(Hello everyone, this little story has been playing on my mind for a few days so I decided to write it. It is about another member of the Sohma family more cursed than the rest. Discover the reasons for his torment and isolation along the way. Kurai Sohma will find out what it is like to try to be normal, to fit in with humans and to feel emotions of love)


Every day was the exact replica of the last, at the same time and in the same place he would call, to ensure everything was in working order, however today was different. No-one knew it would be but it was significantly different. As Hatori walked through the Sohma house, down the narrow corridors he had a gut instinct that his usual routine would be shattered into pieces. When he spoke to the broken boy yesterday he had spoken of leaving this place, that he would be allowed his freedom, a normal life. Hatori had dismissed it, after all this boy needed regular checkups from him due to his condition. He was different to the others, a lot different. As Hatori neared the only room in this corridor he felt himself begin to get nervous. He had no idea why but it was instinct. As he slowly opened the door he looked inside the dark room. The walls echoed its emptiness, the solitude, the sheer madness that would follow. He stepped inside looking for its resident. For the broken boy. His eyes scanned every inch of the room until they focused on the only window in the room. It had been smashed and the inhabitant had fled. This would be a terrible matter, Akito would not be pleased. Hatori made it his priority to alert the head of the family about this incident and hastily left the room. As he rushed out of the room he wondered about what words he would say, would he just merely foretell the tale of events? That the boy had sworn he would escape, to lead a normal life, to be classed equal just like everyone else? This was the biggest secret the Sohma's held, locked away, so no-one could ever see. Some of the family were unaware of this boys existence. As Hatori neared the room Akito was in he paused. He wondered what Akito would do, would he get mad? Would he lash out at him once more? As he opened the door those thoughts were pushed to one side.

Akito sat at the open window, feeding a small sparrow, blissfully unaware of the fact his prisoner had escaped into the big wide world.

"Akito-" Hatori started, getting his attention. He turned his attention to Hatori, ignoring the innocent bird that was perched on his finger;

"Ah, Hatori. How are things?" Hatori looked away, it would be hard to tell this tale without anger consuming.

"The boy, he has escaped the room" Akito's eyes widened as immediately the bird took flight and escaped out of the window. He stood up, rage consuming his fragile being as he started to shout;

"How is that even possible! He was locked up, there is no way he could of escaped!"

"He smashed the window-" Hatori informed, wondering about what plan Akito would have concerning this issue. He stood still, his eyes wild in rage. This was not part of the plan, no-one was ever meant to cast their eyes on the boy, he was not normal, he was different;

"We must retrieve him immediately, alert the rest of the family Hatori-" Akito replied, now walking over to the window, his dark eyes gazing out at the glorious scenery. He started to laugh hysterically. Hatori watched, this was going to end badly.

"I shall inform Shigure and the others-" He mumbled, trying to ignore the devilish laugh that echoed throughout the room. Akito turned his wild eyes to Hatori as he retorted;

"Once we find him, I'll make sure he NEVER leaves again!"

(What do you think will happen? Who is the mystery boy and why is he locked up? Will he ever lead a normal life? Read and review pleeeaaase! Thanks!)