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"Attention students. At this time you must all move to the audotorium for what I'm sure will be a very exciting career day. Thank you for following instructions in advance."

I glared at the crackling speaker that was emmiting principal Figgin's monotone at an unessecarily loud volume. I had been trying to take a nap. Trying being the key word, as Finn and Sam kept throwing paper balls at me to keep me awake, probably thinking they were being helpful. They're not though, seeing how I'm fluent in French anyway, and the boys and I have our first game tonight. And since they're the new players, it was decided (without my consent) that the post-game football players/cheerleaders party will be held at our house. And with no parents and a mansion, I can only guess at how exausting it will be trying to keep couples away from Blaine and my bedroom and the kitchen. (I'll have to keep them out of the basement too, what with the chains and bloodstains and all that jazz, but I'm honestly more concerned about the state of our bed. We'll need it after the party, if the way Blaine looks at me while I'm in uniform is anything to go by.)

Grumbling, I made my way to the audotorium with the rest of my 'peers', only lightening up when I bumped in to Mercedes and Tina.

"Hey Kurt! You excited to get out of class?"

I smiled warmly at Mercedes. I like her, and Tina too. Sure, they don't have the manipulative undertones that endear me to Quinn and Santana, but they were nice to me even before I was popular. (Which was admittably like, two days, but still.)

"I would be more excited if it wasn't for carrer day. Unless they have Kristen Chenoweth or Joan Rivers speaking, I doubt I'll be very interested."

Mercedes laughed, and Tina nodded.

"I know what you mean. They always have store managers and accountants, just a bunch of Lima losers. Now, if they were to get an author, how cool would that be? I'm not insisting on Ann Rice or anything, but someone cool."

"Just not Sephanie Meyer," I added, with one of my more serious tones. (Damn that woman and her ruining of Robert Pattinson. I had so much love for him as Cedric Diggory, but then she had to go and ruin it by showering him with glitter.)

We continued on like that, making fun of Twilight and recieving dirty looks from a group of AV clubbers led by a girl named Lauren Zizes, until we finally got inside the audotorium and were quickly led to Blaine, Sam, Finn, Quinn, Santana and Brittney by a couple of younger cheerios. A couple of younger cheerios who were staring at Blaine like he was the meaning of life. So I naturally positioned myself delicately on the edge of his lap, and smirked when he immediately wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me so my back was flush against his chest. Finn and Sam, who were definately used to it by now, continued talking excitedly about the party to Quinn, Santana and Brittney, while Mercedes and Tina stood there awkwardly. Blaine smiled up at them.

"One of you girls can sit in the seat next to us. Kurt won't be moving."

They giggled, and Mercedes sat down next to me, but Tina still looked unsure.

"I told Mike we'd sit together, and I wouldn't want to just ditch him."

Blaine waved her off.

"No problem. Check this out." He waved over the two girls from earlier. "Hey Kathy, Jenna, do you know where Mike Chang is?" They nodded. "Could you bring him here please?" They nodded again, before running off. I raised an eyebrow, but didn't comment. After all, Blaine can charm brilliant, powerful beings in to doing what he says. It's not like it's hard for him to convince a couple of teenage girls to be his slaves. His platonic, non-sexy slaves.

"Kurt Hummel!"

I turned on my heel, and fought the urge to gag when I took in what Rachek was wearing. Neon orange is nobody's color.

"What do you want, Rachel?"

She seemed a bit stunned. I assume it was because I actually used a polite voice, while everyone else would either ignore her or make a rude comment. She got over it quickly though, and was soon glaring at me.

"I just hope you're happy. Sure, the glee club was never popular, but we had fun! Everything was fine until you had to go and ruin our group dynamic!"

I raised an eyebrow delicately.

"And just what, exactly, are you talking about?"

She shook her head.

"You know what. Ever since you got here you've been trying to seperate me from the rest of the group!"

I scoffed.

"No, Rachel, I have not."

"Yes you have!" she insisted. "Mr. Shue keeps giving Blaine the male lead part, but he refuses to sing with anyone other than you, which gives you all of the female solos I deserve."

I hadn't known Blaine insisted on singing with me. That's so sweet of him. And if Mr. Schue weren't so damn stuck on my gender Blaine wouldn't even have to push to sing with me, so really, it's totally fair.

"And I was the only one you guys didn't invite to sit with you in popular land."

