DISCLAIMER: I claim NO OWNERSHIP to ANY of the characters in this story except (for in this chapter) Tojiro "Neo" Ankoku, Alma Hanko and Kasumi Moriko. They are my original characters and thus owned by me. The two part special continues into a showdown with one of the Nine Hell Gods! My constant inspiration for these radical fights is that both sides of combatants, or more so, have no interest to their surroundings. They only "will" care when a friend or ally is at risk, then that becomes a weakness. So...what do these two Nightshades have to lose?

Tojiro put Yoko on her feet, then faced Alma who just now began to rise to her feet.

"Yoko, go inside the temple and tell the people in there to stay put. Especially tell this to a girl named Kasumi, all right?" requested the stern Demon Cloakmaster.

"But…wait, Tojiro I have to say something first." Yoko responded.

"It can wait." he barked, leaping off the ground.

Yoko formed an upset look, "Figures." she muttered bitterly to herself.

Deciding to put pressure to power, Tojiro leaped into the air, creating thirty red Chaos Rasengans all around him out of thin air. Tojiro then hovered back, swinging both of his hands that released curves of air to shoot the barrage of impending doom down upon Alma. The Cloakmaster of Defiance defiantly returned fire a single bolt of yellow lightning from the Staff of Judgment. The single bolt shot between all of the Chaos Rasengans like it was connecting dots. The bolt exited out the storm and hit Tojiro directly, but somehow his vulnerable front wasn't even harmed.

"How is that possible? He didn't even create a barrier!" exclaimed Alma in distasteful thought.

The front of the cloak was obviously open, and it remained that way. Perhaps being a legendary item, the cloak is able to create an invisible barrier just by a single thought. Tojiro charged straight towards the ground below him.

He prepared the Dragon Guardian Cestus. "CHAOS QUAKE!" he thundered with his eyes razing with anger.

The glowing red eyes momentarily changed yellow as Tojiro smashed the Cestus onto the ground. Spouts of intensely powerful gold Chaos energy started to shoot up from the ground all around the Cloakmaster of Defiance. Alma's hesitance was broken. She drastically made a quick a Chaos Control, reappearing high above in the sky above. However, up came Tojiro, raising back the right Cestus fist, a monstrous yellow aura surrounding it.

Alma pointed her staff forward, and instead of breaking bone, Tojiro punched the Staff of Judgment, receiving a virulent overcharge of positive Chaos energy that swarmed through his veins. Tojiro was blown away, shot down towards the ground like a falling meteor, and hitting the ground twice as hard. Caught in a circular hole of rubble, Tojiro rose to his feet. Staring up to the sky, his first glance was of Alma diving straight towards the Cloakmaster of Darkness and driving her staff forward. Tojiro was fortunate enough to raise the Dragon Guardian Cestus up to block Alma's attack. Swinging his arms out, Tojiro forced Alma to levitate back into the air.

Tojiro immediately pointed the Cestus up at Alma, releasing a plentiful amount of agile and precisely harmful red Chaos Spears from the mouths of the Cestus. Alma flew higher into the air, dodging to left, then flying straight up to only find herself creating a protective blue barrier as thirty of the Chaos Spears mercifully beat against her barrier. Tojiro changed the Dragon Guardian Cestus back into their wrist band forms, then prepared to leap up into the air at Alma.

"Tojiro!" called the sudden voice of Yoko.

Tojiro, disappointed, went back into a slouched position, turning around to watch Yoko stop behind him.

"The fight is more urgent than whatever you have to say, Yoko. We can talk later." he said, turning his back to her, and getting back into position.

"Yo-You…you don't understand! I've got something…really important to tell you!" argued Yoko, sounding out of breath.

"How important? Me important or you important?" he asked.

"Well, if you would just-"

"Too bad I don't have time to hear your answer." he grumbled, shooting up into the sky.

"You damn jerk! Get back down here or I'll blast you outta' the sky myself!" screamed the annoyed Yoko.

