naruto grinned larger in return. "It's good that your last name is the same colour as your hair, I won't forget it that way!" He laughed loudly at his own little joke.

Erza gasped in utter shock, her hand covering her mouth as she stared wide eyed at Naruto. That smile, those words. Flashes of a blue haired boy with green eyes and a red tattoo over his eye ran through her mind. 'He's just like him, from back then…'

"Excuse me." Erza spoke quietly before walking away from the blonde, leaving him utterly confused.

"Was it something I said?" He asked himself curiously, before entering the apartment, greeting and being greeted by all the girls in the room.

Then he saw Lucy, and it took every ounce of his willpower not to let his jaw crash through the floor. Beauty did not describe what stood in front of him. "Well, the good thing is I don't feel like I've overdressed." He smiled weakly towards her.

"I was worrying about the same thing." Lucy blushed from the stare he gave her, she herself smiling weakly from embarrassment.

"Well, seeing as we're both ready. Shall we go?" Naruto asked with his usual large grin.

"Sure." Lucy returned the smile, heading towards the door, before noticing that Naruto wasn't following her. "I thought we were going?"

She blushed fiercely when Naruto's arm shot around her waist; he smiled down at her, being a good half a head taller than her. "I figured we'd travel in style." With that the two of them suddenly disappeared, leaving the remaining girls in Lucy's apartment.

"Wow…" Lucy could only exclaim when they landed, so that was how it felt to teleport. A variety of vivid colours erupted in her senses. It was like the world spun around even faster just for her. "Is that what it's like every time you teleport."

"You never get used to the feeling." Naruto commented with a smile. "Now I've been planning this all day, so I hope you like it!" He grinned, spinning her around quickly.

Her mouth hung loosely as she stared at their location, they stood atop a large hill overlooking Magnolia and its forest. The sun dimming to a lush orange as it sank behind the horizon. A picnic site stood near them, a variety of handmade sandwiches and other snacks lay in a basket, next to a small bottle of wine. "It's beautiful…"

Naruto exhaled in relief, scratching the back of his head as he chuckled as he moved towards the picnic blanket, sitting down on it.

"So am I finally gonna learn something about you tonight?" She giggled jokingly as she sat next to him, leaning against his shoulder.

"What do you mean? You know lots about me." Naruto replied in total confusion, looking at the girl with his lower lip jutting out.

"In all honesty, despite knowing you for a while, I don't know anything about you. Sure you're magic and some of your travel stories I know. But what about further back?" She asked again.

"Really? I'm sure I told you about it before…" Naruto scratched his chin as he tried thinking back on their old conversations.

"Why are you trying to dodge the question?" She asked almost sternly, yet slightly angrily, before her face saddened deeply. "What are you trying to hide from everyone so badly? Back during Laxus' Fighting Festival. The way you acted, it was very convincing. So how much of that was really just an act? Who is hiding behind the big, dumb, cute grin?"

"That wasn't me. But it could have been." She could see the honesty in his eyes as he looked out towards the sunset. "Had things gone a bit different, that could have been me. Some worse than how Laxus pretends to be, no attachments, no cares, nothing."

"Laxus? He was pretending to act like a total jerk!?" She laughed with speculation at Naruto's proclamation.

"Yeah. He acted like a total ass, but he's really not." Naruto replied with a smile. "If anything, he's just like Natsu. He may not go about it in the prettiest of ways, but the guilds best interests were in Laxus' heart. I didn't lie in that interview, Laxus IS ready to become guild master, he's strong, dependable and has all the qualities of a leader. I respect him a lot. He's like the big brother I never had."

'How sad…' Lucy thought sadly, how Naruto felt about who he could have been, his attachment to Laxus. It seemed that Naruto had nothing for such a long time, maybe that was why he was able to make so easily, because he knew the pain of lacking any sort. But she smiled happily nonetheless. "Thanks for opening up to me."

"Anything else you wanna know?" Naruto asked with a lazily raised eyebrow as his eyes shifted towards her.

"What about your parents, where are they?" She asked, hoping that she hadn't just delved into a sensitive spot for the blonde boy.

Luckily though, Naruto shrugged his shoulder almost carelessly. "I never knew them. I've never had any contact with them, I don't know if their even alive. I grew up in an Orphanage for Young Developing Mages until I was old enough to travel, after that I was working until I began travelling constantly as a roaming mage." He replied half honestly, that wasn't technically how it went.

Lucy felt saddened once again, she had thought she had problems with her family, yet Naruto even knew the concept of one. It made her think of one particular person, his unloving eyes, his cold stare. 'I wonder how my Father is doing?...'

"Be careful, Lucy." Naruto spoke worried as he watched the blond girl walk in front of him leisurely on the wall on the bank of the river. "Why do you walk on that anyways?"

