It wasn't so much the dying he remembered.

No, he remembered that. Dying tends to be one of those graphic things that stick in your memory. Dying was something that was supposed to happen once-

The first last few moments had been a painful end - three limbs torn off by a satan dog and a pool of purple pooling around his torso and the sea of green that was breaking apart the sky.

But wait no, in sgrub, the laws of science are spat upon and you get an extra life! No glubbing respect for science in this game. Here, you get to die twice-

The second time was quick, at least. It was unexpected, but quick. A chainsaw through the gut, a pool of purple pooling around split ends and a flash of white science overtaking his view.

The thing was, it should've at least been over. He would've taken his little bitch death and then have been more than happy to gallant around in the afterlife. Nope.

When the white light cleared and he could see again, he only heard a whisper of highlighted text – "Mister Ampora, I'm afraid there are still more plans for you" – and when he woke up, he was simply alive and despite the major repairs on his torso there was still cuts and there was still blood and he was still screaming and only in the back of his minds did he think 'oh, I'm in a kitchen now'.

The last thing he remembered before blacking out were a series of screams –"FILTHY MUDBLOODS! HOW DARE YOU CORRUPT THE HOUSE OF BLACK! GET OUT! GET OU-"

"Jesus christ, can someone please shut that damn portrait up-"

And he guess the red-haired lady who came into the kitchen and saw him screamed, too.

It had been five days since they had found the fish person screaming in the room. Said fish person had been silent like someone who had killed two of his closest friends and, mid-angst, killed by one of said victims and then transported into some screwed up universe where highly advanced science was being used and-

Actually, wait, that's exactly what happened.

Eridan had been silent for five days now. It wasn't the language barrier – by some synchronicity of universes they spoke the same tongue. Even if they didn't, he wouldn't have had any hesitation into telling them just how he felt about being stuck in a house full of lowbloods.

It was more the fact that even if you're a high-blooded prince dreaming of genocide, killing the love of your life and the one person who listened to you complain is the kind of thing that will leave you moping around in your feelings. Considering that Eridan could mope around for ages when life was going smooth, giving Eridan actual major life problems was the equivalent of throwing a tub of propane on someone already burning to death.

"Well, we're going to need to get rid of that thing eventually, all he's done since getting here is bleed everywhere and lounge around all depressed." It was the gruffy, black-haired one saying this. Sirius, he thought. He had by now gotten a grasp of who was who around the house. You pick things up when you lay around long enough. The discussion going on right now was going on in the next room, and Eridan was at a good angle to pick up a decent enough visual.

"We can't just kick him out, he's just a kid. And look how skinny he is, I've barely gotten him to eat anything over the past couple of days." This was the red-haired one who found him first. Short, round, plump, had somehow managed to have six kids. "And anyways, if we just kick him out, there's a chance he could tell someone. We could always do an Unbreakable Oath, but he's so young…"

"Oh, you mean Eridan?" This was the bubbly one. She could change her appearance. Tonks. That was her name.

"Wait, he actually told you his name?" Scruffy blackbeard again.

"Yeah. He was a bit mopey, but I got him to smile, at least! Did you know I'm actually able to imitate those ear things of his? The horns were a bit much, but-"

"Wait, so he actually talked to you?"

Eridan still wasn't sure why he talked to her.

"He said I reminded him of a close friend he used to have. Some girl named Feferi. They have some strange names, but I guess I can't really talk since I'm called Nymphadora."

"Okay, you need to prove this to us."

Two minutes lately, Eridan was slumping sadly against the couch and the three adults – Tonks, Mrs. Weasley, and Sirius were lazing in different parts of the room.

"Hey Eridan, how's it going?" Tonks said in that bubbly voice that reminded him way too much of a certain someone.

"Oh, hey there."

Thus began the cracking of Eridan Ampora.

"Eridan, can you tell me where you are from?"

"I don't havve to tell you that."

"We fixed you up and treated you kindly after you just apparated into our kitchen with your torso two cuts away from being torn in half. We'd like to know the story behind that."

"Rainboww drinkers. I think you call them vvampires."

"And the teleportation?"

"Hell if I knoww."

Eridan sighed. Apparently, this Lupin guy had been charged with finding out more about the new mysterious guest in the Black House. He had the kind gentle eyes and such of a trustworthy adult, but it took more than gentle looks to get the trust of Eridan Ampora. Great military leaders didn't trust, they commanded.

"Are you willing to tell me what you are, yet?"

"I'm a seadwweller."

Lupin sighed. Eridan knew exactly what was coming next. It was the question that he always followed this one up with, and the sheer cultural ignorance of it burned him every time.

"Yes, I understand you live in the sea, but what kind of seadweller? An off link of the merman, maybe?"

"Eridan appreciated the hospitality in this house. He just wished that they used proper water in their showers. Everytime he took one, the chlorine in it burned his skin.

Tonks and Mrs. Weasley bugged him about the purple bags under his eyes. They'd been pretty bad when he got there, and they just slowly got worse after having to sleep without a recuperacoon.

"Hey, Eridan, you okay?" It was Tonks.

"Yes, I am just glubbing perfect. Obvviously."

"Eridan, you have enough magical potential to go to Hogwarts this year." Eridan had seen this old dude with the beard walking around the house for the past few weeks. He always had this dumb twinkle in his eye and his chin hair all tied up fancy. He had taken time out of his EXTREMELY BUSY schedule to talk to Eridan.

"I don't believve in any of that crap."

Dumbledore's eye did that freaking twinkle again.

"Well, you might be able to find out a scientific explanation for that. It seems to fit your forte."

Eridan thought a moment. It was a tempting idea…

"The only other alternative is to make you stay at this house until it's safe to let you out."

It suddenly became a very tempting idea.

"Wwell, when you put it that wway."