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The professor asked me to stay after class, like I was a kid in grammar school or something. He was an older, pudgy man, not worth the effort to imagine doing him. That was what my world consisted of, imagining doing other people. I tried to be a deep thinker, but it only made me think of the statue of the deep thinker, yeah, I would do him.

I came out to my friends and family my sophomore year in high school, nobody seemed shocked, because drop dead gorgeous guys like me are either players, or gay. I fancy myself as a gay player. I walked up to the professor's desk and looked at the picture of his pudgy family. Married couples tend to look like each other, it's gross.

"I would like to offer you a position as….."

Oh God, he's offering me a position, like something new would make him doable. I laughed and shook my head before I realized he wanted me to work with his teaching aide in the lab. This was absolutely doable. His aid was hot, like steaming hot, hot with a side of sizzle.

"Jasper?" I asked to make sure he didn't have some clone he worked with as his aide.

"Yes, Mr. Whitlock," he clarified.

"Oh sure, I'll work with Mr. Bigcock," I replied with a smile. Hell, yeah I would. He was the top rung of doable and I was willing to climb that ladder.

Professor Stanley handed me the small card with Jasper's information. I now had Jasper's cell phone number, office hours, and email. It was like handing me the Holy Grail. I walked out of class with a big ass grin on my face, until I ran into my best friend Bella.

Bella was a work in progress. She always picked the wrong guys, she was clumsy, could never get a full sentence out before starting a new one, and dressed like a trucker without being a lesbian. She wanted to be doable, but did all the wrong things.

"Bella," I said as I rolled my eyes, a move I had perfected into three categories…the subtle roll, the obvious roll, and the all out smack-the-bitch roll. "Just because the plaid isn't flannel doesn't mean it works. You look like a logger, and not the kind I like."

"Shut up," she said quickly and began playing with the buttons on her shirt. "I needed, you know, for a test, like something like…comfortable."

"Guess who I'll be doing this weekend," I said with a big smile.

"Anyone who looks, you know….makes eye contact, or well….a guy who happens to…."

I didn't wait for her to spit it out; we could be here all day, so I interrupted her attempt at speech and said, "Jasper Whitlock, male specimen extraordinaire."

"No way," she screamed and I laughed at her shock. I was sure most of the female population wanted Mr. Bigcock. But I knew something they didn't, no guy is that put together unless he is gay. He didn't have any feminine qualities, he just dressed too well.

I pulled out my phone and began a text to the very doable teacher's aide.

Jas. Yeah, I had a nickname for him already because I was confident in that way. Mr. Stanley assigned me to you, great assignment btw, so when do you need me? I added a winking emoticon to let him know I was playing with him already.

Who is this? Came the reply. Oh yeah, kind of forgot that part. I smiled and texted my name, imagining him sighing loudly and getting hard at the thought of us 'working' together. I didn't expect the response I got. I don't need an arrogant little shit helping me.

Oh man, it is on dude. I was many things, but a little shit was not one of them. I was tempted to take a picture of my big shit and let him see exactly what he would be missing, but this was a game I knew all too well. I kept my cool and replied. Good thing you got me then.

Bella watched my smile with confusion, or as I called it, her usual stare. She was lucky to have me as a friend, since I understood the world that confused her so much. I put my arm in hers and pulled her to the library so we could study. I made it a habit of never going home with school work. I stayed until I got it done and then left academic things behind when I left campus.

We were working hard and I was actually concentrating when someone leaned against the table to gain my attention. I saw his fingers first. They were spread wide and pushing forcefully on the oak, his hands had veins bulging their way up his tight forearms. I finally made it to his face, circled in blond curls with sky blue eyes. Oh my God, he was perfection.

"I want you to stay far from the lab," he said with a harsh whisper.

"Okay, do you want me to come to your place?" I asked with a smirk, because I had an adorable smirk. The only thing cuter was my ass.

His eyes widened and he leaned in closer. I was tempted to kiss him, but I assumed his lips were like potato chips and I wouldn't be able to stop at just one. "We have a friend in common," he said as he glared at me. "Emmett McCarty."