Lucy looked a little confused, until she looked down. "Oh, I never really notice I am!" She grinned sheepishly. "I guess when I'm thinking about something, or when I'm happy I just instinctively do it."

Naruto nodded his head as he looked towards her, truth be told he didn't understand a single word of that, but he wasn't about to tell her that.

He felt a small bump hit him from the front. Looking down he saw a little girl, tears forming in her eyes. In her hand was an ice cream cone, the topping lay on the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Naruto crouched down to reach the girl's eye level. "I didn't see you there; let me make it up to you. I'll buy you a new ice cream, with two scoops!"

"Two scoops!" The little girl's eyes lit up at the prospect, nodded her head wildly, Naruto grinned in return.

"Show me where the ice cream store is." He smiled, letting the girl lead the way.

Lucy had continued walking, though she noticed the sudden silence between the two of them. "What are you thinking about, Naruto?" She turned to ask him, a bead of sweat dropped from her head when she realised he had disappeared, and she had no idea where he had gone.

"You've grown a little bit, Lucy." She looked back in front of her, shocked when she saw her father, rough and ragged, with a gangly long beard and dirty clothes standing in front of her.

"Father! What are you doing here!?" She screamed at him angrily, anger from the job he paid Phantom Lord to do, to kidnap her and return her home.

The man looked down sadly. "I've lost everything, Lucy. The house, my money. The Heartfilia Konzern is gone. That's why I'm here, I need a favour."

"Lucy! There you are!" She felt relieved when she heard Naruto behind her. "I thought you had noticed what happened, so I assumed you came with us!" He grinned cheerfully, however that soon disappeared and morphed into a serious expression when he laid eyes on the man in front of him.

"Street rat! What are you doing here?" Lucy's father proclaimed in utter shock when he saw the blond mage standing next to his daughter.

'Street rat?' Lucy quizzed with confusion to herself, looking at the heated stare Naruto shot at her father, and her father's utter surprised look back towards him.

"Master Judo." Naruto replied bluntly, not masking the venom in his voice as his gaze hardened even further into anger at the newest insult.

'Master… Judo!?' Lucy became shocked herself. She had never mentioned her father's name to Naruto before, yet he knew it. And referred to him as 'Master'.

"I saved your life once before Kitchen Boy! I gave you food, shelter! Now is the time for you to return that favour! I need money to restart my business, and you will give me it!" Judo instantly demanded off the blond.

"You don't scare me anymore. You're no longer the all-powerful monster I perceived you as. I've surpassed you in every way." Naruto smirked back almost viciously towards the weak and frail man. "I owe you nothing, Master Judo."

"I owe everything too…"

A young Naruto sat on the street, dirty, his hair filled with specs of dust and dirt, his clothes stained and crusted with mud. Tears washed away two streaks of dirt on his face.

No one would pay attention to him though. He wasn't worth anything to anyone to be considered as such. He had run so far away from the Orphanage, but now he had no idea where he was, he was lost in an unfamiliar country, weak, broken and hungry. He wouldn't survive; he knew that all too well.

"Hey, real men don't cry." He heard a voice speak, he looked upwards. Who stood in front of him was nothing but beautiful. She was a young woman with soft brown eyes along with long blonde hair worn in a bun type style. She was dressed in an elegant pink flowing princess, suitable for a princess. "Real men stand tall, and let their actions do the talking! Especially the ones as cute as you!"

"Leave him alone. He's a street rat, worth nothing." He saw a man behind her, his body blocking the sun, leaving his face in shadow. But his voice made the young Naruto tremble in fear.

"It wasn't so long ago that we were no different, Judo." She replied to him with a small humble giggle before looking back to Naruto. "Besides, I can't leave him. It would be cruel, he can't be any older than Lucy after all. Come, I'll show you a good home, filled with love and happiness."

The man sighed in annoyance. "You and your compassion," He spoke with mild disdain. "Fine. But he'll be put to work in the kitchen, I won't have a slacker loitering around my home."

She smiled even brighter, extending her hand towards to the young blonde. "My name is-"

"Lady Layla!"

Naruto's gaze hardened against the ragged man, glaring intently. "She showed me everything that I could become! The man who stands before you now was built because of her!"

Lucy's eyes widened beyond disbelief, why had Naruto never told her this. He knew both of her parents, he knew her father's cruel heartlessness, and her mother's priceless kindness. Tears began welling in her eyes at the revelation.

"But I know Lady Layla's heart. She would never want you to suffer." Naruto proclaimed, stepping forward towards Judo, rustling in a pocket he pulled out a small bundle of Jewels. Taking Judo's hand and thrust the money into it. "Take this to go wherever it is you want, but on the condition that you never come near Lucy again!"

