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Orochimaru was actually having fun. Internally, he was simply giddy. He was testing Sasuke Uchiha, and the boy was exceeding expectations. The boy was definitely a candidate for his cursed seal. He was exceptional in his Taijutsu, his skill in Ninjutsu was incredible for his age, and the boy even had the mental fortitude to stab himself in order to escape his flare of killing intent. And of course, he had what Orochimaru wanted most. He had activated his Kekkai Genkai, his bloodline technique, found only within the members of the now near extinct Uchiha clan. The boy was gifted. Not nearly as much as his brother, but still, incredibly so.

"Well well, Sasuke" he half hissed and half chuckled out. "You really are the rookie of the year, aren't you?" The boy glared at him with the fiery Sharingan eyes. Orochimaru looked down on him from the head of his massive snake summon.

"Who…the hell…are you?" demanded the boy between gasps for air. Sasuke didn't know how to deal with an opponent of this caliber. Behind him was his pink-haired teammate, Sakura Haruno. Like Sasuke, she was frightened, but unlike him, she was showing it openly. Like him, she wondered who this person was, unlike him, she wasn't so curious as to want to stay around to find out.

"I'm just the one who can get you your revenge on your brother." Sasuke's Sharingan eyes widened. He began to wonder. Maybe it was true. This guy was strong. Unbelievably strong. Maybe, just maybe, Sasuke thought, this person could actually help him.

Orochimaru smirked. Things were going even better than he could have hoped. Sasuke was contemplating on coming with him willingly. And he had yet to even place the cursed seal on him. He was broken out of his musings by movement in his peripheral vision. Leaning his head back, a kunai flew past his head. Had the Sannin been anyone else, he wouldn't have seen the exploding tag attached to it. However, he did, and managed to launch his own kunai into the one that had flown by, changing its direction straight down, causing the explosion to occur far below him.

Turning to the direction it had come from, what he saw almost made him laugh. Standing before him was a blonde, wearing a hideous orange jumpsuit. The boy was covered in what looked like slime and guts, he noticed, making him frown. That could only mean that he had been eaten by the summon he had sent after him. It also meant that he had broken his way out, more than likely killing one of his snakes. "So" he thought. "The Kyuubi brat lives…and he is indeed as creative as Kabuto informed me. Well well. Perhaps I should do away with him myself. After all, can't let the Akatsuki get a hold of the boy."

The thought of Akatsuki taking Naruto for their cause actually caused the pale man to shudder. If anyone in the village knew what they were planning, they probably would have made it an effort to have the boy killed.

"Hmmhmmhmm" chuckled the Snake Sannin. "So, you survived. I must say, I'm impressed. Tell me, how did you escape the belly of the beast?" It was then Orochimaru could see the boy's eyes. Blood red, with slits for pupils. The whisker marks that adorned his face when he saw him earlier had become deepened and far more defined.

"I created so many shadow clones, that your pet's stomach couldn't take it and it burst" replied Naruto in what could only be described as a growl. The boy was pissed.

"Interesting. So, the rumors of a boy gifted in the use of kage bunshin were more than mere rumors after all" said Orochimaru.

"You'd better believe it!" shouted Naruto, leaping from the tree branch he was standing on, not noticing that Orochimaru had placed his hand behind his back. The Snake Sannin deftly took notice that the boy's nails, trained on his eyes, had become claw-like. When Naruto got close enough to him, he acted, quickly opening his mouth, for a snake to slither out, delivering to him his prized possession, the sword Kusanagi. Pulling out his other hand from behind his back, Naruto and his two teammates were stunned at the purple fire that lit his fingertips.

Gripping the sword in his left hand, Orochimaru made four quick slashing motions, before slamming his fingers into Naruto's gut with a cry of "Five Pronged SEAL!" All was silent, slow motion to the two onlookers. The force of the strike to his stomach sent Naruto flying far. What shocked them to their core is that neither his legs, nor his arms went with him, seeming to hover in the air before dropping far to the ground below, Naruto slamming into a tree and falling as well.