Ah shit, well there's the reason for his attitude. My ex, Emmett, was bound to tell him all kinds of crap about me. Emmett was still in the closet and afraid his He-man persona would be ruined by admitting he was gay, but man was he doable.

"Emmett's doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground," I said. "And, believe me, I know."

"He's a great guy," Jasper said emphatically. Oh my, the Godlike creature in front of me had it hard for Emmett. I would have to work fast to make him see what a douche Emmett is.

"Hey, Professor Stanley told me to help, so I'm helping. Give me an assignment or put up with me shadowing you all day," I said and tried to look serious.

"Fine, feed the rats," he bargained.

"Really, because Emmett eats a lot," I said with my unfailing smirk.

He actually smiled, sort of. His perfectly pouty lips rose on one side of his mouth and a lock of hair fell into his eyes. He pushed it back and stood upright. "He told me to watch out for you," Jasper admitted.

Wow, Emmett thought better of me than I realized. He was pointing me out to other men, hot men, doable men, men I wanted looking at me. I pulled out my lethal weapon, no not that one, my smile. I had a killer smile. The only thing bigger than my smile, and my other weapon, was my ego.

"I'm happy to hear he misses me," I said and wondered if he actually did.

"He misses you like you miss a cold sore," Jasper said and added his own smirk, which was hot damn.

"He had plenty of those, too," I whispered and leaned toward him. He finally realized I wasn't alone and looked over at Bella with a pitiful glance. Bella got those a lot, probably from hanging around with gay guys too much. A girl with no sense of style would stick out like a sore thumb around my kind.

Jasper nodded to her and Bella opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, so Jasper turned back to me. "Meet me in the lab tomorrow at one," he conceded and I nodded before adding a wink. "Oh Christ," he mumbled and walked away. He was so into me, he just didn't know it yet.

"He's dating, like, Um….your ex," Bella stammered.

"No, he's filling in time until we get together," I clarified. Emmett was nowhere near the level of Jasper. It would be like choosing ground round when you could have filet mignon.

We finished our homework and headed home. I shared a house with three girls. I had my own room, and so did Rosalie. She wasn't a lesbian, but she was bitchy enough to be one. Alice and Bella shared a room because Alice talked too much and Bella couldn't form a sentence. It was a cozy arrangement and worked well for all of us.

"Are you making dinner," Rosalie asked when I entered the house. It was my turn, but I wasn't in the mood to cook so I went for the juggler.

"You sure you want to eat, your hips look big in those jeans," I said and watched the heat rise from her neck and into her face.

"Screw you," she yelled and stomped out of the room. At least I got out of cooking. Bella punched my arm, because it didn't involve speaking, to tell me it was low. I shrugged and headed to my room. I got the master bedroom with my own bathroom. Alice said it was because none of them wanted to know what I do with men, but I think it was because the prettiest face should have the biggest mirror.

I took a long shower and dried my waxed chest before covering my body in lotion. I came out of the bathroom nude and found Bella sitting on my bed. "Are you coming with us….like to the….we're all going…the club," she said.

"I'll stop by, I'm going to look for a little action tonight," I told her and she made a face. Action to Bella meant a guy sticking around to hear her speak a full paragraph. They were all used to seeing men make the walk of shame from my bedroom to their cars, it wasn't shocking or new, they were just jealous more men left my room than theirs.

I pulled on my underwear and turned around to see Bella looking at her fingernails, which she constantly chewed on. I walked over and bent down to look into her eyes. "What, you look like you want to say something, so say it."

"I just….you know, Jasper, he's like…well…good, you know?"

"Are you telling me he's out of my league or to treat him well?" I asked her and got ready to throw her from my room if she said he was too good for me.

"Just… be nice," she warned and stood to leave.

"I know a lot of ways to be nice," I said with a laugh. "If I can get him to my bed, I promise I'll be very nice."

"You're a whore," she said as she left the room. Oh yeah, that she can get out without a stutter. There may be hope for her yet.