The ebony cloaked hedgehog grabbed the handle of the Blade of Darkness with his right hand, immediately unsheathing it to clash the blade against Alma's staff.

"Your over imagined ideas will get you silenced. And it will not be because of us." threatened Alma, determined to hold Tojiro's strength back.

Breaking through, Tojiro stabbed Alma in the sternum, then grabbed her by the face, turned down towards the ground and tossed the Cloakmaster of Defiance down to her earthy grave of pain below. Alma smashed deeply through the earth with angry force, summoning a large dirt cloud, and creating a wicked crater. Tojiro suddenly lifted his head, feeling that this was too easy. Tojiro adamantly used Chaos Control to appear back down on the ground below. He sprinted in a flash to Alma's crater, finding it to be empty.

"Forgetting something?" said Alma's taunting voice.

The Cloakmaster viciously turned around, pointed his aura surrounded blade at Alma, and the hostage she held around the throat. Yoko was that unfortunate hostage in this crossfire of decisions.

"Would you at all be timidly surprised if I told you, that you were a true definition of servitude?" questioned Alma confidently.

"Liberty never had a share in dealing a person's fate. It never has, and it never will. Let Yoko go."

"You believe me to be a simpleton? HA! You truly are the most interesting creature of this decade. In fact, I believe you've been history's favorite example of war. If you wish to see this girl safely in your care…you will hand over the Shade Priestess."

"What makes you doubt my motives? You think the girl matters to me?" he replied, crossing his arms.

Yoko grew an uncertain face at his response, not surprised by his honesty.

"Is that true? Are you sure you're simply not lying to yourself? It'd truly be a shock if you were." Alma strongly invoked, with enough confidence that could strangle Tojiro himself.

"And I must state that you're a fool if you try and continue to threaten that girls' life. And trust me, I hate creating fear more than you think." said the ignorant hedgehog.

"Is that so? You must be fooling yourself."

"You think I enjoy jokes? Well, let me try one on you." he said, vanishing with a Chaos Control.

Yoko vanished as well, replacing where Tojiro was previously standing with Tojiro reappearing in Alma's grasp.

"And here's the punch line." he grumbled, raising his right fist back and knocking Alma directly in the face.

Taking the initiative of battle into his hands, Tojiro immediately turned around and charged at Alma.

He leaped up at her, and close lined her into the earth, which caused her to once again bounce off the ground. Tojiro used Chaos Control to appear behind Alma and blast a monstrous beam of golden Chaos energy directly into her. Alma violently smacked across the ground, and even was sent flying directly over Yoko's head. Alma fortunately returned to her feet in the middle of her stumbling and smashing, skidding to a halt. Pointing the Staff of Judgment forward, Alma fired five bolts of blue lightning. Yoko quickly got up and dove out of the way. Tojiro created a dome of Chaos energized earth around him, which was distinctly reinforced. The angry blasts of lightning curled and wrapped around the barrier of earth, ultimately causing the lightning to redirect into the skies above.

Lowering the earth barrier, Tojiro removed Black Death from it's holster and gave a direct charge to the Cloakmaster of Defiance. Alma fired serious amounts of sparkling gold, blue, and silver Chaos Spheres at both Tojiro and Yoko. Yoko was able to ready her rifle, blasting three away, then hurrying to perform a perfect back flip. Tojiro passed right under her, holding Black Death in his right hand. He held onto the trigger, preparing one of his strongest attacks. The white of his blank eyes turned glowing red, and his Tsukikagegan appeared in his eyes.

"DRAGON STRIKE OF DARKNESS!" he roared with increasing power and anger.

"CHAOS REFLECTION!" screamed Alma, holding her staff with both hands.

Alma's curved barrier of silver appeared before her, and Tojiro smashed Black Death against the barrier, creating an intensive lightshow of sparkling bolts of lightning. Yoko strapped her rifle back onto her back, standing far away enough from Tojiro and Alma's face off.

