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In the absence of sun, a single person found themselves on a dark path through a forest. It was bathed in moonlight, this forest. Fireflies circled through the forest, making small illuminations with their useful lights. Crickets chirped in this nighttime setting of stillness and calmness. However, in this new journey, silence can…and will be…disrupted. In the end there was always something like this. Yet, there was always the caster of such settings. By now, however, there was one unlikely candidate for that exact spot.

A series of small explosions blew in a straight line, taking down about twenty trees. A pair of feet landed on the ground. The body of the caster was entirely cloaked. His face was not seen by the darkness he created in the hood of his ebony cloak. On the back of his cloak was a symbol. A symbol of the first evil…the first personification of death. The symbol was a crescent moon, the points going down, and two toothpick shaped marks going into opposite diagonal directions under that crescent moon shape. This was the symbol of a long gone nation that left a scar on this world. They were called; the Great Shade Empire. The one to bear this mark on his cloak, and on his very forehead the moment he was born was Nightshade the Cloakmaster. His real name, however is Tojiro "Neo" Ankoku. The ancient demigod of eighteen looked from the left and then to the right, surveying his destruction. However, it was not like it was anything he's done before. The Demigod of Death was in his hedgehog form, making travel much easier and much faster. He began strolling forward through the clear open line in the forest. It was strange for him to walk when he can break the sound barrier by simply running. This night, however, gave him the opposite side of the argument.

Tojiro was the type of person who didn't like injustice, disrespect, or people who were over obsessed with something. He saw that people need to learn from nature and make their lives worth living…and especially honor the lives they been given. People have been given a chance to live in this world, and there are some who disrespect that gift and are judged. Tojiro, is the executioner…and the jury! Most of the people in his past adventures gave him complications…and annoyances, but yet he could tell what their personality was shaped like. It bragged away at him…a lot. Not enough, however, for him do to something out-of-the-ordinary. The demigod came to a sudden halt, he grabbed the handle of his sheathed sword that was once used by his very own father. He tightened his grip on the fabled sword known as Dragon's Bane. It began to emit a red glow around it. His eyes tightened in a glare of anger and suspicion. In front of him formed a black mist mixed with black and purple. It appeared as if a lightning storm was taking place in the dead center of it. Nightshade unsheathed the blade, and the mist finally formed into a solid appearance. Nightshade kept his sword out, and raised by holding it sideways. There stood a cloaked man, his face was also unable to be seen. Nightshade's eyebrows raised up, and he stood in a straight posture, and the red glow around his blade vanished.

"It is good to see you after such a long time…" said the familiar voice.

Nightshade sheathed his sword and crossed his arms. "Tojiro Neo Ankoku." uttered Ryu Kaze.

Ryu Kaze was the real Nightshade thousands of years ago. People dubbed him this name due to the event of him losing control to his Werehog form, one of many animal forms he had, and for three days straight he heartlessly murdered anyone he saw. For such an act…humanity despised him, and now before him, stood his mirror image.

"The sudden meeting is appreciated Ryu, but I'm busy now." Nightshade began sternly, walking forward.

Ryu hovered slowly out of the way. "I'm glad that you've become more enlightened." Ryu said.

"Yeah. Good for me." said the Cloakmaster, stepping over a fallen tree. Ryu began hovering forward to follow him. Ryu slowly came to a pace by the walking Tojiro, who had just lowered his hood. His blank white eyes stared up at the sky, and they tightened.

"Is there anything on your mind Nightshade?" asked Ryu, looking down at the last Cloakmaster.

"You call me by that name?" Nightshade said persistently.

"Does it bother you, Tojiro?" asked Ryu.

"No. No one's called me that for months now. It's just a bit unorthodox to hear it again, especially from the real Nightshade." replied the ignorant hedgehog.

"I see your point. Yet it makes me confused." said Ryu.

"What part? My birth, my crimes, my murder spree…or possibly just my birth." said the Nightshade picking up a fallen tree and simply tossing it to the side.

Ryu watched the tree crashed into the ground, then he looked back forward to see Tojiro continuing his way. Ryu swiftly flew forward and stopped by Nightshade's side, and continued the stroll.

"Now if you could answer me two questions." Ryu began.

"They better not be in the same sentence. Don't waste my time with tricks." said Nightshade stubbornly.

"I will do no such thing Tojiro, trust me." Ryu replied.

"Then go ahead." spat the Nightshade.

"I am surprised you left that planet. Why is that?" asked Ryu, ducking under a tree.

Nightshade grabbed two trees, holding them with both his hands, he tossed them both to the right and continued his walk.

"It was indeed a peaceful life on that planet. Daisy and I sure got a lot of time together and the time with the book I'm writing. It sure has been convenient back on Sargasso." Nightshade answered.

"That's good. Then why are you here?" asked Ryu.

"I'm the type of person who can't stay in one land for so long. I had to leave and come back to Earth. I must journey…and journey." Nightshade explained.

"That's interesting. It does bring up a lot of questions though." surveyed Ryu.

"Then keep them in your head. I'm focusing right now." said Nightshade.

"You have been known to focus too much. That is what gives you trouble in your journeys, Tojiro." Ryu stated.

