Still Around

Chapter One

A/N: So I've never written Vampire Diaries before, this was something new. It's really just a little plot bunny that found its way into my head. This was somewhat inspired by "Still Around" by 3OH!3. I don't know if I will continue this, but it feels like a good storyline.

Background: Damon adopts a baby girl at a young age; his parents don't really support this decision because they had him at a young age. Stefan is the same age as Damon's new child, making it even weirder for his parents. As his precious baby grows up, life changes for the entire family with Damon's engagement. When Damon reprioritizes to fit his new needs will there still be room for his past, or will some things get left behind? All human.

Note: This will be a working backwards story; we start in the middle, move forward, and then go back to find out what happens.

The backstage of the first official show of the year was thick, heavy, and detestably warm with tense performers, their faces twisted into worry and nervousness, darkened crew members, and screeching directors. Shadows fell upon unused backdrops, casting looming figures and scary ideas into any imagination that they could capture, instilling the dark ideas of a devil town. The light focused toward the stage, everywhere else a kind of hazy, dim scene. It was getting dimmer as showtime neared, both an ending and a beginning for all backstage.

All good luck had abandoned me at the door, even if I had broken a leg I still would not have gotten the attention from my father that I had come to so desperately crave.

"Are you sure? It's not just a false alarm?" My dad spoke worriedly into his phone. He was pacing, a tumbler of whiskey in his other hand, provided only for the adults backstage.

I stepped over to the heavy velvet curtain and peeked around it. They were there, front row and center, just as they had promised. I knew that I could trust them…my own father on the other hand, now that's a different story.

"Sara," He called me over from my spot behind the curtain. I turned and prayed silently that it wouldn't happen again, that I wouldn't be second best again.

"Yes?" I was even praying for my prayers to be enough. His dark attire appeared even darker in the perpetually diminishing light, a stark contrast to my shimmering, white knee-length dress.

"It's Rose," He began. And so the guillotine was lowered. "It's time."

"A-are you…leaving?" I could feel a lump rising in my throat. I could feel it all slipping away from me.

"I have to!" There was a hint of excitement in his voice. "It's my baby."

The latter words stung me. Then what am I?

"So you…are leaving." I didn't have the ability to phrase my words as a question. It would be pointless. I had already lost. Long ago I had become second best; long ago I had been pushed aside like an outgrown toy.

He was already halfway to the door, when he remembered that I was still there.

"Sara! I-I'm so sorry. I know that I said…I know what I said. But it's just that this, this is my baby. I promise I'll watch the show online later. I won't miss it. Or, or you can come with me. You don't have to go on. But, let's go! We have to hurry." He was practically bouncing now, the complete juxtaposition to my current state.

I pressed a hand to my chest, I felt as though my heart was going to tear itself apart.

"But you'll never get there in time anyway. It's all the way across the country." I tried. It was a feeble point, but I had to try it.

"Doesn't matter, at least I'll probably get there today." He was restless and slipping away. "Are you coming or not?"

"No." I managed. I couldn't look at him; tears were welling in my eyes, threatening to spill over.

"Okay, you can stay. But I-I'm gonna go." He turned quickly and was walking away. That's it? He was just going to leave? How dare he? How DARE he leave ME?

I wanted to scream, kick, and fight. I wanted to pitch a fit, through things, burn buildings down, and most of all I wanted to strangle him.

"NO!" I growled.

He was stunned. I hadn't spoken to him like that in a long time. "No." I repeated strongly.

"Sara, not now, please." His voice suddenly sounded much older, as if he had aged in mere seconds. Was he trying to be a figure of authority now?

This was pathetic. I had lost, why continue fighting? For what cause, was there anything left?

"Don't 'please' me, Day—dad." I caught myself. Lately it felt like a form of sacrilege to call him dad.

"Were you about to call me Damon?" I could sense the anger in his voice.

It was my own fault that I had messed up. I had attached myself to them. I had let them become my parents; dad was no longer 'dad.' He would forever be Damon now.

"Dad, don't leave." I pleaded. It was a sorry excuse, but I needed him.

"I'm not going to miss the birth of my child for some show, Sara." He was beginning to glare at me.

I felt as though I had been slapped. Is that what I was to him now, unimportant and unwanted?

His eyes widened as he realized what he had said. It was too late. It was done.