Enraged by the futile explosion he wished to see, Tojiro achingly raised up his left hand, preparing an immediate Chaos Rasengan. Alma's eyes widened at his wicked decision. Tojiro know that using a high powered Chaos technique on Chaos Reflection would redirect and most likely sap him of some of his power, it didn't matter. Some power isn't worth the loss of a battle.

"CHAOS…RASENGAN!" he shouted violently.

Alma doubled the power input into her Chaos Reflection, causing it glow with more vibrancy. Smashing the Chaos Rasengan into the barrier resulted in a whirling sphere of silver Chaos energy to span out while spinning. The sphere met its maximum integrity of pressure, morphing into a vicious explosion of red and golden light, a plume of smoke shooting out all the way to Yoko's position, knocking her to the ground.

Yoko's eyes twitched with uncertainty and a painful force of shock tickled the back of her head. She slowly sat up, suddenly finding her body jolting once Tojiro's corpse was sent rolling right next to her. Forming onto her knees, Yoko carefully rolled Tojiro onto his back, gasping in awe. The right side of his face was completely burned to the bone. The cold empty eye socket was black and endless.

"Damn. Dammit Tojiro. Why?" she questioned.

In the eye socket, his glowing red hedgehog eye appeared.

"God Tojiro, you don't need to be so intent on winning, you know?" Yoko openly stated, her eyebrows formed into a strict glare.

"There's no need to be concerned for me. I can still stand." he grumbled with irritancy, rising to his feet.

A sudden wave of yellow Chaos energy stormed towards the pair. Tojiro stomped the ground with his right foot immediately, causing a tornado of air to toss Yoko into the air. Tojiro then followed up after her high into the sky. Below in the midst of the previous show of chaos, Alma was revealed in the clearing mahogany smoke.

"That accursed child. Too thick headed to believe in failure." mumbled Alma with gritted teeth.

"You're crazy sometimes! I hope you realize that!" shouted Yoko, as she continued to ascend.

"Same to you." replied Tojiro, his arms crossed.

Finally, gravity decided to pull them back down to the earth below.

"That crazy bitch just fired something! Tojiro!" exclaimed the sharpshooter.

Spotting a large spiral beam of red Chaos energy inching closer to the two. Tojiro quickly used Chaos Control to appear over by Yoko's side, grabbing her in both his arms, bridal style. The beam's proportion, however, was too large to avoid. Luckily, a sudden rain of blue Chaos Spears shot up from the ground below interrupted the beam of negative Chaos energy, eating it away to nothingness. Tojiro remained floating in mid-air. Yoko turned her head, looking down at the ground, spotting the Shade Priestess Kasumi Moriko to be their savior.

"Finally." mumbled the malevolent Alma, dashing down towards Kasumi.

"Yoko, quick! Shoot her down!" he exclaimed quickly.

"It's going to be a bit difficult while in this position you know!" barked the red head.

Yoko suddenly vanished, reappearing by Kasumi's side.

"Oh. Duh." she said. Yoko crouched down, aiming Alma in the middle of her crosshairs.

Yoko began to fire her sniper rifle with the utmost form of success on her mind. Alma quickly used Chaos Control to appear and vanish from left to right.

"Damn. Stay still!" exclaimed the ill patient Yoko.

Alma, preparing the golden glowing Staff of Judgment.

"Oh great." said Tojiro, taking his initiative by dive bombing down to the ground.

"I will end both of your lives with this fiery chaos! CHAOS SHATTER!" yelled the determined Alma.

Pointing the Staff of Judgment down at the two girls, a humongous slew of glass shard shaped bits of Chaos energy shot down like a hailstorm.

Yoko's eyes widened, the storm of death reflecting in her eyes. Yoko stumbled back, tripping off her balance. She suddenly landed in Tojiro's left arm. Tojiro pointed his right hand forward, firing bolts of red lightning from the tips of his very fingers. Each bolt sporadically dissolved every Chaos Shatter projectile, ultimately dissipating themselves after it was over. Alma stopped, hovering in mid-air high above the trio down below. Tojiro's eyes suddenly widened.

