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-Jasper's PoV- -Chapter 15- "Brothers"

The last thing I remember clearly is pushing Peter down after I noticed him looking at my mate. As soon as my hand touched the back of his neck something changed. And I'm not just talking about the overwhelming sense of pain that started to envelope me, even though it didn't actually hurt me, before today I would have been on the ground screaming in pain but whatever this change was allowed me to detach myself from the feelings around me. Not that I'm complaining of course.

Thankfully a part of my brain knew that this wasn't my pain, it was his. Somehow it was pouring out of my hand and into him. I was distracted for a moment thinking it would be quite nice if this could happen with every feeling from now own but testing that could wait for another time, hopefully when I am not causing my brother unbelievable pain. I almost chuckled. My hand felt like it was on fire but it felt good, the fire had a purpose. That fire would allow me to get what I want the most. 'I have to protect my mate.' Peter had the information I needed to accomplish this but he was quite stubborn and I have never been a patient man. I have to protect my mate, nothing else matters.

For a moment I really wished I had Edward's ability to read minds, it would make things so easy, I could just listen in Peter's mind for the information I need to protect her and be done with this. 'Fuck!' I really had better things to do with my time, like fucking my mate senseless again. I tightened my hold on his neck, sooner or later he would have to break, we lived through some painful shit with Maria but this was so different. I wouldn't like to be in his place right now. It felt like every single cell on his body was on pain. I almost felt bad for him, almost. He was keeping important things from me and even though I couldn't understand how I was doing it, I wouldn't stop until I had answers.

I briefly wondered if my gift was more than I thought or if it was just because of my contact with him. I don't usually touch others. It pained me that I had to hurt my brother, it really did, but if he was in my place he wouldn't hesitate to do anything in his power to protect Charlotte. I could hear him whimpering and begging for me to stop, begging for anything but the pain he was feeling. Every whimper hurt me more than I thought it would. I wanted to send him peace and calm instead of this pain but protecting my mate is more important than anything. He only has to tell me what I want to know and the pain will go away.

Then I saw the images. They clouded my vision, for the first few seconds I though I finally lost it but as the images continued, I saw everything we lived with Maria through his eyes and really, not even with my Vampire brain I could imagine all that shit. I was looking into Peter's mind. 'Well fuck me!' Not only I could listen to what he was thinking but also saw his fucking memories. That almost made me lose my concentration. What the fuck was happening to me? I wanted to stop as the memories of his intimate times with Charlotte began but I couldn't bring myself to release my hold on his neck yet. Instead I tried to focus on the memories that interested me, the ones that concerned my mate.

A little part of me was sorry to invade Peter's privacy like this, but another part was glad I could finally get what I needed to protect my mate. That was until I saw the memory of Peter bowing his head to one of the Volturi 'Kings.' I had never met any of them but I had heard enough from Carlisle and recognized him from one of the paintings in his study and if that wasn't enough, I just had to look at his black cloak to know who he was. Marcus Volturi. To say that I was shocked was an understatement, another memory came to me, Peter speaking to him, on his cell phone, just a few days ago, explaining to him how he found her, my mate.

I wanted to scream, laugh, cry and make the entire house crumble down with my hands. I released his neck like it burned me. He was working for them? They wanted my mate? So, many questions but I just couldn't touch him anymore, I wanted to take Bella away from him, the man that was supposed to be my brother, the man that saved me from an existence of pain. I couldn't believe he would betray me like this. A part of me wanted to destroy him but I couldn't forget everything he did for me, and even with his betrayal he helped me find my mate.

"You are working for the Volturi?" I managed to ask and heard everyone but my mate gasp. I glanced at her, so many emotions running through me, but the most important one was fear. Fear because no matter how skilled in battle I am, I can't fight the Volturi alone, not even considering my gift. The expression on her face held no concern or fear but I doubt she even knows who the Volturi are. I heard Peter sigh.
"No Major." He rasped and stood up slowly. His body was trembling slightly but I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for him now. I could feel he was speaking the truth, but what other explanation was there for what I saw? 'How the fuck did I see that in the first place?' "I will tell you everything, though I would like to have this conversation with Jasper, if possible." He added in a meek tone and I hissed, how could he even think I would do that?

