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"Last time on Pokémon Drama Island!" Latias shouted. "The campers had to climb and slide down a mountain as fast as they could in order to reach the finish line. Some cruised easily while others were sent flying. Heh. Roserade and Bisharp got to a rocky start, due trust issues after a huge fallout within the war council. Persian got jealous of Milotic's increasing popularity. In retaliation, she decided she wanted to make Milotic suffer. She allied herself with all the members of her team, creating several small alliances. When the Lugias won the challenge, Persian used her alliances to make quick work of the voting and Sawk said good-bye to his friends. Lugias are alliance-less while Ho-Ohs have their hands full with them. Will Persian be able to vote off someone in her favor? Will the former war council members reconcile? Find out with the most dramatic campfire ceremony yet! Right here on Pokémon! Drama! Island!"


T'was the dead of night, Hoothoots hooting, Zubat flying, the sounds of the night echoed around the camp.

Until Latias pulled out a vuvuzela and blew into it.

"Wake up campers! It's challenge time!" She called out.

Many groans and moans were heard coming from the cabins, with the occasional "Screw you!" thrown in. The only perky one was Spinarak, who never slept anyway.


"I would prefer that this would not become a daily occurrence." Lucario said. "My routine would be greatly disturbed."


"So what's on the menu for today's torture?" Stunfisk deadpanned.

"Something a little simpler for all of you. Get out of the forest and get back here."

"That's it? All we have to do is just get back to camp?" Spinarak asked.

"Yes, you'll be scattered about in the forest and you'll have to touch the flagpole we will place here before the sun rises, which is in 4 hours. The team with the most people at the flagpole after the time limit wins immunity."

"Huh, that doesn't seem too bad." Serperior commented, before he was slapped on the back of the head by Zangoose.

"Idiot, you just jinxed it!"

"Yeah, it isn't so bad, but you get no light to use at all or maps." Latias explained. "Also, we took the liberty of hiding four immunity idols in the forest for this challenge only." Latios held up a small trophy which had Latios and Latias's heads on it. "If you find one, you can use it to have all the votes against you not counted for one campfire ceremony and you get to keep it for the rest of your stay on the island."

Some campers smiled, immunity from a vote was just what some of them needed.


"Immunity is an interesting little concept early which I have confidence I can use to the best of my ability." Spiritomb commented. "If you have one, it's a good way to get people on your side by threatening them. If you don't, you can make people believe you do. Makes great psychological warfare. So even if I don't find one I should be set."


"While I have a great use for an idol, I personally want one myself." Persian thought aloud. "If I'm lucky, I might be able to find a second one. Even if I don't, I might be able to do something else…"


"Hmmm, immunity? I'll pass. It will just make me a target." A shadowy figure said in the confessional. "Last thing I want is to be out in open and noticeable. I do not want anyone knowing what I have planned."


"I have an announcement." Cloyster said professionally. "… I LIKE PIE!"

He then began to cackle.


"Alright, hope you all are ready, we'll be teleporting you into the forest soon." Latias said.

The campers groggily huddled up, with Latios occasionally adjusting the positions.

"Have a nice challenge!" Latias shouted before she and Latios closed their eyes.

A purple glow surrounded the campers before they vanished, sending them off into the forest.

Latios and Latias floated in silence.

"So who gets first shift?" Latios asked. He received no response. He looked next to him and saw his sister fast asleep. He groaned.


After opening his eyes Joltik found himself in the forest. The trees blocked out any light coming from the moon. Vegetation surrounded him in all directions. The cries of a Noctowl could be heard. But there was one thing that stood out to Joltik.

He was alone.

So very very alone.

He squeaked in terror as he curled up into a tiny ball, shivering in fright.


Stunfisk looked down from the top of a tree he was stuck in.

"You know, I think she did this on purpose."


Magneton looked around him then stared up at the sky.


Magneton floated in place for a few moments. Nearby, a passing figure spotted him.

"What is he doing?" said the passing figure.

Magneton made a sudden beeping noise.


The figure smiled, this was perfect. As Magneton floated away the figure followed silently.


"Come on, talk with me for a little? It will help pass the time." Espeon said with a cheery smile.

"I don't feel like talking." Absol said gruffly.