Lucy couldn't take anymore, she began to run away. Naruto cursed as he watched her run, taking off after her. "Lucy, wait!"

"Lucy, wait!" Naruto ran after the blond girl who stormed away, as he caught up and touched her shoulder she spun quickly slapping his hand away. She was furious, yet tears were strewn down her cheeks.

"What was that about!?" She yelled at him, demanding an answer for what had occurred in front of her.

Naruto looked dejected, like he didn't want to answer, yet he could see the pain on her face as clear as crystal. He sighed heavily. "I- I used to work for your family. When I was a child and I left the Orphanage, I ended up working in your kitchen at your manor. We never really had any contact."

"Then what about my Mom!? Why is she so important to you!?" Lucy yelled back still as angry as before.

"Your mother, Lady Layla. I owe everything to her." Naruto repeated his earlier statement, a small smile grew on his face as he stepped away from the girl, looking at the ground as memories consumed him. Memories of Lady Layla's warming, loving and gentle smile. "I was nothing. I was nobody. Lady Layla taught me otherwise, she showed me I could be of worth to someone. I could have gone down a very dark road, I could have ended up like the person your saw during Laxus' Fighting Festival. But she saved me!" A small smile formed on his face as he looked up towards her. "You're so much like her, Lucy. More than you know."

Lucy's eyes widened with shock at what Naruto said to her. "She cared for me when she didn't even have to, when no one else did. That feeling of worth, of importance to someone. It's a debt I owe to Lady Layla, one I continue to pay off to this day, yet I will never clear it."

The tears stopped in Lucy's eyes as she stared into Naruto's own blue eyes. She could see the sparkling glimmer of tears beginning to well up in his own eyes. "When she passed away I made her a promise, one I didn't know I could accomplish, I had to leave your house after she passed away, then you disappeared as well. Then you found me, and I knew I could keep my promise to Lady Layla."

"What did you promise her?" She could feel her heart almost pounding, why couldn't she stay angry at him. Was it because of all the things he was saying about her mother, the one she idolized above all others?


Lucy's eyes widened to their maximum, memories of her younger self walking through her manor, talking to the staff. Seeing a small blond boy, carrying pots larger than him. That same beaming smile then that had matured to what now stood in front of her.

Her arms trembled as she wrapped them around him, her body followed as his arms wrapped around her. A smile grew on her face as he head nestled into his shoulder. "It's funny…" She whispered so quietly to him. "My mom saved you from that pain and loneliness, and you saved me from it as well. If it wasn't for you, I'd feel worthless, like I wasn't important."

Her head moved upwards to gaze into his deep blue eyes. "You're everything I aspire to be, you're everything I want, you're everything that I desire to have stand by my side forever."

She leaned her face towards his, and he returned. And it happened. A magic so simple, so basic, yet more powerful than any other spell imaginable. A kiss, the power to bind two people together in something so small and almost insignificant.

"How adorable." A voice snapped them out of what had felt like frozen time. A boy stood leaning against a wall. His jaded, blank teal eyes accented by black rings. He had crimson red hair, slightly longer than Naruto's yet more wavy. He wore a red jumpsuit of sorts, with baggier red pants leading into brown boots that went halfway up to his knee. The shirt was tighter and only went down to his midriff, leaving his abs exposed. The left sleeve was missing, and his left arm was instead wrapped in bandages. The right sleeve was looser than the rest of the shirt, hanging over his right arm almost lazily. On the left side of his forehead was the symbol for love, tattooed in red into his skin.

"Gaara! It's been a long time!" Naruto spoke almost ecstatically at seeing the boy, the boy, Gaara offered a faint smile in return as he approached the two blonde.

"How do you know him, Naruto?" Lucy asked quite confused, from Naruto's tone and the look in his eyes, it was as if he knew Gaara longer than he knew her.

"Gaara's my best friend, we used to travel around together until we went our different ways. I never expected you to come to somewhere like Fiore though!" Naruto spoke to the both of them, redirecting the last part of his sentence towards the red haired boy.

"We have a lot to catch up on, besides, there's something I need to talk to you about." Lucy was beginning to notice the total lack of emotion in his voice, even after reuniting with an old friend, he barely seemed touched at the situation, as if he was bottling every feeling up. Gaara looked more directly at her. "If that's not a problem?"

"Uhh… it's fine." She looked towards Naruto and smiled wider. "Really, talk with your friend. I can go home and scrape my rent money together." She laughed loudly at her own self-pity.

"Whatever you have to say to me, you can say in front of Lucy. I trust her completely." Naruto looked at the redhead, who nodded in return. "Come on, we'll go back to my house and talk there."

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