I got dressed in my typical style, tight shirt to show off my chest, tight pants to show off my treasure chest, and enough gel in my hair to look like I came from my bed where some hot guy was appreciating my chest and treasure.

I added cologne to all the right places and then tidied up my room in case I brought home a visitor. I played mood music until all the girls were ready. Rosalie changed jeans and I laughed at how easy she was to control.

We headed out for a night of debauchery, well in my case at least. Alice would talk a guy's boner down, Bella would confuse the hell out of some guy, and Rose would intimidate any male that got within ten feet of her. I had to admit, I loved my bitches.

We went into a club that was packed with other students. A girl grabbed my arm and pulled me to the dance floor. I didn't mind, it got me seen and that was the only thing I cared about. Surely some closeted gay guy was dancing with some chick and looking at me.

I gave her my best pelvis gyrations and then excused myself to get a drink. I sat at the bar and checked out the scene before moving down the street to my kind of club. The music was loud and the dance floor was packed. I nodded to a few guys I had taken home before, but I wasn't interested in a repeat performance. Gay guys fell into two categories, those who knew what to do, and those who needed to be taught what to do. I didn't feel like instructing tonight.


I was making my way to someone who looked promising when a huge chest stepped into my way. I knew that chest; I had kissed that chest many times, as well as bitten it, too. I looked up to see my ex grinning at me with two deep dimples I used to find attractive. Now they remind me of assholes.

"Hello, Emmett."

"Do you really think you have a chance with Jasper Whitlock?" he asked and I could read envy all over his face.

"Do you really think I don't?" I asked him back, because if anyone knew what I was capable of, it was Emmett.

"He won't fall for your crap, Edward. The guy is brilliant."

I laughed hard, as I got hard and laughed. Bella would seem brilliant compared to Emmett. He struggled with simple addition and took basic math three times before passing the course. It was how we met actually, I tutored him in math. I taught him one plus a one was much better than one plus a zero, he just didn't want anyone to know.

"I think I'll let him show me his brilliance over and over again," I said and Emmett gave me a chest butt. That was a move made on football fields, not in gay clubs. It didn't mean you were challenging a guy in this environment, it meant you wanted sex fast and hard. "What did I tell you about acting hetro in clubs," I chastised him, knowing I was hitting a sore spot.

"Bite me," he said angrily and I chomped my teeth into the air before giving my all impressive smirk. He walked off in anger and I went back to looking for the doable guy I had seen earlier. I finally found him and made my way to his table.

"Hi, I'm Edward Masen," I said confidently and watched as the other guys almost bowed at my feet. The new guy smiled and I knew he was on the line; I only needed to reel him in.

We headed to the dance floor and I was impressed with his moves, he had rhythm for a white gay guy. After a drink and few dances I moved in for the kill. "I'm just down the street; do you want to head to my room?"

"Sure," he said and let me take his hand and lead him from the club. He didn't pull away when we got to the street, which was my test to see if a guy was out of the closet or not. I gave him the final assessment and pushed him against the building and kissed him.

He didn't tense or push me away, so I knew he was good with who he was. We walked quickly to my place and I locked my door behind us. I pulled off my shirt to let him see my perfectness and swoon a little. It was only polite.

"I don't do anal," he said and I chuckled.

"Good thing I do," I told him and watched his face turn pale. Oh God, I chose a tight ass, not that my kind didn't like that, it was just he was uptight about sex and it was the last thing I needed tonight.

"I'm not….I mean I have….oh hell," he stammered and I felt like I was about to do Bella.

"Look, I'm not rough and I'm not into kinky stuff, but if you're not going to have sex with me you can leave," I told him honestly, because I was a gift and if he didn't see it that way I wasn't wasting my gifts on him.

"I just want to blow you," the guy offered and I sighed loudly. Yeah, he would, because I was not just doable, but also blowable.

"Fine," I lamented and dropped my designer jeans in case the guy was a rookie.

He looked at my unit with anticipation and I felt my chest swell with pride. Yeah, my parents pretty much rocked me with the genes. I went over to the bed and fell onto it with my arms over my head and waited.

