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I never thought I would be this tired from simply walking through Konoha. My legs were starting to become numb and I could feel myself starting to tremble as I gulped in deep droughts of air. I braced myself against the railing along the walk-way outside of my apartment as my knees finally gave out and I sank to the ground. My head lolled from side to side as I tried to clear my clouding vision. The pounding in my head grew until my vision swam and my eyes slowly closed as my head fell to the ground.

The dobe missed the meeting this morning with Sakura and Kakashi. Why am I the one that has to go drag his sorry ass to the bridge?

Sasuke shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he continued to make his way through the village. Children kept running past and bumping into him as he walked the crowded streets. Finally he had enough and took to the roofs so as to avoid all of the people.

He better have a damn good excuse for missing or I'm going to kill him when I find him.

Sasuke kept jumping across buildings and soon he could see the top of Naruto's apartment complex. He grabbed the edge of the roof and swung down to the top landing of the complex and turned towards the last apartment before abruptly coming to a halt. Naruto was slumped on the ground in front of his apartment. Sasuke rushed over and knelt down beside him to check his pulse. Naruto was sweating profusely and his eyes were dancing rapidly behind his eyelids. Ragged breaths brushed past his lips and fin tremors racked his frame.

Naruto. "Dobe, wakeup!" Sasuke shook Naruto's shoulders. "Come on Naruto, wakeup!" Sasuke started panicking when Naruto didn't respond. Sasuke found where Naruto's key had fallen out of his hand. He stood up and unlocked Naruto's door and turned back around to pick-up Naruto before entering the apartment. Sasuke quickly slipped his shoes off and walked over to Naruto's couch before laying him down on the cream colored cushions. Sasuke made a clone of himself and sent it to get Kakashi and bring him back to Naruto's place. After his clone left, Sasuke walked into the Kitchen in search of a clean wash-rag. He found one by the sink and hastily ran it under cool water before wringing out the excess water and walking back to Naruto. He knelt down beside Naruto and gently washed the sweat from his face before draping the folded rag over his head and stood back up. He took Naruto's shoes back to the door and started to look around the small apartment.

I've never been to the dobe's house. It looks like hardly anyone lives here.

The walls were void of any pictures and the only personal effects Sasuke could see was a small plant on the windowsill and a calendar pinned to the wall by the kitchen. Sasuke walked over to Naruto and sat down on the floor by his head to wait for Kakashi.

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