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Back on topic, 34 Pokemon will be competing from all regions, including the newly released Unova region so yes; readers will find Generation 5 Pokemon in this, which I will use a bit of since no one has yet.

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"Hi there!" Shouted a red and white jet-looking Pokemon. "Welcome to Total Pokemon Island! I'm your host Latias! And over here is my brother co-host, Latios!" Next to her was Pokemon that looked similar to Latias, only he had an angry scowl instead of a smile and he was colored blue, not red.

He was grumbling, "I still can't believe that they chose you to be host, didn't you tell them you are-mmmph!" He was cut off when Latias put a hand over his mouth, shutting him up.

"Anyways, let's get down to business! We have 34 lucky Pokemon, 2 of each type, coming to this not-so lovely island to take part in a competition for, wait for it, 100,000 Pokedollars and a lifetime supply of famous treats from every single region; Casteliacones, Old Gateaus, Lava Cookies, you name them we have them. Before claiming this prize, our contestants will have to endure various challenges and competitions between each other. After every challenge, winners will be invincible from the vote, while one camper will be voted off and forced to walk our Dock of Losers and leave the competition. This is gonna be fun right bro?"

"Yeah, you float there and tell these campers what to do, when I have to cook meals and do chores." Latios responded sourly.

Latias stared at him, "Well I have to create the challenges don't I?"

"No." He answered. "The producers tell you what the challenge will be and then you look it up in that book they gave you and have me do all the work for it. Then you just tell the contestants what they're doing and then you float off to the side, sipping iced tea and lemonade that I serve you!"

"Well sorry that they wanted a pretty face instead of your ugly mug."

"Our faces are almost exactly the same!"

The host and co-host continued to argue, ignoring the first contestant who had arrived on a Lapras. He was medium-sized with white fur, a cat-like face, black claws, tail and horn which was crescent shaped and holding his belongings. He looked at the two arguing legendaries and without speaking a word, walked toward the end of the dock and laid down to rest.

Another contestant soon arrived on the back of a blue Gastrodon. He lazily got off the Pokemon and walked toward the hosts, he was orange except for a small bit of green on his hump which he had balanced a small suitcase on. His round lazy eyes looked at the hosts who were still arguing and decided that it would be the best if he ignored them.

A third Pokemon came, though he didn't arrive on another Pokemon since he was able to swim. He was brown Pokemon with yellow fins and resembled a flounder. Two gray lips sat in between his oval eyes. He flopped on over to where the other two Pokemon were with his luggage that he carried by the tail, also ignoring the hosts' feud.

Another competitor arrived who also swam to the dock. She was small, blue and round with two antennas that had yellow lights on the ends. She saw the two feuding hosts and tried to get their attention by flashing her yellow eyes and lights but they ignored her, so she bounced on over to the end of the dock, suitcase at hand.

The fifth contest walked onto the dock and to the hosts after getting off a Dewgong. This Pokemon had a small brown body but it also had two identical heads which were connected to its body by a long black neck. "Hey!" one of the heads shouted.

It got no response.

"Hey!" the other head shouted.

There was still no response.

"HEY!" both of the heads shouted in unison.

This got Latias's attention. She turned toward the Pokemon and looked surprised, "Oh, so sorry about that! I didn't notice that you have arrived! Well, if it's not too late, welcome to the Island Doduo!"

"See, told ya my voice would get their attention." said one head.

The other shook it's head, "No, it was totally my shout that got them to notice us."

"No it was my voice!" shouted the first head.

"No it wasn't!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

This continued until the both of Doduo's heads started to peck each other, which wasn't smart since they shared the same body and could feel each other's pain.

"Ow! Ouch! Quit it! Hey, no biting!"

Latias stared at them with confusion, "If you two are done fighting with, uh, yourself, go stand over to the end of the dock where-." She stopped mid-sentence when she realized four other Pokemon had already arrived beforehand.

"Wha, when, how, who are you guys?" Latias was dumfounded. How could they have arrived without her noticing them?

The flounder responded first, "I'm Stunfisk, got here after those two." He pointed a lazy fin at the small orange Pokemon and the black and white Pokemon. "I decided to ignore you and you're boyfriend fighting cause it be too much of a bother."

"He's not my boyfriend! He's my brother!" Shouted Latias

"Right, and I can't swim." Retorted Stunfisk.

Latias was about to say something until Latios put a hand on her, "Temper, temper." He chided, Latias huffed in response.

The black and white Pokemon turned his head which had been looking out toward the sea, "I'm Absol, I got here first. I don't like associating myself with others so I walked away from your little argument." He then turned his head back to its original position.

