Weddings, Part II: Lupins

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, Harry Potter, or The Wizard of Oz. Godric's Hollow Secondary School and Principal David Solomon are the creations of 00AwkwardPenguin00 in her story "Walk Three Worlds." Arthur C. Clarke's quote is from "Profiles of the Future." The Biblical quote is from Exodus 22:17.

A further disclaimer: Thank you to TheYmp for correcting my understanding of what an Anglican wedding looks like. I don't know much about the philosophy about the Anglican Church, but the explanation about religion and magic coexisting is from Jewish understanding. I simply shared the logic with my original character, Father Robert Thompson.

On Thursday, August 7, Augusta Longbottom had Andromeda Tonks over for tea. Augusta said, "My dear Andromeda, I was absolutely correct. Professor Vlad Masters is, indeed, a man of means. He is absolutely devoted to his adopted son Daniel, and the man is a brilliant professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Andromeda smiled. "Alright. What have you decided?"

"I think he and Amelia Bones would be perfect for each other. Amelia is skilled, strong, and strong-minded. And, she is utterly devoted to her niece, Susan."

Madam Tonks sighed. "Augusta, both Professor Masters and Madam Bones are independent and may not care much for the meddling of a socialite."

"Well, of course I would do nothing without their consent, but I am sure it would behoove them to at least plant the seed, or set the ball rolling. That much, I can do. Or, would you prefer to work with me?"

Andromeda sat back. Once Augusta was set on a path, it wasn't worth the effort to dissuade her. Mrs. Tonks did think the pair looked good at Harry's Coming of Age party, as they walked together to find and help Hagrid, but she wasn't aware that they had any contact since.

"What did you have in mind?"

Augusta smirked, proud of herself. "I have arranged to meet with Amelia tomorrow during her lunch break. Then, I can at least point out why she should be interested in this man. I wouldn't ask you for anything quite so obvious. No."

The elder witch narrowed her eyes in thought. "Yes, I have it. What roles are they to play in Nymphadora's wedding? Are they mere guests? Is the good professor the best man? What are they to do?"

"I believe Vlad will stand with Remus. Unless I miss my guess, Harry and Danny are set to sit on the groom's side of the aisle, but will sit in the front row. Ted and I will stand with Dora, of course, and Amelia will walk down as a matron of honor. I suggested that Susan and Draco sit on the bride's side, as Harry and Danny will for Remus, so there is some sense of balance. You know, the affair will be much smaller and intimate than the Weasley wedding. While Vlad was willing to pay any amount to fulfill their every wish…"

The Longbottom matron raised her eyebrows. Professor Masters was far wealthier and much more generous than she had any idea.

Andromeda continued. "Dora and Remus only wished to refurbish the chapel in Godric's Hollow, with family and coworkers, and a few guests present, and a seven-course wedding feast at the Eyrie, a banquet hall in Godric's Hollow. At Remus's request, the caterers will be tangible ghosts of Vlad's acquaintance and employ."

Augusta blinked. "I wasn't aware that tangible ghosts existed, beyond that dreadful poltergeist. But who knows? If Hogwarts can enlist a troupe of dancing skeletons, Professor Masters might somehow have access to tangible ghosts." She tapped her chin. "The fact that the man is financially secure is public knowledge, what with Daniel's specialized wand, but just how successful he is should stay between us. He'd rather that knowledge not be public."

Andromeda cocked her head. As a Muggle-born, Ted was requested to meet with 'the good professor, and of course he discussed the meeting with her. She might not have known who Vlad Masters really was before August 2, but the idea that the celebrity wanted his financial success not public knowledge was laughable.

Then again, he was hiding a few secrets, and although Madam Tonks had no problem conspiring in matchmaking schemes, it occurred to her that Madam Longbottom was precisely part of the establishment that Mr. Masters intended to keep hidden from for as long as possible.

She cleared her throat. "Of course, Augusta. Vlad's secret is safe with me."

"Thank you, dear. So… a brief luncheon to get her to 'set her cap' for him sounds like just the thing. And they'll be near enough at the wedding this Sunday, in their finest! Best foot forward, I always say, and just when we want them to pay attention to each other, they will both be at their best advantage. How lovely!"