"I didn't mean that." He said quietly. I was tired of playing this game. "I'd stay, but…" He didn't finish.

I pressed my lips together and took deep calming breaths. I had to accept my loss that was all I could do.

"Just go." I whispered icily. I knew that the tears were about to spill over. Never let them see you cry, echoed through my head. "It would kill you to stay." I glared at him coldly.

"And you absolutely meant it." I raked my fingers through my dark curls and looked away. I couldn't bear the weight of the situation. I could sense myself beginning to break.

"Don't be that way, Sara. You know that I would stay if I could." He tried to hug me. I pulled away. His touch felt like it burned me.

"No," I shook my head. "You wouldn't. Just leave, I don't care anymore."

"Sara," His green eyes pleaded with me. "I can't stay, I won't stay."

I was beginning to feel my heart breaking. "Leave!" I almost screamed. Why wouldn't he leave? I'd have to make him go now. Whether it hurt me more than it hurt him, it had to be done.

I took a deep breath, and said what needed to be said for him to leave.

"Dad, you can stay and keep me. But if you leave…" I swallowed hard. "I'll make sure that you'll never have custody of me again."

I knew that he wouldn't stay. I knew that it was a low blow, but it would get him to leave for good.

"What?" He stared at me, shocked.

"I'll never be yours again. I swear." I met his gaze intensely.

He looked at me sadly, "Then that's a chance that I'll just have to take." He turned on his heel and strode to the door.

I hadn't realized how different it would be to actually see him make the decision to leave me. I didn't think it would feel so terrible.

"Dad?" I called after him. He didn't turn back. "Dad, no! Dad don't leave!" I cried. "Don't leave! Dad!"

Tears had spilled onto my cheeks, ruining my stage makeup. "Dad!" I called one last time to him as he stepped out the door.

He paused, as if thinking about turning back, the sunset outlining him. He didn't turn around to take that last look.

"Dad, please don't leave me." I choked. For a second I believed that he would come back.

But he kept going. "Dad!" I barely heard my own voice. I felt as though I had been shot in the chest, dying a slow and painful death.

I don't know how I ended up on the floor or how Maria and Alonso appeared above me or how everyone crowded around me.

I just remember the feeling of drowning engulfing me. I had lost everything: my family, my boyfriend, my friends, all of it was gone.

Somehow I managed to crawl out of my mother's arms and change for my second number. I had already missed my first chance. I didn't think it would be okay to miss my second chance.

She gently brushed my curls back and slipped on my headband.

"Te ves bellissima." She kissed my forehead. "You look beautiful."

I caught my reflection in a mirror behind her. My black dress seemed appropriate for my mood, dark and unforgiving.

I turned to look at my father, desperately seeking approval at least from him.

"She's right." He wrapped an arm around me. It didn't satiate my need, but only made it worse.

"I'm going back to our seats, I'll have the camera's ready." Maria smiled and went out the side door to the auditorium.

"On deck," Ray, the stage manager tapped me as he passed. I approached the curtain, but then ran back to Alonso.

"I-I can't." I whimpered.

"Of course you can. You're the best one here. Don't doubt yourself." He said to me, hands firmly on my shoulders. I nodded.

There was applause for the person before me, and I panicked.

A cameraman was filming me already.

"Papi!" I hyperventilated.

He squeezed me, "Go get 'em, kiddo." He pushed me out of the curtains.

As soon as I stumbled onto the stage I was blinded by lights. I looked over at the accompanist and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. He must have taken that as my sign to begin because he started to play.

I didn't have time panic much, I just had to start. And when I did, I felt like I could let myself go.

"Something has changed within me, something is not the same." I began.

By the time I got to the climax of the song, I was letting my voice run free.

"Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity!" My knees were beginning to shake as I realized that my dad was not in the audience, that he was probably boarding a plane on his way back to New York.

"Bring me down! O-o-o-o-o-oh!" I collapsed to my knees in tears.

The crowd roared with excitement, a standing ovation. None of it mattered. It was all over.

I was barely able to walk off of the stage, but I came to a realization that would forever change me. I realized that I hated Damon Salvatore. And that I would, if I ever got the chance to, get my revenge. I vowed that I would do everything in my power to somehow, someday, make his life a nightmare.

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