The real Alma was charging at Tojiro from behind, but was aiming to impale Yoko through the back with her staff, a stake formed formation of yellow Chaos energy on the top of her Staff of Judgment. Tojiro hastily stomped his right foot into the ground, rooting a wall of earth out of the ground behind him. Tojiro then swiftly turned around, tossing Yoko to safety, but the minute he fully turned around, the stake of Chaos energy broke through the wall of earth and impaled Tojiro.

Yoko rolled to a halt, lying on her side. Once she rolled over to set her gaze back on the Cloakmaster, she was stricken. Tojiro grunted and coughed heinously. He grabbed both sides of the glowing stake of Chaos energy. The wall of earth suddenly shattered. Alma angrily glared up at the falling debris. Tojiro took this miniscule chance to push the stake out of his chest, and jump back to Yoko's side, holding the wound in pain. Alma created a protective dome of Chaos energy to protect herself from the falling rocks. Tojiro shut his right eye, his agony was as clear as the shining sun that this morning heralded.

"Tojiro, I'm beginning to believe you care more about this fight than what I have to tell you." Yoko snapped at him.

"This fight will decide if you, myself or Kasumi's life will be immediately severed. Whatever you have in mind doesn't have no meaning to what can happen now." said the Cloakmaster, removing his hand from the bleeding wound, still standing in a slouched position.

"Even if it involves the location of the Nightmare Scythe?" Yoko swiftly replied, confident in Tojiro's sudden response.

Tojiro turned his head around to her, his blank white eyes staring into her with a deep sense of annoyance.

"No. It wouldn't matter." he surprisingly answered.

Yoko's guess was shockingly turned around.

She would've expected an arguable response, but instead she gets a careless one. Tojiro suddenly turned his head back to the sky, seeing Alma charging down towards the two.

"Kasumi! Retreat! This fight is too out of control for you to be here!" he willingly demanded.

"Last time it wasn't the same kind of condition! I'm staying to help!" Kasumi righteously declared.

"You either retreat or I'll make you! I already have my hands full trying to keep Yoko safe! RETREAT BACK TO THE TEMPLE THIS INSTANT!" Tojiro furiously roared, turning forward and smashing his right fist into the ground, causing large pillars of earth glowing with crimson red Chaos energy to erupt and attack with an array of Chaos Shatter projectiles.

Kasumi stood hesitant, hesitant enough to refuse Tojiro's orders and stay by his side like last time, but her regret was far more measurable. Kasumi quickly headed back toward Saienji Temple, respecting Tojiro's carefulness. Tojiro helped Yoko to her feet, but was suddenly grabbed by one of the quills on the back of his by Alma.

Alma then vanished along with Tojiro, reappearing high above the white clouds that covered the blue sky. Tojiro pressed his feet against Alma and forced himself away from the Cloakmaster of Defiance.

Tojiro, once right side up, released a furious flurry of Chaos Spheres of thundering yellow Chaos energy. The large spheres converged onto Alma like an angry swarm of wasps, not giving the female Cloakmaster much room to fly or dodge. Alma was forced to use Chaos Control, appearing outside the storm of flying Chaos covered columns.

Alma was immediately forced to raise the Staff of Judgment to block a direct overpowered Chaos Punch from Tojiro. Alma held the staff with a tight grip, yet her focus was shortly slipping from the pressure. Tojiro unleashed a small burst of red Chaos energy that violently shocked and blew Alma out of the sky and sending her down to the ground below, impacting with an explosive boom. Tojiro suddenly saw a large white and blue mixed beam fire towards Yoko.

"That beam…I've never seen it before. But its power…I haven't felt that power ever since…" said the Cloakmaster's thoughts.

His eyes widened in the process. He clapped his hands together, using Chaos Control to appear in the beam's path. Alma smirked under cold gaze. The beam swiftly maneuvered over Tojiro's head and went on towards Yoko. Unsheathing the Blade of Darkness, and embedding with his spiritual energy, Tojiro took one last ditch effort to turn around and fire a beam of white light, to make sure that Alma's beam wouldn't take more than Yoko's life. The white beam shot from Tojiro's blade shot into the core of the beam that continued towards Yoko, changing its nature…and its affects. The beam overwhelmed Yoko in the brightest of lights.