The two had found each other shortly after being teleported into the woods. Absol was silent at first, but Espeon slowly got him to talk.

"Can you stop following me? We are on different teams, both of us reaching the goal will not help either of our teams." Absol reasoned.

"But if we get there in time, both of us are less likely to be voted off, and you don't want to leave do you?" Espeon said.

Absol stiffened. She was right.

"Besides, you still aren't very comfortable around anyone else."

Absol whirled his head towards Espeon. "How did you…?"

"You barely interact with others still and if you're forced to, you just do the bare minimum. I don't know if it has to do with the whole "jinx" incident or some past trauma, but you still need to interact with others a bit more. Having friends or at least some trustworthy acquaintances would be good for you, get over your loneliness."

Absol just stared at Espeon as the two continued walking through the forest.


"I actually have to give Kingdra all the credit for that." Espeon explained. "He's the one that figured everything out and told me. In fact, he's been helping me out a lot with Absol, I don't think I would have made this much progress so quickly on my own."


Persian sauntered through the forest slowly with smile on her face. The reason for her happiness was sitting on her back, an immunity idol.


"Lucky, lucky me, I got an immunity idol!" Persian smiled, holding up her prize. "Found this in a nearby bush soon after I started moving. Now I have to see if I can find another."


Walking a little more, Persian soon encountered a familiar face, or rather vortex.

"Hello Persian, looks like you have found something of interest, gauging from your mood and the object on your back."

Persian smirked, "Jealous you couldn't find one?"

"I am not that concerned with finding it, I have confidence in my own abilities to win this."

"Having extra security does help."

"Perhaps, but even if I get one, I can find more interesting uses for it than just my own safety."

"And what would that be?"

"I would rather keep it secret."

"But we are in an alliance."

"That does not mean I have to share all information."

"Fair enough, now if you will excuse me."

Persian continued her walk through the forest, leaving Spiritomb behind. Spiritomb continued to wait until Persian was out of earshot.

"Did you get it?" He spoke.

Cloyster popped out of a nearby tree with a grin on his face.

"As perfect as a Klefki's keyring!"

Spiritomb looked at Cloyster confused, "What's a Klefki?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Cloyster cackled.


"Even though Cloyster has some…issues," Spiritomb began, "he does have a photographic memory, which is useful for recreating scenarios, locations, or…"

Spiritomb slowly lifted up a wooden object, "an immunity idol. This is not the real thing, but I can make someone think it is." he finished with an evil grin.


Roserade looked around her surroundings. She was confident in the direction she was going, her frequent trips into the forest helping.

She suddenly bumped into a hard object causing her to flinch. She rubbed her head and looked in front of her and saw a familiar figure.

"Ah, it's you." Lucario said.

"Yes, me." Roserade replied. "How have you been since our split?"

"I have been alright." Lucario answered as he walked ahead, Roserade right behind him. "It was for the best anyway." Roserade nodded in agreement.

Time passed without a word between the two as the pair continued forward.

Lucario broke the silence. "May I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Were Gardevoir and Zoroark…close?"

Roserade pondered for a moment. "If you mean to imply those two were romantically involved, I can't say for sure. Gardevoir definitely had feelings for Zoroark, and those two were good friends if I recall. Other than that, I'm not too sure myself."

"As I expected…" Lucario muttered.

"Hey, uh, who do you think betrayed the group anyway?" Roserade asked, quickly changing the subject.

Lucario was quiet for a minute. "I do not know myself. After hearing what you have had to say, I may have narrowed it down."

Roserade smiled, things were looking up.

"However, that is only if your words are to be trusted."

Roserade froze.

"So you don't trust me as well?" she asked angrily. "Can't you use your aura powers to see if I am lying?"

"I can detect people, thoughts and feelings, but cannot completely discern a person's thoughts." Lucario explained. "While you may speak the truth, I am reluctant to trust anyone right now. Once I have all of the facts, I will come to my conclusion. There are too many 'ifs' right now."

Lucario started to walk away, leaving Roserade.

"At least trust me when I say you're walking the wrong way then."

Lucario froze in place as Roserade continued. "I know how to get out of here. If you follow me, we both get out of this forest in time and less likely get eliminated."