Well, she has a point there. Though in my defence, we didn't technically invite Artie either, Mike brought him. Not that I have a problem with Artie, I just honestly didn't care if most of the people there were in glee or not. Still, as annoying as Rachel undoubtably is, she's also extremely talented. I plan for Blaine and I to lead New Directions (Finn and Sam giggled about the name immaturely for over an hour.) to a National win, and having Rachel can't hurt our chances. Tina's warned that she might storm out if she doesn't get her way...

"I'm so sorry, Rachel, we weren't thinking about it." I smiled at her as genuinely as I could. "Why don't I make it up to you?"

She looked at me suspiciously.


"Well, Blaine, Sam, Finn and I are throwing a post-game party at our house tonight. You could come if you want."

She looked at me with searching eyes.

"But, those are for the players and cheerleaders."

I shrugged.

"It's my house, I can invite whoever I like. Mercedes, Artie, and Tina are coming." I pulled my mini-notepad out of my messenger bag, and quickly wrote down the adress with a florish, before basically forcing it in to her hands. "Here's the adress, the party starts at eight."

I turned and walked away, and couldn't help but smile slightly when I heard her make a quiet sound of happiness as I turned the corner.

Annoying as she is, I can't shake the feeling that we're a bit alike.

Though I'd never admit that to anyone, not even Blaine.

I hate football players. Not Blaine, of course, and Sam, Finn and Mike are alright, but I'm seriously about to kill the rest of them.

I had posted a list of all the rules I had made for them, and they still couldn't seem to keep up! There were only four rules!

Rule 1.) If a girl says no, it means no, so get your filthy hands off her.

Rule 2.) Eat all of the unhealthy crap Sam bought. Do not go up in the kitchen under any circumstances.

Rule 3.) Keep out of the basement.

Rule 4.) In the event that one of you actually gets a girl, take it to either Finn's room or the lawn. If anyone has sex in Blaine and Kurt's room, Kurt reserves the right to castrate you.

I know they're stupid, but there's no way they can't understand those. So far Blaine's had to pull three guys off of some girl or another, and there is that squirty cheese in a can crap all over the living room ceiling. I happen to know for a fact that such an item was not offered to our "guests", because I refused to let Sam put it out, in order to prevent having my ceiling defaced. Obviously that didn't work.

I was determined not to say anything though. Finn and Sam look so damn happy, and Blaine enjoys observing all of the high school tom-foolery. (His words, not mine.) So, I tried to distract myself with a game of truth or dare. Santana, Quinn, Brittney, Artie, Mercedes, Sam, Rachel and I were the orriginal players, though Tina soon dragged Mike over, and Blaine joined us after a while, apparently curious to see how it would pan out.

It was relitively fun, I laughed along with everyone else when Sam's biggest secret was that he attempted to use lemon juice to dye his hair, and gasped at the scandalous things Santana had done. I tuned out after a while, though I place full blame on the fact that Blaine had decided he was bored and that mouthing at my neck would be a good way to entertain himself.

"Blaine, I'm trying to focus! Half of these people are drunk, despite the fact that I told those idiots absolutely no alcohol, and we might need blackmailing material in the future!"

He chuckled darkly, making no move to distance his lips from my neck.

"How long has it been since I bit you, Kurt?"

I growled spoftly at him in warning. Sure, we were talking much to quietly for any human to hear, but the last thing we need is for him to whip his fangs out in public.

"Answer my question," he demanded softly, giving my thigh a light pinch. I made a noise of disintrest, before pointedly avoiding his gaze. It would be fun to mess with him, knowing he couldn't really do anything with all of these high schoolers running about. He was in a very dominant mood apparently, and that never leads to us being quiet. (Not that we ever are, but still...) I could feel him tense behind me, obviously catching on.

"Kurt," he said lowly, dangerously. "I have been around these idiots for far too long, and we haven't had sex for three days. Get you're cute little ass up to our room."

I scoffed, as if the idea was simply insane.

"Blaine Anderson, we have company. It would be extremely rude of us to just dissapear like that." He sighed in defeat, but pulled me closer anyway.

"Have it your way, love. But the party ends in a little over an hour, and I plan on spending that time in our room, whether you're with me or not. The longer you keep me waiting, the more annoyed I'll be when you finally make it up there."

I shivered. This party might actually have something good come out of it yet.

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