The orange Pokemon spoke next after he yawned, "Mmm, I'm Numel…got here after Absol. I was feeling tired so I didn't greet you guys. Now that I've done my introduction, I'm going to go take a nap." He closed eyes and snores could be heard from his mouth.

The last Pokemon flashed its lights to Latias who immediately recognized the camper, "Oh, you must be Chinchou, your application did say that you couldn't talk. How are you?"

Chinchou smiled and flashed its light a couple times, Latias looked confused, "Um I don't understand. Could you do that again?"

Chinchou flashed its lights a second time; Latias looked even more confused, "Can someone help me here?"

"BZZT, IDENTIFYING SOURCE AND REASON OF REQUEST." Said a voice behind Latais who turned around to find the source of the new voice.

Behind her were 3 other Pokemon, one had a triangular shape, consisting of three separate bodies with an eye on each body as well as two magnets and screws on each body, except for the middle one which had a third screw coming from the top of its head. Behind it was medium-sized green Pokemon whose head was mostly white, had two flowers for hands and a green cape on her back. Behind her, was a large green Pokemon that looked like a snake. It had a curling pattern on his side and what seemed to be a collar by his head.

"Magneton, Roserade, Serperior, welcome! When did you guys get here?" Asked Latias.

Latios answered her question, "While you were talking to the other contestants."

Latias nodded, "So Magneton, you said that-."

"BZZT, SOURCE IDENTIFIED." Interrupted Magneton, which surprised Latias. " SOURCE IS LATIAS, THE EON POKEMON. REASON IDENTIFIED. REASON IS MUTE CHINCHOU, THE ANGLER POKEMON. CHINCHOU IS USING MORSE CODE. SEARCHING FOR MORSE CODE CHART." It paused. "CHART FOUND, ATTEMPTING TO TRANSLATE." It waited as Chinchou replayed its series of flashes. "TRANSLATION FINISHED, UPLOADING TRANSLATION." Its voice changed into a more monotone voice. "I Am Doing Fine. Thank You For Asking. BZZT."

There was silence. Latias then broke it, "Well, seems that you two will become fast friends." She turned toward the other two Pokemon. "Roserade, good to have you here, same to you Serperior."

"Thanks." Roserade said as she walked over and stood by Doduo.

Serperior looked at the other Pokemon and put on a smug smile, "Heh, this shouldn't be too hard." He said as he slithered toward Stunfisk.

Clanging sounds were heard as a Wailmer came by carrying two passengers. One was a white medium sized Pokemon with red markings and sharp claws. The other looked like a knight with a red and black body and blades on its arms. The two continued to fight even as the Wailmer docked. Only Latios's psychic power was able to split the two apart.

"Zangoose, Bisharp, fighting already?" Latias asked.

Zangoose replied first, "Not my fault." She said. "If he didn't keep hitting me with his arms, this wouldn't have happened."

"How many times have I told you, that's because I was stretching and told you to move away from me. You just refused to move." Bisharp replied.

"Don't lecture me metalhead." Snapped Zangoose, "Just keep your arms way from me." She walked over the end of the dock and stood by a sleeping Numel.

"Believe me, I intend to do so." Bisharp muttered under his breath as he walked on over to stand by Magneton.

Shortly, a Samurott came with a passenger standing on its horn. It was standing on one foot, its face shaped like a jackal. His hands had a spike on the back with a third one on his chest. When he arrived, he hopped off the Samurott and walked over and stood near Chinchou after introducing himself as Lucario to the host and co-host.

Two grey gears arrived next on a Bibarel, both of them were smiling. "Hi, were Klink and were best pals." Said one of the gears.

"We can't be physically separated so don't bother pulling us apart." Chimed the other.

"Aww that's nice, best buddy gears. Don't you think that's nice Latios?" Latias asked her brother.

Latios grumbled in response.

"Don't worry about him, he's not always this grumpy, run along now, we have more people coming." Latias said.

As Klink floated over next to Zangoose, an Empoleon was swimming to the dock at breakneck speed. It stopped when it got to the dock and it climbed on.

Latias was puzzled, "Umm, I'm sure you didn't sign up for this competition Empoleon."

"Yeah, I know." He responded. "This guy did." Pointing to his trident horn, a small, shiny grey Pokemon was happily munching away on the water and steel type. Some Pokemon chuckled at the sight.

"Nom nom nom nom nom." It was saying as it continued to chomp away.

Empoleon sighed, "Mind getting him off?"