"Then let them come. A challenge is a challenge. A great amount of people threw challenges at me…and I still made my way through them. No one keeps me in control. No one." stated the demigod.

"Like the battle against Dark Quake? Would that be what you call a prime example?" Ryu questioned.

"I never once had my mind set on his origins." Nightshade retorted.

"Does that mean you wish to know?" asked Ryu, stopping in Nightshade's path. Nightshade's blank white eyes glared at the cloaked man. Nightshade moved him out of the way and continued making his way along this dark dirt road of silence.

"I still sense confusion within you, my friend. Is it due to recent events?" asked Ryu.

"It's none of your concern and that's all it is!" Nightshade barked at him, turning around to Ryu with his eyes full of glowing red anger.

Ryu wasn't surprised Tojiro would react in such a way, this would happen with just about any person who would've used the same usage of words. Nightshade's eyes went back to blank white, and he turned around to continue marching, flipping his hood over his head.

"Is it probably due to your mishap with Sonic?" asked Ryu, catching up to him.

"It doesn't matter. My spirit was split from Orion while I was in my hedgehog form, and just ironically…my spirit found home to use Sonic's. It's clear already, so quit your pestering before I get serious." Nightshade barked.

"I understand. My apologies. What do you plan on finding in this forest anyway?" asked Ryu.

"I'm just going where I believe I must go. Simple as that." said Nightshade.

He suddenly felt a pulsation in his head, ticking away at him.

"I take it you felt that pulse?" asked the motionless Ryu.

"Yes. It's as if a demon exorcism is taking place nearby…somewhere." Nightshade said, slowly shifting his head left and right.

"I feel it. It seems demonic…but it also seems…lost." said Ryu.

Nightshade unsheathed Dragon's Bane, the red symbols along both sides of the sword glowed with red.

"And you don't care. Not surprising." said Ryu, scratching the back of his head.

"I smell the damn thing…and it's bothering the hell out of me. Whatever is trying to exorcise it must not be trying too hard." said Nightshade, jabbing Dragon's Bane into the ground.

"And you plan to simply find…and kill it?" asked Ryu, suspecting the answer. Nightshade flipped his hood over his head, his blank white eyes looked forward. He saw black smoke rising into the clouds above.

"Why not?" he muttered to himself.

Nightshade removed Dragon's Bane from the ground, tossing it into the air, then having it land back in his right hand, then immediately dashing forwards, aiming to silence the beast that is causing such annoyances…for the Demigod of Death.

A monstrous charred foot stomped down onto the ground. The beast was a monstrous flame demon. It's circular head turned down, staring at the temple it saw in the distance. A blue shine glowed in it's path, making it stop and growl angrily. Down at it's feet stood two nuns. One Haruka Amanogawa and Sakura Sugai.

"I thought we're supposed to deal with lost spirits…not demons!" exclaimed Sakura vaguely.

"We can't just let this thing continue to burn down everything it sees! Besides, I sense a spirit in it!" Haruka replied.

The blue light barrier that stood in front of the fire monster was broken through once it punched it's fist through. The beast's lanky body stepped forward and roared down at the girls, revealing embers and fire within it's mouth.

"What are you two doing? Get back here now!" exclaimed their teacher, Jotoku Kawahara.

"Haruka! Come on!" said Sakura, nudging her shoulder.

The two nuns quickly ran back to the temple in haste, while the monstrous flame monster kept marching forwards. In the temple grounds stood Ikko, Chitose, Yuuko, Hinata and Sumi, watching the monstrous beast of flames continue towards the temple.

"Just what is that thing suppose to be?" exclaimed Ikko.

"Whatever it is, I've never seen anything like it." said Yuuko, holding her staff up.

"We have to stop it, there's no way we're going to let it continue!" said Chitose, holding her staff up as well.

The flame demon stopped, glaring down at them all. It opened it's mouth, releasing a stream of flames. "Scatter!" screamed Chitose.

The group quickly spread out in different directions to avoid the explosion the blast of flames had. The beast turned towards where Sumi and Hinata were.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Sakura, noticing Sumi and her little sister to be in the sights of the angry monster.

The vicious beast stretched it's hand down at them. Sumi and Hinata held each other, in fear of the burning eyes of this mammoth demon. However, the entire hand suddenly dropped down in front of them. The cry of the demon made both Sumi and Hinata open their eyes, and watch it back away. A burning liquid was spraying from where it hand was cut off. Leaping towards the demon's head was none other than Nightshade. He held Dragon's Bane in his right hand. He came up to the side of it's face, and drove his legendary sword right into the creature's left eye, making it scream in agony. Nightshade landed on the ground in front of Sumi and Hinata. Nightshade raised his hand up, and Dragon's Bane appeared back in his hand. The angry beast had both it's hands to it's face, growling in horrible distasteful agony.

"This is definitely a lost cause. Time for hell." Nightshade said.

The beast glared down at Nightshade, shooting a massive fireball down at the three. "HINATA!" screamed Sakura.

The flame impacted with just precision and a huge explosion, reflecting in the eyes of the others.

"No." stutered Sakura, in shock.