Andromeda sat comfortably. "It looks like you've sewn things up nicely, should both parties be interested." Then her eyes grew wide. She just realized that they were conspiring to set up the head of the DMLE with a Muggle who is the adopted father of Danny Phantom, a half-ghost teen.

Augusta took in her wide-eyed expression, and responded, "I know! Sometimes a plan's perfection practically falls in one's lap."

On Friday, August 8, at noon, Amelia Bones joined Augusta Longbottom in a private room in the Leaky Cauldron. The elder matron's eyes gleamed as she nodded at her companion regally.

"Come, come, Amelia! It's so good to see you."

"Thank you, Augusta. I'm afraid my time is limited, so…"

"I understand, and made clear, when I made the reservation, that time was of the essence."

A waiter took their orders for tea and starters, and then Amelia sighed. "It's good to see you, too. What can I do for you?"

"Well… First, I wanted to ask after Susan. How is she?"

Madam Bones smiled broadly. "She's over the moon, of course."

Augusta raised her eyebrows. "Oh?"

"Interesting. Neville proposed to Susan at their visit on Tuesday. The ring has a tastefully large diamond surrounded with topaz. Besides being her House colors, her birthstone goes well with her personal coloring. It was very nicely done."

"Very nicely…" Madam Longbottom sputtered. She took a moment to compose herself. "Yes, I suppose it was. While I would have liked to have been of the first to know… perhaps my grandson waited to announce the betrothal until after the Lupin wedding. Now that I think about it, you're right. It was very nicely done, and when I get home, I shall commend him for it and ask when he would prefer the announcements to be made."

Amelia smiled at her elderly companion. "While the celebration of our charges is always a beautiful thing, I hardly believe that was your purpose for inviting me to this luncheon."

Augusta nodded to herself. "Quite right, of course." She paused as they were served, and they ordered their main meals. Once the waiter departed, Augusta poured the tea and asked what was really on her mind. "Please tell me, love, what were your impressions of Professor Masters?"

The department head tilted her head, considering not only her own thought, but why Madam Longbottom was asking. "He was rather forthright as he expressed his sympathy for Hagrid, and his disgust at both school personnel and the justice system for the supreme miscarriage of justice on Hagrid's behalf. It wasn't clear if they were particularly close or if the unfairness had filled him with the emotion, but the professor was polite but incensed at the injustice."

The elder matron sat back and sipped her tea. "Yes, I imagine he might be." She put down her cup and picked up a fork. "And what has Susan said about him?"

Amelia frowned. "Is there a problem?"

"No, no, my dear, no problem at all. Neville says that besides Professor Lupin, Professor Masters is the best instructor for Defense Against the Dark Arts he's ever had, and I was curious what impression Susan helped you draw."

Amelia raised her eyebrows. "Actually, Susan reports that Professor Masters is the best teacher for DADA, bar none. While Professor Lupin focused on Dark creatures and how to recognize them, and possibly defend against them, his focus was targeted on those commonly found in Wizarding mansions or their environs. Professor Masters discussed sentient creatures, Dark or not, their possible motivations, and how to make them more inclined to be benign, or even sympathetic, recognizing most of them as people who have reason, feelings, and personalities to be addressed."

She still remembered being told about the assignment involving a letter-writing campaign to werewolves. The first assignment was… a humanitarian recruitment effort, designed to focus on the commonality between average wizards and werewolves.

"In his quest for creating understanding for those different than themselves, he taught compassion, respect, and honor. And I've heard that, as a disciplinarian, he is strict but fair, although I'm told he truly loves Danny. I can appreciate that."

Madam Longbottom poured each of them another cup. "I rather thought you might."


"Hmm. I, myself, find him charming, caring about his adopted son Daniel and Lord Potter as his own. Firm but compassionate. Loving. Tender." Augusta sighed. "You know… I wonder how he's coping with the deaths of Daniel's natural family."

Amelia cleared her throat at this apparent non-sequitur. "I beg your pardon?"