Latias motioned toward Latios who sighed as he used his psychic powers to remove the little Pokemon.

"Hey wait! I wasn't done eating!" it said as it was dropped onto the dock.

"Sorry kid, go on now Empoleon." Latias said as Empoleon left. "So what's your name?" She asked.

"I'm Aron and I love to chew on metal!" He said enthusiastically. At the sound of this, Klink and Magneton moved away while Lucario and Bisharp put on concerned faces.

Soon enough, a large snowflake, a Cryogonal, floated towards the dock and stopped near the hosts.

Unsure of what was happening, Latias came over. He saw her and said, "Wait, let me just bask in the sun's rays for a little bit."

Latias nodded, allowing him to do so. Cryogonal just floated there for a while but then he suddenly adjusted his angle and fired a ray of light toward the contestants. Some of them freaked but Latios was quick enough to use his psychic powers to redirect the light to the campground which created a large smoking crater.

"Cryogonal!" Latias shouted. "No attacking the contestants!"

"Aww, I was just going to thin out the competition." He said in fake concerned voice. He then began to chuckle darkly as he went to the end of dock, distancing himself from the other contestants which were giving him angry glares, though he didn't seem to mind.

The next Pokemon that arrived was a small deer with a flower pattern.

"H-hi, I'm Deerling." She said with a small, weak voice.

"Hi there, well, welcome!" Latias said.

A loud "thunk" was heard behind them. Most people turned to look, only to see a small, oddly shaped rock.

"Oh, it's just a rock, though it was something important." Said Latias as she turned away.

"I wouldn't be so sure" Said a new voice.

Deerling slowly turned her head. She saw a purple and green vortex with a menacing smile on its face. She screamed, "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" and ran behind Serperior , cowering in fear.

"Grahahaha! Classic." Said the new arrival who was a Spiritomb.

Latias looked at him with distaste, "Don't go scaring people too much alright Spiritomb? Deerling is easily scared."

"I-it's true." Deerling responded, still a bit shaken.

After Spiritomb bounced over, Sawk and Blitzle arrived. After they exchanged greetings with the host, Sawk went to stand by Lucario and Blitzle stood by Deerling. Blitzile gave her a little smile which Deerling looked away shyly from.

The next contestant that arrived was red and yellow with a flame on its tail and duck bill. "Hey, I'm Magmar." It said.

Latias seemed confused, "Okay, but you're a bit early."

"Really? Because Blastoise said- ." Magmar's form immediately changed into a black and red fox-like Pokemon. "-I was supposed to get here earlier."

Latias was surprised, what was in front of her wasn't Magmar, instead it was Zoroark.

"I did not see that one coming." Latias said.

"Yeah, but I did." Said a new voice. Latias turned around and saw the real Magmar. She let out a quick huff. "Why did you choose me to transform into?" She asked Zoroark.

"Because, I didn't know who had already arrived but I saw you on your Jellicent as we arrived here so I thought, why not?" He responded.

Magmar let out a quick "Hmph" before joining the other contestants.

The next Pokemon to arrive slowly floated down from the sky. When she touched the dock, she folded her wings which made her body seem like a cloud.

"Welcome Altaria." Said Latias, "It's nice to finally have a fellow dragon type here."

Altaria smiled, "Thanks." She said and walked to the other contestants.

A Spinarak arrived next on a Slowpoke and greeted the hosts cheerfully before it went to wait by Spiritomb.

A medium tan cat Pokemon with a red jewel on its forehead arrived next. Latias greeted her with a smile, "Welcome Persian, it's nice to see you."

"It's nice to see you too commoner. I would have you call me 'majesty' but since you're the host, I'll let it slide." Persian responded. This statement offended Latias quite a bit. Persian looked over toward the other campers, "All of you over there, don't forget to shower me with praise you hear? Unlike most of you, I don't come from a shabby background."

"Talk about narcissistic." Said Sawk to Lucario who calmly responded with a nod.

"Now is there some who can take my bags for me, I don't want to break a nail-." She stopped mid sentence when she noticed Absol. She began to walk over to him and purred, "Hello, handsome." She said to him.

Absol turned his head to look at her, and then looked away without saying a word. Persian was shocked.

Some laughed at her predicament but the next contestant had caught their attentions.

A green haired beauty with slender eyes and body walked onto the dock, her long white dress flowing in the wind.

She smiled as she approached the host, "Hello." She said in a calming voice. "I'm Gardevoir."

Latias smiled, "It's nice to have you here, I'm sure you'll be popular among the viewers."

