AN: This first chapter is a Flashback/Backstory.

Ok, story warnings: Kurt and Blaine are vampires. Most of my vamp lore is from Buffy, but I altered it a bit.

Blood and violence, cause, hey, vampires.

Blaine being like a mob boss with fangs. (I didn't mean that in a cracky way...)

Murder, and tourture. (Not to Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Lauren, Brittiney, Artie, Santana, Mike, Tina, or Mercedes. That's not to say some not mentioned will definately die, I'm just keeping my options open.)

Oh, and sex. Do I really need to warn for that? *Darren Shrug* I don't know.

The diary of Kurt Hummel... August 4, 2011

I remember everything about this day thirty years ago. I remember sitting in class, trying to focus, despite the assholes in the back of the class throwing shit at me. I remember scurrying through hallways like a scared little mouse, desperate to avoid the sports players who were in a mission to cause me as much pain as possible. I especially remember Daniel Karofsky, who started the trend of throwing frozen drinks at me. He was the ring-leader, Karofsky. I swear, he'd do anything to keep me from being happy.

But screw him, because I am. Happy, that is. Because on August 4, 1981, I met Blaine. Sweet, charming Blaine, who appeared while I was crying on my back pourch, after coming home late because the football team thought it would be ironic to lock me in a closet, only to find my lawn furniture nailed to my roof.

"What's wrong?" he asked, and I looked up quickly, startled by the voice of a man I'd never met. I remember thinking he was absolutely stunning, and that I had never seen such a man, and what kind of impression was me crying going to make. (It turns out it doesn't matter, because he always says I'm beautiful when I cry, but of course I didn't know that at the time.) He looked about my age, perhaps a year or two older. His eyes were the thing that caught me though. They were Like he was taking in all of me, observing everything I was. And they weren't full of disgust, like so many seemed to be. They were considering, but with an underlying sense of...of almost playfulness.

Still, I decided that pouring my heart out to someone I had just met wouldn't be very polite.

"Nothing." I answered, wiping the tears from my eyes. "I was, um, cooking, and onions were involved, and you know how it is..."

He smiled slightly, moving next to me, leaning down to look into my eyes. I noticed that his hazel eyes had traces of gold in them.


I gasped, not because he knew I was lying, I mean, that was painfully obvious, but because of the way he said it. All darkly amused, like it was ridiculous for me to even consider not telling him the truth. (Which it is, because he can always tell when I'm lying. That doesn't stop me from trying, though.) He continued talking when I said nothing.

"I've seen the way they treat you, the way they needlessly tear you down. I see how you're breaking." He touched his hand to my cheek, and wow, was that cold, and it should be weird, and I should be freaked out, but I wasn't and..."To be honest, that's why I'm here, to fix you. You're much to pretty to break."

Something stirred inside me when he said that. He meant it, I could tell.

"How are you going to do that?" I asked, breathless, in utter awe of the guy that was so close to me. He grinned, leaning his forhead against mine.

"I'm going to save you, but I want you to do something for me in return." He veered left, placing a few gentle kisses into my cheek.

"Anything," I swore, too focused on the fact that a gorgeous man had basically appeared and offered to solve all of my problems to even consider what it could possibly be.

"Come away with me." His lips traveled lower, pressing a few gentle kisses to my neck. "Be my prince."

Well, that left me with an obvious answer. It's not like I had anything going for me here, and as much as I loved my father, having a gay son in small-town Ohio was taking a serious toll on his health. And there was just something about this guy, I felt like refusing would be the stupidest action ever. This was like a scene out of a Disney movie, only sexier. Of course I said yes.

"I will."

The last thing I remember is the sensation of Blaine sinking his teeth into my neck.

AN: Yay. I like it. Imma make Kurt all manipulative, I do believe. And Blaine will be all comanding. I have no idea how that's going to work, but I will damn well make it.

Anyway, thoughts?