Tojiro had already raised his cloaked arm up to his face, keeping the light from temporarily blinding him. Once he lowered his arm, the light from the impact had already vanished. He looked into the cloud of pure white smoke, spotting a silhouette. Except, this silhouette was the same height as the cloaked hedgehog. Indeed he knew it was Yoko, except it seems his involvement of making Alma's beam less fatal did have a completely new affect.

The smoke cleared, revealing a red furred hedgehog, the one and only Yoko had been transformed into a anthropomorphic hedgehog. Yoko's clothes all remained on, and everything natural were somewhat changed. To explain it simply, she had the quills of Amy Rose, and the shape and figure of Rouge the Bat. A mix to shock more than a thousand people.

Yoko's red hair was also retained, and still tied into a long ponytail. Her gold hedgehog eyes opened up, slowly staring down at her new form. At first, it was apparent that she thought it all a dream, but that so-called dream vanished in a puff of smoke once the red head sharpshooter screamed out of hysteria of the delusional variety.

"Curse you Ankoku! If you had not intervened…"

"Or what? I highly doubt I would let myself watch her be harmed. Either way, something good had to happen." said Tojiro, facing his Godmother, getting in a prepared fighting stance.

"YOU CALL THIS GOOD? I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT!" shouted Yoko in a fearsome outrage.

"Well, let me rephrase. It was somewhat good. The outcome to say the least." said the confused Cloakmaster.

"No matter. This only makes it easier." said Alma, her confidence as present as a straight "A" student.

Alma hovered into the air, the top of her staff glowing a vibrant blue with multiple bolts of white electricity circling around it.

"It's always an aerial attack with her." mumbled Tojiro, crouching down and preparing to leap.

"YOU WAIT RIGHT THERE!" exclaimed the furious Yoko, grabbing Tojiro by his shoulders, causing him to stand back up and turn towards her.

"I had to go through some altered dimension, involved myself into a dimensional royal rumble with YOUR future self who kindly hid his true identity from me, then went through all the hell of getting here so I could tell you this one…important…FACT!" Yoko consciously yelled into Tojiro's face.

"I don't mean to be apprehensive, but at what spot of your anger hides the point of all this?" Tojiro asked annoyingly.

"BOTH OF YOU SILENCE!" roared Alma, annoyed by the arguing below.

"YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!" barked Yoko, accidentally firing a stream of blue Chaos energy mixed with electromagnetic energy.

The blast hit Alma directly in the chest, resulting in a monstrous explosion of smoke and light. Yoko lowered her left arm, staring at the smoke that was simmering from her hand. Tojiro slipped away from Yoko's gasp in sneaky manner, turning up to the cloud of smoke that succumbed around Alma. Yet, the Cloakmaster looked over his shoulder at Yoko's hedgehog form.

"This somewhat surprises me. She's able to cast Chaos techniques so easily. It must be due to using that beam of my spiritual power that did. Including the many times she's been exposed to Chaos energy.

"Somehow, I feel that my future is slowly, yet drastically going to become annoying." he thought, turning his head back up to the air.

The sudden appearance of Alma shooting down like a mad bullet, Tojiro quickly strafed to the right. Alma, however, continued on towards Yoko!

"Yoko, fire another blast of Chaos! Quick!" he exclaimed with importance.

Yoko first quickly rolled to the right, then turned around, preparing to fire, but was instantly smacked across the face by Alma's staff. The Cloakmaster of Defiance then quickly embedded the top of her staff with red Chaos energy and angrily drove it into Yoko's chest which resulted in painful blast that sent her flying across the ground. Her agony halted once Tojiro slid into her path and caught her, holding her down on the ground, the back of her head resting against the palm of his right hand.

"I figured you were too weak to face me! Especially with that foolish girl by your side!" laughed the lady Cloakmaster.