Garedvoir smiled back and walked over toward the other contestants. Persian was scowling at her.

The next Pokemon to arrive were Espeon and Rotom. Rotom cast a curious eye at Latios and floated next to Cryogonal, though he seemed to be chuckling. Espeon walked over to where Absol was and sat next to him.

"Back off, he's mine." Persian said to Espeon aggressively.

"Really? If he's with you, then why is he ignoring you?" Espeon calmly asked smiling at the tan cat.

Persian didn't say anything in response but the next contestant made her grimace.

"Ew, look at that ugly thing." She said. Espeon turned her head. Talking to Latias was a small brown fish, a Feebas.

"She might be a nice person on the inside." Espeon responded. "Unlike you."

Persian's scowl grew deeper.

Feebas hopped over to the other contestants, settling herself next to Serperior.

The next Pokemon that arrived was Pineco, he hopped over to Latias who was looking at the other Pokemon at the end of the dock.

"Oy! Host-chick! Down here!" He rudely shouted.

Latias turned her head to Pineco, "Hi Pineco, welcome to-"

"Yeah, save it for later ginger, I don't got all day you know." He bounced off to the group of contestants, some of them giving him a disapproving glare.

Latias was so shocked that she didn't hear the next contestants arrive. Latios had to tap her on the shoulder to get her to snap out of her trance, "Sis, two more Pokemon are here."

She regained her composure and moved her arm left and right. However, she accidentally hit one of the contestants who flew towards Magneton, hitting him.

"BZZT. DAMAGE RECEIVED. SCANNING EXTERIOR FOR DAMAGES." He said as the flying object hit the ground. It was a red shell with many holes in it. Four small tentacles came out of the bottom hole while a fifth one popped out of the top. "Ugh, what happened? I was in my shell and then I hit something hard. Where am I?" she asked.

Latias flew over, "You okay? I'm so sorry. Anyways, you're on Pokemon Drama Island. I assume you're Shuckle?"

"Yes."The slightly dizzy Pokemon said. "Where's the other guy?"

"Other guy?" asked Latias.

"On your back." Answered Latios.

Latias tilted her head, sure enough there was a small yellow spider with blue eyes staring at her with a happy face. "Hi I'm Joltik!"

Silence. "KYYYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Latias screamed. She disliked bugs, especially when they crawled on her.

"Get it off get it off get it off!" She was flying around in a panic.

"Sorry, I get nervous when I'm not holding onto someone!" Yelled Joltik, who was holding for his dear little life.

"Then can you please get off of me? I'm getting dizzy!"

"If you slow down, maybe!"

"Not gonna happen! Latios, HELP!"

Unfortunately, he couldn't as the two of the last four Pokemon arrived, a Lampent and Kingdra. While Lampent floated away to be next to Rotom, Latios was striking up a friendly conversation with Kingrda.

"Kingdra, no offense but, you look kinda old." Latios told the large seahorse.

"None taken." Kingdra replied. "The reason why I look so old though is because I spend too much time in my library reading books than going outside and swim in the ocean."

"So you're a regular bookworm?" Latios asked.

"I prefer the term philosopher, but yes, I am a bit of a bookworm." He noticed the small commotion going on nearby. "I say, are you sure you're not going to stop that? She is your sister after all."

Latios shrugged, "Eh, I think I'll let her be like that for a few minutes, she needs a little exercise."

Kingdra nodded, "I see."

He went on over to the other end of the dock as the second to last contestant arrived, a Sigilyph. As it floated down, it seemed that his three eyes were transfixed onto something.

"Hello?" asked Latios. He got no response. "Earth to Sigilyph." He continued. No reaction. Latios then waved his hands back and forth in front of Sigilyphs face. This time, he got a response.

Sigilyph was blinking, "Woah, sorry there, I was having some weird vision just now. Didn't mean to ignore you." He told Latios.

Latios nodded, "It's fine, mind calming down my sister though? She has a bug Pokemon on her back and she's deathly afraid of them."

Sigilyph nodded, "I'll see what I can do." He closed his eyes and concentrated. When he opened them, he released a small burst of psychic energy which separated Joltik and Latias, but Joltik flew towards Shuckle, who ducked, causing Joltik to latch onto Pineco.

"Hey kid, bugger off!" Shouted Pineco.

"Sorry!" Joltik said and he jumped onto Altaria "Am I bothering you?" he asked her.

Altaria smiled, "Not at all." She replied.

Latias was panting, "I hate bugs." She said.

"I find that comment a little rude." Said Spinarak.