"NARUTO!" shouted Sakura, throwing a kunai at the blonde, attempting to catch him somehow, trying to make a hook for the blonde to hang on. Her kunai was deflected by another, however, thrown from the smirking Orochimaru. She could only watch as the blonde fell to the earth below. Her attention was diverted by a scream from her other teammate, and she turned to see Orochimaru's neck extended to an incredible length, biting down onto Sasuke's neck.

As the pale man retracted his neck, something began happening on Sasuke's. An inky blackness spread from the bite, forming three tomoe markings, not unlike those of the Sharingan, circling the bite area. Grabbing his neck, Sasuke writhed in pain. Whatever had been done to him seemed to be burning, his whole body just a blaze of fire. It set in hard and it set in fast, as the burning of the body seemed to burn his very mind and soul. Whatever it was, and however you would describe it, Sasuke was in pain. He screamed again, before he passed out, Sakura grabbing him before he fell out of the tree. Forgetting Naruto for now, Sakura focused on Sasuke, who she felt had a fever. Looking up toward the snake man, she found that Orochimaru was gone.

Down on the forest floor, Naruto too was in excruciating agony. He wasn't even sure how he was alive, and without his limbs, he couldn't move enough to get to help. Lifting his head, he saw several sparks of red chakra dancing across his body, attempting to heal him, but to no avail. The power was there, but it was weak, as though someone had closed off the valve that allowed it to flow and stop flowing. Another flare of pain wracked his body, and he screamed. As the pain wave subsided, he heard a dark chuckling.

It took effort, but he turned his head to look away to the dark shadows of the trees where the chuckling came from. Out from those shadows, Orochimaru calmly strolled, as though just taking a nice walk through a park. "Well well, still alive?" the snake man asked, as Naruto was once more hit by a wave of pain. "It seems even with my seal, you've taken in enough power to prolong yourself. Impressive. Were it not for the Kyuubi, boy, you would be a prime candidate to be my next body."

"However" he continued. "I can't allow you to live. If the Akatsuki were to get their hands on you, it would be very bad for everyone. So, I hope you don't take my killing you as personal. However…you did kill one of my summons, so perhaps I should make this as…painful, as possible." Orochimaru smirked before flashing through several hand signs.

"Fire Style" said Orochimaru. "Dragon Flame Bomb!" Blowing out his mouth, a dragon made of flame shot out at Naruto, the boy unable to dodge. The attack hit and couldn't have been more painful to Naruto. It was as though red hot needles were being inserted into every nerve, every pore, and every free area of skin it could find.

He laid there screaming. Nothing, not even the beatings of the past, compared to the absolute pain he was feeling. He heard some words from the snake man, but they were muffled by his shrieks of pain. Then he just vanished, disappeared from the area, as though he were never there. Naruto could do nothing but lay, and burn, and scream. He could do nothing else. As he began wishing for death's sweet embrace, the flames were doused, and he was grabbed by what he saw were two Anbu medics, and the proctor of the exam. It would be the last thing he would see in the waking world for quite some time.

The Sandaime Hokage was a lot of things. He was the Professor, the God of Shinobi. He was the Kage of an entire village…twice. He was many things, but there was one thing he thought he would never feel…old. Right at that moment, he felt old, and tired, and even, though he would never admit it, completely helpless. The boy he saw as a surrogate grandson, the son of the man who was both his successor and his predecessor, was lying on a hospital bed, broken, burned, and bandaged. His body had major damage from burns from a high rank fire jutsu, and he would more than likely never be able to be a ninja, let alone a chuunin, ever again.

As he sat next to the unconscious boy, he sighed. As much as he wanted to, he for some reason could not bring himself to cry for this boy. His anger at his wayward student would not permit tears to fall until the snake's head was a trophy, and his body incinerated.

However, he was not able to see the seal on Naruto begin to let flow a burst of youki. It was invisible to the naked eye, and flowed out into a human form. Unable to be heard by anyone in the room was a sound unable to be identified, until the body solidified and if one could hear it could tell it was a scream. This, was the great, Kyuubi no Kitsune. And while it was only temporary, and difficult to sustain, he had found a way out of the seal.