"You'll keep this quiet won't you, I'm kind of in a relationship," he admitted.

"Dude, there's nothing to keep quiet so far," I pointed out, because I was lying spread eagle and nothing was landing.

He finally removed his shirt and came over to lie over me, his face even with mine. "You're not going to dry hump me, are you?" I asked, because he wasn't doing what I thought he wanted to do.

His mouth moved onto mine and I let him get a little taste of what I could do and then pulled away. He moved down my chest with kisses and I closed my eyes and imagined Jasper. Not that this guy wasn't good looking, he just wasn't heavenly like Jasper was.

"Say my name," he whispered before making contact with me.

Crap, what was his name, did I even ask for a name? Hell, I have no name to say. I finally went with, "Sexy guy."

"Carlisle," he corrected.

"I know," I lied, "But to me you're sexy guy."

I was ready to jump in with instruction if I needed to, but damn if sexy guy didn't know his business. I had to admit I learned a couple of moves from him. He was first rate at what he did, although I wished he was willing to do a lot more. My jeans would have been fine around my hips, he wasn't a rookie, he was a pro.

I reciprocated with my own welcome to the majors and soon we were both lying sweaty in the sheets. He kept kissing me, either very grateful for my reciprocation or liking the way I kissed. He tensed when we heard the girls come home.

"They're my roommates," I told him so he could relax but he continued to look guilty.

"I'll leave when they're in their rooms," he said and began to dress.

"You're welcome to stay," I told him but he shook his head quickly.

"Okay, well bye," I said and rolled over to get some sleep. He walked over to my side of the bed and knelt down to look at me, most likely because I was fantastically easy on the eyes.

His hand reached out and moved my hair from my face. "You are so beautiful," he said, stating the obvious. I knew he would be back, regardless of his relationship, and the next time I would introduce him to real gay sex.

"I'll see ya, later," I said with confidence and gave him a quick kiss.

"You'll keep this quiet, right?" he pressed.

"Sure, my lips are sealed, well, sometimes," I said with a smirk to get him hard again.

He laughed and gave me another kiss before heading out the door. Bella opened my door and I groaned loudly. I wasn't in the mood for one of her stunted conversations. She came over and jumped onto my bed and lay where Carlisle had just been.

"Men are so…."

"Delicious," I offered as she struggled for a word.

"Help me…you know, find like, a guy," she said sadly.

I sat up, ready to be brutally honest with my home girl. "First of all you have to talk in complete sentences. You can't stumble over words and attract a man," I pointed out. "Then stop dressing like a dude. You have a great figure, show it off a little."

Bella got out of my bed and stomped to the door. She didn't like hearing the truth and was acting all hurt now. "You asked for my help," I yelled to her.

"You're mean," she yelled back to me.

"Well at least I had sex tonight," I yelled through the shut door.

I fell back onto my pillow and went to sleep. The next day I went to class and kept watching the clock for my appointment with Jasper. I was looking exceptionally stylish today and kept just enough scruff on my face to be pleasing.

I waited in the lab, surrounded by rats and thought about Emmett. He actually kept a girl on the side as a decoy. I had no idea how he could sleep with a woman, a shudder ran through my body at the thought.

Jasper finally walked through the door and glared at me as I gave him a drop dead smile. I liked the challenge and knew he would be worth it. He tossed a folder on the table and I picked it up and glanced through it.

"We have the rats divided into three groups. This is the control group," he said and pointed to a wall.

"Wait, I'll really be working with the rats?" I asked him.

"Did you think we kept humans in the cages?" he said with a smart-alecky retort.

"Now that, I would love," I said and he gave me the almost smile again.

"I need you to keep meticulous records because this data is for my grad work," he said and pulled his smile back under control.

"Yeah, yeah," I said to dismiss his concern. "Do you want to get a cup of coffee with me?"

"Damn it, Edward," he said harshly and I wondered if he wanted to spank me. "This is important."