"Sakura?" said Hinata's voice.

Sakura lifted her head up, turning her head to the left, seeing Hinata and Sumi laying over Nightshade's shoulders, to which he was much larger at this point, he was in his Werehog form. He grabbed the two girls off his shoulders and put them down, immediately to which Sakura ran over to embrace her sister. Nightshade walked past them, while Sakura and the others all looked at him, baffled. Nightshade sheathed Dragon's Bane, and clenched his large fists.

"Damned beast…you're from hell aren't you?" he said. The beast let out a curdling growl of anger at the demigod.

"Fine then. Your foolishness…has finally caught up to you." he said.

The demon charged forward. Nightshade roared to the sky, then leaped up at the demon. The demon lifted it's right hand, but Nightshade stretched his left arm to grab onto it, swing around the beast's wrist, and then over the monster's head. Nightshade then drove both of his red glowing fists down into the creature's skull. The demon let out a burst of flames, catching Nightshade on fire. The Demigod landed on the beast's shoulder and immediately grabbed the demon's head, and began pulling tightly. The demon began to fall over sideways. Nightshade then jumped back, pulling the demon to the dirt with an echoing bang. Nightshade was still on fire, he wouldn't let something like pain stop him now. Nightshade jumped on top of it's face and began beating his fists into the creature's face, causing embers of fire to spark up for every single punch. Nightshade changed tactics, tearing away at the beast's face with his bare claws. Nightshade showed intense hate. He began seeing images of fire and death. The village he grew up in, covered in flames. His father, exploding into flames. A pile of corpses, in flames. Malformed corpses telling Nightshade to kill them. Nightshade then punched his robotic fist straight down into the creature's face. The fire that enshrouded the demon immediately extinguished itself. Still covered in flames, Nightshade rose to his feet. A drippy liquid, almost appearing like lava, covered his hands and fingertips. He then punched his fists together, using Airbending to silence the flames that burned against him.

Nightshade hopped of the creature's face and walked over to pick his Rosario off the ground. He put it back on, and he automatically reverted to his hedgehog form. The demigod also immediately flipped his hood over what was probably his skeletal face. He quickly turned around, holding the handle of Dragon's Bane. There stood Chitose, followed by everybody else. He growled angrily at them, looking at each and every single one of them.

"Just what the hell are you all looking at? Huh?" he exclaimed.

"We-we just wanted to…"

"How did you just do that?" Ikko interrupted Chitose.

Nightshade removed his hand from Dragon Bane's handle, and stood in a straight posture, seeing no threat in them.

"It's none of your concern. Leave me be." Nightshade said, crossing his sleeves into one another.

"Did you know that creature?" asked Jotoku, confronting the demon.

Nightshade glared irritably down at the old woman. "Like I said…it doesn't concern you." Nightshade, getting into Jotoku's face.

Of course she showed no fear, it's just not her. Nightshade reared his head back.

"You saved my sister back there…I'm grateful for your help." said Sakura, bowing.

Nightshade huffed, "Don't be so foolish. Its smell was bothering me enough." Nightshade replied.

"Did he just make fun of Sakura?" Yuuto whispered to Sumi.

"I don't believe it is right to say such things, young man." Jotoku stated, her staff in hand.

"Point?" Nightshade asked, his eyebrows raised.

"Maybe you should be an inch more kinder!" yelled Sakura, confronting Nightshade, glaring down at him.

"No really…where's the damn point?" he asked.

Sakura gave him a very upset glare. "Come on Sakura, breath, breath." said Haruka, slowly pulling her away.

"Don't you get involved! Let me hit him just once! Let me go!" screamed Sakura's voice as she was being pulled away.

Everyone looked nervous, yet still in small laughter.

"Would you be able to stay tonight? We have to pay our respects for your actions that saved our temple." said Chitose.

"Heroic." Hinata added quietly.

"Yeah! Even though you kind of angered Sakura, you should at least join us!" Sumi suggested to the demigod.

By this time, Nightshade was already walking away, not a single care.

"Hey!" exclaimed Chitose, running after him.

"Is it just me, or do I think there's trouble brewing?" said Ikko.

"Shut it Ikko." Yuuko snapped.

Chitose stood in Nightshade's path.

"You should answer to someone's questions when they are asked. Don't be so disrespectful!" Chitose told.

"I didn't ignore your questions…I refused to even speak. Now move." Nightshade said.

"How could you be so inhuman? You're despicable!" Chitose barked.

"Uh huh." Nightshade replied, lowering his hood, shocking Chitose.

His entire head was bone, even his quills. The small beady red eyes in his eye sockets resonated, and glared up at Chitose. Nightshade then put his hood back over his head.

"Learn to deal with it." he stated, walking around her, and into the forest.

Chitose turned around, still shocked by such an image…and such a sight, that'll probably be burned into her memory. Another life affected…by the dreadful Cloakmaster; Tojiro Ankoku.


Rain fell…and thunder boomed across the black sky. The moon was full this night, and the sudden silhouette of a certain demigod was seen jumping past it. Nightshade landed with water splashing when he touched down onto a skyscraper's roof. His hood was down, and the blank white eyes of him in his hedgehog form was a regretful sight. He walked to the edge, staring over the edge. He saw many lights from the passing cars below, and his eyes tightened.

