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Kakashi quickly started to examine Sasuke to see where he had been hit and was pleased to find just a small laceration on his right shoulder. It was disconcerting to see Sasuke shaking on the ground with such a small wound but on closer examination Kakashi noticed that there was a foul chakra embedded in the wound that seemed to radiate malicious intent. The chakra was very familiar and as he turned to look at Naruto he realized where it came from. Naruto was in a crumpled heap in the middle of the blast radius and he was oozing the foul chakra that was in Sasuke's wound.

"Sarutobi," Kakashi called.

Sarutobi came over to Kakashi and knelt down to examine Sasuke. After he finished his examination Sarutobi took out a scroll, ink, and a brush from his shinobi pouch.

"We will have to coax the chakra out of the wound and seal it into the scroll so that Sasuke can heal," Sarutobi explained. He quickly drew a seal that looked like a simpler version of the one on Naruto on the middle of the unrolled scroll. After several hand-signs Sarutobi's fingers glowed pale green as he touched the laceration on Sasuke's right shoulder. As he began to slowly remove his fingers from Sasuke's shoulder and wisp of red chakra followed until it was led to the seal and quickly sucked into the scroll. The seal glowed brightly for a moment before it returned to black ink. Sarutobi put away his scroll and supplies while Kakashi bandaged up Sasuke's shoulder.

"That should take care of his shoulder and the shaking," Sarutobi announced.

"He seems to be doing better already," Kakashi replied. He made sure that Sasuke was laid out on the ground comfortably before turning with Sarutobi and heading for Naruto.

As they approached the men saw that Sakura had made her way through the debris and was standing three feet away from Naruto. Once they reached them, both Kakashi and Sarutobi noticed that Naruto was still unconscious but otherwise unhurt. But, the biggest shock was to find that there was a barrier around Naruto made from the red chakra that blocked them from getting any closer to examine him.

"What's wrong with him sensei?" Sakura asked worriedly.

"He will be fine Sakura," Kakashi reassured her. "Why don't you go and wake Sasuke up, then both of you can head to the hospital for a check-up."


"No buts Sakura," Sarutobi interrupted her. "You both need to get checked out after being exposed to that blast. Don't worry about Naruto we will take care of him and he will be fine in no time."

"Hai sensei," Sakura replied. And with that she left to go get Sasuke and head to the hospital.

After the two young shinobi were safely out of hearing distance Kakashi turned to Sarutobi to discuss what needed to be done about the seal.

"Why can't we just seal the chakra in the scroll like you did with Sasuke?" Kakashi asked.

"That is only a temporary solution when considering how much chakra we would have to seal," Sarutobi replied.

"But, could we keep the chakra sealed in the scroll long enough to repair the damage to the seal that is causing it to leak in the first place?" Kakashi asked.

Sarutobi stopped to ponder the suggested solution to their current predicament and tried to decide if it could be done.

"I am not entirely sure how long we can hold the fox's chakra in the scroll, but we can give it a try," Sarutobi slowly replied. "Wait here and monitor Naruto while I go and retrieve some help. The process of temporarily sealing the chakra and repairing the seal at the same time is going to require a larger amount of chakra than the two of us can muster together."


Sarutobi took off toward the Hokage tower in a whirl of leaves. Kakashi settled down as close to Naruto as the barrier would allow and contemplated the situation.

"How did you get into this mess Naruto?" he mused.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Time Skip*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

It was well pass noon when Sarutobi returned to find Kakashi staring silently at Naruto in the same place he left them. He walked over and knelt down with a large summoning scroll and unfurled it next to Kakashi. Then he laid down another large blank scroll with the simplified version of Naruto's seal already drawn out.

"I have finished making the preparations needed to repair the seal," Sarutobi stated. "Lord Hiashi will be here shortly to assists us with the process."

Kakashi nodded his head as he clambered to his feet. He knew lord Hiashi had one of the largest supplies of chakra in Konoha and had the control necessary for the delicate process of repairing the seal on Naruto. But, one thing still puzzled Kakashi.

"How do you propose we fix the seal?" Kakashi asked.

"With this," Sarutobi pointed to the scroll. "We will summon the frog that the fourth Hokage used to guard the key to the seal he placed on Naruto as an infant. The key has the dual purpose of locking and unlocking the seal along with an instruction manual of sorts should the seal falter. But, there is a catch. The key can only be used three times before it becomes void. It has already been used once when the seal was placed. We need to be careful, because after we use it there will only be one more time the key can be summoned and used before the seal deteriorates permanently. So, we need to make sure we do it right the first time."

"And that is where I come in," Hiashi called as he walked beside Sarutobi. "I have studied seals similar to Naruto's when I was researching the seal used on the branch family. I should be able to repair the seal while Sarutobi temporarily seals the chakra in the scroll."

"What do I need to do then?" Kakashi asked.

"Funnel your chakra into Hiashi and I while we perform our task so that we will have enough power to complete them. We will be able to mix our chakras and boost the power of our jutsu," Sarutobi explained.

"Hai," Kakashi replied.

Once their task had been decided Hiashi summoned the frog with the scroll and released the key that it held. While the key was being absorbed by Hiashi, Sarutobi concentrated on the chakra barrier surrounding Naruto and forced it into the scroll. Once the barrier was removed Hiashi ran through a string of hand-signs before activating his byakugan and slamming his palm into Naruto's stomach over his seal. All three shinobi were already sweating under the strain of their jutsu. As the jutsu took effect, the seal on Naruto's stomach slowly revealed itself as if it were being rewritten in ink as they watched. Once the seal was complete Naruto's entire body briefly glowed a soft blue before Hiashi released his jutsu and the seal key was returned to its frog guardian. Once Hiashi backed away from Naruto and Kakashi stopped boosting his chakra, Sarutobi released the scroll. All at once a large red stream of foul chakra flew from the scroll and rushed back to Naruto. The chakra swirled like a miniature cyclone as it was absorbed into the center of Naruto's seal. The three older shinobi waited for everything to calm down before the examined Naruto.

The seal had faded back beneath tanned skin as the red chakra was completely absorbed. Naruto seemed to be coming around and the three watched as sky blue eyes slowly fluttered open.

"What happened?" Naruto croaked.

Kakashi chuckled quietly at how unaffected Naruto seemed by what had just recently happened.

"We had to fix the seal on the fox's chakra, Naruto," Sarutobi quietly replied. "You gave us all quiet a scare with the shockwave you sent out earlier."

"How do you feel?" Hiashi asked.

Naruto slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position with the help of Kakashi and took an inventory of his body. Nothing seemed out of place except for slight warmth to his stomach. He no longer felt weak and feverish, in fact he felt stronger than ever.

"I feel fine," Naruto answered after a minute.

"That's great to hear," Kakashi retorted. "But you are still going to the hospital to get check out with your other two teammates after the ordeal you just went through."

"Ah man," Naruto mumbled. "Do I really have to go?"
"Yes," Sarutobi ordered, "Now go on to the hospital, there are two people waiting to see you."

"Fine," Naruto grumbled as he made his way toward the hospital.

"I'm glad we were able to fix the seal for now," Sarutobi began. "But we should begin focusing on training Naruto to wield the fox's chakra and control it so that should the problem arise again we will be more prepared."

"I will take him under my wing and train him to use the chakra and how to understand the seal," Hiashi offered.

"Thank you," Kakashi replied. "But for now let's just let him rest a while first."


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