Latios shrugged, "She's always been scared of bugs after she-" He was cut off after Latias put a hand over his mouth.

"Don't ever mention that to them." She growled.

Latias turned back toward the rest of the Pokemon with a smile on her face, "Alright, let's get prepared to meet our last camper who is arriving right now!"

As soon as she said that, a large purple shell was dropped onto the dock by a Walrein. A faint mumbling could be heard from inside the shell.

Latias motioned for Walrein to come over, "Um, Warein, what's with him?"

Walrein shrugged, "Don't know ma'am. He was fine when I picked him up. Then while we coming over, he clammed up and then he started that mumbling. Anyway, gotta go, running late." And with that, Warien left.

Latias looked toward the shell, "Look Cloyster, come on out we know you're in th-"

"I'VE GOT THE PERFECT PLAN!" the newcomer said as he opened his shell, interrupting Latias.

"I'll spike their foods so that they can't participate in challenges, allowing me to win each one, and win! It's perfect!" He said and cackled like a madman. Then he realized he had arrived at the island and all the other Pokemon were frowning at him. "Oh, uh, seems that I arrived. " He looked a bit sheepish, "By any chance did one of you not hear what I said?" The other Pokemon shook their head left and right. "Didn't think so." He said.

He bounced over to the other end of the dock and settled himself next to Kingdra.

Latias clapped her hands, "Now that you're all here, let's move to the center of camp and I'll explain all the details that weren't provided in the application. Latios, grab all of their stuff if you be so kind?"

Latios grumbled and reluctantly used his psychic power to pick up the campers' luggage.

Once everyone reached the center of camp, Latias spoke, "All of you will be divided into two teams. Team A, also known as the Legendary Lugias and Team B, known as the Honorable Ho-ohs." She took out a list.

"Our Lugias are, Bisharp, Lucario, Blitzle, Gardevoir, Kingdra, Roserade, Zoroark, Joltik, Lampent, Rotom, Magmar, Sigilyph, Shuckle, Stunfisk, Espeon, Klink and Spinarak."

"The rest of you, meaning Deerling, Zangoose, Serperior, Feebas, Absol, Persian, Numel, Cryogonal, Cloyster, Spiritomb, Pineco, Altaria, Sawk, Doduo, Magneton, Aron, and Chinchou, will be Ho-ohs."

Latias gestured behind her "Cabins are behind me, one for each team and boys will get one side, females the other. All of you are between 16 and 18 so we'll leave you unsupervised but we don't want any shenanigans either so the cabins aren't coed. Also, don't destroy the cabins, especially you Cryogonal."

"Hey, I do what I want, no need to listen to you." He responded.

"Fine." Latias said. "As long as you find the materials and repair it yourself without anyone's help, then go ahead."

That shut him up.

Latias continued "Alright, grab your stuff since we are going to have our first challenge real soon. Meet me here in 15 minutes and I'll bring you to the challenge site."



Latias: *floating inside a round, metallic room* This is our restroom confessional, where you can say what's on your mind, tell us about something, gives us dirt on other players or rant for however long you want. We might show what you say in here, we might not, depends on if it is interesting or not.


Sigilyph: *Stares at the camera *


Joltik: I don't know if I'm gonna use this place often, I don't like being alone.


Cryogonal: Grrr, Latias told me not to destroy this place either. Is there nothing I can obliterate on this island?


Numel: *Sleeping on the wall* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Aron: *Happily chewing on the wall* Nom nom nom nom nom. Man the steel in this room is delicious! Wonder what the iron to copper ratio is.

*Voice outside*: Aron, no eating the walls! Do I have to make you rebuild this confessional?

Aron: *stops munching and spits out some metal* No ma'am!


At the center of camp, Latias waited until all of the campers arrived "Ok, are we all set?" She asked. Her question was returned with a couple of nods. "Alright then, follow me!"

"Yay, our first challenge, I'm so excited." Said a sarcastic Stunfisk.

"Oh it can't be that bad." Said a floating Rotom. "They probably won't have something too hard for our first challenge."

"You've got a point." said Lampent as she floated nearby. "Maybe something like building a small shack or an obstacle course."

As they continued to walk, they went up a fairly steep hill. When they finally arrived at the top, they were greeted with nothing except for a cross Latios.

Latias turned around to look at the campers, "Alright we're here at the top of a thousand foot cliff, the location of your first challenge, which I like to call 'The Great Leap Downward'!"

Some of the Pokemon stared, especially Sigilyph. What could their first challenge exactly be?

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