"Why? Why does it seem there is something wrong?" he asked mentally, looking up at the sky, watching the lightning reflect off his eyes.

He heard a sudden curdling of movement behind him. A hand of water, with three fingers pierced through his gut. He glared down, huffing calmly. The swiped his hand, dissipating the water. Nightshade turned around, facing a ten foot tall water demon, with bright blue filled eyes. In the center of it's chest was a red orb that appeared to look like molten lava. Nightshade looked at it's right hand, noticing it was crimson red due to the beast striking it's claws through his gut.

"I've never seen this before. Oh well." he said, unsheathing Dragon's Bane.

The beast let out an angry growl. Nightshade stood in a stance, ready to charge. The beast stretched it's two hands out. Nightshade's eyes flashed, causing both it's arms to rupture. The beast screeched, and retreated back. Nightshade leaped towards the monster. The demon quickly kicked Nightshade, throwing him off the building. Nightshade saw the water demon jump of as well, seeing that it had created two new arms. Nightshade turned himself around, straightening out his body, shooting down like a torpedo. He landed on a house, then quickly jumped off it, towards another. The beast crashed onto the house's roof, creating a severe pound in the roof. The beast quickly held it's hands up. Several particles of rain turned into ice and shot down at Nightshade. Two suddenly impacted into his back. Nightshade slipped up, and slid down a roof, and onto the top of a car, growling angrily. The beast stretched it's two fists from overhead, pounding Nightshade, and causing the car to explode into flames. The beast landed on the ground in front of the flames. Nightshade dashed out of the flames in ball form, and impacted the water monster, causing it's liquid body to implode. Nightshade exited ball form, sliding to a halt, turning around in the process. The beast quickly reformed, and charged at the demigod. Nightshade grabbed a light pole and smashed it down on the beast, however, the creature slithered into a stream of water, grabbed Nightshade by his leg and tossed him far across the sky. Nightshade smashed against the ceiling of a house, then crashed off the hood of a car, and ending with a smack against a light pole, causing it to fall over, sparks flying from the bulb.

The beast suddenly appeared in front of Nightshade, and drove a long staff of ice right through his gut, and out his back. Nightshade coughed in agony, and quickly used Chaos Control to vanish off the bloodied piece of ice. Nightshade reappeared somewhere in a forest, gripping his chest.

"That…that felt like a type of…magic. What is going on?" he questioned himself, slowly getting up.

A barrage of ice shards suddenly found themselves impaling the ground around Nightshade. Nightshade quickly ran forward, grabbing two of the ice shards in the process that stuck out of the ground. Nightshade looked over his shoulder for a quick moment, noticing the angry beast charging after him, keeping the chase tense. Nightshade leaped into the air, turned around, and threw both ice shards at the beast with intense speed. Both shards hit their spots. One in the demon's left eye, and the other simply penetrated through it's gut. Nightshade used Chaos Control to teleport down onto the ground before the beast, which was on the ground, removing the shard from it's glowing blue eye, now pitch-black. Nightshade shot a single ray of dark Chaos energy at the beast, causing an explosion and cloud of smoke to spread. Nightshade charged towards the smoke. He came out the other end, nothing. Nightshade suddenly was grabbed by two of his quills and smashed against a tree. The water demon still lived. It grabbed Nightshade by both his ankles, but the demigod of hate aimed up, and shock the beast with a bolt of blue lightning from his fingertips. The beast stumbled back in fierce pain. Nightshade quickly jumped to his feet, and jumped at the beast, grabbing it's arms, and surging a powerful dose of lightning onto the water demon. Unfortunately, Nightshade used all his power on this attack, and also shocked himself due to him being drenched in water. Both demons were shot opposite directions, sliding across the muck that glazed the ground. Nightshade was left with a cloud of smoke resonating from his body, and bolts of lightning randomly sparked. He got up, but fell back to one knee, spitting out blood from his mouth. The water demon's hand wrapped around Nightshade's skull and then Nightshade let out a burst of flames, knocking the water demon back. Nightshade grew tired of this nonsense. He grabbed the rosary around his neck and yanked it off. A red aura along with blackness wrapped around his body. He grew to ten feet tall, his eyes filled with an angry red.

The demigod let out a momentous roar, fiercer than a lion, and as fearful as a dragon. Nightshade knocked the water demon to the ground then grabbed it's legs, freezing them. Nightshade smashed both his fists on the frozen legs, shattering them to pieces, causing the beast to roar in pain.

Nightshade then grabbed the beast's face, and froze the rest of it's body. Nightshade stood up straight, and roared to the heavens above, right before shattering the frozen water demon into oblivion with his metal fist. Nightshade stumbled across the ground, and grabbed the rosary putting it back on. He fell to his knees, in his human form, watching the rain pour down upon him, and watch the lightning spark and crackle…as it reflected in his eyes. The demigod fell over sideways, weakened by the sudden release of power that was his Werehog form.