"Look, I have good grades and I study the material. I'll do a great job for you, so stop worrying and lighten up. What do you do for fun?" I asked him and refrained from telling him doing me would be fun, but I wasn't that egotistical….to strangers.

"I'm working on my education, I don't have fun yet," he said and pulled the folder from my hands.

"You know what they say about all work and no play; it makes Jack… have to jack-off."

He finally smiled a genuine smile and my heart sped up in response. This guy owned me right now and I was going to do whatever it took to win him over.

"Come on, one cup of coffee, it isn't like we'd be going steady or anything," I added and his smile widened.

"Okay," he relented, "But we talk about the lab."

Oh hell no, we were going to talk about us, and the doability of us. I could care less about a bunch of rats and what data they produced. We headed to the campus eatery and I got us a cup of coffee while he found us a table.

We sat down, two hot guys in the middle of swooning coeds, but didn't give them a sideways look. "Where are you from Jasper?" I asked since I noticed an accent.

"Georgia," he said and drank his coffee black, God, that turned me on.

"What brought you to Seattle?" I asked, grateful for whatever it was.

"The Northwest is more liberal," he said openly.

"And you still believe that after knowing Emmett?" I teased and he rolled his eyes at me. Not as perfectly as I do, but he was a contender.

"I feel sorry for Emmett," he admitted and I shook my head in agreement. Being dumb was a liability, but being gay and dumb was actually dangerous.

"Is he still keeping a girl on the side?" I asked the guy I planned to make mine.

"I don't know, I'm not involved with him," he said to my relief.

It was sad enough I had been with Emmett, but Jasper didn't deserve that kind of drama. I finally shut my mouth so I wouldn't appear to be like Alice and let Jasper initiate some conversation. He was content to sit quietly for a bit and finally became uncomfortable.

"So, Edward, we need to keep this professional," he said and my heart sank.

"You want to pay me?" I teased but I couldn't force a smile.

He chuckled and it lightened my mood considerably. "You're a charming guy, I'm sure you already know that," he said. Yeah, I knew. "But I'm working on my doctorate and trying to keep a relationship at the same time, if you're not going to help me than tell me now."

I got jealous, extremely jealous, and had to keep myself from stomping the ground and screaming out loud. "Who's your significant other?" I asked and prayed he wasn't lying about Emmett.

"Carlisle Cullen," he said softly and glanced around the room.

I choked on my coffee and he had to hit me on the back so I could catch my breath. I just let the boyfriend of the guy I wanted as a boyfriend come into my bed. I felt sick but also excited at the same time. I knew exactly what Jasper had been missing from his much too uptight lover, and I was just the guy to make it all right.


I tried to act like I swallowed my coffee too quickly, but I didn't want him thinking I made a habit of choking easily, it wasn't a good feature in my community. I also wanted to plant a few seeds of doubt in his mind, along with the other seeds I wanted to plant in him.

"You seem to be wound way to tightly to be in a satisfying relationship. I'm guessing there is trouble in paradise," I said sounding all psychic and cryptic.

He looked at me, like right into my eyes, but he didn't respond, so I pushed him further. "I'm guessing your guy is having a hard time expressing himself, am I right?"

"I'm not talking to you about this," he said and looked away finally.

"Come on Jasper, you work hard all day and then get denied at night. That's not a relationship; it's a high school romance with a guy only willing to blow you."

"You don't know what you're talking about," Jasper said with a soft voice, still not looking at my eyes. I could play dirty and tell him I did know what I was talking about because I spent the evening with his guy, but that wouldn't move us into a relationship, so I held back.

"All I know is you wouldn't have that strained look on your face if you came home with me," I said honestly.

"I don't cheat," he said and went back to drinking his coffee.

"I don't see it as cheating; I see it as finding out what's really out there, God Emmett would be better than a sexually repressed homosexual."

I did it again, I got him to laugh. I did that, not Carlisle or dumb ass Emmett, me. I kicked him gently and tossed my head as if making him an offer.

"See, this is exactly why I didn't want you helping me," Jasper said and looked really pissed, so I knew I was getting to him.