"Yes. Did you never wonder that a simple merchant from the States became our most celebrated DADA professor in decades? And don't even mention that fraud Lockhart!"

The younger lady blinked. "I hadn't thought of it until now."

The older lady narrowed her eyes. "Yes. It wasn't enough that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named terrorized our fair country. No – the Death Eaters decimated Daniel's home town, including the boy's family and closest companions."

"I… heard rumors that Danny was mourning, but I also heard that he doesn't discuss his home life."

"Well, yes. Slytherins are left to their secrets, but when a Slytherin starts as a nephew-turned-son of a favored professor, one manages to try to learn things off-the-record. And the good professor was close with Daniel's natural parents."

Amelia sighed. Augusta meant well, but she wasn't nearly as subtle as she thought she was. Madam Bones murmured, "I'm sorry. I hadn't known."

"Hmm. Perhaps you will find something to talk about at the wedding this Sunday, then."

As the waiter brought them their lunch, Amelia inwardly rolled her eyes. 'Nope – not at all subtle,' she thought. 'But at the very least, I'm intrigued to know the new professor a little more.'

At about lunchtime on Friday, Remus realized that between the various wedding preparations and whatnot, he had spent far more time with Draco Malfoy than he ever did with Harry, and that just didn't feel right.

So, at 2:30pm, he called the Snape residence on Spinner's End. Remus was rewarded with a curious, "Hello?"

"Hi there, Harry. This is Remus. Is Severus available?"

"Sure. Just let me…"

"Hold on. Thank you for your eager attention. It's true that I don't call often, but… how is it that you pick up the phone every time?"

Harry grinned. "That's easy. Besides the fact that Dad is often busy with potions and other stuff, he says that he doesn't 'want to waste pleasantries on undeserving dunderheads.' I've got no problem being pleasant to all and sundry."

Remus laughed. That answer was so very Severus. "Thank you, Harry. That solves that minor mystery. Now can you get your Dad for me?"

"Sure thing, Uncle Moony."

Harry got Severus's attention, bringing the curmudgeon to the phone. "Remus, what's on your mind?"

Remus sat a bit straighter. "I wanted to ask if Harry could come over and just spend the day."

"What brought this on?"

"It occurred to me that… besides the time we spent with Danny and Vlad, I hadn't really spent any time with Harry. Soon, it will be my honor to be the husband of the natural cousin of Draco, and because of how life happened, I will probably spend all kinds of time with him.

"It might have taken until you setting me straight last December to realize the opportunity I lost with Harry, which was entirely my own fault. But… I rather hoped to share some happier memories of Godric's Hollow before entering a new phase of life."

Severus sneered. "Hmph. I can't decide if you finally realized a personal failing that you won't really have enough time to correct, or if you simply… gave me time to bond with my son."

"A bit of both, and a few other thoughts besides. While Vlad took care of the details that Andromeda and Ted seem to care about far more than either Dora or I do, I've worked out lesson plans, book lists, and… Dora and I looked at houses.

"Wizarding conveniences would allow both of us to live anywhere, but after teaching at Hogwarts, I see the benefit of living not far from where I teach. Godric's Hollow Secondary School is a day school, so there is no need to worry about students roaming about after curfew. However, Principal David Solomon mentioned after school events like concerts, plays, and such that would make more sense, overall, to stay local."

Severus nodded, as he couldn't be seen. "I suppose you have valid reasons to not have spent more time with Harry this summer."

"Thanks for your approval," Remus muttered wryly.

Severus chuckled. "Indeed. So, where and when did you want him?"

The werewolf stroked his chin. "Right now, I'm staying at a local inn. Godric's Hollow is a rather quiet hamlet. I believe our wedding will be one of the more memorable events of the local parish. Folks who are looking for the entertainment of a nightlife beyond the local astronomy club would have to go to Cornwall. But they do have a wedding hall."

"Interesting local priorities. Seriously, an astronomy club? Daniel would be thrilled to visit, I'm certain."