It felt like hours or days to him. It was always this way for the loathing Demigod of Death. He couldn't bare to awaken from this mystery, for he was unable to even muster up the strength to solve it. No one else would help him, mainly because he wouldn't let them and simply because he didn't believe in assistance from others. If Tojiro had made it this far on his own, what should stop him now? Nothing seems to ever phase this heartless being, nothing seems to bother him, but when a new journey begins, that is when the spirit of a person is truly tested. It reveals what limitations people have, and just how far they stretch. Unbeknownst to Tojiro, however, those limits were already being torn apart. Tojiro's eyes opened, his orange pupils blinked, looking from the left to the right. He found himself sinking in a bottomless ocean! His eyes tightened, his orange pupils vanishing from his eyes and glowing red filling them up. His hood fell over his head as soon as the demigod of hate dashed upwards.

"Who dares to dispose me like trash? They…will surely pay!" he said in angry thought, giving one final boost up through the murky depths.

The burning wreckage of an airplane crashed into the water. A massive aircraft carrier passed by, smoke trailing from both its' sides. The anti-air weapons lit the sunny sky up with lead, piercing into the jet black ship that loomed overhead. From the red patterns, hundreds of crimson beams shot down, blasting into the water or blowing destroyer ships to bits.

"We just lost two more destroyers sir. If the Neuroi keep this barrage up, we'll next!" said the sailor.

"Don't worry…we got Witches in the skies. They'll stop that damn ship." said the captain, looking up at the ebony ship, suddenly sputtering a few explosions.

Flying with the power of the Striker Unit was Yoshika Miyafuji. As she passed over the ship's top hull, she fired type 99 aircraft gun with no hint of stopping. A sudden barrage of lasers came for her. Miyafuji yelped, ceasing her barrage and dashing straight up to avoid the blasts.

"You okay there Miyafuji?" asked the squadron leader of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Mio Sakamoto.

"Yeah! I'm fine." she replied, quickly dodging another barrage.

Sakamoto quickly worried about herself when seeing a massive barrage of red lasers coming for her. The blasts hit against her projected magic shield. She growled against the power the Neuroi was giving. Sakamoto ultimately caused the blasts to finally dissipate. She dashed down, driving her katana through the right wing, causing an angry moan to come from the Neuroi ship.

"She hurt it!" yelled Miyafuji.

The wing slowly began to regenerate. Sakamoto knew the Neuroi were persistent, but not for this long. The beams shot down at Sakamoto, and her only. She created another shield of magic, but this time, it blasted right through her.

"SAKAMOTO!" screamed Miyafuji, with tears in her eyes.

As the fateful squadron leader slowly fell down towards the ocean below, she could not help but think, she may die a noble cause. In the ocean depths, a certain demon finally saw light on the surface.

"Finally." he mumbled, gripping his chest. Tojiro changed into his Darkrai form, his turquoise eye burning brightly. He gave one final boost, and he blasted up out of the water, quickly spotting Sakamoto falling towards him.

"What the hell is this?" he asked himself.

Nightshade couldn't help but let the girl safely land in his arms. He soared higher and higher, glaring at the girl. Her eye slowly opened up, recognizing her savior.

"W-Wh-What are…you?" she asked.

"That's one way to start an introduction. Whatever you are…it can't be a pilot…you're not very good at it." he stated.

"Just who do you think you are?" she said, raising her voice.

"Bye." Nightshade said, letting her go, watching her drop down.

The squadron leader quickly used her Striker Units to stop in mid air, glaring up at the demigod.

"Who is that? What does he want?" she questioned.

Nightshade faced the massive ship, as it let out an angry grunt. "What? You pissed?" he asked.

The ship shot a mass of red beams at the demigod. Nightshade automatically created a barrier of crimson red Chaos energy around his entire body, and staying exactly where he was.

"What kind of power is that?" questioned Miyafuji.

The barrier lowered, Nightshade grabbed and unsheathed Dragon's Bane, the symbols along both sides of the blade were glowing red.

"So be it…fool." muttered the last Nightshade.

The ship shot out a hundred beams at the demigod of death. Nightshade charged forward, pointing his sword forward, which simply deflected any beam that came his way.

"None of this fits. I'm fighting a magic water demon…the next thing I end up in some unknown dimension. Just who the hell is trying to kill me this time?" he said in angered thought.

Nightshade finally pushed through the beams and plowed straight up through the Neuroi ship. Nightshade circled around in the air, looking down at the ship. The massive hole he created slowly filled itself. A whole barrage came and smacked Nightshade out of the sky, however, he wasn't ready to quit. Nightshade shot a humongous bolt of electricity out of his right hand. It wrapped the entire ship in a deadly conductive force, making it groan and shriek in agony.

"Regeneration, huh? Then I'll just test out how much this thing CAN TAKE!" he roared, charging back at it. The ship let out yet another ferocious barrage.

"There's no way…he's going straight into it?" exclaimed Sakamoto.