Standing there, unable to be seen or heard by anyone in the human world, he contemplated what to do. He stood at 6' 1", with fiery red hair, and decked out in samurai style armor. His eyes stared into space, unblinking. The red, slitted eyes staring at everything, and nothing.

He knew he couldn't go far from the boy though, or he would die. However, in the boy's condition, he could end up dying anyway. With the snake's seal, he could only put out enough chakra to heal some of the burns and sustain the boy's life. For once in his near immortal existence, the Kyuubi was truly afraid. The fear was only worsened by the fact that he hadn't been able to exit into the real world, but the spirit plane.

"It's amazing" said a voice. "I always thought this boy was like me. Now, that similarity is even greater." Kyuubi looked around, before his eyes caught sight of a man. The fact that he could see and hear him indicated that this man was some sort of spirit. He had unruly brown hair, wore some odd clothes, made of something akin to leather, and had a strange, cylindrical object hooked to his belt. His gaze went from Kyuubi over to Naruto.

"Who are you, spirit man?" inquired Kyuubi. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, I've been here since I felt your power for the first time. When you were sealed into this boy. I guess you could say I'm sort of his guardian. Helping where I can, particularly in games of chance" said the man.

"Who are you?" asked Kyuubi once again.

"Forgive me. My name is Anakin Skywalker. I am the Avatar of the Force" said the man, now named Anakin.

"Well, Anakin Skywalker, the boy will soon be even more like you. He'll be dead. Even if I can help him survive, he has no way to protect himself. The poison on the blade he was cut with prevents the regeneration of his limbs" said Kyuubi.

"Ah, and that's where you are wrong. Come with me. We have much to discuss" said the man, walking from the room. Kyuubi looked back at Naruto, hoping this man wouldn't take him too far away, and followed him.

"What do you mean I'm wrong?" he asked. "What can possibly be done, by a ghost, no less?"

"Where I come from, we have technology that is far more advanced than this place. We can create a set of droid limbs for him, with my instruction" said Anakin. As Kyuubi looked at him odd, he continued.

"Droid limbs are a mass of light-weight, durable metal, and circuitry. They work in conjunction with the person's nerves in order to move just like human limbs, meaning it will be no more difficult than walking normally. Kyuubi's eyes lit up.

"Yes. Perhaps with the proper seals, we could also allow chakra to be able to flow through them in a mimicry of his old limbs, allowing him to be able to still perform their precious Ninjutsu, while also allowing him to feel with them as though they had nerves as well. But how to make such things?" he said.

"I know much about the seal that confines you. You can manifest in the real world if Naruto allows it, and I can teach you what to do to forge the limbs. If you are as powerful as you seem, it should take you next to no time to complete them and attach them to the boy. With any luck, he could still compete in these chuunin exams he is so excited about" said Anakin. Kyuubi laughed heartily.

"You supply the information, and I supply the work" he said. "This I can do." His demeanor became more serious however, before he asked his next question. "And what is the catch. Nothing in this world is free." Anakin also became serious.

"This boy has the strongest connection to the Force I've ever felt. He is equal to my strength at my prime, though he just doesn't know how to use it." Anakin sat down on a bench in the hallway in which they were walking, looking as though he were an old man in all but appearance. "The time of the Force users in the larger galaxy is nearly gone. Darkness is growing, not only in this place, but deeper in the known galaxy. As a spirit, and the Avatar of the Force, I can do some things to help, but not many. It is time for a new Avatar to be chosen."

"And you have chosen my vessel" finished Kyuubi. "You wish to train him."

"No. My place is here, with the Force. However, I do have some teachers in mind. One of the dark, one of the light, and one who can teach him about other things. She too is powerful in the Force, but she will teach him about the greater galaxy. She died well before her time, and as it was…partially my fault…" Kyuubi took time to notice the anger in Anakin's voice. "I believe I should make it up to her."

"So, these three will teach him about this "Force", while you and I work on constructing his limbs" said Kyuubi. "Perhaps we should go and tell my container of our plans."

"Indeed" replied Anakin. "You go and explain the situation, while I go and round up his new teachers." As though he were never there, he just faded into nothingness. Kyuubi smirked, before his body burst into youki and flew back into the hospital room, shooting back to the seal.