The tension was building, and he wasn't coming right out with a no, but then something happened to ruin it. Alice came running up to our table.

"Oh my God, Edward, have you seen the loser Rose was with last night. He is like a Neanderthal, all muscle and no brains. They were going at it so loud last night that I walked in to yell at them and saw them doing it doggie style."

I knew at that moment she was with Emmett, he had been in my house with my roommate and didn't even know it, most likely picturing me in his mind the whole time. I wasn't being arrogant, just honest.

"Can you go away," I said to her since she was ruining my game.

She gave me an offended pout then looked at Jasper and smiled. "Hi," she said coyly.

"Hello sweetheart," he said and her eyes lit up.

"He's a southern gentleman," I explained before she went to work imagining him in her bed, "And only interested in gentlemen."

"Such a waste," she offered and finally walked away.

Jasper shook his head and went back to his coffee so he wouldn't have to speak. I laughed, causing him to finally look back into my eyes. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"I guess I'm wondering if you truly are gay, since you only like semi-sex."

"You're assuming too much," he said angrily.

"That you're gay or the sex?" I asked to clarify his position.

"I'm not talking to you about my sex life," he said and stood to leave.

I let him go, because I knew he would be thinking about me as his guy offered him another blow job tonight. I was confident he would be much more approachable tomorrow. I headed to the library to do some studying and saw Rosalie waiting outside of a classroom.

"Hey Rose, I heard you screw like a dude," I yelled over to her. Nothing gave me joy like messing with Rosalie. Her eyes flashed pure hatred and she grabbed her backpack and walked away. "I like the back view," I yelled to her retreating form and she flipped me off. Yeah, she was pissed, just like I wanted.

When the classroom emptied Emmett walked out of the door and I groaned at my bad timing. He glanced at me and then quickly looked away, as if people would know I screwed him just by the look on his face. "How was Rosalie?" I asked loudly, knowing it would make Emmett happy to have other's know he had been with a woman.

"She's hot," he said with his own loud voice.

"Yeah, a back like a weightlifter, I hear," I said to let him know I knew.

"Hey pussy is pussy," he said angrily and I laughed, because not really, especially not when you were imagining some guy just to get off.

"You should have gone further down the hallway for some real sex, Rose is my roommate," I said and watched the look of shock come across his face. Seattle was really getting way to small for the both of us. "How about it, for old time sake," I offered. Emmett was a horrible relationship but the sex was always good.

He glanced around cautiously and finally nodded. I took off in front of him and headed into an obscure restroom which had a lock. He followed me and locked the door after entering. "This doesn't mean we're back together," Emmett said, as if I would take his sorry ass back.

"You're safely in the closet with me," I told him, just as I did when we were dating.

I grabbed him by the jeans and quickly pulled them to his ankles. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me with a fierceness only Emmett possessed. He was rough but good at it. I melted against him and let my hand wrap around the part of him I knew best. "Can you last?" he asked me, telling me he wanted to go first. I knew he hadn't been with a man lately so I nodded. I walked over to the wall and removed my own pants before bending over and placing my hands against the wall. Emmett slipped on a condom and then covered himself with lube before coming over to hold me by the waist.

I closed my eyes and force myself to concentrate so I wouldn't lose my chance for a turn. Emmett was so predictable, moving and grunting the same way every time. He lost it quickly when he didn't have to pretend for some chick.

I quickly pushed him against the wall and spread his legs wide as I put on a condom. I didn't apply the gel to myself, but to Emmett. I sighed loudly when we connected, feeling familiar and so damn doable. I bent my knees and thrust upward over and over again as I cupped his spent organ in my hands. Soon he began bending his knees to meet me, sending me deeper and deeper until everything exploded out of me.

I had to admit I missed doing Emmett. He was great at only one thing. My head fell against his back as I gasped for breath. He turned around and pulled me into his arms as he held me tightly. "God, Edward, you're always the best."