Nightshade easily flew into the deadly onslaught of lasers, spinning in circles, and easily dodging every single shot as he flew through the hellish rain of power. He made it through the storm, and raised his sword up as he came towards the ship. A single beam, at a gigantic diameter, enveloped the demigod, creating a massive explosion in mid-air. Sakamoto stared in awe at the brilliant light. It finally dimmed, and there revealed; Nightshade. His cloak torn to shreds at the sleeves, revealing his right arm, and in all it's metallic entirety. Nightshade sheathed his blade and charged for the ship, hitting it with amazing force, causing to fling down towards the ocean water. The ship landed on the water's surface, and down came the demigod of death. He drove Dragon's Bane deep into the middle portion of the humongous ship, creating a massive explosion of red light. Nightshade was up in the air, watching the crimson glow slowly vanish.

"What?" Nightshade exclaimed.

The ship was still in tact, and it sent a barrage of red lasers up at Nightshade, blasting him out of the sky, and into the ocean.

"This just doesn't stop getting stranger." stumbled Yoshika.

"Are you alright?" asked Sakamoto, flying up to her.

"Yeah! Just fine!" she replied.

A sudden blast from the Neuroi ship caused the two witches to quickly split apart to avoid potential damage.

"The damn Neuroi don't know when to stop, don't they?" said the admiral of the fleet carrier below.

The Neuroi ship aimed for the fleet carrier.

"It's aiming for us! All guns, OPEN FIRE!" ordered the admiral.

The anti-air weapons all shot out, but the ferocious blasts from the Neuroi ship easily broke through, hitting the deck of the carrier, rocking the entire ship. "The ship is capsizing sir!" said one of the sailors.

The massive carrier slowly began to tip over sideways. Several fires broke out, including a series of some explosions.

"NO! The ship!" exclaimed Sakamoto, flying towards it. A sudden blast from the Neuroi ship hit her in the back, causing her to fall unconscious, down to the ocean.

"Sakamoto! NO!" screamed a tearful Yoshika. Sakamoto splashed into the water with intensity, and sank to the bottom. Sakamoto slowly opened her eyes, seeing a massive red glow shine in the ocean depths. She then saw, a pair of large slit shaped orange eyes, coming up towards her.

The Neuroi ship was ready for the final mark, that would destroy the fleet carrier. "Abandon ship! Save all that you can!" ordered the admiral.

"Roger that, sir!" said one of the sailors.

The ship was only feet from finally tipping all the way into the water, until a massive force suddenly stopped. Everyone in the bridge were shook by the sudden force.

"Just what the hell was that?" said the admiral, walking over to the window on the left.

The admiral saw a massive silver creature risen up, holding the ship from capsizing with its right hand. The creature stood a massive one hundred feet tall, it was none other than Nightshade, transformed into his mecha form. In his large left hand was Sakamoto, unconscious. Nightshade spotted a dangerous hole in the ship's hull where the water was getting in from. He waved his head, causing a glob of water to cover the spot, then freeze it. Nightshade pushed the ship back to it's original position. Nightshade rested Sakamoto on the deck, and he turned his angry intentions toward the Neuroi ship. His orange eyes burned angrily. He let out a thunderous roar, revealing a burning fire in the back of his throat. Nightshade stormed through the water, and leaped up, to grab both wings of the Neuroi ship. He tugged down, forcing it down into the water. Nightshade began to carelessly pound away at the ship. Nightshade tore both the wings off, tossing them away at random portions of the oceans. Nightshade then creaked his mouth open, revealing a surge of fire from within his mouth. Nightshade tore off a good section of the ship, revealing it's core. Nightshade then gulped, and blasted the wave of fire down at the core. It created a massive explosion of fire. The gigantic cloud of orange, red, and yellow sung up into the sky, at least over a hundred feet. The rest of the Strike Witches have arrived, witnessing such an event. The huge silhouette of Nightshade turned around, facing the ship. He then roared up to the sky, while the dangerously amount of fire swarmed behind him. The Strike Witches landed on the ship, Perrine being the first to hurry by Sakamoto's side. Yoshika also landed, removing her Strike Unit, and rushing to Sakamoto's side.

"God, is she okay?" said the frightened Yoshika.

"She better be!" exclaimed the defensive Perrine.

The rest of the crew, including the admiral hurried onto the damaged deck of the fleet carrier.

"Is the Major okay?" asked the admiral.

"Still unsure." answered the frail voiced Shirley.

The admiral looked out to the ocean, noticing that Nightshade had gone. "What? Where did that thing go?" he asked.

Suddenly at the front of the ship, Nightshade's massive hand gripped hold, shaking the ship, and everyone on it. His other hand gripped hold too, revealing the giant drenched demigod, his eyes flaring with anger and hate. He stood over the ship, glaring down at it.

"Holy…" Francesca began, but Lynette covered her mouth just in time.

Nightshade's eyes blinked, he looked at the massive rosary that was implanted in his chest. The stone was blinking orange. He suddenly gripped it, his eyes tightening. A light surrounded him, and he appeared on the other edge of the deck, in his human form, entirely cloaked. Tojiro moved forward to the Strike Witches.

"Can we trust him?" whispered the uncertain Yoshika.

"I wouldn't want to doubt it." said Minna, giving Tojiro a very distinct glare of tension.

Tojiro stepped inside the circle that surrounded the Witches dear major, and he kneeled down on one knee.