Lucario turned around and walked back toward Roserade. "Lead the way then."


"Seriously? He doesn't trust me? What the heck?" Roserade shouted. "I'm probably the most trustworthy person on this team after Gardevoir! What a jerk."

Roserade looked around for quick moment. "My feelings for him still haven't changed though." she said shyly.


"I had made a grave error in trusting others so easily when this competition started." Lucario explained. "After the war council incident, I realized I have to scrutinize others more closely from now on. As for now, choose to work alone."


Aron wandered through the forest. He had no idea where he was going, the darkness of the forest making it impossible to gauge where he was. Needless to say, he had no idea where he was going. Not to mention, he was getting hungry.

"Where can I find some metal in this place?" He whined as he walked through a bush.

He suddenly bumped into a small object about his size. Jumping back startled, Aron waited a few moments before tapping the object to see if it would do anything else. Seeing that it would not attack, one thought crossed his mind.

Is it safe to eat?

Aron moved his mouth toward the object and took a bite, and immediately spit it out.

"Pppphhhhh! That's not metal, it's wood. Nevermind." Aron said as he kicked the object away, causing it to tumble off a small ledge.

As he walked away, he thought that he object looked a little familiar, but shrugged it off.


Zangoose hacked and slashed her way through the foliage as she carved her path through the woods.


Zangoose smirked, "My motto? Mow down anything and everything in your way. Also lets me know if I'm just going around in one big circle. Yeah, just because I'm strong doesn't mean I don't have a brain of my own!"


"So do you think we should go to the left or right?" Milotic asked.

"Left, I recognize this area from the capture the flag challenge. If we keep going that way, we should end up at camp very quickly." Serperior answered.

"Look at you being Mr. Observant. Never seen you be so serious." Milotic smiled.

"Well yeah, I can get serious if I want. Especially if someone I care about is nearby." Serperior said confidently.

"Wait, you care about me? In what way?" Milotic asked in a slightly lower voice.

Serperior paused. He did not think his previous sentence through.

"Uhh well, you're a great teammate and uhhh you're a good friend of mine and-"


"How do you tell a girl she's pretty without sounding like a creeper?" Seriperior asked, "I'm pretty good at most things but I suck at talking about feelings!"


"-what I mean to say is you're a great girl which I have a lot of appreciation for and-."


Serperior barely had any time to react before Stunfisk fell on top of him.

"Oh sweet ground, how I've missed you!" Stunfisk exclaimed before bouncing away.

Milotic looked at Serperior for a few seconds before asking, "Are you alright?"

Serperior groaned in response.


"I'm surprised I was able to bump into you." Lampent said to her traveling companion.

"Same here. Didn't think Latios would put us so close to each other." Rotom replied.

"Guess love somehow finds a way, wouldn't you say?" Lampent said with a smirk.

Rotom grinned, "You can say that again."

"Ummmm, hate to ruin the mood here, but can it wait until we get out of this place?" Blitzle commented from behind the two.

The two ghosts jumped apart, blushing.


"Rotom and Lampent are great friends." Blitzle explained, "Me and Rotom are real tight and Lampent is a cool gal for putting up with us. I'm happy that they're a couple. I really am."

"But I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of seeing those two so close when Deerling isn't here. Makes things a tad awkward for me."


"Sorry about that man," Rotom said sheepishly, "can't help it with such a pretty lady by my side."

Lampent looked away from the grin Rotom was giving her, "Flattery won't get you anywhere." She said with a slight blush.

Blitzle sighed.


"I feel bad for third-wheeling Blitzle." Rotom said. "But I mean I found a girl I could really connect with and I want to spend as much time with her before either one of us get eliminated. And with Latios trying to get rid of me, that could happen at any second!"


Joltik remained huddled in a ball on the ground. He had not moved an inch since being teleported.

His head jerked left when he heard a rustling noise. As the noise grew louder Joltik tensed up. Who, or what was coming?

Aron popped out of the nearby bush, brushing off the leaves. He looked ahead only to see Joltik's body flying at him.

"What the-!" Aron shouted, seeing the small yellow body fly at him. Joltik latched itself onto Aron's back.

"Sorry about this." Joltik squeaked. "I was just so scared."