"Yeah, too bad you don't come out of the closet," I said and moved to put on my pants. He did the same and walked out of the room with his head hanging low. I felt a bit sorry for Emmett and grabbed my backpack from the ground and walked out of the restroom and into the presence of the one person I didn't want to see, Jasper.

He looked at me and then back at Emmett and then smiled. "Congratulations," he offered.

"For what?"

"Aren't you two back together?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

I looked at Emmett's retreating body and laughed loudly. "Hell no, I'm not going back there," I said adamantly.

"Oh, I see," he said and turned to walk away.

"Wait, you see what?" I asked, because if he saw Emmett needed to get laid properly than yeah, he saw.

"You talk to me and get all hot so you needed your old relationship to get you off," Jasper said and folded his arms to challenge me.

"You…what, no I….he….it was for…." Oh God, I turned into Bella. I was standing in front of the guy I saw as the earthly equivalent to Zeus and I couldn't speak.

"Save it, you're a piece of work aren't you?" he said and walked away. Yeah, I was, sculpted as if I was a famous statue and I wanted Jasper to see my piece of work. Instead he was walking away from me in anger.

I let him go, Edward Masen didn't chase down any man, but if there was a man worth chasing it would be Jasper Whitlock. I headed back to the library with my face all sullen and ran into Bella. She could tell something was wrong and put her arm around my shoulder when she sat.

"I'm sorry… whatever it is," she offered, because Bella was a people pleaser.

"I made a huge mistake," I admitted. "I was with Emmett." She gasped and covered her mouth, hopefully not to keep from vomiting on me. "That's not the mistake part, I ran into Jasper after doing Emmett."

"And he wanted you….like, to perform, or you know….."

"No, he just knew what I had done with Emmett," I explained.

"So what, you're a…you know….um, single….not attached, you're not….seeing anyone."

I thought for a moment and realize Jasper showing jealousy was a good sign. He wouldn't give a shit if he wasn't into me. I smiled at Bella and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You're such a great friend, just not a great speaker," I told her honestly.

We studied until the library closed and then headed home. We walked arm in arm and I was listing everything I found sexy about Jasper when we arrived at our driveway. I looked up to see Carlisle sitting by the front door.

I thought he was there to demand I leave Jasper alone, but he seemed too distraught to demand anything. Bella went inside so we could have some privacy and Carlisle got to the reason for his visit.

"I need you to teach me how to have anal sex," he begged. He actually wanted me to teach him how to please the guy I wanted the pleasure of pleasing, like I would truly share my secrets with his uptight ass.

"Go home," I said and turned to open my door.

"Edward, please, I'm going to lose my guy if I don't learn this," he said with a desperate voice.

"Why not have him teach you?" I asked, since it was how most guys learned.

He stared at me for a minute and finally said, "Because I don't know if I can go through with it, and he'll listen if I tell him to stop."

"You want me to rape you?" I asked in shock, because that was a huge waste of my talents.

"Look, I used to be married; I'm in love with Jasper, not men in general. I don't want to lose him," he explained.

"So you're not totally gay, I mean you get hard for women?"

He nodded as if totally ashamed of himself. I laughed loudly and pointed at him, "You are dating the wrong man, you should date Emmett McCarty."

"Are you going to help me?" he asked.

"Yes, but not by teaching you anything," I said because my help would consist of stealing his boyfriend.

I went into the house and showered before heading out to find Jasper in the one place I knew he would be; the lab. If he wanted to run experiments, I would be his lab rat.

I walked into the dark classroom and headed down the hallway to the lab. A desk light was the only thing giving any illumination and when I opened the door Jasper was bathed in a soft glow. He was stunning, and when his features didn't harden at the sight of me, I knew something else did.

I walked around to the back of his chair and leaned over to look at what he was reading. I turned my head slightly and put my lips against his ear. "That doesn't look interesting at all," I said and then let my tongue trail along his outer ear.

He inhaled sharply and said with a feeble voice, "Don't do that."

I noticed how his head tilted to the side instead of out of the way, so I sucked his earlobe into my mouth as his fingers dropped the pen in his hand.