"Turn her over." he mumbled. The Witches didn't quite get his message.

"Do you wish for her life to be wasted? Turn her over, I said!" he exclaimed suddenly.

Perrine and Yoshika turned the major over, revealing a horrible wound in the Major's back. "Oh my! Major!" shrieked a frightened Perrine.

Tojiro stripped the material off the left sleeve of his cloak and rested it on the wound. Tojiro then rested his right hand on it, creating a sudden blue light. The Witches all stared in amazement at the wondrous light. Tojiro finally lifted his hand up, then rose to his feet. Perrine and Yoshika turned the major back over on her back, and her eye began to open.

"Major?" said an eccentric Yoshika.

She was alive, and all so well. Tojiro blinked a few times, hidden by the shroud of darkness in his hood. Tojiro looked at his right arm. It was still cloaked, but steam puffed out from the sleeve. He tightened his eyes on the sight, then looked back at the Witches rejoice over their major being so fortunate, or just as lucky that the Cloakmaster was there.

In the sick bay of the carrier Akagi, sat a very fortunate Sakamoto.

"I'm so glad that you made it through Sakamoto! You had everyone worried!" exclaimed Yoshika out of joy and care.

"I wish I could understand what happened. Who was it that saved me?" asked the Major.

"Ohhh, that's what we're all confused about right now." noted Yoshika.

Sakamoto sat back in her bed, looking out the rounded window to her left.

"And what of the other Witches?" asked the Commander.

"They were all ordered back to base. Minna said I could stay here and wait until you would wake up….she was the most worried out of us all." said Yoshika, lowering her head an inch or so.

Sakamoto quickly shifted gazes from the window to the young witch. Sakamoto smiled regardless, and laughed. Yoshika looked up in confusion, soon sharing a smile, and a series of laughter with her Commander.

The door into the sick bay suddenly creaked with an odd noise. The two witches looked at it. Suddenly, the door was kicked down, and Tojiro walked inside, his sleeves crossed into one another.

"Honestly, is it so difficult to use a door knob, instead of that damn wheel?" he cursed.

The two were still staring at him, big surprise there! Tojiro appeared shorter, he was in his hedgehog form at this time. The demigod switched gazes between the two Strike Witches, deep in thought of why they were still giving him such looks. However, it was probably something of a sarcastic manner, no surprise there either.

"How's your back?" he asked in a monotone.

"It's fine. I'm grateful. But who are you?" said the Major questioningly.

Nightshade sensed this easily, though he had no regrets of answering her, not anymore that is.

"My name is Tojiro. You're very lucky by living through that shot." he said, lowering his arms.

"Sakamoto has been through a lot! That's why she makes such a great leader!" said Perrine, suddenly entering.

"Perrine?" said a surprised Sakamoto.

Perrine almost tripped while walking inside, noticing the broken down door.

"And I have noticed that…either she wouldn't have made it to this room. Be grateful for the small things." Tojiro said, turning half way to the girl.

She huffed, already disagreeing with Tojiro's attitude.

"What is this place? If you don't mind me asking." asked the demigod, facing Yoshika and Sakamoto again.

The two Witches exchanged glances.

"You may ponder all you wish…I am NOT one of those things you ladies faced." Tojiro said, reading their thoughts.

The two looked stunned, that was what the two Witches were doubting of the demigod. Tojiro glared continuously, not knowing an answer would come. Tojiro turned back around, seeing an angry Perrine up to his face, and her fists clenched by her side.

"Does everyone hear send more glares than I do? Dear god!" Tojiro thought mentally.

"Tojiro…was it?" said Sakamoto. The demigod turned around upon hearing his cursed name.

"I will give you the answers you seek later. For now, Yoshika, show him to one of our available rooms." Sakamoto answered. Tojiro's eyes tightened, as a sign of thankfulness.

Yoshika and Tojiro exited the room, the two walking down the hall side by side. Tojiro kept an estranged face, hating being put into a dimension he had no idea about, just look at the past. However, it was good on Yoshika's part that she didn't have to see such an angry grimace, for the demigod may take the Witch's life, or something possibly lesser. Not much is known for what is going on within the mind of this heartless being, maybe because no one lived to even utter a word, not without Tojiro 'permission.' Yoshika took a quick look at the fearless warrior, to which he suddenly glared at her. Full of nervousness, she looked back forward. Tojiro kept his eyes trained on her, seeing much indifference and bias in the girl, but it's not like he cared.

"How do you like the base so far?" asked Yoshika, a bright smile.

"I don't see much interest in many things." he replied suddenly.

Yoshika's eyes dripped, expecting such an answer. Who could blame her? Tojiro stopped at one door, quickly turning to it. Yoshika stopped after noticing his halt.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Tojiro gripped the door, and gripped it tight.

"Something's not right on the other side." he uttered, tearing the door from its hinges, and tossing it aside.

Yoshika quickly ducked from it. In the room was Shirley and Francesca, both in a bath. However, it was Francesca who was performing more 'physical' gropes on Shirley's chest area.

"Damn. Luck…curse you." Tojiro said, standing in a straight pose.