"You'd best keep your tongue behind your teeth. Or else I'll the damn thing out through your eye!" he threatened with the most violent tone he could summon.

"Tojiro…" said Yoko's weak voice.

"Yoko. Heh. So…you're okay, I take it?" he quickly said after hearing his name. Yoko managed a smile, even though her drastic appearance makeover was as present as it is. Tojiro helped her to her feet.

"The best thing to do is imagine a weapon where you can output your Chaos energy." Tojiro strongly advised, readying the Blade of Darkness in both hands, facing Alma.

Yoko desperately yet confusedly looked at her hands. "Just think of something that would fit your style. And hurry."

"Hurry for what! Stop rushing me!" barked Yoko.

"Okay, fine. But I highly doubt Alma's waiting." said Tojiro, with his eyebrows raised and glum expression on his face.

"I SHALL SILENCE BOTH OF YOUR PITIFUL LIVES!" roared the lady Cloakmaster.

"See?" said Tojiro.

Yoko held her hands out, feeling the Chaos energy focus in her hands and fingers. Yoko then closed her eyes, imagining. Alma raised the Staff of Judgment, preparing to release an overpowered Chaos Quake amongst Tojiro and Yoko. Yoko then vividly opened her eyes. Forming in her hands were dual weapons, both modeled after a MP5 submachine gun. Yoko pointed the weapons forward, firing multiple electromagnetic powered bullets that were covered in gold Chaos energy. Alma was forced into a straight position, the fearsome storm of bullets riddling against her body. Alma growled severely, severely enough that her point of self control was ready to snap like a twig.

"Ahhh, great." grumbled Tojiro.

"CHAOS BLAST!" exclaimed the fearsome voice of Alma, her eyes becoming filled with glowing red.

Tojiro jumped back, wrapping his arm around Yoko's back, then with one single leap, soared straight into the air. The large dome of outgrowing red Chaos energy continued to span wider and further.

When feet came to inches, Tojiro powered up his metal feet, firing a blast of Chaos powered jet fumes from under his feet, soaring even higher into the skies. Passing through the white clouds, Tojiro kept tight grip over the Blade of Darkness in his right hand, but kept a more focused hold on Yoko. Tojiro halted in sky, the flames blasting from under his feet kept the two hovering.

"That was a Chaos Blast, right? Wouldn't that take out a lot of her power?" Yoko quickly asked, turning her head to the Cloakmaster.

"I'm unsure. She is one of the Hell Gods after all. And they supposedly have an ample supply of Chaos energy. She's either really tired or desperately trying to exterminate us. My guess is that she's-"

"INCOMING!" pointed out Yoko.

"Wow. Saw that coming." mumbled the Cloakmaster with a glum look.

From below the clouds, a large resonance of yellow light came up. Tojiro quickly formed a defensive bubble barrier of dark Chaos energy. The blast smashed against the barrier, it's rays of light wrapping around the sphere shaped barrier.

"I hope this barrier holds!" prayed Yoko.

"Oddly enough, I didn't even set up. All I did was think of a barrier." replied Tojiro.

"It must be the cloak!" responded the red furred hedgehog.

After the blunt of the Alma's beam ended, Tojiro immediately lowered the barrier. Yoko surprisingly jumped out of Tojiro's arms, firing her twin MP5s.

"Chaos Repeaters. That sure sounds like a proper name." she said, continuing to fire upon Alma.

The Cloakmaster of Defiance flew back, letting the bullets from Yoko's weapons dash through the earth. As she floated backwards across the ground, Alma pointed the Staff of Judgment up into the air, firing twenty green Chaos Spears. Yoko's eyebrows raised from the sudden projectile storm. Tojiro appeared in front of Yoko out of Chaos Control.

He began spinning the Blade of Darkness like the blades a windmill, except at a more rapid pace. Tojiro deflected and assimilated each of the swift flying Chaos Spears. Holding the blade in his right, he fired a large bolt of red lightning down at Alma.