Remus sighed; that was his first thought when Principal Solomon told him about it. "I imagine 4:00pm would be lovely. After that… Vlad informed me that he was renting out the inn, so that anyone in our wedding party will have space to stay. It would be lovely if you came for dinner at 7:00pm. I believe Vlad and Danny are coming tomorrow afternoon, but I think… Andromeda and Ted are bringing Draco after nine tomorrow morning."

"I'll let Harry know. I'll have him get packed and ready to go. How is the best way to get there?"

"I'd recommend Flooing to Godric's Hollow Inn."

"Very good. And I'll be there this evening. Good-bye for now, Remus."

On Saturday evening with the wedding on the morrow, the wedding party and the vicar shared an informal dinner. A table for twelve happily seated Dora and Remus, Dora's parents Andromeda and Ted, Draco, Severus and Harry, Vlad and Danny, Amelia and Susan, and Father Robert Thompson.

"You know," Danny commented, "this will be the first wedding I attend as something more than a guest and usher."

Harry nodded. "This is my second wedding, so, me, too." He thought for a moment. "Is this going to be like Fleur and Bill's wedding, where magic and Merlin and… stuff are mentioned, or is it going to be, well… a more religious thing?"

Father Thompson smiled. "Based on what I've been asked to do, I would say it would be a bit of both. There will be no divination or necromancy. As such, the magic involved is more of a… hmm. Have you heard of the author Arthur C. Clarke?"

Danny and Harry blinked and shook their heads vigorously in confusion; that seeming non-sequitur was jarring. Draco and Susan had no points of reference, and the adults looked on curiously.

Clearing his throat, Harry slowly said, "Yes, but how…" He was at a loss to figure out how to finish that thought.

Father Thompson refrained from chuckling. It was not appropriate for a man of God to embarrass his audience for being ignorant. "The great author had said, 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' While this is true about scientific advancements beyond a general culture's understanding, it is also true in understanding what – about magic – is forbidden.

"Three of you here are professors at Hogwarts. You know very well that the magic that you teach has limits, methods, rules, and if these are not followed, it just doesn't work. Assuming you have the potential to make it work." The good Father was a Squib, so he knew from whence he spoke. "Am I right?"

Severus raised his eyebrows. "Yes, you are."

"Then… while I would hesitate to call your magic 'technology,' I think I would be right to call it a combination of a science, an art, a talent, and if you have the sensitivity to access it… it is a power that can be used to elevate your soul. Perhaps like music, but with more dimensions."

Ted nodded. "Yeah. That sounds about right. It makes sense. No one is calling up any demons. We just make it happen."

Vlad was glad that Harry brought it up. After Sir Nicholas was summarily executed on a misapplication of "Suffer not a witch to live," Vlad was curious how the good ghostly friar of Hufflepuff even vaguely made sense. Father Thompson's explanation made it all clear, and he didn't have to ask the questions.

Instead, Vlad simply announced, "Yes. And I, for one, appreciate the Muggle clothes we will wear tomorrow. My favorite British haberdashery has prepared the tuxedos, and the robin's egg blue cummerbunds go especially well with the shade of blue of Daniel's eyes."

Many people spoke at once, exclaiming over the very expensive finery that the wedding party (besides the padre) would be wearing. The Tonkses appreciated the many gifts that Professor Masters had given. Everyone present besides Draco, Amelia, and Susan knew that Vlad was a billionaire.

Once the dull roar quieted down, Dora beamed. "Well, you know that blue is a lucky thing, as far as weddings go. 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.' And everyone will wear blue tomorrow."

Danny sighed happily. "Yeah. Luna says that it's especially cool to wear yellow to a wedding."

Susan's sense of Hufflepuff pride warmed her.

Draco blinked and sneered. "Of course, she does. That would explain the eye-watering shade she and her father wore at the Weasley wedding."

"Hey!" Danny yelped indignantly. "First of all, she looked really good in it. And – I'm no expert, but with the sunflower, I've heard it said she accessorized well. Second of all, bright yellows and oranges are sun colors. They represent the 'bright future' being wished for the newlyweds."

Draco winced. "I never thought of it that way."

"Clearly," Danny sneered. Draco's eyes flew wide open. That was an expression he'd seen on Professor Masters. On Danny, it just… frightened him, as Draco remembered Danny's worst fear. The blond boy gulped.