Inside the seal, Naruto trudged through water as deep as his waist, as the sewer that was his mind had become partially flooded. He had been here once before, he remembered. It was when he had thought Zabuza's apprentice Haku had killed Sasuke. But the water had only gone to his ankles then. Now it was far deeper. But still he walked on, through the water, toward the one being that he knew was there, knew could, and more than likely would help him.

Naruto was by no means an idiot. He had had the functions of the seal explained to him be the third, that if he died, so too would Kyuubi, and he knew the old fox was not about to lay back and die. He continued walking, eventually reaching the chamber which held the Kyuubi's cage, and was shocked with the new addition. Besides the giant bars that held the great beast back, with the paper seal tag keeping them locked, Naruto noticed a seal tag over the other, and there thousands and thousands of feet of iron chains across the bars. So many were there, that he could barely see the fox behind them.

"KYUUBI!" he shouted. "FUZZ-BALL! ARE YOU THERE?" He heard the fox behind the bars and chains, but it sounded weaker, as though some person had just run to Suna and back.

"Yes boy, I am indeed" replied the fox after a moment. It sounded calm. Naruto wasn't sure what that meant, and wasn't sure he wanted to find out.

"What's going on?" asked Naruto, not remembering what had happened to him. "All I remember is pain." He spoke without shouting now, trying to remember why he was there.

"Unfortunately boy, you were defeated by the snake in the forest, and your limbs were cut off…All…Four…Of them. My power has been sealed as well, meaning I cannot help you until the new seal is removed. I need you to do that, or we may die anyway" said the fox, leaving Naruto in complete shock. "Climb up and remove that tag, without damaging the old one" he instructed, Naruto following the instructions to the letter, climbing up to the seals and very, VERY carefully peeling off the one on top, shattering the chains.

Immediately, the chains fell apart to nothing, and the water began receding until it was once again at the normal ankle level. A warm feeling washed over Naruto as he could feel the Kyuubi's power getting to work; healing his physical body from the burns he now remembered receiving.

"What now?" said Naruto, his face down to the floor. "How can I do anything without my arms and legs?" The Kyuubi looked at the mental representation of his container, which still had both arms and legs, as that was how he saw himself still. The boy clenched his fists as his anger took hold.

"If only I was stronger…" The fox heard him whisper and smirked, chuckling.

"You will be…you will be" said the fox. Naruto looked up at him quizzically.

"What the hell do you mean?" he asked, only getting a smirk and chuckle from the fox.

"I have found a way to replace your limbs, and have procured new teachers for you to teach you a power no one on this world has ever seen…And here they are now" said Kyuubi. Naruto looked back before four figures came from the cage. Three were human. One had unruly brown hair, leather clothing, and a very powerful feel to him. The other two humans were both old men. The first was wearing a brown cloak, and had a short white mustache, beard combination. The other stood tall, with similarly white hair and similar facial hair. All three had strange, cylinder-like objects on their belts.

The fourth person was something of an oddity. She appeared to be humanoid in form, but had orange-red skin. On her face were several white markings, including two over her blue eyes. She may not have been human, but Naruto found himself blushing at her beauty. He also saw that instead of hair, she had something on her head that extended up into what looked like two horns, and fell down the front of her body and hung there. She too had the strange, cylindrical objects.

"Who are these people?" asked Naruto, who still couldn't take his eyes off of the female, who blushed a bit, though he couldn't tell because of her skin tone mixed with the darkness of the chamber. The young man stepped forward.

"Hello Naruto. My name is Anakin Skywalker. These are Obi-wan Kenobi" he said, pointing to the old man in the cloak. "Count Dooku" he continued, indicating the other older gentlemen with the regal appearance. "And this one is Ahsoka Tano" he finished, indicating the younger female, who waved at him, slightly nervous, though she had no idea why.

"These three are to be your teachers in the ways of the Force" continued Anakin.

"Wait, what about you?" asked Naruto.

"I'll be around. My place is with the Force, so that is where I will stay. I'll be around though" said Anakin. "But I trust these people will teach you well. Obi-wan was my old master, Ahsoka my old apprentice…" As he said this, Naruto watched him glance at Ahsoka, who looked a bit down at the mention. "And Dooku was killed by me, so as to take his place at the side of my more…recent master."