"Jass-perr…" I heard my mate call in a half purr, half whisper and I finally noticed why she was showing no concern or fear, her eyes were completely black, burning with lust. It sent a shiver through my body. I barely had time to register how this could be dangerous in a battle but honestly, I didn't care. If the Volturi wanted her I would die trying to stop them so this would be one of the last chances I would get to be with her and I'll be damned if I don't take advantage of that. 'Mine! The Volturi can't have her!' I pounced.

As soon as my body crashed against hers there was nothing else in the world but my Bella. I barely registered the sound of our clothes as we shredded them apart, her smooth, pale skin finally touching mine, her perfect lips leaving a burning sensation wherever she kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tight against me but even then we were not close enough. 'Mine. She is mine.' I repeated in my head like a mantra while worshiping every inch of her body. Somewhere inside the house I heard Peter talking to someone, but not even that was able to distract me from my Bella.

I just couldn't get enough of her, only in my arms I felt like she was safe, my hands trailed her skin over and over, almost afraid she would vanish. She seemed to sense my need of her and her need of me felt the same, she used her hands and mouth while whispering her love softly against my skin every chance she got. I held her tighter whispering the same. In her arms I felt safe and complete. While holding her it almost seemed unbelievable that something could be wrong in the world. I never felt like this before her and I certainly wished it would never stop.

Unfortunately the world wouldn't stop for me and Bella and we did have important matters to discover, like why the fuck my brother has been looking for her for the past decades. I sighed softly and carried her to the shower by jumping through the window in our room. After making sure every inch of her smooth skin was clean, she did the same for me. I could easily spend the rest of my existence like this. 'Important matters, focus.' I gathered our clothes and helped her dress. I knew she wouldn't let me do this all the time but I am sure she sensed my need to be close to her. It amazed me how easy it was to be with her.

We walked downstairs slowly and even though I didn't feel any aggression coming from anyone I didn't feel safe. I finally decided to stand close to the doorway with Bella slightly behind me, my hand on her hip, making sure she was safe. I didn't think I would be able to fight any of the people inside the house, no matter what they have been my family for so long now, perhaps being this close to the door and with my gift we would be able to have a few seconds to escape. Peter and Charlotte where the only ones in the living room and I was glad for that, having all the family here would only make it harder for me to remain in control.

"Jasper, Bella, I am sorry for trying to keep things from you both." He sighed and tilted his head towards the couch in front of him. "If you could sit down and let me explain…" I tightened my hold on Bella's hip and shook my head that was too fucking much to ask. He grimaced.
"I have never worked for the Volturi Jasper, only for Marcus and he stopped being 'loyal' to them over a millennium ago." He added in a calm tone of voice."Does he want to use Bella?" I asked. He was surprised by my question and hesitated, it took a lot of me to stop from growling at him. So fucking sick and tired of being kept in the dark about things. After a few seconds he finally spoke.
"Not use Jasper, at least not in the way you think. He had been looking for us for many years, when he found me, he talked me into leaving Maria. He offered me an Charlotte a different way of life, after a few years he asked me to talk you into leaving her too. He kept us safe from her all this time. I worked for him until the day we found Bella" I hissed and took a step back when he mentioned Bella's name.

"Why?" I asked. I couldn't understand why one of the Volturi 'Kings' would be interested in me or Peter. With Bella's gift, it made sense, but Bella has been a live for less than two decades.
"Because Jasper, we are the descendants of Aro, Marcus and Caius Volturi."

I sat with my back against a tree that was casting a protective shadow around me. Just allowing myself to enjoy the warm day for a moment. It was little things like this that made my existence bearable nowadays, whenever I was with Maria I just wanted to die. I sighed. If only it was as simple as wanting something in order to get it. Despite my death wish my body wouldn't give into the usual ways humans killed themselves. A bullet might as well be a feather against my skin, no matter how high a mountain I could find to jump off, the ground would suffer more with my fall. I couldn't drown, I couldn't be mauled by a wild beast 'I am truly damned.'

Damned to an existence I didn't wish or ask for. Damned to feel what others around me feel, damned to this unbelievable need for blood, damned to an existence of loneliness. Only two of my kind had won a place in my cold, dead heart, and I didn't even realize it until they asked me to let them go. Six years ago Peter, the man I thought about as my brother, told me that he was leaving with Charlotte. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, but I didn't even hesitate to let them go, I didn't even consider the consequences or the pain it would bring me when Maria found out. That pain wasn't as bad as the pain this loneliness brought me.