As much as Harry appreciated Draco's discomfort, Harry decided that now was not the time. He said, "Luna wore a sunflower to accessorize. The pale blue dresses can have flowers to go with them, too, besides Aunt Dora. Pretty ones, like chrysanthemums, lilies," Severus smiled as he heard it, "Narcissus, jasmine, red Chinese roses… they're all supposed to be good luck."

Harry smirked as he looked to his father. "They're all ingredients in Felix Felicis."

The potions master pursed his lips and nodded. "I'm impressed."

Draco cocked his head and muttered, "So am I."

Amelia nodded. She thought, 'Flowers will be perfect. And I know which sort of good luck I'd prefer to court…"

At 10:00am on August 10, the small but magnificent church in Godric's Hollow was packed with both locals and special wedding guests. St. Jerome's had not had such a large congregation on a random Sunday in August since the celebration of the birth of the Turner twins three years ago!

The morning services were over, and the audience rearranged themselves so that the family and closest friends of the soon-to-be married couple sat nearest the pulpit.

Vlad stood with Remus by the altar; both men were happy and proud to be there.

Ron, Ginny, and Hermione met with Luna and Neville, as Andromeda had asked them to be ushers. They had a few minutes to talk before they sat in the second row.

"I think it was lovely that Professor Lupin invited so many of us, his former students, to his wedding," Hermione remarked.

Ginny shrugged. "I think it's less about the students coming, and more about Harry's friends, Order members, and his new family. You know that Draco is Tonks's first cousin, right?"

Neville cocked his head. "I hadn't thought about it."

Hermione looked over the list. "Ron? Are your parents and brothers okay that they'll be sitting farther away than we will?" She waved at the five of them.

Ron frowned as he thought this one through. "Nah. Look – while here with Harry… and Danny, think of why Professor Lupin would have us here. Lupin's an Order member, sure, but we're just…" He blinked when the realization hit him. "We all went to the Ministry with him. That sorta… I don't know, but that's got to mean something."

Luna smiled serenely. "Yes. That was a true meeting of friends."

In a warm, happy mood, the five friends took their seats on the groom's side in the second row in this order: Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Neville.

Luna's face glowed as Danny took a seat in front of her, as did Severus and Harry.

Ginny blinked. Harry always had a scruffy cuteness, but now, he looked like a proper lord. Ron muttered, "Blimey, you look good, Harry."

"Thanks, mate."

Severus had his hair pulled back in a tail. Harry grinned. "Today, your hair is like Uncle Vlad's."

Hermione peaked her eyebrows. "It's almost as if Professor Masters is your older… brother, or cousin, or something, Professor."

Danny sighed happily. "Yup."

The teens waved at Draco, who had escorted Susan to front seats on the bride's side of the aisle. They looked beautiful as they walked together, but at three rows away, Danny winced as they approached. Vlad stoically pursed his lips. Danny closed his eyes in pain and dizziness, but opened them again. He'd been through worse.

Harry noticed his discomfort and asked, "Hey, are you okay?"

Danny whispered tightly, "Um… allergies."

Luna delicately raised a hand to her mouth. "Oh, Merlin! Susan's lovely corsage is a Blood Blossom."

Neville jerked his head to glance between Danny and Luna and swallowed, but said nothing. He nodded to himself as something puzzling fell into place.

Ginny whispered, "What?" Neville shook his head. Now was certainly not the time.

Danny started to tremble once Amelia started up the aisle. He whispered, "Oh, no. Vlad!"

The lady made her progression completely unaware of how the Blood Blossom wreath that crowned her gray hair, adding a riotous red to the robin's egg blue of her gown, had affected the half-ghosts.

Severus, who recognized his pain, especially as Danny winced in pain, closed his eyes, nodded to himself, and told Vlad, "Go sit down. I'll take your place."

"Thank you, my friend." He handed Severus the rings, as the pain gave Vlad enough to be going on with.

