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Bridesmaids: Stevie Rae, Erin, Shaunee, Aphrodite, and Mrs. McKarther.

Groomsmen: Damien, Mr. McKarther, Alex's brother (Christian), Erik, and Darius.

Maid of Honor: Zoey

Best Man: Stark

Flower Girls: Cassidy, Layla, Joi.

Ring Bearer: Kalleb

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Chapter 1: Wedded


"Momma, I don't like dresses!" Joi told her mother, pouting.

"I'm sorry, but you and your sister are flower girls at your sister's wedding. That calls for a dress, Jo-Jo." Zoey responded sternly.

"Fine." The seven-year-old continued to pout but put on the dress her mother gave her. It was sapphire colored with red lace in the sleeve and red ball gown gloves. Joi sighed, and turned around to look in the mirror.

"It's hideous!" she cried.

"It's adorable!" Zoey turned around to face her other daughter. "Right, Lay-Lay?" Joi's twin smiled and nodded her head vigorously. Joi sighed again. Her sister, with their mother's good looks and dark hair, looked better in the dress than she ever would. Even at this young age, she was jealous of her sister.

"On her it is." she sighed a third time.

"Don't fell bad Joi. You're gorgeous!" Layla told her, smiling. Joi smiled.

(20 minutes later) Lillia

"Mom, I'm scared." Lillia said.

"Don't be. You'll be fine." Zoey told her and hugged her tight. Lillia looked at her and smiled. "How are you going to keep your last name?" Lillia had thought about this. Was she going to keep the name of the people who had taught her to walk and talk? Or the people who were the only loving family she remembered. Or would she just cut them both and just us Alex's?

"I'm making my name Lillia Emily Stark-McKarther." she told Zoey, smiling widely. Zoey looked shocked. She obviously hadn't expected her to choose to keep Stark as part of her name. Then suddenly, she wrapped Lillia in a hug. So the day of her wedding, a 23 year old woman was wrapped in her mother's arms.

"Okay, so now we need to get dressed." Zoey said after a moment. Zoey went over to the closet in the High Priestess's rooms and took out a white garment bag. Slowly, she unzipped it and revealed Lillia's wedding dress.

The dress was white and hugged her from chest to waist. Then it spread out in a poof and stopped just short of the floor. In the back, it went backwards in a 2 and a half foot train with red and dyed sapphire rose petals delicately sewn on. The top part of the dress was coved in the petal with a single red rose right below the right sleeve. When she swirled around, the skirt lifted and the train lifted and fell slowly around her feet.

"It's gorgeous, Lil." Zoey told her and smiled. "Here." She handed her a blue ribbon to tie her hair up with. It looked fairly worn. "Something old." Next, she handed her a pair of white heels with red bows on the front. "Some new." Thirdly was a necklace from Stark he had gotten her as a wedding gift. "Something borrowed." Finally, she handed her a blue diamond bracelet that was a wedding present as well. "And something blue."

"Thank you, Mom." Lillia said, tearing up. She put everything on. "I'm ready and we got two hours to kill. Let go check on setup."


Alex looked at himself in the tux and scowled. It was black as was traditional with a blue tie and red cufflinks. His shoes were black as well.

"I hate tuxes." he told himself, then he smiled. His Lillia was worth it, though.

Stevie Rae

"We have two hours until the wedding! Ya'll need to get movin'!" Stevie Rae yelled at the wedding help.

"We're trying!" yelled one of the caterers. Stevie Rae smiled.

"If you don't get movin' faster, I swear that no one will ever hire you again and you'll live in a box on the street." She didn't raise her voice, only let a little bit of the animal she kept locked up out. She looked at them all and saw their faces drain of color. Maybe I let a little too much animal out, she thought. But, it worked.

"Yes, ma'am." all the workers chorused. She smiled as she reeled the red-eyed beast back in, satisfied. Just then, Lillia and Zoey walked in.

"Well, howdy, Z. And, the lovely bride." she said and Lillia blushed.

"Thanks, Aunt Stevie Rae." Lillia said. She cast her eyes down.

"How's the progress?" Zoey aked. "Lillia thought we should come help."

"We're just about finished. We're just bringing in the cake and the last of the roses."

"Okay." So, Stevie Rae watched them walk off to do something else and imagined Cassidy as Lillia and her in the place of Zoey.

(2 hours later) Alex

Alex stood at the alter and looked intently down the 17 and a half foot aisle to where his lovely Lil would enter.

"Shhhhhhhhh!" someone in the aisles said an d the door opened for the wedding party. First came Layla, Joi, and Cassidy, sprinkling petals at their feet. Next came the bridesmaid, groomsmen, and maid of honor. Then was Kalleb, bearing a blue pillow with two glistening rings on it, both made of smooth purple crystal. And lastly, Lillia walked through the door, train trailing behind her, Stark on her arm. The piano player had already begun to play the wedding march but Alex didn't hear it. He only heard the delicate clack of her heels, only saw her face in the crowd, only smelled her simple vanilla perfume. And, as Stark placed her hand in his, he could only feel her soft skin, only taste her sweet breath in his face.

"Sons and Daughters of Nyx, we are gathered here to join these two souls under the eyes of the Goddess." Thanatos said. They had asked her and she had agreed to help them again. She paused and looked around the landscape next to the statue of Nyx, outside of Nyx's temple. She continued, "Brothers and Sisters, as Vampyres, a wedding is not such a flimsy thing as the humans would think. It is a show of love between two of our kind and creating a proper title for both of them. Instead of husband and wife, we are mates for life." She paused and turned to Lillia. "Do you believe you are ready to behold this title?"

"I Do." Lillia said. Thanatos turned to Alex.

"Do you believe you are ready to behold this title?"

"I Do."


"Do you believe that you can honor, cherish, protect, and defend Alex McKarther?" Thanatos said as she turned once more to Lillia. Lillia looked her full in the face, and said only two oh, so powerful words.

"I Do." Lillia watched as she repeated the question to her Warrior and found herself anxious to hear the answer. Silly girl, you know what he'll say. She thought to herself. At least I think I do. But, it' now or never for him to say no. Even as these thoughts ran quickly through her head she heard his reply.

"I Do." Alex said, a prize winning smile on his face.

"Do you promise to love him as much as you can for as long as you can? " Thanatos asked and as he turned to them each in turn, they both repeated the previous answer,

"I Do." Soon, the questions became a blur and only what Alex replied mattered. She blindly said "I Do" when it was her turn to do so until she heard the five words that would change her life forever.

"You may kiss the bride!" Thanatos said with a flourish. Alex grabbed her and laid his lips on hers and as it was three years ago, all felt right with the world. The crowd broke into applause and as Lillia glanced at her father, she saw tears running down his face and his bowed. Her mother was also crying as she looked over there but her head was raised and a proud smile lit her face. Lillia smiled back and kissed her mate again.

"Three cheers for the bride and groom!" Stark yelled, his head suddenly popping up. And so the cheers started and Lillia just kept smiling. Thank you Nyx, for the perfection of my life. Lillia prayed. And, for the first time, she heard a reply.

"You are very welcome. Make good use of it and keep to your vows." The Goddess' voice spoke in her mind.

I will. She replied. Alex kissed her again and she felt even happier than three years ago.

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