"Oh it's you." Aron said in realization. "I'm fine with it. Besides, I need someone to talk to, since I'm the only first-stage Pokémon left on my team."

Joltik nodded. "Yeah, it must be tough for you. Let's get out of here first, I'm still a bit scared of this place."


Gardevoir walked alone through the woods. She had no idea where she was going, only hoping that she was close. She soon saw light coming into the forest and jogged towards the source. As she neared, she closed her eyes, shielding her eyes from the bright light.

"And Gardevoir closes the gap, 6 – 5 now." A tired Latios mumbled.

Gardevoir looked around and saw who had already made it out. Magneton, Bisharp, Kingdra, Cloyster, Spiritomb, Stunfisk, Altaria, Persian, Absol and Espeon were standing before her, some of them looking like they would fall asleep at any moment.

"How much time is left?" Gardevoir asked Kingdra as she stood next to him.

"Less than two hours." He answered quietly. "Any luck in finding an idol?"

"Sadly, no." Gardevoir replied. "How about you?"

"Fortune did not smile upon me. However, it seems that three of them have already been found by others."

"Really? Who?"

"Spiritomb, Persian and Stunfisk."

Gardevoir chuckled. "Latias will not be happy about that last one."

Kingdra cracked a smile. "I agree."

Soon, Aron popped out of the woods, Joltik still clinging onto his back.

"Alright, we're finally out!" Aron shouted.

"And we're still down one." muttered an irritated Bisharp. "About ninety minutes left until sunrise..."

"And on that note, it's now my sister's shift. Excuse me for a minute." Latios said as floated toward Aron.

He plucked Joltik off of Aron's back and brought it over to where Latias was sleeping. He gingerly placed the bug on the tip of Latias's nose.

"One of you please wake her up. I'm off to take a nap." Latios said as he floated away.

Everyone just stared and backed away from the sleeping host. They all had the same thought. This was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, and no one wanted to be in the blast zone.

Spinarak looked at the scene in front of her. "Uhhh, is anyone gonna do anything or…?"

The Lugias, seeing another team member, cheered, waking Latias up.

"Oh, it's my shift now?" Latias yawned. "Okay let me-" She froze when she saw Joltik staring right at her.

"Uh, hi?" Joltik waved.

Latias screamed at the top of her lungs


"What was that?" Rotom asked.

"Sounded like Latias." Lampent said as she pointed to her right. "Seems like it came from over there."

"That must be where the main camp is then," Blitzle concluded. "Let's go!"


Roserade removed her hands from her ears. "We must be close. My ears are still ringing from that."

Lucario nodded. "One second." He shot his fist into a nearby bush. He rummaged around a little before pulling out an immunity idol.

"Alright, all set, let's go." He said.

Roserade stood with her mouth agape for a few seconds then swore.


Zangoose's ears perked up at Latias's shriek and swore. She turned around and ran the other direction.

"Dammit! I've been going the wrong way all this time! Now I gotta make up for lost time."


Both Serperior and Milotic weaved between the branches and bushes. They had the scream and were heading to the source.

"I think everyone must have heard that scream." Serperior said as he moved past a bush.

Milotic ducked under a low branch. "If that's the case, then we've lost. Their team outnumbers us completely."

Serperior looked to his right. "Well, it's almost sunrise. Maybe we'll get lucky and enough of them might not make it in time."

"I think–" Milotic started but Serperior cut her off.

"I know, it's probably wishful thinking and it won't happen."

"Well yes but –"

"Still, I'd like it to be true so we don't have to lose another teammate."

"Serperior –"

"I mean I don't know about you, if you were voted off I would be–" Serperior was cut off as he hit a tree, sending him sprawling.

"I was going to warn you about that tree." Milotic sighed as she moved toward Serperior. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I think I'm fine." Serperior said, slightly dazed.

Milotic sighed in relief.

"Just gotta chlorinate the mulberry bush."

Milotic sighed as she put Serperior on her back and moved through the rest of the forest.


Soon, all of the competitors had reached flag pole at the main camp, with the sun still a few minutes before the sun rose.

Latias was huddled under a blanket mumbling incoherently. Latios looked at his sister before facing the campers with a slight smirk on his face.

"So who were the lucky individuals to receive an immunity idol?" Latios asked.