Only the white of the flowing gown made Vlad notice the entrance of the bride and her parents. Knowing the sincerity of Father Robert's words the night before, Vlad was sure that his words now would be spiritually uplifting, enthusiastic, and inspirational, but Vlad couldn't concentrate enough to focus on the words beyond the opening, "Dearly beloved…"

Amelia noticed how stately and at home Vlad seemed to be in his tuxedo, but once she was close enough to appreciate him, he winced, and she marked that he passed something to the potions master and sat down. However, placed as she was on Dora's side, she could do nothing but wait.

The good Father gave a loving invocation, somehow incorporating love, God, holiness, unity, and magic. Magic of love, magic of wonder… As it was phrased, the magic requested from God in the form of blessing did not interfere with the traditional Anglican wedding service, to both the awe and amusement to those in the know. When it ended with, "You may now kiss the bride," the passionate kiss was met with thunderous applause.

Remus and Dora stood with Ted, Andromeda, and Draco in a receiving line, and Remus nodded, acknowledging Severus as he chivvied Vlad out of the sanctuary into the hall, trailed by Harry, similarly tending to Danny.

Amelia followed them into the hall. She grabbed Vlad's hand in concern. "What's wrong? How can I help?"

Vlad sucked air through his teeth in pain and gasped out, "Allergic… to… your… wreath."

Amelia frowned. "My wreath? But it's only Blood Blossoms."

Severus snapped, "Dear Merlin, woman, keep your voice down. And get rid of the damned flowers!"

She pulled it off of her head and threw it on the floor before the five of them entered a classroom unobtrusively.

Luna gazed sadly after the Snapes, the Masters, and Amelia. Ron started muttering biliously, and Hermione shook her head. Ginny and Neville shared a glance, confused.

Susan joined them, waiting for the sanctuary to empty, passing the reception line. She narrowed her eyes at the group in the know, and whispered, "What just happened? Why did the professors leave with Harry, Danny, and my Aunt?"

Luna sighed. "Oh, Madam Bones is about to discover a rather important secret. It's not hers, of course, but if Madam Longbottom is successful, your aunt would have learned of it anyway, in due course. Now, all that has changed is timing."

Hermione covered her face with her hands, muttering, "That could be bad."

Susan shook her head. "What could be bad?"

Ginny and Neville each had a thought. Ginny suggested, "Why don't we give our well-wishes to the family and find a more private place to discuss it?"

The small group of teens in the hall noticed Amelia's wreath on the floor outside a Sunday school classroom, farther away from the entrance foyer. Hermione murmured, "Poor Danny!"

"And poor Professor Masters," Luna agreed.

Even without a full disclosure, Neville figured out enough to say, "Hermione? Destroy the Blood Blossoms. Everything else can wait."

Ron grabbed the wreath and accepted Susan's corsage when she stripped it off. He levitated the lot into the air with Wingardium Leviosa, and Hermione cast a quick and precise Incendio. Not even ash remained to hit the floor.

Luna sighed again. "I don't think they will appreciate their secrets being so widely known, but with us here, it was inevitable." She cocked her head, as if listening to something. "Just don't tell Draco or Percy."

Ginny raised her eyebrows as Ron and Hermione took the measure of her, Neville, and Susan. Ginny decided that Gryffindors charge ahead, and said, "Welcome to the inevitable," as she pushed the classroom door open.

The six quietly stood back and watched as the Snapes and Masters spoke to Amelia.

Amelia frowned and protested, "But it was my understanding that Blood Blossoms were hypo-allergenic, and supposed to keep away evil spirits."

Danny muttered, "Yeah, that's what the notes for making Felix Felicis say. But no – the Blood Blossoms don't ask, 'Are you a good ghost, or a bad ghost?' a la Glinda in The Wizard of Oz." Amelia raised her eyebrows, as the reference was unfamiliar. "They're just bad for any ghost."

Susan suddenly remembered Ernie mentioning that Harry and Danny elected to make Felix Felicis for their Year Six potions project, but they had to give it up because Danny was allergic to one of the ingredients.

And then it clicked. Susan cleared her throat, and asked, "Professor Masters, does… does this mean that you and Danny are ghosts?"