"How very poetic" said Kyuubi. "Now then, Naruto. In order to help you, I need your permission to manifest outside of the seal." Naruto looked at him confused.

"Alright, I guess, but you are not allowed to harm anyone" said Naruto, the fox nodding.

"The terms are fair" he agreed.

"Naruto" said Anakin, getting the boy's attention. "I also have a more…special request of you."

"You're getting me actual training. Whatever it is, I'll do it" said Naruto, getting a smirk from Anakin.

"When I was alive, I was known as a force to be feared. I was known as Darth Vader." In front of Naruto, a tall figure appeared, dressed in a black suit, wearing an angular helmet, with eyes that seemed to bore into his very soul. A breathing noise came from this figure, as he took his cylinder-shaped object and a red beam shot out with a snap-hiss. Naruto backed away at this imposing figure as it swung his light-blade at him, but it disappeared as soon as it had appeared. Naruto looked at Anakin, as though saying to continue.

"What I ask is that when they believe you are ready…" he said, "That you take up the mantle of Vader. Once, it was a symbol of darkness. A symbol of destruction. Maybe with you, it could be used to bring some creation to the galaxy.

"I agree" said Kyuubi, with its smirk ever present. "Such a name would strike fear into the hearts of all that hear it."

Naruto stood there for a moment, before looking Anakin right in the eye and saying, "I'd be honored."

"Then it's settled" said Kyuubi. "One minute in the real world is the equivalent of a week in here, so the few days before the next stage in the exam should get you many, many years of training in before then. Now, Skywalker, perhaps we should get started on those limbs." The two turned and began walking toward the rear of the cage, disappearing from all sight. Naruto was left with the three new teachers. He smiled sheepishly, getting a grin from Ahsoka, a small smile from Obi-wan, and a scowl from Dooku.

"Well" said the old Sith, in a voice that was as regal as the clothes that he wore. "Let us get on with your training." Naruto's gaze hardened at the man, as though telling him to bring it on.

Out in the real world, the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi was in shock. The seal on the boy had seemed to come to life, before Naruto's skin healed up as though it were nothing for it to do so. Now though, power flared from the seal, before it shot out and flew to the floor, forming a humanoid shape, before Kyuubi's human form stood proudly before the aged Kage, who had entered his battle stance.

"So, you are the Nine-Tailed Fox" he said darkly.

"Calm yourself, Old Monkey" replied Kyuubi. "I am only here to help. If I'm right, the boy is about to become the greatest force in this village, but now, I need a forge and materials to do so." The Hokage looked at him wearily, before sighing.

"Regale me" he said, and with each word, his frown began to dissipate, until an old smirk plastered his old face.

"Alright Kyuubi, you have your forge, and it will be five days before the exams continue. Can you do it in that amount of time?" he asked.

"Can't you?" said Kyuubi in a cocky manner, walking off to the forge. They were currently in the medical wing of the tower in the forest of death. The tower was a fortress, fully stocked and had its own forge in the lower levels. Chuckling, Sarutobi left the room as well, sparing a glance at the boy. Oh yes, he thought. This boy would become great.


After Sasuke's match, Kakashi had taken him away somewhere, leaving Sakura alone in this room, with only the old academy classmates to keep her company. None of which she really knew well enough to talk to aside from Ino, who she wasn't talking too. Honestly, she wasn't sure how they were still being allowed to compete.


Sasuke and Sakura opened the scrolls, causing a plume of smoke to billow out. Once they were able to see, both were shocked to find their sensei standing before them.

"Hello you two, glad to see you made it" said Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei, we lost Naruto. We were attacked and-"Sakura was cut off by her teacher.

"Yes, I know, I heard" he said darkly. "He lost all four of his limbs, and suffered burns the likes of which I've never seen on any human being." Sakura gasped and Sasuke looked solemn.

"Is he…" asked Sasuke, leaving the question hanging.

"He's alive, but I don't know how. Personally I think everything's going to hell. Even the Hokage seems to have lost his mind" said Kakashi.

