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"Flaky hurry down to my place, I've got something I want to show everyone"

"What is it?"

"It's a surprise, you'll see when you get here"

Everyone stood around a sheet covered mass in Sniffles's lab. The anteater stood before it looking proud as he absorbed the attention he was getting from the others, or at least what he felt he was getting. As they waited the group discussed amongst themselves what might be under the sheet until the final two, a blue moose and purple mole in a turtle neck shirt finally arrived. The anteater looked towards them and a smile formed at the end of his snout.

"Welcome all of you to the next generation of science. As you know when we sleep we are visited by wondrous dreams and horrific nightmares, but the mystery remains. What is a dream, what is a nightmare. Some say dreams are meant to tell you things and solve problems. Others claim that they are simply our brains flushing out un necessary information. I Sniffles, have been working on a machine that can solve that mystery. Behold the dream reader 6000!" the anteater explained as he pulled the sheet off of the machine.

The machine appeared as a large metal box with screens and do dads protruding from the sides. At one end of it however was a small, single person bed with some type of shower cap with lights around it laying on the pillow. Some of the more simple of the tree friends stared in awe at it while some of the others seemed only vaguely interested in it. The red porcupine however appeared cautious of it.

"This machine allows us to physically record dreams by reading brainwave patterns and calculating the images it reads. We may then view them on these monitors. By doing this in a laboratory setting scientist will be able to experiment and determine what a dream really is. Now then, for one final test before I can market this I will need a volunteer" Sniffles explained.

There was a bit of chatter amongst the crowd as you would expect before a yellow rabbit stepped forward.

"I'll volunteer" he said with a confident stride up to the bed.

"Hmm… I don't know Cuddles… you seem pretty energetic today. Maybe someone else" said Sniffles.

"Well what about you Flaky? You're look'n pretty bushed" said Cuddles.

"Wha- what? M-me?" the red porcupine asked.

"Yea, why not?" Cuddles asked.

"U-umm… well…" Flaky replied before an orange beaver butted in.

"Would someone just do this already so we can go?" he asked annoyed.

"Don't be so pushy Handy" said a purple beaver.

"Who cares about all this techno crap, I know I don't" said Handy.

"Come on Flaky it'll be cool" said Cuddles who had taken her by the arm and began escorting her to the machine.

Flaky didn't know weather to follow him or pull away as she was reluctantly pulled forward by the over eager rabbit. Before she knew it she had been laid down onto the bed and had the strange shower cap looking thing secured around her head. Sniffles shook with excitement as he activated a code in the computer. Flaky suddenly felt herself feeling woozy as she heard a soft humming sound being sent straight into her mind. The porcupine's eyes shut as she drifted off to sleep. The surrounding tree friends watched the screen waiting for an image to appear. Things would not be so simple however as a disconnected cable revealed its self. Sniffles immediately entered a panic as the machine began shaking violently. The onlookers scrambled around Sniffles lab in a panic as the machine malfunctioned further.

The commotion however woke Flaky who felt severely dizzy as her body convulsed on the bed. She began breathing heavily with a panic attack of her own but no scream would surface. Colors flashed in her eyes like a strobe light as her gaze shifted across the room. She heard the sound of shattering glass as the screens shattered and a moment later came a defining blast, then blackness.

Flaky found herself on a battlefield , corpses all around her, a quick flash and she was sitting in the audience at a concert. Another flash brought her to an empty museum, then to a grave yard before she was shaken into consciousness.

"Flaky, Flaky get up!" shouted a voice.

Flaky opened her eyes to the face of the same yellow rabbit who dragged her into that machine. With a shriek of terror she shoved the rabbit off of her landing him onto his rear. Flaky sat up glancing around at everyone and breathed heavily as she wrapped herself in her arms.

"Flaky, what's wrong?" Flippy asked.

She looked up at him and suddenly felt sick to her stomach, she leaned over onto her hands and knees and vomited onto the floor several times. She rolled back over and sat down as Flippy handed her a rag from his jacket. She reached her hand up to grab it but it fell limp to her side. Flippy took the courtesy of wiping her mouth for her

"Come on, let's get you home" said Flippy as he and cuddles hoisted her over their shoulders.

Flaky was brought home and tucked into bed by Cuddles and Flippy and the two made their way out of the house.

"That was screwed up huh?" Cuddles asked.

"Y-yea" said Flippy.

"Something the matter?" Cuddles asked.

"Nah, it's probably nothing" said Flippy recalling a brief image from being knocked out.

"If you say so" said Cuddles as the two made their ways home.

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