If only I had known then, perhaps I would have been selfish enough to ask them to stay with me or even to let me join them in their quest for a better existence. But they didn't ask me to join them either. Why would they?"I want to find another way to live with my mate Major, there has to be peace somewhere." My brother said. Another way, I wonder if they found it. I wanted that too for many months after he left, but now I just want to die and even that is denied to me.

There had been many battles since Peter and Charlotte left and in most of them I arrived with the idea of simply not fighting back but my body wouldn't obey my wishes. I would move, attack or defend myself even when I didn't want to. Fucking self-preservation instincts. 'I am truly damned.' I closed my eyes and took a few deep, unnecessary breaths trying to focus on the warmth of the day and the sounds of the few birds brave enough to remain in the tree branches while I am here.

"Major." I gasped and was standing up in half a crouch before the word left his lips completely. It couldn't be him. He couldn't be here. It wasn't safe. I growled. Did he want to come back? 'Fuck me!' He is stupid if he wants to come back."You shouldn't be here! Why did you come back?" I asked a bit more harshly than I intended.
"Major, I came for you. We want you to join us. Please, there is another way, a betterway." He said in a calm tone, his hands in the air, his head and eyes lowered submissively. Did he think I would attack him? God is he insane? I wanted to join them, I had wanted to do that since they fucking left! But Maria, she will surely hunt me down. I couldn't put them in risk. Not after all this time and if he really found a better way of life he should just leave again and never come back.
"I can't. Maria… She won't rest until she finds me." I sighed and sat back down against the tree. He grimaced and shook his head."She won't. I met… Someone that has more power than her, she won't be a problem for us. Please Major, come with us." He pleaded. I could feel he was hiding something from me but he was also sincere, he wanted me to join them.

He spent hours trying to convince me, but I could feel a hint of deceit whenever he spoke of this friend who had more power than Maria, so I wouldn't give in, I couldn't put him and Charlotte in danger. He talked, yelled, pleaded and he even attacked me to make me submit. He was good, I spent years training him after all, but I was better. It wasn't until the night fell and a few of Maria's scouts came looking for me that it was too late to decide to stay. If Maria found out Peter was here she wouldn't rest until his body was torn apart and burned.
-End of flashback-

Well fuck me, at least now I understand who managed to keep us safe from Maria all this time. But why? And what the fuck does someone say after finding out about a relative lost for several millennia that happens to be ruling the Vampire world? Honestly, I'm feeling torn between laughing and tearing Peter apart slowly. The only one surprised by what Peter said was Bella and knowing that the entire family knew about this but didn't think that saying something about it to me was a good idea only made me lean more towards tearing Peter apart and perhaps Carlisle and Emmett of course. I don't think Bella would allow me to do the same to the women.

I hissed narrowing my eyes slightly looking at Peter. "For how long have you known this Peter?" The little control left in me was hanging by a thread and his answer would have sent me over the edge if not for Bella's hands rubbing circles on my back soothingly. Peter opened and closed his mouth a few times, as if considering carefully how to answer my question. I growled at him in warning, I was irritated and way past his fucking lies."I found out about us a little over a month after I left Maria." I hissed again and the only thing that kept me from lunging at him was my hold on Bella's hip. If I lunge and leave her side I can't be sure she is safe. 'He kept this from me for decades! This is just fanfuckingtanstic!' "I found out about Bella the day we found her in the woods, though we had been looking for her for a long time now." He added and looked down, I could feel the regret and apologetic emotions rolling out of him but it just wasn't enough.

"Exactly who has been looking for her and why Peter?" He chuckled. He fucking chuckled at my question. A growl escaped my lips making him stop though his feelings told me he still found my question humorous.
"Well Jasper, many of us were looking for lil' sis here, to keep her safe." He waved his hand towards Bella and added in a whisper. "Unfortunately the Volturi guards are looking for all of us too, their reasons are still unknown. Turn her or kill us, force us to join them? We are not sure, your guess would be as good as ours, though we believe Aro and Caius would like nothing more than to see the three of us dead." I couldn't believe my perfect Vampire hearing.