"What do you mean, Sensei?" asked Sakura.

"First, he's not allowing anyone to see him, not even me. And according to him, Naruto will be able to compete in the exams." Sakura and Sasuke both had wide eyes at the proclamation. Why would the Hokage even think that a boy without arms or legs could compete in the chuunin exams? The concept was laughable.

"But I thought he was done for. What is the Hokage thinking?" asked Sakura.

"I don't know. Maybe it's the council, trying to pass you through because of Sasuke, maybe there was some sort of medical break-through. Whatever it is, keep your eyes open" he said. "Now Sasuke. What exactly happened between you and this person?"

"Nothing, he went after Naruto" replied Sasuke. Kakashi eyed him warily.

"Well, if this 'nothing' starts to act up, I will put an end to it. I will pull you from these exams. Do you understand me?" said Kakashi firmly.

"Hn" grunted Sasuke, before the three entered the tower.

Flashback End

Many of the competitors were beginning to unnerve her. There was something about each one that put her on edge. Especially the sand team. The one in the cat suit already had showed his skills with his puppet, and she didn't want to know what the girl could do. But the red-head made her feel uncomfortable just being around. Even from across the arena and up in opposite stands, he seemed to be gazing at everything and nothing.

As the last match ended, the new names began flashing on the screen, before they ended up on one that made her heart stop. The first, was Akiro Takashi, a genin from the mist village, who looked to be a swordsman if his Katana was anything to go by. The second…Naruto Uzumaki.

"Would the competitors *cough* please enter the arena?" called the proctor. The mist genin jumped down, but Naruto was still nowhere to be found.

"Naruto Uzumaki?" called the proctor. "This is the last *cough* call for Naruto Uzumaki." Still no response. "Well, as Naruto isn't here *cough* The winner is-"He was cut off when the door burst open, revealing a black-cloaked figure. As he walked in toward the Proctor and Akiro, he seemed to exude pure power.

"You are?" asked the Proctor.

"Naruto Uzumaki, here for my match, sir" said the cloaked figure, removing the hood, allowing himself to be seen. Sakura was too stunned to speak. Her teammate looked fine. But he looked up to the other contestants and her blood froze in her veins, along with the other Konoha rookies. What were normally clear blue eyes, were now a horrific yellow, with pupils so black it was like looking into the deepest pit of hell.

"No, wait, I changed my mind" said Naruto calmly. "I no longer go by that name."

"Then what *cough* name do you go by?" asked the Proctor. Naruto merely smirked, and said in that same eerily calm voice.

"You can call me…Vader." The name sent shivers up the spine of all who heard it. Nobody recognized the name of course, but there was such a feeling of darkness about the name.

"Well then *cough*" said the Proctor for the chuunin exam prelims. "The match between Akiro Takashi and Vader…Begin!" The Proctor jumped back, as did Akiro.

"You may as well just surrender" said Naruto. "You're out of your league." Kakashi arrived just in time to hear Naruto speak those words.

"Is that really you, Naruto?" he thought. Akiro just laughed at Naruto's proclamation.

"I'm out of my league?" he said. "Let me tell you something. Back in Mist, I'm becoming renowned as a rookie swordsman. They say I'm like a Neo-Swordsman of the Mist." Unsheathing his Katana, he took a stance.

"Neo-Swordsman?" asked Naruto. "Isn't Neo code for cheap knockoff?" Akiro turned red with anger. "Trust me" continued Naruto. "I've met with Zabuza Momoichi, the Demon of the Bloody Mist, and I can tell already, you are nowhere near his caliber."

"I'll show you a thing or two about my caliber" said Akiro angrily, stabbing his sword into the ground as he flashed through hand seals. "Kenjutsu, Water Style!" he shouted. "Water Destruction Wave!" The sword in the ground glowed blue before a blast of water, as big around as an Akimichi, fired from the sword hilt, headed straight for Naruto. As the continuous stream became close to reaching Naruto, the blonde held out his hand, and the water began shooting to all sides as though it had hit some kind of barrier.