Spiritomb, Persian, Stunfisk and Lucario all held up their idols. Aron looked at the idols and his eyes widened.

"That's weird." he whispered aloud.

"Hmm? What's up?" Joltik asked on top of Aron's head.

"Those idols, one of them should have a chunk off of it."

"Why's that?"

"Well I kinda bit one when I was in the forest. Didn't think anything of it at the time though. Too hungry at the time."

"Wait, does that mean one of those idols is a fake?" Joltik asked in a surprised whisper

Aron nodded, "Probably, that would make sense."

Next to them, Bisharp had listened in a little, and the gears in his head began turning.


"A fake idol…" Bisharp said, rubbing his chin. "Now things are going to get interesting, perhaps I can use this…"


Latios glanced at his trembling sister. "Seeing as how Latias is in no condition to deliver the news, I'll do it. Since all of you made it here in time, the team with more people wins, meaning the Lugias!"

The Lugias cheered while Ho-Ohs just sighed. They were used to losing.

"Ho-Ohs choose wisely who you'll be sending home tonight. I'll see you all later."


"Oh I know who is going home alright." Persian said with a toothy grin.


Roserade flopped onto her bed and let out a long sigh.

Gardevoir looked up from her book, "I take it something didn't go well?"

"It's Lucario." Roserade explained, rolling over onto her stomach. "Says he doesn't trust me, or anyone for that matter, after that whole war council incident."

"What happened?" Gardevoir asked, setting her book down.

Roserade recounted her conversation back in the forest in full detail.

Gardevoir pondered for a minute. "How about I talk to him? If he hears it from me, he is more likely to trust you."

Roserade nodded. "That would really help. I'd really like to know Lucario better but we can just never connect."

"Yeah, it was kind of like that between me and Zoroark, especially after he got all depressed."

"And then he got voted off and you two couldn't get anywhere. No offense, but I really wish that doesn't happen to me and Lucario."

"Well…I wouldn't say we didn't get anywhere…" Gardevoir admitted with a blush.

Roserade shot up from her bed. "Wait did you two hook up? When did this happen? Come on, give me details!"

"No! I promised him I would not tell a soul." Gardevoir shouted, clearly embarrassed.

"Not even me? I'm your best friend here!" Roserade reasoned.

Gardevoir shook her head. "Sorry, but no means no Roserade. I made a promise I intend to keep."

Roserade sighed, "Fine, I'll let you off the hook since you're helping me with Lucario. I do expect to hear that story eventually though."


"Thanks again for letting me hang out with you guys!" Aron said in a chipper tone. He was currently playing Monopoly with Joltik and Spinarak.

"No problem, it was the least I could do after helping me out earlier." Joltik replied on Aron's back.

"It must be tough being the only not fully-evolved Pokémon on your team." Spinarak said as she rolled the die.

Aron shrugged. "Well, you get used to it, but yeah, it is kinda weird. Don't have many friends there."

"Well now you got us!" Joltik chirped. "We've been looking for someone to play games with us since Shuckle left anyway. We would have tried to find someone on our team, but they're all too busy. Hey mind rolling the die for me?"

"No problem." Aron said as he picked up the die. "I might have to take a quick break though, have to go to elimination soon."

"That's fine, we'll be here." Spinarak said. "Joltik you owe me $50."



"Us unevolved Pokémon need to stick together." Spinarak said. "With all these other evolved Pokémon around, we could be easy pickings."


"From what you describe, we might have to approach this from a different angle." Kingdra reasoned.

Espeon nodded. "But the question is how. We are definitely getting closer."

Kingdra pondered a moment. "Perhaps you should open yourself to him, tell Absol about yourself. Perhaps he's apprehensive since he doesn't know enough about us to give us his full trust."

Espeon thought for a moment. "That might be it. Thanks for the tip!"

Kingdra smiled, "No problem. Remember, I am rooting for you!"


"Now, it's time for me to begin the next part of the plan." Persian said.

"So I think we should vote for Cloyster." Persian told Milotic, Serperior and Altaria.

"Even though he is crazy, he is still a big threat." she explained to Magneton and Aron.

"We need to take him out now for our own safety, both physical and mental." she said to Zangoose and Absol.