"Why have you kept this from me? All this time Peter, I trusted you." I was barely able to keep my voice from breaking, Peter had been my brother for so long, all the things we lived through during our time with Maria were more than enough to create a bond between Peter, Charlotte and me. When they came back for me and the time we spent together before I met Alice strengthened that bond. I didn't care much about him hiding my connection with the Volturi but he kept Bella's too and he wasn't planning on telling me. I could feel it, if it hadn't been for whatever happened outside that allowed me to see into his mind he would have kept his attempts to distract me.

This was too much, I just found my mate and I find out there are many Vampires looking for her, for me and some of them are trained Volturi guards along with two of the Vampire Kings that may want us dead? What the fuck am I supposed to do about that? I started considering the possibility of running far away with Bella hanging safely on my shoulder. I suppose I was projecting my feelings because before Peter could answer my question, he was cut off by Carlisle stepping into the room. I hissed at him and tightened my grip on Bella's hip again while taking another step back towards the front yard. No one is getting close to my mate. My Bella. 'Mine!' Carlisle walked away from us quickly and went to stand next to Peter.

"Jasper, son?" He said hesitantly. I just nodded, letting him know he could continue speaking. He was relieved. "It is partly my fault that the truth was kept from you all this time. After you left Maria, well, you were not the man you are now and I thought that if you knew about your connection to Aro you would go to him and ask for his help to destroy her. Marcus wanted to tell you but after telling him what I thought he ordered everyone else to keep the truth from you, at least until there was no doubt you wouldn't try to contact Aro." He grimaced and added softly. "We had been waiting for the right time to tell you."

I could feel he was sorry but I wasn't sure if it was because of the deception or because he thought I would seek Aro for revenge. As much as I wanted to argue and say I wouldn't have done that, he was right. I would have used any and all means available to me to destroy Maria during that time. Fuck, there was a good chance I would have done that the day before I found Bella in the woods. Finding her really changed everything for me. Maria holds no importance to me now, as long as she is no threat for my mate.

I felt Bella shift a little on her feet while clearing her throat. Everyone in the room glanced at her. She had been so calm so far, it was amazing, considering she is a newborn. She took a step towards Peter and before I could stop her she just smiled at me and shook her head slightly. I was able to let go of her hip but I remained close.
"Peter, brother." She cooed, taking a seat next to him. I had to suppress a growl. "If there are so many people looking for us and wanting to harm us, you didn't think that perhaps you should have warned me and my mate? You didn't think that while we were hunting earlier we were busy with other things to pay too much attention to our surroundings?" She sighed and shook her head looking disappointed but her feelings were mischievous. Peter just gaped at her feeling apologetic.

"I didn't think… The Major…" He pointed at me and Bella took his hand in both of hers. I growled. Peter shifted in his seat and tried to take his hand back but Bella didn't let him so he just continued. "He would have been able to handle…" Bella cut him off shaking her head again.
"That is not the point, brother." She spat the last word. Peter flinched. "It doesn't matter what he can handle or not. I had him quite preoccupied with other things. So next time that there is any threat what will you do?" She asked in a sweet tone again. Peter was still trying to take his hand back and was feeling nervous. The changes in Bella's tone of voice while totally sexy, had me on edge as well. After all she is a newborn. She could snap at any time.

It seems that Peter took too long to answer her question, I felt her irritation spike and not a second after I heard a small tearing noise along with a hiss of pain coming from Peter. I blinked trying to figure out what the fuck happened. Bella was holding Peter's pinky finger on one of her hands. I laughed. She ripped his finger off. She was feeling smug and satisfied. That only made me laugh harder. "My finger." Peter whimpered, Charlotte and Carlisle were smart enough to remain very still and were barely able to keep their chuckles quiet. The others in the kitchen were doing a poor job at staying quiet too.
"You need to find the appropriate answer for my question, brother, and finish speaking with Jasper about the danger we are in, then I will consider returning your finger. I need to see my family before worrying about long lost relatives." She patted his hand softly making him whimper again and turned to wink at me.
"Keep it safe for me, God only knows where this finger has been lately." She chuckled and handed me the finger, gave me a peck on the cheek and walked to the kitchen.

We were left speechless and amazed by her. I let out a sigh and moved to sit on the couch in front of Peter. Bella's little punishment for my brother managed to lighten my mood. There are many things we need to discuss and perhaps everyone else can keep their limbs attached while we do it now. I turned to Peter, making a show of pocketing his finger.

"Well brother, when are we going to take over Volterra?" I grinned.

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