Ginny hung her head at the discovery of what she felt should have been obvious.

Vlad caught sight of the group that joined them. Ronald, Hermione, and Luna already knew the Masters' secrets. Ginevra already knew that Vlad was a Muggle. He didn't know what to make of Neville and Susan learning the truth.

Vlad closed his eyes. "Yes."

Danny gave the group a half-smile. "Well… half-ghosts, technically. We are both humans and ghosts."

Neville covered his mouth with a hand, looked between Danny and Madam Bones, widened his eyes, and gasped, "Oh, Merlin!"

The potions master lost patience with everyone. He growled, "Is there a problem, Mr. Longbottom?"

Neville crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. "I don't know. Is there a problem, Madam Bones?"

The penny dropped as everyone in the room realized the importance of the answer to the question.

Harry was glad that Neville's first reaction was to be protective of the half-ghosts.

Amelia was taken aback by the fact that she was just growled at by a teenager. There were a lot of surprises for her today, and she had little to no time to sort through them.

Fact one: the man Augusta Longbottom tried to set her up with was only partially human.

Fact two: so was his adopted son.

Fact three: said elder half-ghost was the best man at the wedding of one of her better Aurors and a werewolf.

Fact four: said half-ghost was the best professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts her niece had ever experienced, including Professor Lupin.

Fact five: everyone in this room, besides the half-ghosts, was fiercely protective of the half-ghosts.

Fact six: Danny was, reportedly, as honorable as students come.

Fact seven: Professor Masters financed the fine wedding and the reception they were about to attend.

Fact eight: every person in this room looked to her, awaiting judgment.

Madam Bones set aside her judgment for a few more moments. She seated herself on the teacher's desk and asked, "How many people know about you being half-ghosts?"

Vlad recognized her dodge of the question for what it was. She was going to find favor with him and Daniel. Now she just needed to convince herself of her confidence of her position.

He helpfully responded, ticking his answers off on his fingers. "Oh, let's see. The bride and groom, the former Headmaster Dumbledore, the four Heads of House, all of the ghosts – we're rather famous, or infamous, depending on which ghost you ask. All of the Muggle-borns and their parents know of Daniel, as he's made a name for himself for his heroics in Amity Park, Illinois, in America. The Lovegoods, the goblins, the current NEWT history class, Ernest MacMillan, Melissa Spradt, Harry and his closest friends, and whoever else Professor Dumbledore saw fit to inform. And now, everyone here in this room."

Amelia sat still, just thinking. She huffed mirthfully. The "secret" was rather widely known, but she noticed the selectivity of who seemed to know. More to the point, very few pureblood witches and wizards were on the list of those who knew.

Based on the current Wizarding laws about half-breeds and people who weren't entirely human, Amelia understood the concern.

She nodded to herself and answered Neville's question. "No. We don't have a problem. I'm assuming that your grandmother doesn't know, Neville?"

"No, she doesn't, Madam Bones. And I'd like to keep it that way."

Susan's eyes grew wide as she understood Luna's request not to tell Draco or Percy.

Neville continued. "Danny's a brilliant friend, and Professor Masters is amazing. It would be a tragedy for them to… lose everything like Professor Lupin did for a stupid technicality."

Severus folded his arms. "I understand that Minister Shacklebolt and Percival Weasley have set forth to change some of those laws, but as they stand, you see the concern."

"I do, indeed." Amelia gave a small smile. "I suppose it would ruin Augusta Longbottom's hard work to make a romantic connection between the good Professor Masters and me if we focused too much on technical details. Especially those that are heretofore unknown by Ministry lawmakers."

Susan knocked her head to clear it of the dottle. "Auntie?"

"For what it's worth, I believe the Blood Blossoms worked as they were designed to," Amelia chuckled.

This brought a confused circle of frowns to most everyone who exclaimed, "What?"

Luna smiled. "Of course. It was indirect, but nevertheless, because of the Blood Blossoms, the wrackspurts have left one more person of the Magical Law Enforcement, leaving you free and clear to see what is perfectly obvious. The Masters should be judged for their actions and the contents of their characters, and everything else is simply nonsense."