Sonic X: The Next Adventure episode 2 chapter 1

Authors note: Well, here is the first chapter to the second episode. Once again, I ask for patience for the next chapter. It will take time to write and upload.

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Dawn came to the Forest Zone. In the halls of Acorn Castle, the people awoke, still feeling the joy from the precious night celebration. Everyone was in a good mood.

Geoffrey St. James the third, however, wasn't. As he sat in his quarters sulking. He was miffed at the fact that Sonic and his friends were made the guest's of honor at the ball last night. An honor that, he believed, was rightfully his.

"It's is bad enough the princess would allow those outsiders to stay here," he said to himself, "but to give these commoners my guest of honor title."

Geoffrey feared this event would be the start of a path of humiliation for him. A path that would surely cost him his honor, and his social status with the princess.

"If that hedgehog continues such acts like he did yesterday, what next? A knighthood? A place in the royal army? A commander?"

The more Geoffrey thought about what Sonic could do to upstage him, the more worried and angered he became.

"No! You have worked long and hard to be where you are now. Geoffrey ol' boy. And no blue-furred, senseless, full of himself, commoner is about to make you the fool."

Geoffrey began to think of a way to take care of Sonic. At first he thought of killing him, but knew it would cause both the loss of his status, and might cause him banishment from the Forest Zone.

'There must be a way,' pondered Geoffrey, as he thought long and hard, 'a way to ensure that hedgehog won't discredit my honor.'

Just then, Geoffrey looked out his castle window, and saw in the distance a towering mountain. Suddenly, an idea came to him, along with a sly smile.

In the Knothole Village, Geoffrey came shooting out of the tree and landed in the pile of straw. After brushing himself off, Geoffrey began walking around the island to look for Sonic.

He didn't need to look far, as Sonic sped past him in a gust of wind.

Sonic didn't seem to notice the captain, as he kept running back and forth throughout the woods.

Geoffrey tried to grab the hedgehog's attention, but Sonic kept speeding past him.

A thought of mischief suddenly came to the captains mind. Making sure that no one was looking, Geoffrey stuck out his leg in front of the speeding blur. Sonic, in his rapid speed, didn't see the foot, as he tripped and went flying head-first into a prickly bush.

"Whoopsie," whispered Geoffrey, giving a grin.

He rushed over to the bush, and pulled Sonic out, who was covered in a few prickles.

"Oh, do forgive me Sonic," said Geoffrey, trying to act surprised, "I did not know you were there, otherwise I wouldn't have taken a step."

After helping brush off the prickles, Sonic just looked at him.

"That's ok Jeffy."

Ignoring Sonic's mispronunciation, Geoffrey held out his hand for Sonic. "I wanted to congratulate you and your friends, for receiving the title of 'guest of honor' last night."

Sonic shook the captain hand proudly, "ah, it was nothing big."

"Oh, but it was. After the way you and your companions battled those mechanical monsters. Why I haven't seen such skill since the Robotnick wars."

This admiration made Sonic smile with pride.

"In fact," continued Geoffrey, knowing he was doing well in buttering this hedgehog up, "I wouldn't be surprise if you managed to conquer the vicious dragon."

Hearing this, Sonics face fell in confusion. "Dragon?"

"Didn't anyone tell you? There has been a wicked dragon that has caused harm to our kingdom. Burning our fields, crushing our homes, and coming close to hurting our people."

Geoffrey could tell Sonic was interested.

"We have barely managed to keep it off our lands, but it always returns to harm us. If only someone would defeat that fiery beast, truly an act such as that would bring great admiration to such a warrior, even the princess."

Hearing this, Sonic began to ponder.

Geoffrey was about to walk away, when Sonic spoke, "hey Jeff, suppose I were go and take care of this dragon. Could it get me in good with Sally?"

"I suppose," said Geoffrey, giving questioning look, "but then to face such a creature, would require cunning, craft, bravery, and…. speed."

"Speed, is what I got," said Sonic, "as for cunning, I doubt any dragon is smart enough to out race me."

"Well then, if you are truly wanting to battle this beast. Then there, is where it dwells."

Geoffrey pointed toward a tall mountain in the distance, the very same mountain he saw from his window."

"Dragon Mountain," explained Geoffrey, "once the home of many dragons before the Great Wars. But when the wars struck, the beast's migrated away to find a new place to roost. Only one has dared to return. Are you certain you wish to face this monster, hedgehog?"

"Jeff," said Sonic, giving a reassuring grin, "I've battled machines, aliens, ghosts, and creeps. If this dragon is real, I'm ready for it."

"Well, if you insist," said Geoffrey, "then I wish you the best of luck."

"Thanks Jeffy," said Sonic, "could you tell Sally where I've gone, I don't want her to feel worried."

"But of course Sonic, I give you my word as captain of the guard."

Giving thanks once again, Sonic raced off through the forest, for Dragon Mountain.

"Good luck Sonic," the captain called out to him.

"And good riddance," muttered Geoffrey with a smile, glad that his plan had worked perfectly.

Then, as the captain started walking back to palace, he began thinking of what to say to the princess.