"What the hell are you looking at?" shouted an embarrassed Shirley.

"Two fools, and the one fool who is allowing so much access to her own body. That's what I'm looking at." he said.

Shirley threw a shampoo bottle, which hit Tojiro in the forehead, very hard to be more specific. His head was forced into an upward position.

"Ouch." he mumbled pointlessly. He looked back forward, bent down to grab the door he kicked down.

"My apologies. Please…continue." he said kindly, before putting the door back in place. Tojiro sighed heavily while looking off to the left. The demigod then looked back at Yoshika, her mouth gaped, and her face crimson red.

"What?" he shrugged.


Yoshika led Tojiro to an empty room for him to use. "Here we are!" she declared joyfully.

Tojiro walked in, grumbling as he observed the room. Yoshika believed he was 'testing' its quality. Tojiro came to the desk, resting his metal hand on it, remembering how hard he worked on writing his book, chronicling his journeys as a tale of aftermath from many experiences. Tojiro gripped the sheathed blade of Dragon's Bane, holding it with both his hands. Tojiro carefully rested the sword on the desk, and rested a small booklet on it as well. The booklet was black, and the symbol of the Shade Empire was on it. It was obvious he made it. Yoshika was still at the door, her hands clasped behind her back.

Tojiro turned around to her, "Yes?" he spoke up, expecting Yoshika to comment.

"I have to thank you for saving Sakamoto! So thank you very much!" Yoshika confessed, bowing to him.

Tojiro was busily scratching his head at such quick thanks. "Thank you for the hospitality. Good night." he said, bowing back.

Yoshika quickly gasped, noticing she was still bowing. Yoshika quickly stood straight, giving him one last smile before shutting the door.

It was night, and the moon was full. Sanya, one always put on night patrol because of her exceptional ability to easily spot Neuroi, was up above the clouds, using her magic to make sure the perimeter was clear, and to deal with any Neuroi if spotted. Tojiro was in his room, looking in his journal which he laid out. Dragon's Bane was laying out on the desk, and it was the only he had brought with him. He entrusted his good friend, the super Spartan Daisy, to take care of his other weapons back on Sargasso. Tojiro's hood was down, his blank white eyes glazing across the pages of his journal. Sometimes they changed, sometimes they remained in an intense glare. Yet his distinct looks all connected to one single topic, his dreaded past of vengeance. A vengeance against those who put this curse upon him. The Great Shade Empire, the people we was born into, the people he was raised by, and in the end, betrayed him.

Can he even come to the point of interest where even he must consider his own nation a nation of lies? He was vengeful to Dominic, for being a leading cause to rid of him before he even became Nightshade. He was vengeful to his father, who was brought back from the, and he was forced to murder some while ago during that fateful night in Tokyo…

Tojiro's bloodied and beaten father fell to the illuminated ring that was created around the near top of Tokyo Tower. Nightshade came over to Ultimatus, his father's given name as a Nightshade.

"What will you do, my son?" he questioned.

Tojiro held his Energy Sword in his tight grip. "I never wanted any of this. And yet…I was brought back to give you a reason. That one reason…that would ultimately make this world suffer. I did not want that!" said Ultimatus.

Tojiro looked "slightly" heartfelt at his father's dying words.

"I…I needed to fight you. Not because…not because of why I was brought back…but…but to make you fight like a man…who was already dead." he said.

"Is it true then? Was I born with this mark?" Tojiro asked, resting his hand on the symbol on his forehead.

Ultimatus's eyes shook with fear. A fear of answering such a question. "WAS I OR NOT, FATHER?" roared the angry Nightshade.

"Yes. Yes…you were. I entrusted that you would learn love…from your dear mother…but…but…" he trailed off.

Tojiro's eyes burned angrily. Blood suddenly dripped from Tojiro's eyes, angered and sad at such memories. Tojiro lifted up his Energy Sword, "Welcome to the future…father." he said, driving it forward into his father's heart.

The vision suddenly ended, just as Tojiro closed his journal, and keeping his hands positioned in such a way. His eyes were completely shook, and they were shaking.

"I control…my body. It…does not control me." he thought in painful angst.

Tojiro put the book down, then opened his eyes back up. They were full of red glowing energy. He looked out the window in front of his desk, staring at the full moon that soon reflected in his eyes once red flowing energy in his eyes went back to clear white. The room suddenly shook. He growled, getting up from the seat, and heading out the door to see what the noise was came from.

NEXT CHAPTER PREVIEW:Ryu: "I'm afraid this isn't over, Tojiro."

Tojiro: "And what of it? What power in this world can even try to challenge me?"

Sakamoto: "Just what are those two up to? Yoshika, you got a minute? What are those two talking about?"

Yoshika: "I'm not sure, Sakamoto. Whatever it is, it sure sounds serious."

Ryu: "Fear. With chaos and fear, he will make his rise to power. It is now your responsibility to uphold your role in this world, Cloakmaster Ankoku!"

Tojiro: "Chaos Fear? Nightmare Scythe? This better be worth what you speak, Ryu.

Ryu: "Much like yourself, I wouldn't dare speak a lie."

Tojiro: "Then let the Nightmare Wars begin."