The Cloakmaster of Defiance decided it was to get airborne, and shot off into the sky, dodging the monstrous blast that lightning created once it hit the ground. Alma swung the Staff of Judgment left and right five times, releasing silver and yellow Chaos Spheres with each swing. Tojiro sheathed the Blade of Darkness, and then readied Black Death. Surrounding himself in a dense aura of purple Chaos energy, he charged directly at the growing Chaos Spheres. He hit one, then let the following two ram into him, causing him to slow down, but he refused to give up that easy. Tojiro held the trigger of Black Death, and finally smashed through the final two Chaos Spheres.

Coming through the smoke, he yelled with monstrous anger, holding Black Death back in his right hand. However, Alma pointed the Staff of Judgment straight into Tojiro's face, and released a vile red Chaos Sphere into the Demon Demigod's face. Tojiro was thrown straight across the floor, and sent crashing through the front doors of Saienji Temple with merciful force. Sliding to a halt on his chest, Tojiro gripped his hands into the wooden floor to halt his movement. He stared forward with a look of disdain. With a flash of Chaos Control, Alma reappeared. Tojiro rose to his feet, on one knee, his left hand planted on his right knee.

"Do you see now how far your ego takes you? Or must I teach you further? This war isn't yours to win, Cloakmaster Ankoku." spoke the lady Cloakmaster.

A sudden ringed blast of blue positive Chaos energy pass over Tojiro's head and smacked Alma out of the doorway and onto ground outside. Tojiro rose to his feet, putting Black Death back in it's holster, and turning around to Kasumi. She slowly lowered her arms, breathing heavily.

"Your energy is a bit gone from you, Kasumi. Make sure you stay somewhere safe." he said, turning his back to her.

"Got it. Everyone else is in the temple are at one spot. I'll watch over them, take care of Alma as quick as you can, okay?" informed the Shade Priestess, running down the hall.

Tojiro began to sprint, jumping out of the house. The second he touched the ground, the Cloakmaster of Darkness forced himself into a forward flip, staring down at an upside down position at the oversized gold Chaos Spear that passed straight under him. Landing successfully back on his feet, Tojiro stepped forward one step at a time, punching his fists forward that fired a blistering stream of flames out of his fists.

Alma spun her staff to the right, then quickly pointed it to the left, then swung her staff down, extinguishing the three fire streams. Tojiro stomped on the ground, causing six pillars of earth to spurt out of the ground, and all converged upon Alma's position at the same time. Alma drove the bottom half of her staff into the ground, causing a storm of green buzz saw shaped projectiles to randomly appear around Alma, and shoot out in all directions. The earth pillars were surprisingly torn into bits and rubble. Alma stood straight, pointing her arms forward, and sporting a devilish smirk. Every green Chaos energized saw converged onto Tojiro.

"I can't risk losing any Chaos energy or power by creating a barrier. Those are wind type Chaos projectiles. I have no choice but to use a Chaos Blast." thought the Cloakmaster with a distinct hint of distress.

"Hello! Hey! Where's Tojiro?" called out a sudden female voice.

Alma turned around, losing her focus. Tojiro quickly changed plans, using Chaos Control to appear out of the path of the flying green projectiles. Alma turned forward, blocking the Cloakmaster from delivering his vengeful Chaos Rasengan into her gut. A sudden beam of gold shot by and hit Alma in the hip, throwing her far across the ground. Tojiro turned his gaze to the gates, spotting Haruhi Suzumiya to be the one calling for his name.

"No. Really? No." he grumbled.

Haruhi cracked a definite smile of confidence once she spotted the Cloakmaster. She hurried over to him and once she stood before him, she bended down with her hands on her hips.

"You do realize how long I've been waiting right? You said you'd come to my school!" she stated in an outburst, completely out of line.

Tojiro quickly spun around her, unsheathing the Blade of Darkness and holding it straight up to create a curved barrier of golden Chaos energy to block the impact of a monstrous swarm of red Chaos Spears.

Haruhi looked over her shoulder, looking confused.

