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-Peter's PoV- -Chapter 1- "Vampires don't twitch."

I sat at the edge of my bed, took a deep breath and focused on the blue denim sheets.
I started counting the threads in it slowly. One thousand and five hundred threads later I start again in a poor attempt to keep my mind occupied. My right foot has been tapping against the dark Brazilian Walnut floor rhythmically since I began counting.

There was no need for my foot to move or for me to take a deep breath, and yet I can't stop.
Charlotte has been bothering me about it for the past three hours. Maybe she is the reason of my twitching. I take another breath and after one second I find myself downstairs by the big window in the living room staring North. At least there are no denim sheets to count here.

I can feel something is very, very wrong. My fingers started to twitch too, maybe it's not just my fingers. I look down and I see my mate's hands holding mine, she has a worried look on her beautiful face and I can see her lips moving but my head turns North again, Vampire hearing be damned, I can't hear a word she is saying and I can't shake this feeling. Something is happening and yet I can't move from the spot I'm standing on.

A few minutes pass, or perhaps days.
Charlotte is still holding my hands and finally I can hear a low murmur from her. I shake my head and try to pay attention to what she is saying.
It's silly really, my Vampire hearing should allow me to listen to her and many other things at the same time without missing a beat.
I shake my head again and turn to face her, looking at her lips, perhaps I can catch what she is trying to say that way.

"Peter honey, look at me." She said in a soothing tone while rubbing circles on the back of my hands with her thumbs.
I don't like making my mate worried, so I look into her golden eyes.
"Peter sweetie, talk to me please. What is wrong?" It takes me a few seconds to understand she is expecting me to speak.
I open my mouth to speak but suddenly a sense of pain and dread hits us and makes us fall to our knees.

I gasp and quickly put my arms around my mate, hugging her against my chest trying to protect her. Of course it will do no good, unfortunately this is not something I can protect her from. Whatever happened to him may be the end of me and my mate. She is shaking and hugging my tightly.
I try to calm her down by rubbing my fingers on her hair. I take a deep breath taking in her scent. Might be the last time I can do it.

I am not the religious type, never have been, have seen enough horrible things happen to leave me with the idea of nothing 'bigger' than me out there. I only care about my mate and my Sire, funny that the one to give me my new life may be the one who ends it today.
Funny that I can finally move. Maybe death is what I have been waiting for all day.

"I love you Charlotte, always." My body shook as I leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. Perhaps the last kiss I will ever give her.

My mate, 'Dear God please spare her.' I chanted in my head. I am not the religious type but for my mate I gave a quick prayer to every God I know of. It will do no good, I am almost sure but I make Charlotte lay down on her belly next to me and I do the same, my eyes fixated on her golden eyes. They do suit her. We changed our diet almost a year and a half ago, I don't know why but I felt a change was needed.
She has been complaining about it after every hunt.

We lay down flat on our bellies, the most submissive pose we can take as Vampires and it may do no good. My right hand holding her left tightly.
I keep sending prayers to the Gods as the sense of pain and dread increase. He must be seconds away.
I make shooting circles with my thumb on Charlotte's hand. This may be the last time I can touch her. I chastise myself for all the times I made her upset. She stops shaking, 'Thank God.' It will do no good if he senses fear. I can see the love in her eyes and her silent apologies.

The windows start to shake, 'Dear God please not my mate.' I heard him growl as he crashed against the front door, guess he doesn't notice the door isn't locked. In the next second I find myself flying across the room and into the wall, I let a sob out as I see him jerking my mate up by her neck. She doesn't flinch, doesn't even make a sound. My lovely Charlotte is so brave.

At least I will be joining her shortly. "I love you, forever Charlotte."
I whisper softly, send my last prayers for her and close my eyes. I can't bring myself to watch my Sire end the life of my mate, maybe I am weak but I can't let myself watch the only man I love end the life of the only woman I love. Hopefully he will do a quick job of it.

I hear something crashing against the floor. No tearing sounds, 'Thank God at least he made it quick.' Even after my mate's death I can't shake the feeling I had before he arrived. North. A few seconds passed or was it hours? Am I dead? My eyes are still closed.
I try to pay attention and I hear sobs. Perhaps he didn't make it quick after all.
It's a man sobbing though not my mate. Odd. I open my eyes slowly and I can see my Sire kneeling on the floor, his arms around his chest, my mate kneeling in front of him, watching him with a confused look on her face. 'Thank God she is still alive.'

The sense of pain and dread disappears and I can only feel intense sadness. It takes every bit of my self control not to break down and sob, my mate is not so lucky and her body shakes as sobs leave her mouth, her eyes glistening with tears that will never fall. I make my way to my mate and Sire slowly, as submissively as I can. I place an arm around my mate and the other around my Sire. She does the same and I look into her eyes sending all the love I can, we may still die after all.

I am not sure how much time passed before my Sire started whispering 'She lied, she lied' like a mantra. All I can feel is sorrow and emptiness as he speaks. I looked at Charlotte and grimaced. We knew, we knew that the little bitch was lying and we tried speaking with our Sire many times, only earning us calls cut short and a few ripped limbs.
I guess he finally figured out we were not lying. It doesn't make me feel happy or smug, I am only sorry for the pain he is feeling right now.
He truly believed that bitch was his mate, and that is as good as if she really was. I would be feeling only slightly more pain if Charlotte died.

More time passed and my Sire finally stirred, he stood up and shuddered looking at the wall he threw me to. He gasped and glanced down at me with worry in his eyes and then he let out a long sigh as after seeing us both in one piece.
"I am sorry about the wall." He said but his tone was void of any feeling.
He looks like he is dead, just like during the War. At least his eyes went back to a light gold.
I raised my free hand and shook my head. "Charlotte was dying to redecorate anyway."
I give him my best grin but it is not very helpful, he simply nods and moves a few feet to sit on the couch.

"You were right all along. She lied." He said letting out a long sigh. I took another breath and walked back to the window.
Death isn't what I have been waiting for all day after all. I still had this feeling and with Jasper here it only increased.
"There's somewhere we need to be Major." It's been a while since I called him that, but I can't shake this feeling and I know it's important and that we better get there soon. I glance back at the couch, my mate and the Major looked at me confused.
"I wish I could say more Major, but I'm not even sure, I only know it's important and we are already running late. We need to make our way North. Hopefully I will know more the closer we get there."

He shrugged and stood up. My mate frowned and looked at me curiously.
"No time to pack lovely. We are wasting time already." 'No time to waste, we are already late.' Whatever is happening we have to be there. I just jumped out the window and started running as if my life depended on it. Maybe it does.

North. House be damned, we lived far enough from the city for the broken door to be a problem, and even if someone was to come to the house, whatever is happening North is more important. Three days of running, pausing only to hunt but there is no stopping it now, if the Major hadn't been so upset we might have been able to prevent it, but now it will be only damage control.