"And done. Bye-bye. I won't miss you." Persian said, smiling.


"So, now we arrive at the all-important elimination ceremony." Latios said to the Ho-ohs in front of him. "Sadly Latias couldn't make it due to severe trauma, So I'm taking are of this as well."

"Right now there are ten of you. After tonight, only nine will remain. The one leaving will not get a poffin from me, the question is who will be that unlucky fellow."

"Let's start with who's safe. Milotic, Persian, Spiritomb and Zangoose, come grab your poffins.

The four Pokémon called moved to grab their poffins.

"Absol, Magneton and Altaria, you three also get a poffin."

As the three Pokémon got their poffins, Latios looked at the remaining three Pokémon that were not called.

"Aron, Serperior, Cloyster. Three of you remain. One of you received no votes, one of you received a majority of the votes, while one of you received a few."

"Aron, you received no votes so come get a poffin."

Aron happily jumped off his seat and retrieved his poffin.

"And then there were two." Latios said as he looked at the two remaining Pokémon.

Serperior had a nervous glance on his face, Milotic shooting him worried looks. Cloyster just had his signature grin on his face.

"The Pokémon leaving tonight is…"

Serperior's pupils shrunk as he held his breath. Cloyster just kept smiling.


Serperior relaxed and sighed, as Cloyster closed his eyes. Serperior got out of his seat and went to retrieve his Poffin.

Cloyster's eyes shot open. "NOT SO FAST!" he shouted.

Everyone froze and looked at him.

"I have an item which I greatly wish to present." He shuffled around a little bit before taking out an item from his shell. Upon seeing it, Serperior's heart sank.

It was an immunity idol.

Everyone's eyes widened at the sight.

Cloyster cackled triumphantly. "I have been given the symbol of immunity. That means, all my votes have been removed from the equation!"

He tossed it to Latios who caught it and examined it. "Well, this is a surprise." Latios commented. "While I don't remember you getting one during the challenge, you have one now. I don't know who thought you were valuable enough to warrant giving an immunity idol to but they saw you as useful and did so."

"So does that mean…?" Milotic asked, fear in her voice.

"Yes." Latios responded. "Serperior, you have been eliminated. Please pack your bags, your boat awaits."

Serperior hung his head in defeat.


"We were completely blindsided." Serperior said. "We had no idea someone would give Cloyster their immunity idol and we voted for him. I guess I just got unlucky in the end, those two votes could have gone for anyone."

Serperior sighed. "Milotic, Altaria, hope one of you two win this. Actually, I know one of you two will."


Serperior stood at the dock with Altaria and Milotic.

"I'm going to miss you, you know." Milotic said, hugging Serperior.

Serperior returned the hug. "Yeah I'll miss you too. It's a shame we didn't get to talk more."

"But you know…"

Millotic titled her head in question.

"Maybe after this is all over, would you…like to get lunch with me sometime?" Serperior asked nervously.

Milotic smiled. "I'd love to."

A foghorn interrupted their thoughts.

"Can you please hurry it up? We've got a schedule to keep!" Latios shouted from inside the boat.

"One second!" Serperior shouted. "Guess that's my cue. Win it for us alright?" Milotic nodded. "Atta girl."

Serperior slithered down the dock and got into the boat. As it pulled away from the island he waved to his two friends, who waved back. Soon the boat was too far away to be seen.

Altaria put her wing around a shaking Milotic, "There, there. Let it out."

Milotic buried her head in Altaria's wing and sobbed. Altaria continued to comfort her friend and let her cry herself out. She needed the support and Altaria was more than happy to give.

Some distance away Persian watched what happened. She smiled and walked away.


"I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day." Persian said. "I knew about Milotic and her little boyfriend. They were tip-toeing around each other much that it was painful to watch. So why not separate the two? However, two "fair eliminations" would bring suspicion into that alliance after my promises, so I had to make it seem like it was out of my control."

"Me, Cloyster and Spiritomb voted for Serperior while everyone else on our team voted for Cloyster. I gave Cloyster the immunity idol I found and voila! Serperior is gone and I break Milotic's spirit even more. Only one more good swing before I crush it completely." Persian said before giving an evil grin."


"And now for my next target…" Persian said as she glanced back, licking her lips.

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