"Wow! You sure do have some keen senses! Just like always, Tojiro!" Haruhi said, turning around.

"This girl is too overactive for her own good." thought the hopeless faced Demon Demigod.

Tojiro lowered the barrier, then sheathed the Blade of Darkness, immediately proceeding to fire a warped beam of green Chaos energy from both of his hands. Together, the energy formed into a spiraling drill beam. Alma drove the bottom end of her staff into the ground, "Chaos Eruption!" she summoned loudly.

Waves and arms of orange Chaos energy came out of the Staff of Judgment. The arms of glowing energy rolled Tojiro's beam into a sphere. The inside created a fierce sparkling core of vibrant green, with bolts of lime green color sporadically appearing on the outside of the large orange sphere.

"We better get out of the way, Tojiro! That thing looks too strong!" Yoko warned, holding her Chaos Repeaters down.

"No. If we avoid, it's going to level the temple. I won't allow that." he said, lowering his hood.

"There's no way you can stop that thing! Can't you use a Chaos Control to shoot it back at her?" insisted the red furred hedgehog.

"I'd have to create a larger one, and if I do…that'll quickly sap my power. Sorry Yoko, but I'm going to have to do it the hard way." he explained, preparing himself into a sprinting position.

Closing his eyes with all the focus he had left to utilize, they spanned open, and Tojiro shot off like a rocket. "Tojiro, wait!" called out Yoko, stepping forward, ending up by Haruhi's side.

Haruhi looked down at Yoko. "You won't have to worry. He'll make it out okay." she said, providing a promising tone.

"Really? What makes you so confident?" asked Yoko.

"Because he's a part of the SOS Brigade! And to be a member, you need to have what it takes to fight for what you believe in!" said the confident melancholic, providing a peace sign with her determined words.

Preparing himself with every step he took, Tojiro continued his head on charge towards Alma.

"You always were a fool. Time for your suffering!" said the maniacal Alma, firing the massive orange Chaos Sphere that was combined with the power of Alma's Chaos Eruption and Tojiro's previously shot beam.

His eyes suddenly filled with blue, and all that was black turned to white, he entered his Nightmare Form; the first stage of it. He exuded the positive Chaos energy from his body, causing it interact with the massive Chaos Sphere, exploding into a large white light. From the top of it, curved beams of silver shot down amongst the ground.

One of the beams hit Yoko, causing her to suddenly vanish. Kasumi quickly appeared outside, creating a defensive barrier to stop any of the beams from hitting Haruhi or herself. The fountain of beams slowly began to vanish, it's power diminishing. Kasumi lowered the spherical barrier of blue Chaos energy, and quickly ran forward to the cloud of white smoke that was created out of Tojiro's collision with Alma's Chaos Sphere. As she found herself in the midst of the drifting smoke, the Shade Priestess was alone. Both Tojiro and Alma have instantly vanished from sight.


-An entire force of Japanese police open fire upon North High School.- -Tojiro leaps toward the crowd with Chaos energy emanating from his very fingertips.-

"In an instant, Tojiro is flung to an altered world with a terrible destiny." -Tojiro stands before Kouyouen Academy. He hovers to a window sill and sees Haruhi Suzumiya with longer hair and wearing a black school uniform.-

"There he learns a truth that could forever change the course of his war. He returns to Earth, finding the real Haruhi Suzumiya to be missing."

-Tojiro bashes his way through a blockade of police cars. A police chopper flies forth.- -A smirking Akuma Kyofu stands upon a lone street.-

"Tojiro confronts his brother in the passing echoes of the city, ready to do battle with a foe...he had not counted on challenging."

-Mikuru Asahina screams forth, shouting Haruhi's name. The leader of the SOS Brigade lies next to Akuma as he laughs and rejoices at his foes' agony.-

"In moments, Tojiro must contend with Akuma's evil the form of a greater good..."

-A purple tornado of fire surrounds Haruhi. A pale gray hand steps out. With black and gray altering her school outfit, Tojiro looks to the crimson pupils of Haruhi Suzumiya.-