"As I said, nowhere near his caliber" he said, thrusting his arm forward, pushing the water backward at Akiro before it hit the sword, knocking it loose, knocking him over and stopping the water flow. As Akiro looked up, he saw his sword falling before it lodged itself, blade down, in the floor and inch away from his head. "And nowhere near mine" finished the blonde.

Sakura and Kakashi were both staring with wide eyes, while the rest of the genin that knew Naruto were startled as well. One of the older leaf genin, Neji Hyuga, glared down at Naruto with his Byakugan. "Interesting" he thought. His limbs seem to be mechanical, but seals are integrated in to allow chakra to flow normally, enabling him to use jutsu. But what was that. He forced that water back without touching it, nor did he expend any chakra. What is he?"

Naruto removed his cloak, revealing him to be wearing clothes similar to what Anakin Skywalker wore. At his hip was a Katana of his own. Naruto knew he had to either end this fast, or he may lose regardless. In his mind, he had been trained in each of the lightsaber forms until he had come to master all but the most complicated. However, the lightsaber, which he could use in his mind, did not currently exist on that planet. Lightsabers had no actual blade, and as such were much lighter. He hadn't mastered adapting his saber styles to the Katana, so he was hoping this person would be too riled up to fight correctly.

"Kakashi-sensei" said Sakura. "Since when did Naruto learn Kenjutsu?"

"I don't know" he replied. "But I plan on finding out."

Naruto unsheathed his blade, before settling into the stance of his personal favorite style. Form III, Soresu.

"Tenten" The girl looked up to Neji. "Do you recognize that style?" She looked at the stance.

"No, I have never seen a stance like that" she replied, deeply interested.

As Akiro jumped up and began attacking Naruto, the group was shocked to see the ease with which Naruto fought. While Kakashi and Tenten didn't recognize the style, they recognized the idea behind it. Naruto kept all of his motions close, never allowing an opening. He was wearing down his opponent using an ironclad defense. At the same time, he was expending next to none of his own energy. This went on for quite a while, until Akiro went for a wild, empty swing.

Utilizing the opportunity, Naruto ducked in, and disarmed his opponent, causing his sword to fly across the room. However, Akiro managed to dodge in and send a kick to Naruto's hand, making him lose his sword as well. He smirked as the sword fell to the floor, but it turned to shock as Naruto held out his hands and both Katana flew in and entered his grip, shocking the spectators as well. Crossing the swords in front of Akiro's neck, he smirked, before kicking the boy backward and holding out his hand.

Gasps could be heard all around as Akiro began rising from the ground, his though convulsing as though someone was strangling him

"Enough!" Naruto turned to see the Proctor. "You've won your match Vader, now it's over. There is no *cough* need to kill him.

"As you wish" said Naruto. He dropped his hand and Akiro fell to the ground, gasping for air. Naruto turned and walked toward the stairs, walking up until he reached the spectator area, walking past his academy friends to stand by his team.

"You and I, we need to talk" said Kakashi seriously.

"With all due respect Sensei, I have nothing to say" said Naruto, making Kakashi's eyes go wide, but it shut him up. He had never thought his student would refuse. Naruto merely sat on the floor and entered a meditative state, freeing his mind and entering his mindscape.

"Well" said Dooku. "It appears Skywalker chose you for a reason after all."

"So what will you do now?" asked Naruto to Obi-wan and Dooku.

"There is nothing more we can teach you, so Dooku and I will be leaving" said Obi-wan.

"And Ahsoka?" asked Naruto.

"I'm staying." Naruto turned around to see the girl walk up to him. He pulled her into a hug. The two had become close during his training. They had become a couple, something Ahsoka could never say she was a part of in her life. Relationships were forbidden for Jedi, but she was not a Jedi anymore.

"Did you really think I'd go anywhere?" she asked.

"No, I didn't" said Naruto, pulling the Togruta girl in for a deep kiss.

"And this is where we take or leave. If you need anything, we're always around" said Obi-wan, before he and Dooku vanished from the mindscape.

Chapter end.

Hope you guys all liked my version. I hate putting out all these stories, but I'm not gonna just keep it to take up room on my computer or Jump Drive when I can just put it out. I strongly suggest you check out the original, by Ninja Bat Master. It was the first story I ever read, and is really good.


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