In less than five minutes

In less than five minutes she crawled under his skin – in a good way.

She was beautiful – but not in that 'girl next door' way.

She was acerbic – but it was covered with honey.

She was hard – but if you looked in her eyes – saw her smile – you could see the molten liquid moving beneath.

When he followed her up to her room he didn't know she would come to mean more to him than anyone else in his life ever had.

He didn't know, at that time, that he was following his future.




Never Let Them Go

There's a theory that says: if you love someone, set them free.

As he watched the two women, standing closer than friendship dictated, he officially realized that that theory was a load of bullshit.

He watched the blonde run her fingers down Callie's arm in a soft caress, and the two of them laughed, that nervous, just getting to know you laugh.

And with that touch, that laugh, he could feel her slipping away.

He sipped at his drink.

If you love someone set them free?

No. If you love someone: tell them, show them..., and never let them go.




She Thinks He Cares

He found his arms jangling, loosely around a too slender waist, as his eyes searched the room, looking for something - someone – else.

And when that someone else entered the room, she was the one he focused on; her dark hair, her skin tanned and creamy, begging to be touched.

He laughs darkly, at this moment - emotionally, physically - she couldn't be further away from his touch.

His faint laughter coincides with something the woman in his arms is saying and she thinks he's laughing at her light and bright words.

He laughs again, she thinks he cares.




Little Moments

It would surprise people to know that it was the moments like this that he enjoyed the most.

Moments when he could watch her. Watch her putting the dishes in the dishwasher, watch her finish the last page of a report as she sat curled up on their couch, laptop in hand, watch her standing, door open, in the bathroom removing her makeup.

Moments when she was lying next to him, her head on his chest, her breath warm against his skin, her hair fragrant and quintessentially Callie...

It was in little moments like this that he was the happiest.




The Best

He'd been around. A lot.

So when he said that she was the best he'd ever had?

That was saying something.

.… And she was the best he'd ever had.

From the pliancy of her flesh beneath his grip.

To the warm silk of her skin when she passed her hands over his shoulders.

To the slick, hot, vise-like grasp of her center.

To her delicate, honeyed gasp of breath when he did it right... when he hit just the right spot.

And damnit, that sound was worth it; worth getting it right, any and every time that he could.