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Chapter 14: Kissed


Once Layla fell asleep Kalona was pulled into her dreams. She smiled at him, eyes shining.

"Tomorrow's my birthday," she said. He smiled as he hugged her.

"Happy birthday. So you're going to be eleven?" She nodded, laughing. Kalona counted in his head. "Has it really been four years already?" She had been seven when they had first talked.

"Yeah," she whispers. Then she beams at him again. "Only five more years until I get Marked," she said excitedly, reaching up instinctively to touch the small black star that the Goddess had marked her with. He shrugged.

"You're already more Nyx's daughter than many fledglings or vampyres are. Don't rush your life- yours will last a long time, best to live it for the moment." Layla snorted.

"You should know." He chuckled.

"Yes, I should." She cocked her head to the right.

"How old are you?" He laughed.

"I lost track." She laughed at him, too.

"As old as Nyx?" He shook his head.

"I'm a little younger than that." She nodded. She looked at him, questioningly, but apparently decided against speaking. She looked at him.

"Momma's gonna wake me up soon," she said. "It's almost eight." Kalona nodded.

"I as well must be leaving soon. I feel my sons calling." She made an odd face at that.

"Do you ever miss Uncle Rephaim?" she asked almost inaudibly. He sighed.

"Quite a bit." Then there was a crash in the waking world, jolting him into his body.

Once awake, Kalona searched his surroundings for the source of the sound. Neferet stood next to a shattered mirror.

"What is wrong my Queen?" he asked.

"One of my fledglings has changed. He's gone to Tulsa to join Stevie Rae." She shouted in rage. Kalona attempted to calm her.

"What is one fledgling?" She rounded on him.

"One fledgling is everything! What if that one fledgling manages to bring more with him? Enough to begin a revolution? What if this one fledgling is my downfall?" she screamed at him. He kissed her, mostly so she couldn't talk. She fell into it, and he shut his mind off. She was done shouting and that was he wanted.


The rest of Layla's sleep was restless, full of tossing and turning. Joi woke her about an hour after Kalona left.

"Wake up!" Joi yelled, jumping on her. "Happy birthday!" Layla giggled as she woke up.

"Happy birthday," she laughed and pushed her sister off of her. Joi pulled her arms until she sat up.

"Come on! Mom's making breakfast and then we're going to the tunnels to celebrate. Come on, come on!" Layla laughed and sat up. She pulled on blue skinny jeans and a purple tank top. Joi was dressed in a white t-shirt with black skinny jeans. Her sandy hair was in a pony tail.

In the kitchen, their mom had made pancakes, which they both ate like they hadn't seen food in ten years. Then Layla straightened her hair, which she had left alone to grow to hip-length. Joi had hers cut to about an inch or two under her shoulder blades. Then they all piled into Zoey's Bug and headed to the tunnels. Lillia, Alex, and Krista would be there. She was three now. Aphrodite, Darius, Nohlin- now four-, Damien, Jacquelinne- three and a half-, Shaunee, Erin, Stevie Rae, Rephaim, Cassidy, and Kalleb would all be there. Layla and Joi grinned at each other. They hadn't all been together like that in a long time.


As soon as they got there, Krista ran out screaming, "Aunt Joi! Aunt Layla!" She jumped on Joi, hugging her tight.

"Hi baby girl," she said before passing her to Layla. Then her family walked down underground where she knew everyone was waiting. She grinned. As they walked in, there was a lot of screaming.

"My baby sisters!" Lillia yelled. "They're getting so big!" Alex chuckled. Everyone else shouted stuff to them, "Happy birthday," "You've grown," "I missed you!" There were a lot. Then someone grabbed her hand and she looked up- straight into the most gorgeous brown eyes she's ever seen.

"Happy birthday, Joi," Kalleb whispered. Then he dropped her hand and walked back into the sea of people.

"Happy birthday," she whispered a second too late. Then Joi shook her head to regain her wits and rejoined the people. She laughed and talked to her family, but really all she thought about was the look in Kalleb's eyes before he walked away.


"Kal!" she shouted. "Kalleb!" There was still no answer. "Kalleb Anthony!" Where had he gone? She had seen him only a minute ago.

"I'm right her, Cass. I went to wish the girls a happy birthday." She snorted.

"Anyway, Mom and Aunt Zoey want pictures of the four of us." So he went to find Layla and Cassidy went to get Joi. Then they had to pose for what seemed like a thousand pictures. Then Aphrodite, bless her soul, grabbed Stevie Rae and Zoey.

"It's time for gifts," she tried to whisper, but failed due to the excitement in her voice; Cassidy's mom and the woman who was like her aunt laughed and nodded.

"Come on, kids," Zoey yelled and everyone sat down.

Cassidy barely paid attention to who gave her what. She remembered Aphrodite got her a designer purse and pair of flip flops. Her parents got her a book of poetry- Cassidy loved poetry. Kalleb just gave her fifteen dollars and told her to do whatever she wanted with it. She got a lot of other gifts too, but there were so many she lost track. When everything was said and done she had quite a large pile of things next to her.

"Thanks everyone!" she said, grinning. Everyone went to do whatever around the party and Cassidy went to hang out with Layla, because Kalleb and Joi had disappeared.


When presents were done, Kalleb grabbed her hand again and pulled gently. She followed him without hesitation above ground.

"I have another birthday present for you," he said shyly. She smiled at him.

"Well what is it?" Before she even had time to blink his lips were on hers. He was kissing her. Kalleb Anthony Johnson was kissing her. Not only that, but Joi was kissing him back. She had pictured this so many times in the past year or so and it actually happened. When they broke away, he grinned at her shyly.

"Happy birthday," he said. She grinned back at him.

"Happy birthday to you, too," she said back to him, thinking, My first kiss is the boy I've known since the day I was born.

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